50 Cent - My Life ft. Eminem, Adam Levine - REACTION

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Your reactions are fire too bro just like every single song of eminem!!!!!! Try reacting on speedom tech n9ne feat eminem, no love ft lil wayne, and you're never over!!!! You got to listen this man!! Ps: if you're gonna react on speedom do on lyrical video (Apologies for bad english!!) Keep doing man you're doing really good in comparison of other reaction channels om youtube
Please react to Like Toy Soldiers - Eminem. Its the song that kills the Ja Rule Benzino beef. Come on people like this comment so he can notice it lol
Kelly Galloway
Real shit....50 and em need a collabo album.....it would be the greatest album ever. ....and bring banks and buck in on some tracks....
Priscilla Guzman
Женя Саинчук
React to 50 Cent feat Eminem-Don't push me
Angel Negrete619
React to "i need a doctor" eminem and dr dre
Andrew Legacy
Dude react to Don't Front! From the Jump you will not be disappointed!
Necro F
When 50 said "Do a 3a.m. like Shady" eminem has a song called "3am" if you haven't heard it!
Eminem - No Love
No u
Bro please React to Don't front-Eminem
Livia Kai
Ppl love to be critical of Em but every major label album he has made as gone up for a Grammy and all but 1 have won it. The song Kill you!!! I need a doctor with Dre, Dead Wrong with Biggie and Em, Criminal is funny cuz he tells critics he's making up stuff to make them mad, he says he hates gay ppl, he says he likes gay ppl etc and all they take away is Em hates gay ppl. He loved setting ppl off.
Gabriel Diaz
Idk if you've reacted to Eminem 3am, since I think 50's line went over your head
StreetKing 2050
React to 50 Cent - 50 Shot Ya, How To Rob, 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks and Eminem Don't Push Me
slim shady
Niiiiiiice , react to Eminem no love ft lil wayne , its a bomb
Moment Of Clarity
Eminem drug ballad.... Back when Mark Whalberg was markie mark this is how we used to get the party started...
React to eminem criminal and dejavu plssss your reactions are so dopeee
Big Manny Borden
React to 50 cent Your Life’s on the line
Reality Check
Lloyd banks ft. Eminem - where I’m at
Cardi B
React to Stir Crazy to see his slim shady side 🔥
happy tard
Dead wrong biggie and eminem
How I See It
My boy be pausing throughout the hottest verses 😂
Branden Miranda
React to Eminem don't front
Josh Thomas
Speedom ! Is a flawless victory
Raskolnikov Samsa
Never Enough
young munchie
50 cent- when it rains it pours
screams of fear
I like your videos bro it's awesome keep it up
John Geo
You need more subs
Trae Alan
AHHHH you put a snippet of Eric Thomas in there!!!! YESSSSS!!!! When you want to breathe as bad as you want to succeed!!! MUCH RESPECT!!!!
The White Wolf
Eminem - Space Bound
Tina smith
Daniel Day
Yo KTF - Eminem - Armageddon. Part of the ja rule diss. Not many people know it which is crazy! One of my all time favourites from em.
Aaron Johnson
Eminem Sway in the Morning freestyle 2016
Danny Oneill
React to eminem kill you bro
Listen please to Eminem ft. Pink - Won’t Back Down 🔥
jac jac
While you were sippin your own coolade gettin your buzz heavy - aimed at Ice Cube for a Dre diss on coolade.
Jorge Masvidal
aurelio jaimes
Let’s start a petition!!! Lol best reactions videos
paul Cantrell
Mojtaba Rasooli
Bro react to Eminem - No love
Aaron Hinckley
I am signing that petition!
Zane Larson
You should do some Jon Conner songs -for the love of money -beautiful -soldier -till I collapse Etc.
Bryce Edwards
React 2 Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River 50 Cent Remix
420 fuckboy-_-
Kingktf react to rap game by Eminem and obe trice
Nathaniel Rushforth
Need to do speedom!!
That is truth though, Em definitely brings out the best 50, whenever they both are on a track together it is usually fire! 50 has always been pretty dope though
clyde nelson
Every eminem song is lyrically incrediable. Maybe a little insane but the lyrics kill every time!!
Bro you gotta do Em - Cleaning out my closet, one day
Bryce Edwards
Also J-Kwon Tipsy G-Unit remix
Amanuel Tekle
Bro we need a pittion (i know i spell it wrong lol) but we need a fif n em ablum i been sayin this 03
Brianna Lyle
React to Lighters music video for some feels
jon jhon
*Eminem - Wicked Ways* *NF - Therapy Session* Keep the Em/Nf videos coming! Keep up the good work!
ronnie marshall
Pleasee react to Eminem -right for me Btw Ur reacts are just unique Bruh😂🔥Amazing!
