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Gul Majeed
Kamikaze is not suicide
why do so many people that make history documentaries think that we do not need any maps? You can't understand anything of history without maps. The Portuguese came...where did they landed? What was in the neighbourhood? The child was brought away from his father...where did the father lived? where was it brought?
mariko miyamoto
tokugawa history is recent history. japan has at least 2600 years history
Chris Duke
When did Japan get Arabian horses? You showed one, so now I need to know.
Robert Armitage
I enjoyed the video, but to use the term ancient, when advertising it, gave a misleading impression of what it was to be about.t Please state what you will be covering, truthfully?
All those comments about Japanese stealing China and Korean culture is sad. If that is the case it would seem like they should possess unequal superiority but that is not the case. Like everything else Japan takes in whatever is good and seem to make it better. Getting tired of all the butt hurt comments that you see in all videos that has anything to do with Japan. Internet is full of know it all adolescent.
Bob Doodle
not history of japan, but that of the foreigners. what i would like is that a japanese guy start the story about themselves, not to the eyes of the foreigners.
brian turnbull
History of Japan by the Yanks
Gamina Wulfsdottir
Story starts at 2:30. Why do these documentaries always have to spend so much time up front telling us what they're about to tell us? We don't need to be sold on this; we're already watching it. Just tell the story.
Trap Advisor
3/10. No mention of Tamagotchi or Pokemon. Very uninformative.
Muhammad Ali
why does the fking west always think a country's history only starts when it contacts western civilization, japan has a longer history than that
did the portuguese went everywere?
Missionaries are the worst.
Like others that commented before me, I expected for this film to start with the ancient history of Japan. Even more important, this documentary completely ignores an event of great importance for the times described in it. It is about Toyotomi Hideyoshi's ambition to conquer all of Asia that became known through the Portuguese newcomers. He really believed that he can conquer Korea, China and later India. After his first invasion of Korea started in 1592 and ended in defeat, he staged a second invasion in 1596, this time more realistic: focused on and hoping for Korea only. The Koreans defeated the Japanese again, this time with some help from the Chinese of the Ming dynasty. Those 2 wars affected deeply both countries. It was the most devastating event for Korea in the last millennium, worse than what happened in 1950-1953. For Japan it also mattered. Most contingents of Samurai sent to Korea were given by the Daimyo that ruled on the shores facing Korea. Only years later these provinces that got depleted of many soldiers will face Tokugawa Ieyasu at the Battle of Sekigahara. With the additional help of the soldiers previously lost in Korea, the battle may had ended in a different way.
Jewel Mathews
wtf!? I wanted ancient history, how Japan started, not this middle part
is 500 years really that ancient ?
I'm surprised the Japanese hadn't seen guns before the Europeans arrived. Especially since China created gun powder and they're so close to each other. Also, the history of Japan began when the Europeans arrived? I guess nothing happened before that.... Also the Samurai killing people who were rude to them...called Kirisute Gomen.
Made by Jesuits LoL
Cameron Willis
This started quite late in the history of Japan. What about the tribes well before the 7th century. They had huts and artwork. They just began when the Euros arrived. Helpful but surely not complete.
Although this is not "ancient" history, I still found it fascinating!
Les Booth
Add 15 minutes she compared their training to the Spartans training does that mean they had sex with the children like the Spartans did they were the most gayest army in the world but could they fight Long Live Europa
Jack Hartford
Thumbs down this is junk. Japanese history doesn't start with the Portuguese discovering them. I was expecting to see how the country of Japan came to be, not a history starting with other countries making contact with them. Waste of time
20 minutes at the end of just "Thank you :)"
C. C.
Japanese are the coolest culture ever!
Mike Summers-Smith
@2h33m "America looked eastward to Japan"???
I gave this a thumbs down because it neglects the time before the events discussed.
Monica Meitin
this isn’t bill wurtz??
Ryan Leberth
I want to make a sitcom based on this called japan meets the foreigners.
