2018 Special Winter Super Drop ER Mix 2018 Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2018

2018 Special Winter Super Drop ER. Mix 2018 Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2018

Baracuda 25
Avec les durées, c'est encore mieux non? With durations, it's even better, no? (and correction) 1 : Take me to infinity - Consoul Trainin [0:00] 2 : Its my life (Mikey Sky remix) - Bon Jovi [4:55] 3 : Hit my heart - MCB [8:52] 4 : Find me (extended) - Oska & Brianna [13:19] 5 : All in my head - Nadia Ali & Pang [17:52] 6 : Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera (Bentley Grey Remix) [21:40] 7 : My eyes (original mix) - Pascal Junior [25:12] 8 : California dreamin (Dj Antonio deep ) - Freischwimmer [31:32] 9 : Show Me (Eyup Celik & Ivan Deyanov Remix) - Anton Ishutin [35:37] 10: Here i come - Sharam Jey [41:13] 11: Feel like - Melih Aydogan [46:57] 12: Ini 1927 (ses remix) - Anton Desire [50:00] 13: C-Block So Strung Out - The distance & Riddick [54:25] 14: Time to say goodbye (Dj Taran) - Diva Vocal [59:46] 15: Ocean drive - Midi Culture & Madeleine Jayne [1:05:10] 16: Wicked game - Alternative Kasúal & Cahio Feat. Diana Alencar [1:09:57] 17: Eternité (Liva K & Matvey Emerson Remix) - Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Anas.A ft Kasúal [1:14:55] 18: Close your eyes (Monkeyneck Remix) - Rhodes [1:20:05] 19: Prisonera (Remix Rino Aqua & MD DJ) - Otilia [1:23:51] 20: Monoir & Osaka feat. Brianna - The Violin Song [1:27:59] 21: Belki diktator - Adraste [1:32:50] 22: Ex love (DJ Junior CNYTFK Remix) - Esra Kahraman [1:38:41] 23: Release Yourself - The AB Brothers feat. Andrew [1:42:47] 24: Sunbeams (extended mix) - Fabrizio Parisi & Miyan feat. belonoga [1:48:11] 25: Your love mad - Mad Flynn & Cihan Eren [1:51:58] 26: ? [1:54:15]
Jair Sanchez. Guerreros Solares iAiR
Que fabuloso mix!
milka Wari
Long Live House/Techno Music ...Viva House/Techno Music!!
Stoyan Denkov
I can't stop listening to this mix tape.. Every.. single.. day!!
moto angela
o my god for two days ı listen this music, nowadays djs are not making this quality ! thank you bro ! feeling as flying ! thank you !
Iñaki Hernan Jerez
Yo no paro de escucharla super buena la sesión
Goran Bozic
@Baracuda 25 - 1:54:15 - Breathe Into Me (At Circus Remix) - Ian Tosel
Who mix this? Do somebody know the name of this DJ? Or where i find other mixes from this guy? Thx ;)
александр БИГИН
ваще охрененая тема ! всем советую кто мелодичный..
$$*** list song******* 1: take me to infinity consoul trainin 2: its my life (mikey sky remix) 3: hit my heart MCB 4 : find me (extended) oska & brianna 5: all in my head Nadia ali & pang 6: Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle (Bentley Grey Remix) 7: my eyes (original mix) pascal junior 8: california dreamin (dj antonio deep ) 9 :show me (ivan deyanov, eyup) anton ishutin 10: here i come , sharal jey 11: feel like melih aydogan 12: ini 1927 (ses remix ) antoin desire 13: so strung out the distance c-block 14:time to say goodbye dj tark , diva vocal 15 : ocean drive & madeleine jayne 16: wicked game (original mic) cahio feat .diana alecar 17: eternite & matevey emerson vjay& sofia & zlatko anas .kasual 18 :close your eyes (monkeyneck) rhodes 19 : prisonera (rino aqua &md ) otilia 20 : Monoir & Osaka feat. Brianna - The Violin Song 21: belki diktator 22 : ex love dj junior cnytfk remix ) esra kharaman 23: release tourself the ab brothers feat .andrew 24: sunbeams extended mix ,fabrizio parisi&miyan feat belonga 25: your love mad flynn& cihan eren 26 : hymn for the weekend soulshifters i hope i helped u guys :) , subscribe to my channel please :p
Helena Souza
Amei, pena que não consigo baixar.
