The Animals Save the Planet - Polar Bears Overheating*

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Farhan Naufal
Dingin & panas
Amanda Terry
polar bears love snow.
Kiki power
Runch Randa
aawww he is cute. LONG LIVE POLAR BEARS AND OUR PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
Propaganda ice caps melt in the summer and freezes back up in the winter. Male polar bears eat there own young that is a fact and research their population growth. Not reduction Idiots watching to much TV
Imran Marikar
Bernard!!! o.O
Jasmine Close
So true < | 3
0:02 the cow farted.
Terrell Chong
y human nvr learned this lession yet?
@Arturofengwu Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. Just saying.
For more on this topic watch "overconsumpulation".
@gorillazproductions my life it not i lie cuz i belive in thing not like you -.- you really thing this is a lie ,is cuz of you that this world is going too a end THX TOO YOUR FATASS
Cyan Wolf
@Arturofengwu really? thats interesting and ur liffe is a lie commer and prove it
@gorillazproductions YOUR PENNIS IS A LIE
Global warming is a new religion that Al Gore and David Suzuki are trying to impose upon the world. Al: "Look! Here is a problem and only Me and Dave can help save you! Fork over your earnings to us (in the form of carbon taxes and subsidies for green businesses) and your salvation and that of the rest of the world will be ensured!" Don't beleive their lies. Resist.
Cyan Wolf
Katelyn Merrill
well that makes no sense why i the hell would i send you that much money? dumb ass. you should be shot in the face. and live...and then be shot in the head...and die...message me back and i will have your page deleted.
Cyan Wolf
@iluvEscapeTheFateMAX Dude $5000.00 money cash see that is how stupid u r 4 believing in global warming
Katelyn Merrill
i will send the data to you if you tell me what a 500.00 is.
Cyan Wolf
@iluvEscapeTheFateMAX Yea right ur a douche bag idiot thet is believeing a lie and that bs u said is a lie if it is not send my 500.00 to get me to believe or wait u wont send it and guess what that means u r lieing
Katelyn Merrill
are you completely retarded? i have seen global warming. not like in a litteral sense but i have actually taken a trip to the arctic to do research on whales and in doing that we took water samples and the water was 14 degrees warmer than they were 2 years the middle of january. it was still are stupid!!!
Cyan Wolf
@iluvEscapeTheFateMAX Global Warming is a lie they even admited it
Katelyn Merrill
you an idiot
Cyan Wolf
@xboxnut137 Yes and global warming is a lie
Cyan Wolf
This is a lie and global warming is a lie
Regenesis Universe
i love animals,i love polar bears ... save the planet = > save the animals!
ur so ignorant! if we didnt take away there habitat and food, we wouldnt even incounter bears!! if i was a bear i would kill humans 2! cutting down all the freakin trees, and littering our mother earth. from what i see, i dont blame the bears for attacking us.
Adam Kemp
0:24 the bear's eye pops out.
Griffin J
I could see that coming a mile away. Cool nonetheless.
British Wildlife Clips
that is well cool