Bob Risse
The history of Japan is clouded.
richard wilmot Ph.D
Japan is number one IN BOW JOBS IN THE WORLD Fugu is an aid to giving really good bow jobs: Fugu is the Japanese blow-fish which is a poisonous fish but is served in some of the finest Japanese restaurants at a considerable price. What one is paying for is the removal of the toxin (tetrodotoxin) so the eater won't die... but not all of it. In fact patrons must sign waivers and chefs must be licensed and even then every year people die in Japan from eating Fugu. Why do people assume such risks? Fugu is a drug experience. It leaves the body tingling and slightly numb... just what the Japanese Yakuza or CEO needs for a five hour bow job. Knowing this underside of FUGU eating, tabloid papers are always printing pictures of various celebrities eating FUGU. Some even have contests where only the mouth parts of the guest will be shown and people try to guess the Fugu guest just by the mouth. The interest is that Japanese are always attempting to 'save face' i.e. not be embarrassed and so the point of the contest is to embarrass the guest. The picture of the male Fugu patron is shown as it is no big deal that a male wants a five hour bow job after a Fugu meal. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jul/12/tokyo-eases-restrictions-blowfish They dismiss as a myth the idea that trace amounts of poison are occasionally left intact to produce a tingling sensation on the diner's lips. Wrong Organ!
Kaleef Dwayne Barksdale
This documentary is from a bais european religious view that does not mention that the first japanese were black or rather dark skin people. The first emperor also was black. But japanese people hide that fact.... The Ainu are the indigenous peoples of Japan and far east Russia. Although the true number of Ainu descendants living in Japan is unknown, it is believed that only 200 pure blood Ainu remain, most of these upon Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Though the Ainu have their own language, they do not have a written alphabet. The language and the culture of the Ainus is under constant assault from the realities of their present life. Even the spoken language is becoming much rarer. Sooner or later the Ainu way of life may die out and only records of their culture, their wisdom and their stories may lie buried. Genetically they more similar to dark-skinned groups found in Southeast Asia than the Japanese or Koreans. In Japanese history the period between 10,000 and 400 B.C. is known as the Jomon Period. The people of the Jomon culture who lived at this time are regarded as Japan’s first major culture. Many scholars believe that the Jomon people were Ainu or at least that the Ainus are the descendants of the Jomon People. There are similarities between the two early peoples of Japan. The skull and facial structures of the Jomon people and the Ainu are similar to each other. DNA samples taken from ancient burials also indicates that the Jomon people were similar genetically to the Ainu but very different from modern Japanese. Ainus and Jomons differ from the modern Japanese. Sampling analysis shows that modern Japanese are similar genetically to modern Chinese and Koreans. It is not denied that modern Japanese are settlers from the Chinese mainland and Korea. They are linked to Chinese and Korean peoples not Jomon and the Ainus people, the original people of Japan. Archaeologists have found Japanese-style Jomon pottery fragments on Vanuatu (a Pacific island east of Papua New Guinea and 6,000 miles south of Japan) dated to 3000 B.C. This suggests a cultural connection between the two cultures living so far away from each other. The Ainus suffered and still suffer a lot of discrimination. They face discrimination in getting jobs and social benefits. Their children face discrimination and bullying at school. They are called “inus” the Japanese words for dogs. At the start of 20th century, the Ainu language was suppressed by the majority Japanese. Their settlements were uprooted, they were forced to assimilate as lower class Japanese, and they were given land and neighbourhoods rejected by the majority Japanese. One can assess the level of racism against the Ainus when it is realized that the modern Chinese/Korean descended Japanese pretend that they are indigenous, rather than settlers; and they down-play the fact that there were original black muurish Japanese. Perhaps it is because they stole the land from the indigenes. Perhaps they do not want to recall the true owners of the beautiful land which they stole, the land belonging to another Asiatic black people, the Ainus, the last Muurs of Japan.
Where is part 2????
This video is not about "ancient" Japan.
Samurai= a bunch of useless thieving bastards
Ricky Spanish Official
'the history of Japan'... --__-- I guess 'history' begins when white people show up right?
Japan is an island by the sea filled with volcanoes and it's BEAUTIFUL
Ynse Schaap
From Samurai to building a ladder to heaven........ amazing
without foreigners Japan would have zippidy ziltch zero tech that they so covet
Kui Chaichana
Longest thank you:) I have ever seen. Anyway, nice upload.
Windows 7 and a half
*H i r e   a   S a m u r a i*
Chris Fletcher
This seems more about Japanese philosophy than it's histoty
Bob Risse
Tokugawa won and we live with this.