Rayman The real Denniz'
Much Love to you ~ ♥️ Great Mix man!!!! Thanks for giving me you Love ✨ 🙏🏼
Kids Games
best mix
1:54:17 Ian Tosel - Breathe Into Me (At Circus Remix)
Lucas Hovell
Half way in and can't turn it up loud enough!!!! THE BEST MIX !!!!!
i must say i big thank you for this mix ,great job keep up!!!!!!!!!!!!
Techno Classic
Спасибо за безумно классно подобранную музыку. Безумно понравилось, а я слушаю супер мощные каналы на ютубе..ваш в топ.
nula louise
Totally relax to lyrics.. Adore.. Touch my heart and sai how I felt.. Love it.. Amazing xxx
Anita Redza
Wow, i'm in love with this mix! I think it's for all sesions not just for winter!
Mehemmed Mirzade
listening to 2019 ??
Nikhil Sinha
This is incredibly good, thanks for the upload!
masoud noori
that's wonderful..
Tina Infantino
Please list the tunes mixed on here. So frustrating there's some brilliant tracks on here! 💕
if God wanted me to talk to u....he would give me the possibility instead of taking it away......... thats why I keep quiet
Fred Chompy
2018 Special Winter Super Drop ER Mix 2018 Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2018 Published on Dec 24, 2017
M Balázs
Omg, heavenly mix. I could use a tracklist. :)
Dre stewart
1:33:30 best song in this list, absofuckinglutly heart felt orgasmicness. I feel whole again, finally something that feels my inner love and peace. I want to say more but my words have been taken already <3..
Zafer Gönç
35:35 minute fantastic !! 35:35 minute this song what's her name ??
Sylvie Larose
Sweet music. It is nice to see that you are not using women in bikinis in your videos, Well done.
mnasri jouda
Nothing is more beautiful than songs 90 and 80 Particularly mix
Marc Coetzer
how could I not comment.... amazing mix, thank you!! now you're on the right track! 2nd half not that great..
Катерина Качур
Это великолепно! Звучит на фоне во время работы и не наскучивает. Автору - огромное спасибо за музыкальное сопровождение последних трёх дней :)
Berk Can
1:40:00 CcC TURKEY CcC
Hope Abey
The best of all so far THANK YOU !
Wahab Bensari
C'est extrat ou qoui top vraiment incroyable sincèrement j'adore cette genre de musique ♥️♥️😍😍🕊🕊✌🇧🇪🇩🇿
Alina Nan
Alguien lo sigue escuchando en 2019??yo no me canso ....mas para el gimnasio me encanta me hace olvidar de todo ❤❤❤
kemal efe
Harika bir karışım günde bir doz alıyorum :)
Tracklist pls......💋♥️
RS Sven
Like this mix is soo good from the beginning, but the weird ass violin music at the end makes me start the mix from the beginning
Latin Cub
8:40 Mins "Are You Gonna Break My Heart?" Who sings this?
Muhammad Zayed
Beautiful music ... Brought me back to the "working" mode! .. Love it!
Romana Guimarães
Amazing sounds perfect, I love it!!!!!!!
Make Bearly
Workin in summer also :D
dyrnho_ alqhant
Rolands Holla
This here is very nice house remix for popular songs of all time, thank you!
Лина Арно
Благодарю, удобно и приятно слушать, когда занята бумажной работой)
Juan Pablo Skylark
lindo cover el de HIT MY HEART de Benassi Bros feat Dhany
kevin salazar
don't you have this playlist on spotify o something like that ???? it's amazing!!
