JERZDAY Q&A | On being followed around by cameras, Relationship with Vinny, and future kids names

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Hey guys! Today I answered YOUR instagram questions! Comment below if you were one of the people we shouted out! Subscribe! />Official Site: /> JOIN SNOOKI'S REWARD PROGRAM! /> CONNECT WITH SNOOKI: TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />PINTEREST: /> Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:

marilin Gutierrez
Omg I love u sooo much queen💕💕
Britte Sanchez
Victoria Lavalle sounds like a fashion designer's name. If you have a baby girl you have to name her that!
Julia J
" Ew! That's not your real voice !" 😂 Joey you are so handsome!!
Brianna DeRosa
Please try to put pressure on MTV to stream the show somewhere... there are a lot of fans who want to watch and help ratings, but we don't have cable. It ain't 2010 anymore girl!!!!
MaryHelen Salas
QUESTION::: Can you and all the girls do a. Jersey Shore Girls Trip family Vacation with Sammy!
Mama mrs Banuelos
Hi snookie Do you THINK your real birth parents know who u are by now? Or would recognize you on tv? What if they did and wanted to contact you would you accept?
Sarah Million
I always wanted to ask about ryder!!
Melissa Juo
joey doing the deep voice at the beginning always makes me laugh lmao
Sarah Million
I don't know how vinnys off limit when Mike was waaaayyyyy worse to ur relationship and hubby. Seems like jealousy not history
Teresa Nunez
Lets do one with Joey answering the questions ❤️
Alma Elisa
Nicole's lips look much more natural, or is that just me?
Elizabeth Lozano
Do you regret bringing Angelina back to the show?
I honestly didn't liked Ryder 😅
Nicolette Butler
I love you Snooki! Proud of who you’ve become. ❤️
Paulina Monteiro
I could literally watch Jersey Shore forever!! I love the family bond so much! I could also watch you two all day! When's the show coming??
Kerri Corbo
Can you please PLEASE tell Mike to staaap calling himself "Big Daddy Sitch" it's creepy and cringey AF!!!
Melissa Amato
You two are hilarious together I’d watch your tv show!!!!
kat fin
I have a question! What are some of the things on jersey shore that didn’t air back in the day that you thought for sure would?
Nicole is always picking on Joey...he handles it so good. They have an incredible entertaining every Time!
Can you explain how much the producers intervene to give you storylines and start drama? How much is real when they film?
Izabel Blazita
Can you talk more about opening your third eye? How was meeting your spirit guide?
Candice T
Aw, Im glad you answered the Ryder Question. I know I was one who always wondered that. But I do recall you answering it similar somewhat before... I agree, people do grow in different directions but all for the better :) Who knows, you might cross paths later in life when she becomes a mom and you'll have fun doing play dates LOL jk But loved the Q&A video Snooki <3
Deanna Petrillo
How to people in ur town/community react when they see you? Or even your neighbors?
Yasmine Rodriguez
Are you and Deena close at all like in the old Jersey Shore?
Laura X
Snooky you’re still awesome to watch. I haven’t seen your MTV show but definitely liked your home remodel shows and I would watch your talk show. It would be cool if you do one on YouTube so no one controls your content!
Sally Brown
first off why don’t u sell crocodilly anymore & what happened 2 him
Marissa Rivera
I don’t want joey to change his voice I’ll cry 😩😩😩😩😩😩
Allison Strock
Can you do a house tour after you decorate for Christmas.?? You’re decorations are EVERYTHING 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼🎁
If you could trade lives with any other celebrity, who would you pick and why?
Alanna Shaw
honestly just came cause im nosey about your relationship with vinny
Lisa Monica
Girl... I've been trying to get pregnant for 3 years! And I'm 31. You'll definitely get pregnant soon! Don't stress. When I see you with your kids and what an amazing mother you are, it makes me want kids tomorrow.. But its taking me so looooong. 😘😘😘❤
Pamela Guirales
I have a suggestion: how about showing us how you do Nicole’s makeup and some tips?
Jay Dee
Snooks, Honestly I wasn't a huge fan for seasons but now with the Family Vacation... my god I freaking love you now. && you became so beautiful oh my goodness. Like legit Sammy was my favorite but now.. sheshhhh you're so hot I'd wife it up. Sorry Gianni lol. Take care of her brotha.
Julianne Sullivan
I adore snooki as a mom. I think she's awesome.
Brian Canton
Yessss please I want season 3 I love jesery shore. I am huge fan
Gabby Haberstroh
What would you do is sissy was dating someone who wasn’t good for her?!
Leigha Bennet
Nicole, I know you are a Sagittarius because we share the same birthday! Do you feel connected to your zodiac sign? P.S. you are my fav ever and ily! 💞
Maria Scales
Hi Snooki... My ? Is this... If you weren't married to Gianni would you give Vinny a serious try if it went that direction? I can't help to think this but it seems like he would get with you in a heartbeat and I'm not even counting the history you guys had. Regardless your answer I wish your marriage 💒👰 to Gianni all success moving forward and for me could you just tell Vinny that i think he's awesome! fine as hell! and he's also a gentleman so whoever his significant other is could be feeling pretty lucky right now!😍😘😜☮️
Klanger Runecarver
joey is so annyoing , and he is thirsty for his 15 minutes
JessicaAloha TV
It would be so amazing if you had a talk show!! You could start it on YouTube... give it a test run. :)
k ro
Love you guys! Just started listening to your podcast it has me dying every time!!!! Don’t ever change ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
stephanie hodgins
Yessss plz queen ! I love these Q &A's !! I think ppl should ask more questions for Joey , we don't know as much about him as we do the icon Snooki 🔥
Tyler Hastings
Yes do season 3 please!! Also me and my boyfriend are Rewatching the Jersey shore seasons! We just finished season two were on season three of the old Jersey shore! So funny.
