No More Sorrow - Linkin Park (Minutes To Midnight)

No More Sorrow from the album Minutes to Midnight - the third studio album by American band Linkin Park, released on May 14, 2007, through Warner Bros. Records. The album was produced by Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin. | /> iTunes: />Spotify: />Amazon: />Google Play: /> YouTube Subscribe: />Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: />Web: /> /> Official Linkin Park Merch:

Andrew Ricklefs
It's weird how in general this album is less heavy than its 2 predecessors, but 2 specific songs (this and Given Up) are some of the heaviest songs they've ever made, beaten only by By Myself.
love linkin park
No more sorrow! I paid for yummy steaks!
Joao Ricardo Lima
Linkin Park was my very first band I've introduced to rock
Kitty Meow Meow ML
*owns all their albums and knows all the lyrics but doesn't know the song names* ;-;
No Chester, You will have no more sorrow...But now the sorrow is mine...R.I.P...Love You
Tony Sparda
The most underrated song of this century. -_- I don't get people's taste in music nowadays.
Ifadhila Affia
Who is doing LP songs marathon as well? Recalling those (g)old songs I love back then till this very moment And here I am, still cant get over Chester's suicide :(
Rest in Peace Chester, thanks for the music
ThisIs Madidesu
First rock band I've ever listened to, back in 3rd grade. n.n
Csaba Szabó
one of their best songs and underrated...
Minutes to Midnight is by far my favorite Linkin Park album
my opinion on humanity in a nutshell...
Nik Brusk
26 people are thieves and hypocrites.
"Are you lost in your lies" It's about every politician in the world, right??
Kyra Nikki
I used to fall asleep listening to this album when I was a kid. I haven't listened to this band for a few years now, but what Chester did to himself truly saddens me. I'm a Christian now, so I know that there is somuch more to life than what we may feel at times, but if Jesus hadn't dramatically changed my life around 5 years ago I probably would have been in the same place that Chester was. If any of you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or have depression, please talk to someone about it. I know this may not mean much to you comming from a random person on the internet, but there is so much more to life! There is hope, peace, joy, and love if you are truly wanting to look for it. Please know that you are important. You are loved even though it may not feel like it right now. There is a God knows everything about you, and wants nothing but the best for you because He loves you. He loves you even MORE than any of the people around you could love you. You matter.
Joshua Xiong
No more sorrow now. RIP.
Tudor Pepi
No more sorrow, I paid for yummy steaks!
Wendy Fleurette
maan I really miss the days they used to play rock and metal on tje radio
polina galinovskaya
Joder, Linkin Park es jodidamente perfecto💙 LP in kokoro forever❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💟
ankit sundriyal
the angsty teen me never understood the lyrics,the helpless Adult me comes here for solace
Kenryuu Amaterasu
y boom! un comentario en español :v
Leonilson Santos
Aqui é Brasil huuuu
Kevin Stueve
RIP Chester, thank you for years of great tunes, you will be missed
this song could've easily been on The Hunting Party. very similar in sound.
Corey Vaughan
Its been a while since I wrote anything but I guess ill try. Sometimes I'm down, other times I'm good enough to fly. But its those days I'm down that I'm left asking why. But its people like you that gave me an answer, I get that this pain just spreads like a cancer. I get that we all have demons or worse, I get that some of us just stay cursed, I now I get that yours got to you first. And as a fan that really hurts... Honestly your songs kept me going as a kid, Without them then I... well, Heaven forbid. You knew you could help and I'm glad that you did. Honestly man you really are a life saver. I just wish I could be there to return the favor. Rest in peace.
Love the First part of the Song :)
No more sorrow chester... No more sorrow :'( ... rest in peace
Константин Батькович
Thieves and hypocrites keep on disliking this...
Henry 22
En este mundo nesesitamos más canciones como esta..!!! In this world we need more songs like this ... !!!
Jonatan Silva
Qualidade gigantesca.
Angely CJ
No suelo dejar comentarios pero cuando lo hago...
*2019 ?*
Naye Soldier LP
Sin ninguna duda mi álbum favorito de LP es MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, simplemente amo mucho las canciones de éste álbum; y también la de los otros álbumes, pero me gustan la mayoría de las canciones de este álbum, mientras en los otros solo me gustan algunas canciones.🙌😎🙋🙆👌😍😜😄💋✌👌👏👍.
This song is dedicated to the Clintons on behalf of all of their victims.
Fabio Luraghi
are you lost in your lies?
Luis Alberto
Gran canción, a pesar de que la conozco hace unos meses, ahora es una de mis canciones favoritas. Linkin park son lo mejor de todo el mundo, sigan asi; y les mando saludos desde la ciudad de Monterrey, N.L, México.<3.
Sad that i had to wait for Chester's passing to remember how much i used to love this song :( RIP
Sameen Fatima
Suddenly, all his songs started making so much sense.. RIP chester.
Yash Gupta
i dont know why this has no official video
Zx Zero Stelar Alexis Rodriguez
RIP Chester Bennington :(
OnE sHoOt74u
Definitivamente Hermoso Intro De Guitarra Con La Batería Saludos desde ECUADOR LINKIN PARK SIGAN ASÍ SON LO MÁXIMO ME INSPIRAN SUS CANCIONES
I'm pretty sure Chester wouldn't have wanted us to grieve for his death, but to be happy and enjoy the amazing music he left behind. We'll always miss you, Chester. No matter what happens in years to come, your legacy will remain on our hearts, since you were the childhood of most of us. R.I.P.