Катерина Качур
Отличный сет! Спасибо!
AF Aaronfernandezmoda
Minute 1:37:00 🔥❤️ amazing remix bro
Shlomo Camara
The first track was an indication it was going to be a well done mix
Rodrigo CCB
Play List Please.... Good Job..... Congratulacions.. lol lol
Wajdi Ben Rabah
Bravo ! I've enjoyed this music ! <3
areylis maduro
Relex music i love it 😊😀
David Marques
HEYY its so good to play games! hahahaha thx u make me win
Michelle Poitras
Awesome mix thank u for this super mega mix👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍
adere travare
that's just so right <3 good vibes only :)
Salvatore Fioraio
I'm not a great lover of deep house. I can not do my job it bring me in another level after 5 min. AMAZING!!!!!!
the remix of 8.50 ? aka 3th one PLEASE <3
Ranyere Deyler
Man, I just loved this. Every single song!!!
Boudewijn Van Motman
Alex Martin
1:45:27 :))))
Design Jaffer
dj drop g has a similar mix. still dope though
Alter der Track ist der Hammer, RESPEKT!!! Awesome, Greetings from Serbia !!
Saif safah
what's the name of the song ? 57:
Eduardo Castañeda Oficial
Excelente mix!!! muy bueno para escuchar mientras trabajo
Billie Dean
1:20:00 song, pleasee😍😍 This remix is masterpiece!
please provide a track list, I love it. X.A
Ashane Wadasinghe
Every transition. I mean each and every transition was perfect. Perfect songs. Perfect cue. Perfect mix. Thank you. We are grateful for this long trail of ecstasy.
5:27 What is this music remix?
Metin Birdal
22:00 Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle (Bentley Grey Remix)
Svilen Pavlov
1:49 traditional Bulgarian vocals send chills down my spine! Love it
Pule TshiAmore
on behalf of the South Africans we love the mix
dafni kent
Απαιχτο mix ......μπραβο
Matthew Clark
You have saved me this Monday morning sir
Людмила Крячко
Любимая музыка!Благодарю от души!но хотелось бы знать какие трэки вошли в альбом с 55 минуты
Winter Is Coming -House Stark
Szkoła Walki Tychy Dju Su
This is amazing song pozdro mis i boss rob
anónimo 23
I'm still waiting for the playlist guy
areylis maduro
Best music top 😊😉
Hind Maya
Muharrem Özcan
Daha önce böylesine sağlam bir mix'e hiç rastlamadım bravo.
Yakup Boksor
I love this set,all my favourites song together!what can be better thank you Dj
Cristián Vásquez Muñoz
¡Excelente mix! 2 horas de muy buena música.
LoLa Lucero
OMG.. IM IN LOVE I GUESS! Now we're talking good eletronic music
Cuma 18
1:32:50 journey mark eliyahu 1:38:40 Ex love (dj junior cnytfk remix) 1:43:05 Release yourself the AB brothers feat. Andrew
larise cardoso
I loved this session of songs..I've heard several times ... WOONDERFUUL..<3<3<3
13 23- massive mental shouts to the undeground scene people, regards
Виталий Петерик
Дружно скачиваем на телефоны "Shazam" и узнаем песни :)
American Beastmode
PLEASE give us the playlist!!!
Silviu Gdc
The winter is comming people, prepare to listen this incredible mix! :D
S I L V A N ' R E Y E S
This Is perfect💙
КОМПОЗИЦИЯ №- 3 MCB 77 - Hit My Heart (Original Mix)
Любимые Треки
ссылочку на оригинал надо оставлять!
i listen to dark and hard music but this list is awesome:)
Gerard Junior Prevot
So far, that's the best compilation I have heard here. I can play it over and over.
amir ghafoori
The best... after an hour and 25 minutes you hear a very nice Persian instrument in the background ... that means KAMANCHE ... awesome
Tyski Stronger
Gdzie tracklista🎵🎶🎵🎼🎼🎼🎧🎺🎺🎹🎻🎤🎤