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Esra Azak
You guys going luxury shopping in ur Bentley then there is me sitting on my couch doing nothing with my life
Why do you always shop, put it on the thumbnail, but never show what you bought???
ChipmunkPlays -Minecraft
I actually enjoy seeing them buy nice things it's great to see other people enjoy their life keep it up! :P
Enzo Lavinia
Omg I really wish I can do this things one day
Travis Scott
They legit spent over 60k
Jennifer Gilbert
Honestly, a lot of people brag about how much money they have got like OMG I just got the new iPhone 7+ and like in rose gold 200 and sommet GB and it was like 1000 pounds then I got the new Apple Watch , don't worry I'll be getting the red iPhone when it comes out , but you guys don't brag or don't act dead spoilt and it's what's nice about you guys you all get along, care and honestly are just nice people 😆😆😁
Laurin Laurin
Can I get a couple likes it's actually my birthday 😌
Honestly I love your vlogs but please stop with the titles of you videos they sound so flaunting and stuck up, unlike you, you're humble!
Stephanie Matilda
how are they so rich
I love your shopping/ unboxing videos, new sub here, please do more, beautiful family !
Layne Harwood
you guys are so amazing but can you please do a hauls xx
*Liked before watching.* who did the same.
Dollar Menu Hoe
Waiting for their merch drop is like forever😫😭
Titi Styles
I wouldn't mind if you take me shopping with you guys...there's something about you guys that even though you show us your $$$ you still give off this down to earth type of vibe which I like
It's ya Girl
Y'all over here luxury shopping while I have been working since 7th grade and still poor as hell 😂😂😂
Madihah Dalal
Omg I wish I met u guys I went to Harrods too that same day
Been waiting on an upload for months now
Kirsty Cooper
I think it's fab you guys have made it and be able to live this lifestyle (good on u😊) , this has inspired me to save more so I can actually raise the few grand I need to get the specialist care I need in hospital 💪💪
Asia Khan
If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. Love you guys so much.
Bitter Sweet
yes unboxing please!! ignore those who don't want to watch
Wohooo I'm so glad you're not MIA no more
Skye Lazarus
Love you guys Everyone of you are amazing 😊💕
0 0
Yeah you should do an un-boxing video
Reubeydoos YouTube
Kel u still up for Sunday 🐣 ?
Clare Xiang
Unboxing video please
Sankalp Sharma
Finally laila returns to the vlog.
Estelle Jeanjean
i love when you guys shows what you got
sofia cyrus
Andra Chivaran
Yesss I want an unboxing!!
Barbara Bass
Love the unboxings.
Bas Pooters
Billionaire is the new brand of Philipp Plein
Chrissy Love
Manahil Wyne
unbox for us pleaseee!!!
Keeping up with Lailat!
Do an unboxing😄
L 03
Do a unboxing
WOO so glad you uploaded again on my birthday! its honestly mad to see you guys grow, iv been watching since laila covered up her cracked screen with highlighters lol.
megantansey !
YESSSSS!!! Please do an unboxing 😘
Jonathan Steer
can't relate.
