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Rosario De Medici
As a teenager who saw one of his films for the first time, it made such an indelible impression on me that I made a radical change of lifestyle. I abandoned every bad habit and behavior, joining a kung fu school to learn discipline and self-defense. He set me on the straight path with his philosophy of life and I cannot thank him enough. Hail to Bruce Lee...forever.
Just F'n Comics
The reason why Bruce and Brandon died so young it's because God needed body guards
Tiara Grey
Bruce had unbelievable fighting skills. There will never be another to walk in his footsteps. This man was a true genius and was very blessed. He was a philosopher indeed.
Luis Garza
He is litterally my god.....when I had cancer I listened to his wisdom daily and made it through...thank you Bruce Lee!
Tam Nguyen
Of course Bruce was murdered also like Brandon! Who killed them?-Well I only say "sometimes are the best friends the enemies"! I rather don't say anymore,only "shame of the murderers"!!! They took us the the greatest martial artist that ever lived! R.i.p. Si-jo Lee Siu Lung
Andrew O'Dell
What a man,such a talent and what a wonderful gift he gave to us to give us the freedom to learn martial arts.A true legend,often imitated but never duplicated.Speed and unbelievable power.
Brent The Destroyer
Excellent character with true virtues, all Americans should strive to be like him.
Spazzing Falcon
If he was still living would he star in rush hour with Chris tucker?
Craig Villano
as a kid me and my mother would go see every Bruce Lee movies that he made. A great man father and Legend. even as a child his words moved me and made me see things so differently. Thank you DRAGON may you be in peace.
Eric Pritchett
Awesome video, awesome human being! Thank you.
97warlock ismyname
Why arent people angry at this stupid , Yes Stupid woman for giving Bruce the pill? Based on this video, if this video is correct then it seems fans of Bruce would make much more of what she did & that she should speak on this matter. Chuck said She gave him a pill, This video says so also as well as many other videos, all stating she gave hima pill which caused the reaction. Yet ..........I would like to hear whatr became of the woman, why hasnt she spoken on this. What she did Took Bruce away weather she meant to or not.
Lashell Maivia Lee
Catherina Knight
He Wanted to Bring Marshal Arts .The Physical and The Mental Disciplines....!!! I believer he Would have been a great Ambassador For the M. arts Diciplines ...!!
George Carter
Bruce lives forever.
behrad bahrami
Be formless!
Roger Gomes
Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee were murdered ... it's all about money!!!
michael Castle
The man, The legend, The myth, The one and only: Bruce Lee! Such a Man is born only once in a lifetime!
LearnJKD from Bruce Lee : 10 session course only $1000.Damn he was expensive lol but the knowledge would have been priceless anyways.
Issac Wright
Did you see the light fall when the director said cut when "billy" the fake body double Bruce Lee was doing a scene for Game of Death????
Eric Hawkins
Bruce was such a part of my life along with my friends when I was young. For the first time I learned that martial arts training was not an excuse to go out and just fight people. But it was a way of living a disciplined life. It really taught me how to walk away from confrontations, and yet retain the feeling that I could defend myself, and that I was ultimately in control, even against the bully. I am so grateful that Bruce showed us that his love for the martial arts transcended race and color. And I thank him for contributing to my life as a disciplined youth.
Brother Zoleta
Bruce. Lee. was. very. physically. fit. so. the. finding. of. his. death unclear. further. investigation
Jimmy Himawan
I hate you james.
Brother Zoleta
Bruce. and. Brandon. died. at. the. height. of. their. career. that's. very. questionable
Sridhar Kg
He is a universal fighter
Let me put this comment section in a nutshell "Bruce lee didn't fight in tournaments so that means he can't actually fight". Yea I bet you think Conor McGregor is the best fighter in the world or something.
EvenStar LoveAnanda
Bruce Lee was the real life Neo before the Matrix.
97warlock ismyname
Here ssomethin I do not at all understand ....... Theres talk of Bruce telling his sister he may not live much longer, and theres talk of Bruce telling his mom he may not be around much longer .......... OK, THIS doesnt coincide with a logical healthy smart person. .If a person like Bruce felt theres something seriously wrong,wouldnt he ..... go see a doctor? Isnt it all about fiotness & being in top shape. If theres something you cant fix you go get a hospitol or doctor to try & fix it, doesnt seem at all like Bruce to make under the table remarks hinting he wont be around much longer. Yeh your in perfect better than fit condition yet you tell people you wont be around much longer. does not add up in my head.
