YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

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You have a pony and you are complaining? Sheesh, kid, a lot of middle-aged men with neckbeards and fedoras would love to have that.
At 3:43 we get a glimpse of the origin story for an upcoming super villain.
JAMS's Nana
"Well, tell him to suck my balls!" I know it's wrong, but I lost it at that one! That was hilarious!!!!
Lil Dill Jones and Me!
2:00 now that's a good little boy telling his sister "you should appreciate it"!
Lydia May
I like it when you make dinner for us. Like hot pockets.
Credit card
Omg I wanted to punch the kid who got the hello kitty shirt
“we thought really hard about what to get you this year” “WELL YOU DIDN’T DO A VERY GOOD JOB” lmao
The little boy at 1:42 with his sister and the half-eaten peanut butter sandwich is super cute. Genuinely happy.
2:00 gotta give credits to the parents for doing a great job there
Chiara Csel
0:45 the old banana girl is sooo cute and she eat it 😂😂
Banana Cabello
I would of loved to have gotten a potato for christmas
SilverWorks Studios
Did you *SMELL* your onion??
Kassandra Carolina Salcedo
4:44 *TeLl hIm To SuCk My BaLlS*
Susan Ewing
Most were funny, but man a few were downright disrespectful. I don't care if it was a horrible gift or not. 🤷‍♀️
What am I doing
"I'm not a boy." "I'm not a boy edor"
Genevieve Grande
When the little girl got the potato and the mom said she got a mr potato head haha
Notice you don't see any Asian kids there cos then they'd get their asses whooped talking to their parents like that 🤐
Gigi Gigi
Out of all kids, only 1 was nice and grateful and even thought good manners to a cute blonde
person lol
Cant they just switch the activity books ._.
Grace Colville
The battery and the onion made me laugh so hard
Annabella Lilly
the girl with the half eaten sandwich was soo cute
Vibe With Nick
“I’m not a boy e-door “ 😂😂😂😂
Kurumi Shinoda
I want my parents to do this for me so I can act all grateful and confuse the crap out of them
Lydia Kirupakran
The dog ate the hotdog 😂😂
luis the great1
At 3:00 he almost hit the baby in the background
The children with the girl that got a half eaten sandwich are so well raised, if I saw more children like that I would have faith in the next generation
AaronBoy 13
4:43 if I don't get a kid like that, then I don't want a kid
Diane Cadeau
black beans, cheese and a waffle house hat
Christopher Edwards
The last one is my favorite! After 6 years is still funny!
Angrily Screaming Hot Dog
''So you don't want that peanut butter and jelly sandwich?'' ''I'll eat it!'' That is me.
Elizabeth L.
1:41 I don't want to have childrens but they changed my opinion, so cute little kids
death stroke
The kid wants a refund for a gift 😂😂 I've seen it all now
Maisy MacKinnon
When that little girl that started eating the old banana I started dying
Martyn Horton
All I would want was a packet of the cheesy Doritos
"Did you smell your onion? Here, smell it." 😂 dad goals.
Bright And shining rainbow
Why is nobody talking about 4:44
Stuart Yuan
I like how the girl thinks that her mom makes Hot Pockets
Christopher Edwards
Where's Mario today?
Sarah Burggraf
Kids in Africa be like " THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!" 😂
Savanah Sanchez
Do it the day before their birthday
#kidappreicative That kid was smiling 1:41
I never get gifts😢
New west nilson
I hate the stereotypical boy and girl what stuff like “ ugh! I got a girls book” and “ugh! I got a boys activity book” I’m fine with boys who say they don’t like a hello kitty toy, but the kids who have “girl stuff” “ boy stuff” in the sentence bother me. 🙄
Machine is Love
I don't know but this just makes kids look ungrateful.
Cheese Wizzer
*smell the onion*
Renu Hazari
I'll be still happy having anything wrapped 😭😞
Why were people like "EWWWW" when she ate that banana? It looked perfectly edible to me.....
