Taps (1981) - Tom Cruise Young Movie

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Military cadets take extreme measures to insure the future of their academy when its existence is threatened by local condo developers.

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Tom Walton
One of the best movies ever.
jack torrence
Tom cruise was an extra and he so impressed the director with his marching and presence the the Shawn part was writen for him
emma duncan
I hate to say it, because he's a psychopath, but Shawn was probably right in cutting loose a few rounds, the mission was in jeopardy, but I'm a bleeding heart liberal, so correct military procedure, is not my forte.
I'm relieve to see from the last scene they kept the school all the cadets made a miraculous recovery and everything is to be running smoothly.
Its like a school shooting in reverse
Júlio César
Beautiful man
Johnnie C
I am glad i have the movie on videotape when it was released and still have many 70s thru early 90s movies on video tape,, :) ive always loved this movie as i was was a mid teen when this came out :)
Radio Active
"You killed him, sir."...No, he killed himself with his own actions.... FYI: this is a movie........an excellent movie, but still a movie.
Luis Saldarriaga
subtitles actually helped didn't hinder the movie. thanks for the upload
emma duncan
okay, I have a few thoughts, while watching this, and since your all dying to know, here they are, number 1. Timothy Hutton, is a tragically underused actor. 2. Interesting to watch a pre ufo cult Tom Cruise. 3. along with "at Close Range" baby Sean Penn has never been cuter.
Funk Enstein
The premise of this movie seems so ridiculous...then I think about Waco, and it doesn't seem so implausible.
Owleyed Perspective
Our story is better. Huh LT?
Oscar olmedo Hernandez vito
genial!!!! pero pudieras ponerla en español
Margie F
First off, a military school would never have that kind of weaponry. Second, you do not go airborn! Third, you are NOT soldiers! Or get actual military medals or ribbons as we earn in the real military! This is fake....not based on actual military codes.
Scott Aznavourian
'run to the nearest national guardsman'..yeah the last kid that did that wound up in a body bag
Thank you for this film...I'm 45 I saw it in the theater's. I was 8.5 years old...very different time back then...
Sebastian Camarena
Gloria Estevan has the best Christmas songs ever. ( genuine).
Domenic Politi
"Four score and seven years ago..." TOWNIES??
Paula Ward
Good movie
emma duncan
Shawn would probably have a congresspersonal medal of honor by now.
emma duncan
sounds like Cruise's voice was breaking, during filming.
excellent movie
Juneko Marrano
At 51:40 the best scene in the flick. That pompous ass pig got the surprise it deserved.