15 Things You Didn't Know About HARRODS

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15 Things You Didn't Know About HARRODS | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: />15 Things About London: /> In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions: What is Harrods? Is Harrods expensive? Is Harrods a luxury store? Is Harrods only in London? What is the most expensive thing at Harrods? Who owns Harrods? How much is the Harrods brand worth? How much did Harrods pay for the property? Where is Harrods? What are the best shops at Harrods? WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON ALUX.COM! Most Expensive Things: /> Luxury Cars: /> Becoming a Billionaire: /> World's Richest: /> Inspiring People: /> Travel the World: /> Dark Luxury: /> Celebrity Videos: /> Businesses & Brands: /> - Follow us on INSTAGRAM for amazing visual inspiration: />& Don't miss the latest Luxury News only on Facebook: />--- Alux.com is the largest community of luxury & fine living enthusiasts in the world. We are the #1 online resource for ranking the most expensive things in the world and frequently refferenced in publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia and many more, as the GO-TO destination for luxury content! Our website: is the largest social network for people who are passionate about LUXURY! Join today! SUBSCRIBE so you never miss another video: />-- To see how rich is your favorite celebrity go to: />-- For businesses inquiries we're available at:

Hey Aluxers, we'll be in London next week & maybe we have time to meet some of you. Get in touch on instagram.com/alux 10 Best Shopping Streets: https://youtu.be/5_L7JZG0SGM?list=PLP35LyTOQVIsO8kOTx8-YOgwkGvrPtJ3M All our articles on Harrods: www.alux.com/?s=harrods
Dodi and Diana were killed in a car crash in 1997 not 1977
Doug Pettey
Diana died in 1977? Stuff like that added to the mispronunciation of words like facade and Al-Fayed, diminishes your credibility.
Harry Callahan
I bought a plastic bag, it's all l could afford.
Why do i find this channel so cringy like whats with the intro and pronunciations?
To many mistakes for a supposedly "luxury" channel. You make luxury sound cheap
Pablo Escobar's Search Block
Alux.com your narrator has a part in # incorrect. Diana was killed in 1997 not 1977!!!! And the Al-Fayed name is being pronounced incorrectly
Tommy Tedji
I find your content interesting but PLEASE change the narrato, do some fact check, and pronunciation check. It's very uncomfortable and cringy to hear
Chloe Gale
I worked in Harrods for many years, all of these are true but there are many more interesting facts about Harrods.
Miguel Glover
Diana died in 1997 not 1977 🙂
Gary Templemain
Before immigrating to Australia just after my 17th birthday I was privileged to work at Harrods over Christmas in their toy store driving a large train set. It was interesting but more importantly made me realize that I had a natural ability with electrical, mechanical things. Many years later in OZ I became a mobile service engineer servicing medial, research & diagnostic instruments around Asia Pacific for thirty plus years, an interesting job & a great way to see the world for free. 75yrs & retired now but still remember Harrods, my work starting point in life.
Please learn how to read and pronounce properly!
Alex Lok
I was in Harrod's last month and they've done away with the carrying of rucksack requirement. People were wearing them on their backs as they should be worn.
Your voice is irritating 😓
Yes I have visited Harrods before but I did not buy anything. Hey Alux.com how about 15 things you did not know about Selfridges.
Please pronounce Al Fayed's name correctly.
Rohan Thomas Steven
Diana and Dodi were killed in a tragic car accident in 1997 and NOT 1977.
I have worked for Harrods when Mister Al Fayed was the owner! Now the shop it's open on sundays! Which for me it's too commercial with out the glamour in the past !😳🤑
Miss Char Winter
Recheck your facts! You have a couple wrong
Dodi and Diana died in 1997 not 1977!!
Hassan Khalid
I have visited the annual sale once. It's a real experience.
Diseye Ndiomu
Oops, princess Diana died in 1997 not 1977.
Living ByLeoni
What happened to the previous speaker 😒 ?? This one mispronounces a lot. And yes 1997...not 1977. Al- (Fah-yet) not fayed. 😅 man this was hard to listen to. 😐 ouch.
John Christie
Bought the most expensive perfume
Jesh Dcosta
make a video on Mariano divaio
George Chaplain
diana died in 1997 not 1977
ernest takyi
Hello people
Vaishalani Godre
Arjun Jayaraman
Have a suggestion, 15 things you didn't know about Nike. Looking forward to your reply.
keri caye
16.. no eating allowed in Harrods unless you are SITTING...IF YOU ARE CAUGHT EATING THAT CANDY YOU JUST BOUGHT; YOU CAN AND WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE....and don't argue...its a rule. 17.. No holy levis or ripped levis....CHER WAS STOPPED AT THE DOOR..they don't care who you are. 18.. Shop in the basement if you can't afford the other 7 floors. 19. The bathrooms you pay 1 lb for are worth it....20. The free bathrooms are SPOTLESS. A lady wipes EACH AND EVERY toilet seat, after its use..and you can leave her a tip in the middle of the bathroom ..there is a $$$ table in the center, a cup and saucer for the tip...be kind!
Samasaur us
Omg hi I love your vids
Diana, Princess of Wales did NOT die in 1977. You should redo this video... far too glaring an error...
First Last
Number 16: Pick pockets are "free" and they are everywhere.
