Within Temptation - Ice Queen [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

© 2008 WMG Purchase Mother Earth from iTunes - /> Within Temptation - Ice Queen When leaves have fallen And skies turned into grey. The night keeps on closing in on the day A nightingale sings his song of farewell You better hide for her freezing hell On cold wings she's coming You better keep moving For warmth, you'll be longing Come on just feel it Don't you see it? You better believe it. When she embraces Your heart turns to stone She comes at night when you are all alone And when she whispers Your blood shall run cold You better hide before she finds you Whenever she is raging She takes all life away Haven't you seen? Haven't you seen? The ruins of our world She covers the earth with a breathtaking cloak The sun awakes and melts it away The world now opens its eyes and sees The dawning of a new day Whenever she is raging She takes all life away Haven't you seen? Haven't you seen? The ruins of our world

someone somewhere commented: "the voice of an angel and the arms of an octopus" :D
Connor Moore
For everyone who doesn't like the video or just thinks it looks awkward, try watching it high. I have a feeling that's how you're supposed to view it.
Poison Damage
who allowed this music video to happen?
This video is straight out of the 90s.
this video made me laugh hard. i'm sure the group looks back at this video and laughs hard too. but what the heck it rocks
Her voice is just.... beautiful
My favorite song by this band has the worst music video, lmao.
João Neto
She can't be a human, she sounds like an angel
Joe N.
Am I the only one who thinks Sharon is super beautiful?
Great song, poor music video.
Bryon Lape
Goodness, she's beautiful.
Uno de los videoclips mas malos que hay... Que pena la canción merece algo mucho mejor.
Katerina Mitika
Fail video, AWESOME band and AWESOME song ;) In the end: The music video doesn't matter at all :D
Natalie Ngonela
Guys, you've gotta have mercy on the music video. This was in the 2000's.
good song but worst video ever
Prove how old you are.. if you know this track from eolithic?
Jocelyn Borquez
Soy la única que se dio cuenta que el tirante derecho del vestido pasó todo el tiempo caído del hombro?... cosas que a nadie le importan...
J elle
Honestly I think that I would have liked this song so much more if I never saw the music video. I love WT but damn this is a terrible and awkward music video.
Julio Augusto
Back when they were on a budget lol
Una alienígena más
haha,is funny how serious the guitarist plays!
Their best song imo, but the video is terrible lol
Richard Ikin
What a beautiful woman. What a lovely voice!
XxNoctis x LightningxX
Why is everyone saying this is a horrible music video I thought it was good
Lorrayne Martins
Essa música é tão foda que eu simplesmente ignoro esse clipe tosquera
Them arm movements... Unnecessary and laughable but... Hypnotic. O_O
Jacob Tevendale
Voice of an Angel, arms of an Octopus
Altaïr Assasino
I remember when this first came out! This clip was such a revelation to me!! Kinda ruining my good memory by watching it again XD haha still for back then(2001) it was freaking amazing! For me anyway:P
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Francesco Dondi
I love the music, but the video is pathetic. The fanmade version with traditional images of the ice queen is so much better.
Michał Urbaniak
♡ Masterpiece ♡
The voice of an Angel... I'm completely smitten.
robin cosby
Anybody see 5th Element? I didn't know Celene Dion teamed up with Creed. Q-ball firebreather needs to check his medication dosages. It appears each member of this band thinks they're in a different band, playing in another style. To conclude: The singer's definitely hot.
Иван Родионов
She is a very beautyful girl, wich has gorgeus the voise!
Galahat Photo
Still listening in 2019!Sharon voice it's so FUCKING AMAZING!!!
Christina Weaver
Everyone saying they hate the video; disregard the upload date, this song/video is like 15 years old so for the time it was good. Same for like.. Running Up That Hill & whatnot, those videos are cheesy and the special effects are so silly but these songs are some of their older ones. :)
In general, most of Within Temptation's videos are horrible, this one takes the award as most horrible, but still they are an amazing band either way.
Her eyeshadow is really distracting XD But I'd kill for those shoes like damn.
Красотка. А клип похоже урезан в паре мест.
Joshua Mathews
the singer is hot
Christian Stranzl
I was about 12, when I sent SMS to Viva+ Music TV, that they play this song :)
true guy
Did you guys see how better she got the Reckoning oh my God she is amazing
A Russell
I saw the 2008 in the description and got wigged. I remember when this came out and it was certainly years before that. I was practically an old lady in 2008, but a kid when I discovered Within Temptation through this single.