David Boson
today some people blame violence and war on lessons learnt playing computer games, or watching war movie. But Japan and everybody else had civil wars of extreme cruelty long long long time before mass media.
What confuses me is, during World War II, the Japanese chose to fight on despite how their army was deteriorating. Their people were starving and they were facing constant bombardment from the air. It took two atomic bombs for them to surrender but they chose to negotiate with Matthew C Perry and open up their country for trade. Why didn't they call for a cease fire and negotiate in 1945?
i like this :D too bad low res :/
Caliedhe Dosiere
For everyone complaining about the "wrong" title... The title is actually very accurate, because it tells you that is about Japan, and "Japan" concept started with the arrival of foreign, more powerful, peoples like the portuguese who were the top of the world in that time. My explanation should have had been given by the documentary, which is mentioned actually, but for a short moment and most of you won't see it.
matthew mann
Japan in many ways was highly advanced in Tokyo, Okanowa, And Mount Fuji
Heian period, anyone? Seriously, there's so much more to Japan than this.
زهرة النرجس
When European man put his foot on any piece of land definitely the destruction and devastation will spread out , l'm not talking about the public European but I'm mean the politicians and the leaders or makers of wars.
Dfw Fqdefqw
Awful "music."
Zhanon Morales
Its ALWAYS cracaz that steal people land...SMH
James Cicero
Funny................the fans were used much like mobile phones of today. Carried with them everywhere and looked at constantly
Randall Thompson
what's up with you cry babies doing nothing but complaining about the documentaries you watched if you really hate them that much make them yourself and stop putting all your energy into complaining about everything
Japan was just a head cutting off culture before WHITE POWER!!!
Michael Wargon
there are a lot of flaws with this documentary. First of all, Japanese at that time were not inclined to adapt new things especially from a foreign country except China. It was Oda Nobunaga that allowed the Portuguese to set up churches. Tokugawa Ieasu did leave his mark by establishing Edo but through Oda Nobunaga revolutionary ideas. Another fault was everyone could have swords including farmers until Toyotomi Hideyoshi declared that only the bushi were allowed to carry swords. By the way, this isn't ancient Japan. There was Soga Umako, Taira Kiyomori , Benke , Minamoto Yoshitsune or Yoritomo (cousins).
Gravity Priest
Great documentary. Let us all be real here though and acknowledge that the Christians were not even CLOSE to the only people persecuted for their beliefs. It could be argued that most of the people subdued by the Shoguns could be said to have been subdued because of their beliefs, religious or otherwise.
what about when japan closed all trade with the outside world and america storms an armada into thier port and forces them at cannon point to reopen the trade routes i didnt hear anyhting about that only ending civil wars and feudal lords. American propaganda. might be true but some facts have been scrubbed over or left out entirely.
Michael Wargon
It is true that the emperor had no power but they respected the emperor. Hideyori was Hideyoshi's son but not through his wife Nene.
blacc beard
Japan, the only nation in the world to have nuclear weapons used against it(by white people). Yet Japanese, and Asians in general still worship whites and hate blacks. Gotta love it.
goognam goognws
samourais were cowards to escape life with suicide, there is no honor in it. They forever died as cowards. If you look at noble animals all will try to live on no matter how badly wounded they may be and will only die when nature allows them to. That is much harder than suicide, humble, strong and praiseworthy. Suicide is for cowards, lost teenagers commit suicide, weak people commit suicide not strong ones. Japanese culture only hides cowardice it can not reverse values. I see samurais as the epitomy of weakness, too weak to face their situation. For strength is not displayed when one wins but when one looses and is capable to live on. A thief or even a murderer is more worthy than someone healthy who commits suicide. There is nothing more dishonorable and weak, even ridiculous than for a healthy person to commit suicide. I would feel shame if someone in my ancestors commited suicide, ancient japanese culture was weak spiritually and morally.
To everyone getting triggered over this documentary, its actual title is "Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire", and its supporting text explains that it is a history of the isolationist Tokugawa Shogunate that ruled in Japan from the 16th to the 19th century. It does not claim to be a comprehensive history of Japan, and it makes clear that it was a "secret empire" in that it deliberately isolated itself from the west and the rest of the world.