Mia Lia Sia
20 Years ago Princess Diana 1997
Got 1st comment can I get a shoutout
Gratchel Adioson Eiseb
Cameron Trainer
May you guys do an omega watches video?
Tee hee
I just came back from harrods 😂😂
I bought a pair of Louis Vuitton trainers and Balenciaga sneakers
Sean Largado
save electricity Harrods doesent mean that if you could pay for it you will keep on spending and spending electricity !!
Pujan Khadka
Its my regular shopping place :)
The Influential Factor
Make a video on Al Fayed
Ulrich Naobeb
First im hearing of it,do they have some in Berlin?
Nasser Alemadi
Hey there I'm Qatari
Wanna visit this place.
Alfie Sherwood
What’s the security like
Harrods also lost the royal warrant from the Queen..Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles...this means they no longer shop here or are supplied by them.
Connie Charley
Kulla Sharma
I used to work for Harrods in IT section. Lovely place to work. Big discounts for staff.
Mohamed Basiony
من مصر ,😍 We are proud of you #Mohamed_Alfaid 💪❤️😍 You built UAE and London...you posted your name in every where in London; every buddy there and around the world love you so much because you looking for Allah always and you Care for the poor people.. From Egypt : Mohamed Basiony .. نحن فخورين بك 😍 محمد الفايد لأنك تذكر الله دائما وأبدا في كلامك...بكل قوة احتللت قلوب الملايين بتواضعك واحترامك للناس
Tomika Kelly
I bought tea. It's all I could afford.
I bought my bugatti there
Jakub Tarnowski
Hi! Thats beatufil😃😃😃 I love it
Tom H.
They have the strictest dress code I have ever seen posted at the entrance of a retail store. No short shorts, no large backpacks (women's designer backpacks ok).
michael goff
Who ever this narrator is, needs fired and also needs some education. She shouldn't be doing anything media based.
dog guy
Hay can you do Christie's!
i have lived in London for 5 years and i used to go to Harrods to play chess in the basement area where toys where located !!! what a fun moments.... what days in London !!!!
Abdul Azeem
yes I bought one pen and some other thins back in 2004 I am from india working in ksa with Egyptians ,who is the current owner of this store .
Sultan Al Romaihi
An Egyptian designed harrods
amrut bikash Pattanayak
i would like to be there
พลอย ไพลิน
horacio arellano
This says the wrong year that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed , it was 1997 not 1977
Rodney Fosdick
I wish we had a harrods but I'm in Chicago I'll just keep shopping on Michigan ave/ the water tower which is on Michigan ave
oh.my.god i'm a wonderful viewer!
It's too bad you can't say the name Harrods properly. Dork.
Martin Taylor
I bought a DVD for £6 in there XD
Esteban Javornik
The most interesting fact is that they opened a boutique in Buenos Aires (Argentina) that did well for many years before closing... opened in 1914 and clsoed in 1998.
shubham aggarwal
plz plz make video on mukesh ambani......
Thierry Darwin Tuffier-Mancini
I swear, when I went, I wanted to get an ice cream with two scoops. Not to interesting, huh...... it cost £25! Outrageous - but so, so good.
Tristan Sauvageau
I kept getting distracted by the mispronunciation of ‘facade’. I think it’s hilarious that you guys never thought to check before posting these videos. The script readers regularly misread their dialogue in these videos. You guys do know that most wealthy people can afford an education, right?
BaboonBoy 101
Nicholas Trapasso
Love the channel. Keep up the great videos!
Sahil Singhania
I bought a perfume from this store
Wesam Mansour
Love Harrods
One of first places I want to visit
lena john
Sultan Al Romaihi
I’m Qatari
yourman yourman
Such an outrageous voice!
King Shobhit
Who's he 😕
John Mark John Mark
hi 😄
Fatima Ali
Salaam, I have come to Harrods many times to have lunch and buy Chocolate truffles and I had written a POEM to Mr. Mohamed AL Fayad and about the loss of Diana and Sodium may Godbless their souls Ameen.xx Once I have had my hip operation hope to go to Harrods and have lunch again for the days visit god willing I am sure I will have a great day having High Afternoon Tea it will be a treat as it will be my birthday... Maasalaama Fatima,💚💚💚
Ryan Barrett
I brought a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers and they have been my favourite pair of shoes ever since - please can you do a video about Giuseppe zanotti at some point in the future, love the videos
Get out of my Planet !
Went there today shopping it was ok but no vertigo
Worst inflection of presenter... ever.
Pari Thakkar
why can't I get full archive of images on your website
tk _jgs
Bought an xbox one console there last summer
Nasser Alemadi
I go to London every year so I go everyday to harrods
Simone Williamson
When the narrator mispronounces Al-Fayed and A. A. Milne
Alegna Zenay
Yes I visited Harrods and bought 2 pair of gloves
yevinka samaraweera
15 things you didn't about Dubai
Samir Samir
I got Prada perfume off £100
ritesh verma
Pls make a video on cricket
Hamza Ali
I love holiday thank you for the video
Jerry Fortner
Aluxers, eat s**t But I enjoyed the video
John Christie
Calvin klein
Must visit!
No offense, but the host or narrator or whatever she called, sounds like someone stuffed a cotton balls on her nose.
Jeremy D
Dodi and princess Di were NOT killed in paris in 1977. ???
dhruva m.k