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Top 25s
Pokemon Characters As Monsters 2019 : https://youtu.be/jANHJ9pXIq0
I now understand why misty was scared up bug Pokémon
Marisa Nur azarina
Jadi tau banget ya allah makasih buat semua ini
Bendy Flix
I wish Pokémon’s are real do you guys wish to? Edit:and what Pokemon would you keep in real life if you had them? Edit Again:Wow lots of comments and likes thank you
Sorry they are Awful .. why Should onix be Sand !? Charmander is a joke.. blastoises Shell Should be much more Smoother And why is Every just Black !?
Ayla's World
Yes vulpix one of my favorite Pokèmon
DavidYT Original
It looks way too real to be true like if u agree
Gamer Abou
4:35 now I know why misty was scared of insects😂
Aalilaa Vernay
Snorlax I basically a big bear XD
Angelica Lara Cuellar
Eevee is a Fox not a cat🦊no🐈
Michael Klump
Pokemon in real life would be scary as f*ck! Especially a wild Beedrill or a five foot tall Haunter face.
Руслан KRB
Раньше знал всех по именам)
Steven Stinnett
Golem would make me shit my pants. Ghastly didn't even look that terrifying.
Matheus Garcia
Dude, the ghost types give me the creeps.
zarizal idemitsu
Thanks 🙏 I have moq right about this morning ms I cannot be an awesome 😎 is our time of day for your day and day for next month and next time you are in contact ko was your
Anyone come here after the detective Pikachu trailer?
The True Meaning of Life
Most of these are terrifying to me... especially the bug types
Aimee Nicklin
Vaporion+flareion=joint devils joltion= God
darshana shrisunder
I have a Pikachu in real life one Omnitrix doreamon and timemachine an d a genie
Ely Alvarado
I play Pokémon cards at school without being caught
Lord Assassin
Charizard looks like a dragon but Charmander and Charmeleon look like dinosaurs
im imagining ghost types to be like the ghost on ghost busters movie..XD specially gastly haunter and gengar
Ely Alvarado
Yveltal is my favorite pokemon
Maria Ivanova
I imagined Meowth more fluffy.
Siphesinhle Gums
That I'd some awesome display of art and creative
also idk crabby is from crab rave?
Athul Dev
Eevee looks like shit Eevee is one the cutest pokemon
Mark PlayzYT-Gacha And More
I think onix is just a statue of rock like if you agree
Sunita Khoria
3:03like if u noticed the tie
Natural Vegan Mom
These look amazing!! 😍
Luxmi Pasi
I think charmeloon and charmander are dinosor
Onix vs Snorlax would be an epic battle
Jo Bagley
Sees detective pikachu trailer Welp there's my video
Bulbasaur body is rough how he sit on my shoulder
Christian Zaffiro
Haunter is the best 😍
and then came detective pikachu
Kurt Mullinax
This man just turned an old Facebook post into a video gg
Yash Rai
For the meta pod use a real pupa dammit
Owen Sheehan
Before movie trailer: "Yeah, this is how they should look" After movie trailer: "yep"
Minam Ashraf
Why is golem a 60 foot monster
Wow!!! These are some of THE beat I've ever seen! ^_^ That Magnemite looks awesome~
Ttyuhyael 뜌햴[ 상 큼 발 랄 인어공듀 ]
아니̆̈...누가̆̈ 봐도̆̈ CG잖아̆̈ ㅋ̤̻ㅋ̤̻ㅋ
Someone should definitely make a series of this...would be awesome to see it on Netflix... 👌🔥
How to make bulbasaur Get a frog Get an onion Now put the onion on the frog back but the onion has to be green Now you got a bulbasaur edit: thanks for the like i never got so much before thanks again :D
Reba Jackson
All of the Eevee evilutons in this video + volpix were the cutest
Lanette Mahan
Cool Pokémon awesome Yes
Batjargal Renchindejid
pokemonss omg!!
My absolute favs were Gastly and Haunter. (But i wish they did Gengar)
icidon plays
Hey where is glaceon
Zeynep Perçin
ıo sonı ıtaly pızza ma non vedo pıkacu pk grazıe X(
Ismael Beltran Velazquez
Que cueros se ven no mames mejor así está bien xD
Kai Brow
no lie if i ever met one i would totally think about taking up training . but i know there is truth behind it some where
MinecraftEtc 123
all the charmanders look like dinos xd i love how they changed nothing about metapod expt the eyes lol Edit:Koffing THO XDDD
Ronin Kenshin
Idk maybe 50/50
Munwwer Jahan
Flarion is a fire type pokemon why he was sitting in cold
Caden McCord
The ones that aren’t bugs look creepy But caterpie looks cute
Adri YT
That so cool
Z's Corner
First, I love Pokémon
Freedom Anderson
For Diglett the Alolan form was used.
Lightning Kitten
Anyone else think Evee looks creepy af but all her evolutions look adorable.... Just me? Ok..
Some of them are creepy
shanzeer abdul sathar
Onix is like a hill or something
MattyCons59 MattyCons59
All these pokemon are so cute I wish I had meoth
Sky TheAmazingCanvas
7:55 vulpix looks like a Skyrim graphic than IRL graphic
Nisar Kulsoom
Charazard looks freaking awesome
Gold Fish
Maurício B
alguns ficaram bem estranho e assustador. :O
Imran Hussain
Boy that real Mewtwo has one long d...... Never mind
Derrickus Dix
Dat charizard n blastoise da real deal da rest of em look alright
Marcus Perry
A Pokémon game like GTA would be amazing I’ll start playing Pokémon again lol
Jaita Saha
That's amazing
*LS C0mmand3r
Aloha fail with the diglett pic but if real game footage this will be AMAZING
ninja way
Mewtwo is looking liked Tha he has fu (^ someone
Cloudy Dragons
Caterpie is actually pretty cute. ^_^ I’m glad Mewtwo wasn’t overly-grotesque like some designs. And heck Onix looks downright epic! (The first one. They did Onix twice...?)
Abraham Deras
This be epic if it could be adapted to a good scripted movie or rendered into a video game like the old school Pokémon colosseum.
All looks very creepy! Especially Snorlax ;(
Ethan Bishop
my favourite is the onix
Corrupted Z
8:01 Obama is gone
why is the flareon in the snow
Steven Pasaye
You did onix 2 times
عالم الطبخ cooking world
الله يعطيك الصحة حبيبتي 🌺👍👍🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🥀🌹🌱🌲🌳🌺🌻
John Decore
Awwww diglet is soooooooo cute #cutedigletandeeveexd
spuer kat
Golem is bigger than onix!!!!
GCTFilter snake
All was really good, but that Euro trash music... Come on man
Onix like a statue
Darkness Light
3:50 Bruh, MewTwo looks like he should be in a DBZ live action movie
Snowball Kitty
Meowth is cute in real life(and Pokémon as well)
Luis diaz
Voltorb was the same. I want my money back!
Victor Flores
El charmilion y Charmander parecían dinosaurios
solanll Dasilva
sinseramente me gusto el caballo con pelo de fuego y otros pokemones pero estan divinos
sahib pathan
sahib khan boy
fred setiawan
All of the pokemins arthey are yuo shure
Tom Jerome
Mrc photoshop
Ajay Kasaudhan
Can they use attack like pokemon 😂😂😂😂🤣
Goblin Shack
Can't wait for Detective Pikachu
Aimee Nicklin
Gengar in real life = my dad = snorlax
Omar Alvarenga
I have Pokémon cards
v dobhal
some are scary and some are cute👌👌👌👌👌👌thanqs joshua
mostro onix 2 vezes