Rihanna - Unfaithful

Rihanna performs "Unfaithful" live on CD:USA.

Rihanna Unfaithful Shout Factory Pop Rap\/Hip-Hop

The people waving their hands awkwardly ruined this video XD
Andrea Quinn
She sings this with such calm and easiness it's so relaxing
Jonathan Lasry
Rihanna is one of those artists talented, successful and who don't need auto-tune to sound amazing in live !
Owen McLaughlin
Unfaithful:I don't want to be a murderer Man down: I just shot a man down
It's amazing so see how much Rih has grown and evolved from then to now. Amazing then, amazing now.
People look so dumb doing that.
why these people waving their hands lol
I'm actually surprised at how great she sings live. I don't know why I thought she was as terrible as many other pop stars. She almost seems to be enjoying herself too - and for reasons other than narcissism! Maybe pop culture was _that_ different 8 years ago?
Ariel Fajardo
2:54 I love you Riri but that was so funny.
the crowd waving their arms LOL so tacky
The Fabulous Brad
Her vintage days.
This performance is so good.
2:54 demon voice
Is it just me or is she struggling? She has improved so much though. I'm happy how seriously she takes her improvement unlike other female artists who need work.
Story of my life Searching for the right But it keeps avoiding me Sorrow in my soul 'Cause it seems that wrong Really loves my company He's more than a man And this is more than love The reason that the sky is blue The clouds are rolling in Because I'm gone again And to him I just can't be true And I know that he knows I'm unfaithful And it kills him inside To know that I am happy with some other guy I can see him dying I don't wanna do this anymore I don't wanna be the reason why Every time I walk out the door I see him die a little more inside I don't wanna hurt him anymore I don't wanna take away his life I don't wanna be... A murderer I feel it in the air As I'm doing my hair Preparing for another date A kiss upon my cheek As he reluctantly Asks if I'm gonna be out late I say I won't be long Just hanging with the girls A lie I didn't have to tell Because we both know Where I'm about to go And we know it very well 'Cause I know that he knows I'm unfaithful And it kills him inside To know that I am happy with some other guy I can see him dying I don't wanna do this anymore I don't wanna be the reason why Every time I walk out the door I see him die a little more inside I don't wanna hurt him anymore I don't wanna take away his life I don't wanna be... A murderer Our love, his trust I might as well take a gun and put it to his head Get it over with I don't wanna do this Anymore Whoa, oh. Anymore (anymore) I don't wanna do this anymore I don't wanna be the reason why And every time I walk out the door I see him die a little more inside And I don't wanna hurt him anymore I don't wanna take away his life I don't wanna be... A murderer (a murderer) No, no, no Yeah, yeah, yeah
Aman Islam
love you Rihanna but what happened at 2:54 😂
Johanna Figueroa
I don't understand why all of them are so chill and basically not singing along while I'm here singing along as if I'm performing it. lmfao
Manuel Orozco
One of my favorite Rhianna songs! I was 13 when I first saw this performance. I miss watching CD USA on Saturdays
When rihanna actually made good music!
Faery dusts
Isn't she cute? hehe
Glenn lafaelove Karaka
her voice sends shivers down my spine, she could just say " hello my names rihanna" and aaaaah im deas, love her voice,
Esmerelda Spiritus
This is one of my most favorite Rihanna songs
Rihanna please make more songs like this
Badbibo In the kitchen
Her face expression never change . Robyn rihanna fenty u r remarkable .
Your friendly neighbourhood Nazi
These people move more robot then a bethesda skyrim pedestrian
Lucas Jacobs
A Rihanna Mtv unplugged would be awesome
Jill Schwarzmann
the waving of the people is annoying and staged
no cellphones in the audience? yup definitely from the past.
I love the fact that Rihanna hasn't changed at all.. Still the same old good talented Rihanna
Damon Eliezer
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old rihanna is the best
I'm ready for her new album. She has been gone for a minute.
-Gxddess -
I *love* Riri but 2:54 😂 Edit: I’m still listening to this in 2018..