Fashion Review
At least she appreciated
Captain Cartman
I think we can all agree that as adults, socks are freaking awesome to get as a present!
Jayda Mojica
When your parents cheap Ok open your present pulls out Potato Oh you gots a mr potato head Lmfao
About Anything
4:43 that kid really have some balls
Kimberly Gainey
A lot of those kids should have been grateful for what they got
What am I doing
Nikita Cavalier
I love the kids at 1:41. The boy is so sweet. "You should appreciate it". Awww. "I'll eat it". That kid is awesome. The girl is sweet too.
The Walk Of King Luey
2:30. Heck yeah kid...appreciate that sammich LOL 👍
Joshua Serrato
The girl eating the old banana is just adorable. ❤❤❤❤
Holly Tyler
I was laughing when the last kid said well tell I said he can suck my balls
get out cat
3:03 he hitted the baby omg
Reese Casey
"That was your great-grandpa's hammer" Lol😂😂dead
Alex mercer
Jimmy u heard the kid......😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂
I know I am late but we are not going to talk about how the kid at 3:00 almost hit the baby?
Dynamite - Games
4:39 your welcome
I dont know if you guys heard the little blonde girl's brother said to her "You should appreciate it"😍😭
Tom Sparey
My mum once wrapped up the box our refrigerator came in and on Christmas we were so exited to open. We were a little disappointed but then we made a fort out of it.
Valentinas Vera Ruiz
Christmas isnt about gifts these kids are getting crazy over nothing. ITS about Jesus remember!! If I gotten a potato I wouldn't care or a book I would read it... lmao
Pallab Dutta
Anyone remembers dudley dursley from Harry Potter.
Patrick Star
I’m 9 and I wouldn’t cry if this happened to me.
lisa downs
Most of those kids seem so sweet lmao some don’t deserve anything but a smack on the ass! Little bratts
akshit Aggarwal
4:39 kid's going places 😂😂
I Gacha
*ItS aN aVoCaDoo...ThAAnkS*
Joseph David Saet Ruallo
0:47 that girl would be a great kid 😁
Coconut Nelly
The girl with the sandwich is sassy I love her 😌
j soo
Leave it up to the boy be like I'll eat that half eaten pbj. Love that one.
That Memey Boi
2:42 *WaTcH yOuR pRoFaNiTy* And frick you Sorry for my profanity Some one give this kid a great spanking for Christmas
Was expecting Jimmy Kimmel to give his kids a picture of Matt Damon
Entitled kids
That kid in the red and white striped sweater thing reminds me of Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter.
will c
This shows the true meaning of Christmas🤣, not about religion but more about materialism and commercialization.
Next Gen Gaming
Kay Mitchell
And they're soooo sweet when they're babies! Remember?
Brian Jr Spero
Just KK
The dog was like shiddd I'll take this hot dog 😂😂
Susana Ortega Plock
Wow, this was already 7 years ago!! 😅
Elizabeth Brown
who else thought about that one kid who got an avocado for christmas and tried to act grateful while watching this?
KawaiiCoolOcean Aj
*sanity has left the chat*
L2B1arewhales Marley
I’m not a boy edor
Ajay Gobind
I loved the one where the mom gave the girl a potato and said "OOOO YOU GOT A MR. POTATO HEAD"😂😂
Luke Schwartz
It's and avacado..... thaaaaaaaaaanks
Anannya Hazarika
I want refund
Seedheyswar Gunesh
Dude the one that got pony one .ha
probengamer Mobile legend TV channel
This is soo funny
Fortnite God
''I'll eat it ''
popcorn and water
Some children are too cute to cheat on
*an avocado...thanks.*
Ungreatful lil fookers.
MA nation
@4:30 What ungrateful kids but I'm dying😂🤣😂🤣
Dog taking a hotdog :D At least he is happy :D
PaulZ Ralte
1:40 i keep watching this part. So much Love and Positivity 😊 Well Done Parent 👍