Paula Morrison
RIP Chester... we'll miss you 😢
Francine Rodriguez
listening to linkin park and I still can't believe the news that Chester is gone.
Juan van Zyl
No more sorrow, you've paid for our mistakes...
Cereal Killer
good alarm clock ringtone
Vinn Regi
This song deserves so much more love. It's about our time, more than ever
That's my childhood, 9 years ago when I was 13 RIP Chester
Nico L
No more sorrow, Chester :/
Tara Wills
Finally, back to this track. I'm trying to heal the pain. I don't know how. This time it hit me very hard. I usually don't get hurt by celebrity deaths. It's sad but what the fuck can I do? This is so damn different. I started working on a trilogy. Currently I'm on the first book. Music is always in the background while I write. And it varies depending on the scene. On Thursday evening (European time, around 6pm) I was writing about a character who was about to lose a friend of her's who was a singer in a death metal band. Different genres, same shit. I wrote how she was avoiding her phone and social media, how she was delaying it all cause she felt something was not right. Then she finally listens to a voice message in which another friend tells her that their musician friend was dead. I started describing how she felt after the voice message. And I had to stop. Meanwhile this song was playing in the background. I felt so wrong for writing all this. So I packed up my stuff and left the place where I was, went home. But before I went home I stopped at a grocery shop, took my time there, delaying the bad feeling of going back to the book. Walked the longest way home possible. I saw my best friend sent me a message. My best friend is the inspiration for the book character I was writing about and her loss of her friend in the story. So, my best friend wrote in real life: "and the bad news of the day, Chester's gone, by hanging." I read Chester and I thought... WTF? It might be another Chester. Not Chester B. not Linkin Park? no... I was just listening to... their... I've been crying ever since. I was writing a fictional musician's death, with LP songs in the background at the time when he left us. And when you yourself battle with suicidal thinking, and it was also LP's music which made you feel understood, not alone, when their music gave you strength to keep going... and then he leaves... the voice of the abused, the depressed, the suicidal, the neglected. It hurts too much. Mike I beg you please don't leave us. Sorry for writing all this here but... well, this was the song. I had it paused on my tablet when I got home and read my friend's message. Hopefully I'll be fine soon. At the moment I'm temporarily destroyed. And I can't continue writing the thing. I tried.
Bløndei ·
so many freaking CHILLS OMG TAKE ME NOW
Katarina Hreljanovic
Goverment watch it
Pro maTs
Most underrated song of LP
This song has the best hard rock in this album.
Damien De Backer
No more sorrow was always critically underrated.
Liyah OLee
I'm just on a Linkin Park marathon for a couple days... RIP Chester 💔🌹
Nayelly Esmeralda
3mal3 ist3
'No more sorrow' will be hard after today... R.I.P Chester 😭
It's crazy that just like that, we're listening to a dead man singing. RIP Chester
Loving the uploads, keep them up. Throwbacks like hell
71 people turned the screen to like it again :)
Gaven King
my dream was to meet chester
keri vidrios brandoms :v
Esta es la mejor cancion del maldito mundo Sin excluir a in the end Given up Crawlin New divide Lost in the echo Numb Etc :v
Перестал слушать их музыку после выхода альбома "A Thousand Suns", а с этим альбомом связаны лучшие воспоминания
Kevin Taylor
RIP Chester 🙏. Thank you for screaming what a lot of people relate to but don’t express
Linkin Park was my first favorite band. Linkin Park is my favorite band. Linkin Park will *always* be my favorite band. *Linkin Park will never die*
Andrew Luna
Nicklas Ratzka
all people writing rip in comment sections of linkin park's popular songs but I know this song is secretly the best of them rip chester
Amuro Ray
My favorite LP is by MTM
Andre Franks
anyone think at 2:23 they kinda sound like Korn hahhahahaha
smorz 123
No more sorrow Chester, Descansa en paz!, seguiras con muchos de nosotros aun... gracias por Todo!!
RIP Chester
maria jose kairuz
This band is awesome in all the ways
Hey Skank
RIP Chester this is my favorite Linkin Park song
Being a very underrated album, this album was a very big hit in South Africa and still is.. To this day me and my friends love this album... Still in disbelief that Chester is gone though :(...
Mary Trowbridge
Rip Chester Bennington
Ana Mayer
RIP chester. Still hope someone tells me its just a bad joke.
Peter Pankraz
Love this song :)
Playing With Noob
those 149 people will pay for their mistakes
Cao Lê Diệu Phúc
Hope there's no more sorrow for Chester now.
No more sorrow now Chester. You can finally rest. May you shine bright for many years to come.
No more sorrow Chester, RIP :(
Longtsa Thonger
just sooo good come back guys
ros neri
My favourite album all the time
Fuck Ham
Why does it take someone to die for me to go back to listening to this band again It's been 9 years since I've probably listened to them
Its Zes'
One of my favorite songs, Rest In Peace Chester T.T
Rian Obayed
I love Hybrid Theory the most.
Murillo Orlando
A mais foda do Minutes To Midnight ^_^
m. mirror
Rest In Peace Linkin Park :,( ....
Voice master
41 years chester lived. He should have lived to be 90
R.I.P Chester. I wish we could have been of help to you :( T_T
Polska przejmuje ten utwor !! Ave Silesia !
RIP Chester. A huge influence in our youth.
Brian Barona
mark shane
This was my favorite song from him
Riccardo Red
Meteora and hybrid teory style