Amazing Horse - Sweet Lemonade [HD/HQ]

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uh thatz dirty! Lyrics: Look at my horse. My horse is amazing. Give it a lick. Mmmm, it tastes just like raisins. I've a stroke of its mane. It turns into a plane, and then it turns back again when you tug on its winky. Oooh that's dirty! Do you think so? Well I better not show you where the lemonade is made. Sweet lemonade, Mmm sweet lemonade, Sweet lemonade, Yeah sweet lemonade. (dance to horse playing keyboard) Get on my horse. I'll take you round the universe, and all the other places too. I think you'll find that the universe pretty much covers everything. Shut up woman get on my horse!

Hari Narayan Khalsa
The Silver Age Internet, when not making sense was an asset.
FACTS verse 41
this saved me from suicide
to 5SOS fans, yes, this is what they referenced in the Good Girls video
Tyler Amendola
wut am I doing with my life
Elisabeth Grace
I hope this isn't what Luke was talking about...
Larry Stylinson
OMG. Luke listen to this music. This music DIRTY!!!!!!!
dawn morante
so did like luke mean to talk about a horse or like what?
Ana Iero
I'm a 5SOS fan. Luke was talking about this music in Good Girls??? LOL
Hattie ThatsNotMyStyle
5SOS sung this at the sound check last night! 😂
Dragon lemonade is better, especially the cream
Simon Ponza
Best music ever !!! (Merci toinou :3 )
niac 1234
The background is Stourhead gardens if you're a nerd like me and like to know these things. They were made by Henry Hoare the younger.
wut am I doing with my life
*Wtf is this, what is my life.*
Wth am I doing with my life
wormervar Meraxes
Guaved Furcorn
Stranger:All thing you find feminists pretty much ruin everying Meuller:shut up woman go out to court
Jesse Hall
This and badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger, mushroom mushroom... They don't make them like that anymore.
Gabriel Kendrick
GodDamnit ended up in the dark side of the internet again! I will never get away! Reddit it is a horrible place...
bubblegum bitch
Luke Hemmings sings it better
The LaToms
OMG Interro
Jason Saggs
i am so glad Acid House evolved into such classic breakbeats with intellegent lyrics... Bring on the acid
Casey Bickel
Well I'm really never drinking lemonade again👌👍
Yanis Honore
qui et la grace a ZERATOR stream avengers xD
Angeles Rivero
Wait a--- tHAT'S NOT LEMONADE! 😂🔫
Henry Neacato
I was supposed to do my homework...
Gotta love obi_course
Aniroot Sukaket
Yeah...sweet lemonade :D
Maddy M.
Where the hell am I....
Влада Гриненко
это Кшиштовский?
Super Hostile <3
Episch... leider
Habiba Pink
his winkie
ah memories
Ethan Marke
eric t
EFUKT brought me here.
Can I get 200 likes for my horse and his sweet lemonade
Neil Marcks
Paul S
Have a like and a sub
Viaje Al Abismo
Best soundrack for gore vids. :)
Nick Coghill
whats this song a parody of?
Taylor Swinehart
Kayleigh Davidson
Cloud Skunk Random Nonsense
You might want to take this down, considering +MrWeebl made it (same guy who made Badger, Armadillo and Narwhals).  Some of us (their fans) don't think its too kindly of you to steal their stuff.  It's actually rather uncouth.  I've already messaged them as well.  Have a pleasant day.
Nur Sabrina Hasnul
Vfor Vendetta
EG.Fear disbanded gg
Kevin YRS
Rocky Intensifies
#PoketonFirst POKETON96 ARMY!
Zach Quartz
#PoketonFirst POKETON96 ARMY!
yeah sweet lemonade
this is greatness! had to come back and watch again. been years :)
Luis Semple
go on muchosucko - and search look at my horse
Tracey Wronkowski
Keeley Nadine Jones
Lol so funny
Lydia Savvina
hahaha i love this song it has a good beat ^_^
einfach beschde *_*
Alexon Asaf
So the video wants to tell the children that sweet lemonade comes from a horse dick??? lol ...