Fuji Maylor
She need not to show off her body. Her talents are good enough to be famous.
Jilke van der kolk
Her voice got so much better, and this was already so beautiful! Do you guys think R8 is coming? Soon?
Lay Moore
Rihanna is pretty
Her facial expressions though 😂😂
Tianna Maximus
She's grown in epic proportions
Sophy 2001
It looks like back then she did her own make up, now she got a crew that does it for her
Le bordel de Kaka !
She s so cuteeeeee
This was back in 2006 unless I am mistaken.  She doesn't seem to have any of her tattoos so it can't be very recent.  I just love that song, we can actually hear her voice and not just the remix sound she seems to favor more now.
Once A Dream
Rihanna is just beautiful. And she has got a SPECIAL VOICE !
Fʟօʀ Rɛɮɛʟɖɛ
Novinha 😍😍
time when Rihanna sing songs for her voice and she don't screw them so much
this brings me back to the music program from 2000 the vibe from the crowd and the stage o_o
david bridge
this song makes me cry so soulfull and heart felt
unbelievably beautiful.
lowkey a highkey SM stan
Omfg I keep repeating 2:52 🙊😬😂
Kilton Tyler
Anyone watching this in 2018😍😛😘😘
la bylka
i love this song!!!!!
im going crazy ??!! this song brings back so many memories X''D  i remember how i respected her so much for writing this song ... because it was different from other songs , it was a song to show how "she" was the one that did wrong and not "him"  love rihanna <3 !!! 
Sou Vegeetarihanna
My queen ever 👑
vitor borges
2018? 😍💞
Chloe Perez
She looks so different now but also kinda looks the same. Beautiful then and now. Black don't crack <3
Ali Ajami
who is watching in 2017 ?
Rachel Gelman
Nightcore Maker
Is Rihanna coming with a new song soon?
Kostass Patt
2018 anyone???????? No just me 😏
Cupquakejr 123
2018 anybody. . cause I love this song
Elle est bien
Jude Moukala
i think riri is holding us over until a new single is released. i cant wait!
I hated when she looked like a beyonce clone back then. You will basically never see riri in that basic black girl weave ever lol.
Frozen - Zombie
this song is so sad i must cry when i listening
Rey For Ever
A great song from a GREAT ARTIST. Love Robyn Rihanna Fenty since 2006 and forever she's amazing. Now she's bigger than ever and her new album is coming soon! so excited. Cool to see people enjoying the show
Aricia Rodrigues
Isaias Rodriguest
Era novinha em moça tá linda ainda
j ayaan
My Fav. Rihannas is take a bow and hate that i love you
jay koro
I love u rihanna😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Nathasraz Fallen
Its crazy how time flys like look at her then and now I'm still a fan either way but wow it makes you think
Helen James
Favourite song of her , glad to see her bringing this song back up
N 97
Forever Rihanna Navy!
Mark Rickard
The end of the song is great because of the way she hits the low notes and her voice quivers.
Rhiannon Cooper
My queen 😭😊👑💛💙💜💚❤️💗💓💕💖💞💘💋 So proud! #Babyanna
Vanessa Andrew
So amazing.love u rihanna
Антон Антипичев
Вживую шпарит не хуже чем под фанеру!
jonatha mendez
Woooooo Rhianna eres la mejor me encanta esa cancion, te apoyamos desde Venezuela saludos
Wleyner Machado
INDICACAO DO DIA: Rihanna - Unfaithful
Josie Fowler
That was bad...
Matthew Verjan
i just wish she didn't join the illuminatti, so saddd :(
Angya e
She is beautiful. Just pure beauty in this video..
Hego Arrunátegui
Bien, te sigo con amor.
Raouf Djab
somthing is gonna happen!!!! maybe Unfaithful Part 02
Célia Valette
You are very pretty and you sing very well. <3 <3 <3
Togepi Chamallow
A quand une nouvelle chanson ?
Nikole Herrera
Jurassic change from 2014 to 2016.
One Direction
This song make's me cry And that means that's song is great
chris codling
i miss the old Rihanna that used to sing with sean paul
2018 😍😍
Angie Mcguigan
the crowd how they just waving along lol
The song is an old one... but when was this recorded? Is this live performance form 2014?
Samuele Spada
Ti voglio bene Rihanna
Sleeping Tom
I think she's getting ready to upload a new song, because she's teasing us with throwbacks 😍
Maryan Maryan
amayzing song😍😍
ღ Verde Jea ღ
Increible canción!! Rihanna se ve sencilla pero hermosa!
This song is alive! :'-( I love you RiRi. <333
Wow nice WHITE TOP! lol
Samantha Valleton
I love this music !