Evolution of Action Adventure Games (1986-2019)

Hey guys here is the evolution of action adventure games from 1986-2019. Obviously it would be impossible to include all action adventure games so I limited this list to 1 game a year. I used google recommended action adventure games list so if you have complaints that a game is a platformer or an rpg or no mario games then blame google for having those games in the wrong category. And sorry if I didnt choose an awesome game for its year. It was really hard to choose and I tried to keep the picks unique. Subscribe for more! Want to Save money on games and support me? Check out G2A and use my referral link: /> #actionadventuregame #evolutionofgames #gaming best adventure games resident evil zelda

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cp2077 could definitely come out in early 2020 though
Stankin' Thankin'
You don't need a $2000 PC to be extremely entertained for hours :) Golden Axe 1,2 and 3, Sonic, Alladin, Earthworm Jim, GTA 1 and 2 are simply gaming gems!
What game is 0:15-0:39?
Josh Smallow
whatever metric you are using (apparently... a google search?) i'm just sure how anyone would think that Oblivion and Uncharted are the same type of game