Kerelyn Rodriguez
_dana .d
Unboxing stuff is my favorite part of vlogs , it motivates me to work harder so I can get what I see 😂❤️
Zain Ullah
Unbox it
miguel 14048
that gucci store is like dollar store for them
Thelma Mbolela
Regi Hang
Unboxing pls
I like to see the unboxing 💞💞
tilly may stephenson
why have u deleted some of u videos
Fizzy Life
Naomi Chanel Laing
I enjoy dreaming of all this luxury 😂😂😂
Adel Paris
I want a unboxing please!!!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
snapchaaatttttt sent meeeeeeeee. 😔😔😔There's no point writing this because I'm not going to get noticed. But if a miracle happens and you see this messages. Then I want 2 say I'm a big fan and you lot are amazing. You lot make my day bright so thank youuuuu for starting a youtube channel. because your vlogs are so cool and unique. They just stand out.The main thing is your the people that do that. So for a second time THANK YOU.😄😄😄
Phoebe Minnock
Ye do the unboxing❤️
Do an unboxing. It may serve as an inspiration for people to hustle so that one day they can get those kind of stuff too. Just remember, there will always be haters in the comments but nevertheless the fans come first
Jake SP
KEL- where billionaire is in Harrods, go downstairs to the mens perfume and smell CREED Aventus! best aftershave
Dave's TV
I love the unboxing videos ! It give me motivation
Sakina Mussa
I have been waiting for a vlog all week 😭 am so happy 🎉 I love you guys so much 😘❤ also what happened to the giveaway when you done the lyric prank x
Safia Ahmed
Unbox it ✨✨
Habiba Akhter
Who else was waiting sooo long for this video to come🙋🏽❤😂
Talia Lavi
pls unbox. I want to see what you guys got. I think heaps of other people want to see it too! don't worry about the people hating
Sara Ghani
You should do an unboxing✨✌🏼
Would love a unboxing haul!! ☺️
MM Vlogs
What job do they do? They can't be billionaires from just 778k subs
7:37 is that Mercedes Avenue or something?
Zahra Shaukat
met you guys yesterday in Harrods™
Chelsea Hutt
Laila and Yasmin are so beautiful 😍❤ my daughters name in Layla I know you won't read this but you guys make youtube worth watching
Asha limbu
Nice video guys!! 😎👌🏻Yasmin is looking beauty as always 😍 ❤️❤️ xx
Nick Deede
Thanks for explaining why you guys were away from youtube. That meant so much more then you think. see you in next vlog
Zahra xoxo
Snap chat sent me!!! Please put me on your snap😣 I LOVE YOU
Priya Sidhu
I'd definitely like unboxing bc its gives me inspiration and I'm noise! I feel like it has to be part of a shopping vlog!
Mohammed Usman
just do an unboxing as a separate video or near the end so people can stop watching if they don't like unboxings
I love hauls and unboxings , so please do that ! Much lovee♥️
Chantay Theobald
U should get more subscribers like you agree
I love hauls so please show me everything (:
Alwaysbored6 78
I'm not gonna lie I've  waited days ,maybe even weeks for this video could you please  record on time and do some live streams please
bethy 123
can you pleaaaase do a haul part of the vlog when you sit down and show what you all bought?
Lolly 123
Yasmin can U reply on snapchat lolohumps plz and kel and laila add me plz
Anouar Louch
i really like the gucci shoes you got kel ❤
Charlotte w
Please do an unboxing I always love seeing what you all bought x
dicte wedtfald
omg you guys are so amazing!!! xoxox
Seema Hans
How many likes can I get and how many comments can I reach 😂🙌🏻🐥 happy early Easter 🐣
Angela Lee
Please adopt me lol
beray helin
We should go shopping all together lol! xx 😂
Elaine Hughes
I love your vlogs i love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘
Crystal Brazeau
Yesss please do an unboxing! I can't buy these things so I live through you lol
only 159 views and 33 likes yayy
maple syrup
I like unboxing videos 😂👍🏼
Yes do an unboxing !!!!!!!!!!!! Please 🙏🙏🙏
Emma Louttit
Oh show the purchases please x
Nadia Begum
love the videos!
Sinead Kirby
Love you guys so So much x
Jochem van de Water
OMG please do an unboxing!!
Henry Fong
yo vloggers you are dope love the cars 😁
Samia Mohamed
You guys should do 24 hours in McDonald's
Chantel T
i missed yall vlogs sooooo much !
-Daniel Bellon-
They have so much money!!Happy holiday Germany
King Lucifer
It was nice meeting you the other night!
24 Hours in a chancing room!
Aayaan Miah
Why does he say daily vlog because they are not daily
Libi Vincent
Yes do unboxing !!