Sport Clips 5 Point Play

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Learning the techniques of SportClips 5 Point Play and following Sport Clips Client Experience Standard ensures and consistent client experience every time. Mary Carter will walk you through each step in this informative video.

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate all the ladies working at sportclips who do NOT follow the 5 point play. This model reeks of a board room meeting gone druglord pusher instead of a client/barber model. The barber's all should be running the company. You all provide a pressure free, relaxing, quiet and soothing, and above all enjoyable experience where the client is in control not corporate. I would actually come back to sportclips, and I know many others would too if guys were catered to without all of the business aspect. Let the relaxing, pampering, and great haircutting sell itself. Check out videos of Vietnamese Barbers. I would give them all my haircut money.
Alexander Reyes
Omg this is so corny. You could tell their main clientele base are middle aged men that still spike their hair with gel and think their getting a "professional" cut just cause they stepped in a franchise.
ffs i just want a quick haircut
Kimberly Brooks
The employees don’t like doing this either every single client
why not use the same actor?
Olga Perry
T you, Love it ❤️❤️❤️
i was here
Less talking, I need a shave and a blowjob