Tara Wilder
Where are you opening your store at ?
Gabrielle Sanchez
So pumped for the new episode tonight 😍 Team Jenny or Team Angelina? 🤨
Jennifer Cortez
Hey Nicole this has nothing to do with this video right now just wanted to let you know I read something about somebody mom shaming you because of your kid have messy hair. Fork them I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself girl keep it up! My mom used to let me dress myself people used to call me ragamuffin Punky Brewster and I would spin around with my princess twirl look those girls in the eye and say and who dresses you your mommy???? Does your mommy tell you what you have to wear???? Hmmmm??? My mom lets me wear what I want I'm a big girl!!! I can pick what I want to wear I can dress myself!!! Then I spun back around and sauntered off. Mic drop! Or as my kids would say... That just happened! LOL your daughter is beautiful and she's happy and she's healthy and she is one loved little girl you're doing great! Fork them haters!
Chelsey Rogers
What is your skin care routine?? And how do you keep your hair so perfect
Tara M
When you were remodeling the shore house, did you intend to keep it instead of sell it?
Michelle Glover
So we are just going to act like I didnt invite you and your husband to my wedding?! Lmao could i?
Heather J
Why would he say your daughter is gonna be a stripper lol joke or not that's not cool
Marissa Bailey
If you got a talk show, who would you want your first guest to be??
Janelle .L
I know you like freaky creepy ghostly stuff but have you seen GHOSTS or have you been HAUNTED by SPIRITS??😱👻💀 BTW YOUR MY FAVORITE!!!!💋💋💋💋
Phuket UFC
I thought the name said Boner too 😂😂😂 damn you dyslexia!!!
Jemielly Sj
You know what i love about you , you care so much about your kids
Bike Bike
Hey Snooki i love 💕 you
Alicia Quinn
When can we expect a TV show with you and Joey?! I would totally watch that!
Nisaa Elleo
Hey Nicole, and Joey. Are you and Joey ever going to have your own tv show? That would be so cool to watch!
Lemon Grass
I remember the party with the Joeys on Jersey Shore!
Can you do makeup tutorials?? I loveeee your makeup😍
Zoe Sarah
3am here and now I’m happy I stayed up
Kaela Collins
Random question? Have you witnessed any serious crimes? Like serious car accidents, shootings, people getting seriously hurt, ect? Weird question I know, but I wonder if everyone has seen stuff like this, like I have.
Kate Guidetti
Can you please make a video explaining more about your third eye? I found that part of this so interesting!
Nicole Leon
You make me laugh on Jersey shore all the time. I love how you are always real and that your not a fake. Love you Snooki
Amanda Lee
14:46-14:49 My anxiety and depression sneaking up on me.
Dana Cusumano
OMG; you NEED to do a talk show!!!!
logan patterson345
She is my everthing💓💓💓
Alexandra Nieves
I love these two together
Gjon Nikprelevic
Cabs hereeeee 😘🇦🇱😘🇦🇱😘
Michelle K
Hey Nicole! Did you see my pic from Lana? I sent it on instagram and on your Etsy shop!! :) xo
Kaylee nikole
Yaaass queen a Snooki talk show I would so watch that. ❤️😘
Hibaq Huzey
Hey love you
Tell us more about opening your third eye? Also, whats yours and Jionis zodiac signs?
Veronica C
Will you ever bring back the Snooki slippers on the show?
Amanda Brown
I love you snooki you are so awesome! What is the favorite thing you and jioni like to do with Lorenzo and sissy?
Enrique Ramirez
Nikkola Ess
What is your greatest strength or weakness?
Nina Napoli
Do more of the joey show!!!
Sarah Million
It's just water!!😂🤣 I swear Joey can make everything funny
Carrie Lynn
Love you guys!!
Jennifer Givens
Do you regret anything you have done?
Nina Napoli
Omg I love you guys...
Leen Abusalem
I was always jealous of your beautiful thick hair snooks😭😭 are they extensions? if not, how do you get it to look sooooo damn cute
Mr.savage 2019
Hey Nicole
Nilda Gonzales
Snooki love youuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤❤
Valerie Pisani
You said you don’t know about Victoria how about Valerie?
Me encantasssss eres genial. Saludos dsd 🇪🇸😘😘
angelica samano
Lmfao Joey is the best love him ha 😂❤️
janelly canales
SH sh shyti lmfao joey is so funny
Jennifer Givens
I love you I feel like I grew up with you cause I watched the show from the beginning and I am close to your age. You look great.
BellaMia - Susie P.
Part 2 yes
Crystal Lozano
Ashley Reategui
You should do a talk show on facebook
Loooooove you! You’re an inspiration!❤️
santi londoño
Will moms with attitude come back? Love you girl you’re the best
ML Avalos
Love you Nicole! Since 2009 😙😙
Joey just has strippers/hookers on the brain lol it's the testosterone! Hahah
Hannah Flammond
“You need to double down” 😂
Sarah Lynn
Loved this!