YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

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You have a pony and you are complaining? Sheesh, kid, a lot of middle-aged men with neckbeards and fedoras would love to have that.
Nikita Cavalier
I love the kids at 1:41. The boy is so sweet. "You should appreciate it". Awww. "I'll eat it". That kid is awesome. The girl is sweet too.
Coconut Nelly
The dog casually took the hot dog 😂🐶🌭
"Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it" "Well tell him to suck my balls!" I DIED XDDDDDD😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lana Bugarin
"Jimmy Kimmel told me to do this 😂" "Well tell him to suck my balls 😈" 😂😂😂 I need to meet that kid 😂
Nola Girl
I want a refund!!!!!
Reagan Hudiburgh
`I wanna refund' sooo me
Nayeli Dimas
Boii i'll eat all those sandwiches!!
Banana Cabello
I would of loved to have gotten a potato for christmas
TheSlyGuy5 Games
*Y O U S T I N K I N P A R E N T S*
Steve M
The brother at 1:50 is in on how funny this is.
Robert V
I would be upset if my parents uploaded me crying on the internet
Richard Rox
Bunch of spoilt brats
That kid in the red and white striped sweater that was so mad and stayed mad? We're gonna be hearing a lot more about him in the coming years. I just hope they can book him on Dr. Phil before it's too late.
Salman Abubakr
Who said OMG 😮 at the kid 🧒 in end this video
2:34 If this was my son, I probably would have burned the rest of his gifts. :D
Wilma Tyson
1:41 my favorite
Mariana Montes
The kid in the stripe shirt at 2:42 I thought he looked like manny from modern family lol
carl taylor
''I'll eat it ''
Universe of Trees
This is a very mean thing to tell people to do and the fact that parents did it to there kids knowing that they would probably cry because they think that Santa hates them is even worse.
schrödingers cat can go fuck himself
These kids are raised in such a sexist way, it makes me sad honestly.
Abdulraheem Nagi
Ida Dudenmanner
1:59 SO CUTE! "You should appreciate it!"
That kid in the red and white striped sweater thing reminds me of Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter.
jake long
4:42 SAVAGE kid🔥😂😂
Kangaroo_ slimez
Omg that One kid was so close to hitting the mom and the baby with the red bag!😮
Harley Quinn MSP
I laughed so hard I admitit
Åsa S
It would've been funnier if this actually was on Christmas. When I was a kid I got a pack of gum, and was really disappointed, before I realized there was a key inside the packet, a key to my new bike.
The last one...🤣😂😂🤣🤣
James Butler
Most of these kids are pretty ungrateful. These were given, _before_ Christmas!
alexa maccormack
“ this is the worst Christmas ever “ 😩 i died laughing 😆
1k without any vids
Genny From the block
At 3:04 it hit the baby in the head 😕
Char Stifler
I want a refund! lmao!
Malachi Joya
a mr.potato head omg that's funny
Walter Lee
I don't think I like this video, but I'm open to other people's views that maybe I've got the wrong perspective on this, and maybe I should change my opinion? The pain expressed by the children is real, their tears are real. When I was around 7, my father, out of the blue, for no reason said to me "I bet I can make you cry." I thought he couldn't so I said, "OK". He said things like "I don't love you", "Go away", "I don't want you". The smile quickly faded from my face and I began to take him seriously, and yes I cried. Needless to say, I don't think this incident improved our relationship or helped to build bonds of love between him and myself. Children are not a plaything for parents to toy with their emotions. How will they know whether to trust you or not in future? At the very least do you think it casts a doubt into their heads in terms of trust? When these children become adults, I wonder how their parents would react if they pranked them with something like "We're going to send you to a nursing home". Would they take it in good humour?
Isaiah Mills
hi buddy whats up bro hows it going mr kimmel
" I like it when you make dinner, like hot pockets" DIED XD
When someone comes up to me and tell me that some one like me I be like 4:45
The kid at 2:36 100% asked for a video game console
Nathan Ellery
Interesting that a Leftist 'cry tears' would celebrate being cruel to children. Just shows what hypocrites you are. But we know that already.