Mark Tate
You right they need to do and album together it’s long overdue plus I saw and interview 50 cent did when he was like him and Em have like 3 cds worth of music just sitting
Hey man, you are my fav. Reactioner :-D
Nathan Harris
React to Lloyd Banks Angle Dust Lloyd Banks Victory
Pone Pacino
The Madd Rapper ft. EMINEM - stir crazy
Man you gotta do untouchable eminem
Jose Campos
Have you done a react to 50 cent- ghetto quran
Jose Campos
I been waiting for Em and 50 album.
Willie Banks
Yo do a reaction to 50 1.nonstop 2. When it all goes down 3. Get busy 4. Stretch 5. Everytime i come around 6. 50 my favorite 7. Get the message 8. Shooting guns These his slept on joints moe
Pone Pacino
Do Eminem - Public Enemy #1
John Smith
Amityville, american Psycho,
Blackhawk 1013
React to "we all die one day"
Personally em n Redman should do a full album check out "off the wall"
Just started watching and love the videos bro!!rain man is crazy not sure if you’ve done it yet.
Eric Kee
Have u ever reacted to eminem ft 50 "you don't know" if not, gotta check it out
U got a new sub bro, ur reactions are awesome, it is a real reaction! Definitely will be checking out more on ur channel!
Joacim Palm
50 cent gets inspired asf when he's on a track with Eminem, I feel like thats the only time he really write some good shit
KBM 515
Dude Em and 50 came out with so many songs together that you can download them and make up your own album for them and name for it lmao! That's how many songs they did together
khemani moody
Eminem rap God
Jeremy Garretson
Eminem technically warned ice cube on this track
Amir stn
Try reacting to speedom by technine ft eminem
pouya safinia
React to rapgame em ft. 50cent
AjGuerrero @gmail.com
Love this channel
Drew Rycerz
Dre, Em, 50. And we're good to go.
Darrell Kennedy
Try Hustler's Ambition by 50 Cent. It's hot enough fire you can turn your heat off and save on your utilities bill.
If you like 50 and Em then you've GOT to react to "Encore" and "Crack a Bottle" Dre's on both of them too.
What about my ball by Eminem its a funny song and I subscribed awesome content love your channel!!!
john stam
psychopath killer from shady xv
Αλεξανδρος Θεοχαρης
Eminem survival
Jake Cartwright
React to eminem big weenie songs is fire
Y he always wearing a hat
Brandon Mixon
Sup man could you do a reaction to Touchdown? TI and Em kill it
bobby coma
Rumor is ... Em was talking about/to Ice Cube bc of the opinion Cube gave regarding Eminem.
this song never got too popular, shame such a good song
Darrell Kennedy
So, does that mean that you are a "Stan" too?
Robert Pfaff
Shady cypher 2.0, run rabbit run, the original bad meet evil with 5 9 and em, survival, Legacy, drop the world, no love, do reactions to any of these when u can keep killing these reactions man I wish I could give u 2 thumbs up lol
King Reyes
My guy you should, do love me by eminem feat 50 cent
Keith Edwards
I still think you should react to guts over fear ft Sia
Dino Brown
Echo off the bad meets evil.
Robert Pfaff
Also check out the freestyle Eminem did with all of slaughterhouse and Yelawolf I believe it's 19 minutes long em kills it the rest of slaughterhouse and Yelawolf do pretty good
Jake Donovan
50 cent don't push me ft. Eminem and Lloyd banks
with his first line here he dissed Ice Cube, u know that?
24strikerssoccer 24
My fave reactor by far! Your the best man
Deondrae James
A do Eminem sing for the moment
Angel Guerra
Do you ever get copyright?
Tyson Twin 2
Do NO LOVE with Lil Wayne and Eminem. Its a great song. Also Ems freestyle on Sway in the morning, Space Bound, Intro to Devil's Night (D12 song), On Fire, Biterphobia (early em before he was signed) there are so many I'd love for you to react to. You're doing a great job. I enjoy watching your reactions. Keep it up. Also listen to some of Joyner Lucas like IM SORRY and ROSS CAPACCIONI (i know the last name isnt spelled right) it's based on a true story. Both of Joyner songs have great videos as well.
daniel acevedo
eminem -love me
Robert Green
dappy sbtv acoustic beautiful me quality mate sings raps and plays the piano proper talent
James Fox
Listen to “you don’t know” eminem and 50