William Clarke
guilty pleasure? course they are. I was watching burzum before I came here
true guy
Sharon I gave you my heart because you deserve it such a amazing singer you put my soul at ease you make me feel better you are motivation that's why you pass
Fidel Leon
If listening to Sharon in this song doesn't give you goosebumps.... I'd doubt about you being human.
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne
Nah but the music video is actually really pretty
In other words; WINTER IS COMING 
The cheapest video I've ever seen but I still like it haha
Pola Przyluska
Sharon, as a Ice Queen is so beatiful
Mr. Miller
For a second I thought the top part of her head was bald.
Aleksandar Dragovic
Am i the only one who loves this?
marksman cs
She is soo gorgeous and I love her voice as well.
Михаил Ш
А не плохо, в общем-то...
超好聽,超震撼。 讚 100000% So Nice
Stuart Livermore
It's a really brilliant song, but the video is one prolonged awkward cringe...
Vitor Da Silva Carrer
A música que eu mais amo do Within Temptation!!! Sharon sua lindaaa!!! S2 Alguém mais ouvindo em 2018?
Christopher P
OMG her voice! *_* Still listening in 2018!
Stan 1wq2
Ideal song for my funeral doesn't exi... After this song I started to appreciate dark haired women. Thank you Sharon for your beauty and bliss angel voice, xoxo.
gesticulating wildly.
Alan Silva
voz de anjo banda fantástica !!
you know, for the fact this video came out in 2000/2001 it was no different then a lot of videos back then. i don't see why the hate really.
Anarki Knightley
Thank you God , for bring such an angel to us . please, God, just do not let her ageing......because we expecting more sharon's voice ,more songs ,more MV of Within Temptation.....
Kyle Sweeney
Omg Sharon! HNNNNNNNNG! Sexy goddess!
Misaka Mikoto
i wasnt aware of the cheesines of WT videos.
Супер!!! Убрать бы только идиотов на втором плане!
Bill Mandara
Diego Coppio
they are my favorite band, but godamn what a crappy video
Санька Бак
Красивая девушка, красиво поет! обожаю ее!
eoLithic forever
Bianca Vitorelli
eu sempre amei essa musica. significa muito pra mim. <3
Рабочий класс.
Клип легенда группы начало славы !
Jorge Imperador
of course good music ( é lógico que é boa música ) this music é good quality
Tomas Andel
i saw this clip in 2002 on TV. I was searching this for 17 years. I find!
Reminds me of (Disney's) Frozen.
this is my favorite song , beautiful :)
Atic Enigma
is there a high quality version of this on youtube>?
Zai Marlon
O vídeo mais bem produzido do mundo do metal.
Angelo Lanzi
How she's beautiful....
The Green Mage
Jeez she's all over the place, eyes, arms, voice... Eyes Queen -_- .
Vadim K.
eoLithic ;-(   
Carolina Araujo
I came here bc of PaiN Kami's stream on Twitch and now i'm in love with this band. Oh Kami, oh my God. ♡
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Aleksey Sverbeev
EoLitic clip was looking better
Silvio Moraes
Sharon has a beautiful voice and she's beautiful.
Paul V
The bald guitar player sucks
Kot Martiny
Вот именно с этой песни, я и познакомился с Шарон Ден Адель! Так и слушаю, лет семь. Хороша!
Glacial Fire
Sweet voice, I'd want my wife to have such :)
Tom Salvitti
I love Sharon -- her vocals are amazing (though this isn't my fav song of hers) this video is crappy though sorry. Beautiful woman...talented woman....good band....CRAPTACULAR video though.
matt johnston
The person i can't get enough of is that dude breathing fire. He should've been the whole video. He's awesome
Stanard music video at that time for a band that barely earned money.
Vane Earthfury
one of my fav songs from wt... but, THE VIDEO IS TERRIBLE!
sorry within temptation, i forgot i liked you lol
Jessie Yue Guan
The concept is good, but the effects are bad. However, most people forget how old this video is.
Paola Zd
This should be good for a Twilight movie kind of. Vampire stuff.
I love Within Temptation. One of the bands that got me into rock alongside Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy
Dragana Miloradović
I love your songs!!!!So original!!!Serbia loves you!!!!So coool!!!
I can't decide what I like most about this video: the low-budget special effects or Robert's ridiculous facial expressions.
Juergen Stange
Hey, Skinhead... It doesn't matter what you do ! She's the bright and shining star...
Top song. Top vocals. Classy gat solo. It doesn't get much better.✋