The Kathleen Show
I love the way she says Mr.potato head at 3:20
Epic Gamer
if I got eggs or a potato or food I would hug my parent be like THANK YOUUUUUUUUU
Nasty Puns
After seeing these I don't think they should get any presents
I mean I'm feeling pretty hungry
alan walker
Jimmy kimmel your so bad
Ella's World
Awe that boy was so nice who said you should appreciate it
Mustafa Khan
That guy at 2:39 ....people in other parts of the world are starving
Mailark Shadows
those kids cannot deal with frustation, this just shows how bad they have been raised
Florica cutie tcherny
The boy with sisters got a girl book and the girls got boy books why didn't they just trade
Sarah Schmidt
Good god. If getting a girl's activity book makes it the worst Christmas ever, than imagine how a starving kid who has nothing feels.
choncy barbosa
The dog took that hot dog and didn't cry about it. Dogs>kids
Magic Mathi
This just shows that the kids who were mean about it shouldn't even of had presents
Kyle Da savage6967
This is cruel
Montse Treserra
What am I doing
"I'm not a boy." "I'm not a boy edor"
What am I doing
Coconut Nelly
The girl with the sandwich is sassy I love her 😌
Thomas Nelson
I cracked up when the dog took the hot dog at 1:23
Bist du schlauer als EinStein?
D Quinn
ZacPerfect 1
Merry Christmas!
gaurav thakur
Im not a boy eater
your mother
anthonia ehioghae
Mine is a stubid Book......i died
Jordan Ola
Child’s mind: All around me are familiar faces worn out places
Nick Niva
These kids are complete ass holes
Cameron Porter 107
1:52 :)))))
"Its a potato head!" Omg. I'm dying.😂😂😂
Saul Montes
like this for money
Saul Montes
like this for money
Saul Montes
like this for money
Boss The Cat
"Like hot pockets." Lolol
Bona Ma
I find it cruel that parents are holding a camera in front of their child's faces just to see their child's reaction for other people's entertainment. For all the people saying the kids are spoiled and stuff, you wouldn't want a half eaten sandwich would you?. The kids have their reactions posted forever and a rude ass audience is laughing at them. The worst part is some of the parents are like are you upset? Are you mad?. Posting a video of your child crying or in anger to others shows how much of a parent you are whether or not it's a joke it's mean.
Riley Cox
You duck
StrangerThings011 Bear
Ponies are not just for girls actually
Twimmy Rose
If that happened to me and my cousins we would all pass around the objects until everyone's was sorta happy. I love hammers! I get to wack peps with it
Jordan Jnee
Even if my family were giving a joke gift to me, we were taught to be grateful for any and and everything we got. Some of these kids are ridiculous.
Chin Start
Ungreatful kids
Legend says, the kid will still eat it.
Lizzie Appleby
I would love to have the bananna
Tony Plank
3:49 hat a little spoiled kid jeez...
Noisy Empire
Do this with teens. Give them deodorant XD
4:43 DAYUM!! 😂
hxvdhfg hdgdtshzv
If I ever shouted at my parents they would slap me
Luka Toledo
Damn, these kids. God help me I say anything like that to my mother.
TheDumb Recorder
If I got a book for Christmas I would love it.
Belarion A.D.
Black mom is a master troll
Clorox Bleach
I just realise how old this video is.
Dylan Gauss
Although it's sad to get something like that, it's sad how spoiled the kids are😂
Alex 45109
Ok the Halloween candy thing was anf how would they liked it if I drank all there beer
Xandra Nicholai
This was a bit upsetting cause any toys can be for anyone. I hate the labels society puts on toys. Anyone can play with a monster truck and anyone can play with a Barbie.
Great White Sharki
Wow, it makes me angry how the parents raised some of those kids to say ponies and hello kitty are girls things. That isn't true whatsoever! If my son wanted to play with Barbies I'd say hell yeah, little timmy! But no, those kids were crying over a "girl's toy". Disappointing.
Rice Gum
What a savage
Amy Salah
I didn’t know it would be like that 😂😂😂
Cardist in Training
4:01. I would yell about getting ponies. But I would be exited #bronyforlife
puma gaming
These spoiled kids though I don't even celebrate Christmas🎅🍵🍭🌨☃❄🎄🎁🎀🛇🛇🛇🛇🛇🛇🙍🙍🙍🙅🙅👪💏