Robin of Sherwood, The sheriffs best lines!

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Requested by Dawn084.Just a few of the best

Gam A
You couldn't get a better Sheriff of Nottingham.
Paul Williams
Nicholas Grace was superb.
Nick Grace - brilliant, brilliant actor :-)
john lennonforever
sheriff   was  my   favorite   chaacter   in   this   wonderful   show
A *perfectly* cast series! ... Don't you agree, *Gisburne!* 😉
chelebelle 222
The Sheriff of Nottingham, the character you love to hate! 😁
Jan Bock
This was a great show!
dan shanahan
Agree.brilliant he was.
Simple Simon
When I"m drunk enough to go through it! Ha Ha.
Jason Born
Great actor, wonderful villain
Nuwan Susantha
Really RP accent
andy marfo
Him and gisburn were my fav scenes . When I think of the sheriff and gisburn I just see these two actors.
Everyone remembers Alan Rickman, but Nicholas Grace got there first. I've also been known to use the "never assume anything, except an occasional air of intelligence" line 3:)
Xavi Hernandez Berlin
pasen los capítulos completos en español xfa desde el inicio
Flannery Monaghan-Morrs
He looks so much like Paul Giamatti it is uncanny...........
Xavi Hernandez Berlin
vi la serie de morrillo, x acá nada más la han pasado una sola vez
chelebelle 222
And just when you began to believe it was ALLLLLLLL over! LOLOL 😄
Gunther Hermann
Even in a wide shot, at low definition he's recognizable. The wolf cult leader is none other than Mr. Hand from Dark City. Even uses the same voice.
I have hundred court in two days time, I'm supposed to attend six hangings on thursday and my mother is coming for the weekend.
Simon Hart
We need a video for best King John lines too!!!
knocking about films
Nicholas Grace genius!
What episode is from 4:50 to 6:30? Thanks for help! :)
Nick Stradling
I love the way the episode 'Sheriff of Nottingham' finishes on a high note for the Sheriff. Even tho he's the villain, Philip Marc was a real cunt and this one made the audience root for De Rainalt. One of my favourite episodes "leave Nottingham to this.....posturing catamite" Nickolas Grace was fucking brilliant.
Nick Stradling
GREAT shout!
Nicholas Grace would have been great in Blackadder. If Rowan Atkinson was never cast I could see Grace playing the lead in it.
Indeed he did, and as far as I know Mr Rickman said as much.
Grace was better, Rickman was good but it was an imitation. That film stole a lot from the series - the character of Naseer was a direct life. Not a patch on the TV show
Great acting!! Simply great.
He looks somehow like Tim Curry
Grace's sheriff, to my knowledge, is the only one who actually gets the better of Robin Hood on more than one occasion and even kills the rebel. He portrays the sheriff as cunning and educated and not brainless like so many who play the role.
Liam Layzelle
They forgot his funniest scene, Season 2 Children of Israel Gisbon: "my lord i thought...." Sherriff: "you thought Gisbon did u, what a pity i wasnt here. When did u have this thought of yours? While i was in London. Or was it more recent? Surely such an earth shattering event would linger in the memory. PRICELESS!
I think this should be voted the best Youtube video of the year.
The scene with the kid at 3:02 is absolutely brilliant....
Ray Winstone (Will Scarlett) made it to Hollywood. It is beyond me why Nickolas Grace did not made it to there. He can easily act so convincingly like Christopher Waltz as a character actor. This TV serie would not have been such a success without Mr.Grace as The Sheriff and Clannad with their music.
" What do you think you're wearing Gisburne, you look absurd ". Absolutely bloody brilliant.
In what episode is the part where Gisburne is like: "But my lord, I thought - "had And Sherrif is like: "Thought!! You thought?!? And when did you have this thought of yours... because it was this morning when I had mine: 'Where is Gisburne, where is the escort?'" Loved that part.
brilliant series by HTV ..still as good today as then..another great line from the sheriff..sympathisers dont do anything but sympathise gisburne!! shown originally at around teatime 5pm u.k. nicholas grace was fantastic and major part in shows success..thanks for the upload.
The Sheriff had some of the best lines in the whole thing!!
Nikolaj Apov
Here goes nothing... I think Keith Allen's sheriff in BBC's series is the best I've seen. He's got character, he doesn't overplay it, his constant teeth grinding, swearing, yelling... "la-de-dah-de-dah"... Keith Allen's sheriff is probably the closest to this one, except... slightly madder. I like this one "My lord, I must protest. - I'd rather you didn't" lolol ... but I guess it's a matter of opinion.