Oliver Zenou
bruce lee is my guy
Heavy Hitter
Bruce Lee SUPERHERO,💪💪✌✌👊👊!!!! From Your Real life Superhero From The Xtreme Justice league
Lee Gary Kushner
This is a lying pile of glorifying CRAP that vilifies and denigrates the good name of the Chinese masters in San Francisco. They HAD White students..there was no such ultimatum that Lee stop teaching them, and no fight over that...the fight with Won Jack man was because Lee boasted that his Wing Chun method could beat any Kung Fu fighter, because had an arrogant, big mouth..on the opening bow, Lee struck an unfair blow, and despite basically trying to kill Man, took 11 brutalizing minutes to finish him was Lee's own recognition of his lack of adequate conditioning that led him to focus on that more, and on developing Jeet Kune Do. As a matter of fact, the only reason Man lost was because he stumbled backward, leaving himself open to a pummelling on the Lee's contention was never really tested, but the facts reveal it is highly doubtful... his direct and violent approach gave martial arts a bad image, vastly divorced from the pure self-defense techniques it is supposed to embody. However, Lee was perhaps the most skillful in techniques, speed and agility of any martial artist..
James Anagnos
bruce lee mythology hahahaha how sad you people are
Elizabeth Archer
Legend. <3
nevermind 112
Born in San Francisco California ???
Holy uncanny pornographic mental processes??WTF Robin.
Sergio Totaro
Peccato che la storia di Bruce non sia in italiano. Un vero peccato. Mi sarebbe piaciuto conoscere altri aspetti della sua vita che sicuramente non sapevo. Vabbè.
Innovative innovation
Bruce studied and enjoyed Martial arts. I enjoy watching peoples emotions by the way they talk and the expressions they produce. 14:33 is just fantastic to watch!
dee raj
man such a humble soul larger than life Bruce Lee forever rest in peace!
Arrow Slice
Thanks for uploading this, can't get enough Bruce Lee as of late. Brb gonna watch Chinese connection one more time.
Pikkon ama
I don't why are people still believe he is fake, come on Bruce Lee is real and he invented the Jeet Kune Doo
Oliver Zenou
im not gay but bruce lee, I would smash
Kyoung Suk Chae
how did god need body guard he's god that's stupid
Skinny Thewretched
Up to this day his legacy still lives on..imagine how good he is on his craft..
eiji kisaragi
Truly the greatest of all time legends don't die the live forever only respect to the master
only 232735 views? :/
Michael Nauls
I grew up wanting to fight like Bruce Lee, he transcended his sport, and eventually was bigger than films, died much too young
fatma wati
He is SUPER handsome for men in those time OMG and oriental isn't my favourite but HE IS SO CUUUUTEEE
Killer Caritas
Can anybody help looking for Bruce lee Doc that shows him watching kick boxers and studies how they leg block
William Saunders
Bruce Lee was is my master his philosophy and arts changed and shaped my life at the age of 13 from my fitness to everyday life I learned all that from Bruce Lee and remarkably we never even met
joelson animation
Misheck Chapanga
heavy heavy billy lo
kim ngân Nguyen
Djombol Hodjinou
Bruce Lee; we carring on what you had started.
daryel hernandez
I though he died by getting shot during a movie
Shelly Do
Paul Stranger
Apache Apachean Athabaskan
Bl was a cha cha dancer. .a martial artist dancing his cha cha while filming .isnt that a master ? Lmfao
Who Am I
Raymond Chow definitely had something to do with his death. Just look at the way he's talking..
DemiGod Scrub
my mom last name is Grace. cool
Washitaw Moor
Bruce Lee ( Jun Fan ) ....Philosopher .....Prophet...Icon....
Manish n
wing Chun master
G. H.
Lee was a leader not a follower. Good load
Béla Lukovszki
Who is killed Bruce Lee?
Hazimy Bin Hassan
An atheist.....
Alson Bobb
Bruce Lee is the shit was the shit and nothing, but the shit Rip
Jose Gonzalez
Bruce Lee was a dirty little turd. glad the punk is dead