Gul Majeed
The Way of the Dragon
Gul Majeed
Portugal and Portuguese Pagul meaning balance of power and also meaning mental Pagul who had taken the daughter of the I've just said all Tutankhamun and Mutt Arkhanah . Arkhanah Tutankhamun relative of the Japanese and the Chinese and Pakistan Kashmir Afghanistan.
F. Moussa
Something interesting for Christians. Many Christians were killed in japan in approximately the 17 century. Nagasaki was the place where each year each Japanese hade to trample on a little wood board containing a cross or a picture of Jesus pbuh. Now remember where the atomic bomb landed in japan? In Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Nagasaki was the Christians stronghold, and many died there under extreme torture. And like the Japanese inflicted humiliation on the Christians, God swt humiliated the Nagasaki’s.
The Orientals are the only other civilisation on Earth that have a splendid history that can compare to European civilisation.
Maurice St.Pierre
Where is part two?
Benjamin Abramowitz
Japan is an island by the sea filled with volcanoes and it’s *BEAUTIFUL.*
this was dope
Thanks for posting this Stella Baby! I love this documentary!
Monique Archey
Oh this is nice but I was more interested in the history of China, I have never been interested in Japan and I don't understand the allure of Thailand. But I am sure it's nice.
Cornel Bébié
Thanks for uploading. However it's disappointing on many levels. Still better than nothing as Japan is still very unknown to many people.
Lerie Taylor
isnt the year of the water a chinese thing?
Garrigan Saddler
/commits sudoku
Angela Malone
Play Onimusha it's the story of Oda Nobunaga /Samenoske (Tenkai
With new military gun and ship building technology from the Portuguese in the 1543 (also later from the British, Italy & Germany), the district 番屬國 - 倭國 Japanese started to rebel and separate them self from the thousand years of relationship as a distance commonwealth country with the their long respected mother country - the Imperial China Empire. After the winning years of numerical civil wars, Japan became overwhelmingly ambitious, they began to train their people with the mind of absolute obedience by embracing their patriotic military supremacy, which later became their grave for land expansion and started their invasion of China, Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia and the rest of other neighbouring countries including Russia, Australia and islands of America.
Robert Maki
Sounds like Richard Chamberland narrated.... from shogun movie
Robert Ayer
out of all the other races on the planet of this Earth who's history has not been blemished and manipulated Namie the one I can count hundreds but the One race is considered unblemished and perfect and everyone's against them you can fill in the blank
German Time Machine www.Zeitreise-Geschenk.de
Bronn of the Blackwater
This isn't the full documentary, it cuts off before the end for some reason.
lisa lonning
Tokugawa period starts at 55:30.
Rod Parsons
More decimating. That's really not so bad.
Interesting but this is not the history of ancient Japan. It is made as if the history of this island started at the time Europeans arrived. Where is the “ancient” part mentioned in the title? It is not as if there is no written record.
Cree Rides a Roadking
Alpay Kasal
i'd hoped the doc would start with the japanese arriving at the islands, from their Altaic roots... I can't find anything like that on youtube. This doc starts at a pretty recent time in history.
Gospel Pan
So as soon as the Portuguese arrived , they sold the Japanese guns....not food or clothing, but guns...lol
can anyone tell me where is part two
Jono Edwards
Ugly Saint
dont watch if you dont like......
Edit: Got the the "end"...You're not welcome. Poor quality video, poor editing so narration is cut-off mid-sentence at numerous points. 360p which wasn't acceptable 10 years ago. 20 minutes of obnoxiousness at the end. Others have already mentioned the lack of history and that this is recent, not ancient.
Kerick Walters
Zealous for the conversion of Christianity or the subjugation of an empire under Judaic Usurious Commerce
Esteban Góngora
Thank you for uploading.
Midnight Snack
Why watch this when there is b i l l w u r t z
This glorification of the violent Samurai ruling class being judge jury and executioner is really disgusting. If the Samurai didn't have the facade of civility, they would be regarded as a criminal gang in the modern world.
Mike Rodriguez
How about bonzai 😱. Look out Tokyo Joe.😂
where is part 2?
Jacob Mann
i thought there were the jomon
Maria Cristina Thomson
Excellent! Wish I knew the identify of those marvellous pictures...
Rico Kings
whos got a better documentary on japan