No, Gisburne. A public flogging will do. Those people are my property! I have a hundred court in two days' time, I'm supposed to attend six hangings on Thursday, and my mother's coming for the weekend ... Your honour? No, no, no. Just your ability to count. You don't give me any choice in the matter, do you? Because I have no intention of capering about in a wolf skin with a gang of demented savages!
I missed this show when it first aired. I was pretty young, and American (still am the latter). I just watched the series (God, I love the internet) and really the Sheriff is the best character. Looked much better with the beard though.
Frank Delaney
tha'ts murdoc from macguyver!
@vivellasmum You took the words out of my mouth. This is and will ever be the best Robin Hood performance. Although I liked the version with Crowe and Blanchet, it will never match this one. The authentic Middle Age music of Clannad, the filming in the forest, the mystical Middle Age atmosphere. This series is timeless..
This nicholas grace guy PWNS everyone. Good actor.
this is gold dust, thanks for upload!
@navylaks2 did his older brother King Richard Lionheart.
@LIVERPOOLSCOTTISH Absolutely right!
Viv Horne
This series never dates, it always looks authentic. Grace was the best sheriff, Praed the best Robin, Trott the best Marian, Winstone the best Scarlett, Addie the best Gisburne & so on. They keep trying but it will NEVER be bettered! The scripts, music, acting, sets, costumes, make up, nothing can be faulted......
6:14 "... irritating little man, what does he want Wales for?..."
Watching the sheriff shit on people never, ever gets old. Just one of the many things that makes this show so awesome.
What is the true story of Robin Hood, did Prince John exist
alan rickman was better....this is like watching children with downs syndrome and tryting to enjoy it. this limey british actor sucks.
Larisa Biyuts
He is the best.
Nicholas Grace is indeed the best Sheriff ever. He is a superb actor, and he was given some fantastic lines to deliver. His Sheriff was cunning, devious, duplicious, sarcastic and at time IE when confronted by Grendel in 'The Time Of The Wolf,' actually quite brave at times. He chose death in preference to joining the Fenris posse! Bad guys have more fun! lol
nicholas grace was the best ever sheriff, he is the sheriff of nottingham. whenever i think of the sheriff of nottingham, nick grace will always spring to mind instantly. and this was my favourite series in 1984.
"And when will the ceremony take place, my lord?" "When I'm drunk enough to go through with it!" hahahaa he is the best sheriff of Notthingham EVER, and he was the most funny character in the series :D
Man that got to be the best sheriff ever even better than Rickmans performance in Robin Hood prince of Thieves. Is it wrong of me to root for The sheriff when he is played by such great actors since Robin often is played by some kind of halfwit *coughcostnercough*.
Barry Ryan
yep, he went to america to join the cast of dynasty, he played a prince or something like that. he never should have left ROS
RIP Robert Addie! He was the best Sir Guy...and Nicholas Grace was the best sheriff ever!! the best! They are the best!!
Nick Grace 100, Keith Allen 0
Bartłomiej .Rogalski
rest in peace sir Guy...
Marny Janek
prawdziwy skurwiel wraz z gizbernem..hehe ale czym byłby robin bez takich oprychów..hehe...
The Sheriff and Gisburne - the best and coolest of movie villains
He has the best lines in all the of the film! Best character!!!
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Nicholas Grace is a class actor, his performance as the Sheriff set a gold standard that has never been matched. RoS is the best representation of the Robin Hood legend, all others pale into insignificance-especially that dire nonsence with Keith Allen on BBC1-truly dreadful! RoS rules!!
Just two of my favourites are missing: The first encounter with Hubert de Giscard ( the bathtub scene ) and the famous scene with the boy and the apple. I believe both are in the last part with Michael Pread as Robin.
Ha ha, never asume anything Gisburne, except an occasional air of intelligence. Brilliant :p
I love this sheriff, he is not evil, he is just a politician of this time. Played so well...
Sahaja D
Yes I like the role of the Sheiff of Nottingham
yay! thank you for this. Now I'm almost perfectly happy - just missing my favourite bathtub tantrum scene and the run in with the Old Prisoner ;)
Today he would have called him a terrorist, not a rebell.
Alan Rickmans Sheriff stole alot from Nickolas Graces performance, sarcastic, witty and slightly mad!
Alex Moreau
Alan rickman's sheriff is the only one nearly as brilliant as this one :)
The Sheriff and Gisburne were excellent as the 'baddies'. A wonderful series!
He had some great lines ^_^