Freehand drawing on a Surface Pro 4 in the wild

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Walking by Hamilton Cline at Soma Eats in San Francisco, I noticed his drawing and I politely broke into his day with a few questions. He kindly agreed to an impromptu video. Enjoy! Cc/ @Bronkula

surface san francisco drawing freehand

This is the video you should show someone looking into buying a tablet to do art with. "Fucking awesome" pretty much sold me on the Surface 4.
He was so receptive to the questions and he really knows his stuff! Awesome vid!
This is a really nice and friendly interview, almost like a chat between friends! Very well done.
Hamilton- Can I curse? Scott- Yeah Hamilton- It's fucking amazing! This is a pretty helpful and funny video because my parents are gonna buy the same thing he has so I wanted to know how it kinda works with the pen
this is an honest review what we're all looking for...thanks
Judiel Gonzalez
Thank you Scott great informal review, the best way to know how people like a product and how effective the same is for them...
Joshua Reyes
I have i5 surface pro and the sketchable process the brush pretty well.
Anthony Garcia
That was great to watch. Good job with the interview! The dude was really chill and informative.
Raul Leyba
The openness of character displayed from both of you in this video reminds me in the most enlightening way that there are some great open people out there so ready for a conversation and an expression of connection. Thanks for the review but more so thank you for the gentle reminder when life hit me a bit heavy.
Joe Blankenship
Yeahhhhh.... I fooled around with one of these earlier in a Best Buy, and holy shit, I think I gotta get one. In just 3-4 minutes, I doodled out a drawing that looked like it would've taken 30 minutes with pencil and pen. And I have almost no knowledge of the software yet.
Joshua Taft
I have this app, and it works great on a SP4 with i5 and 8Gb ram.
Hamilton Cline
Also, I love that this video starts with me saying "vertical video has its place" :D I bet most people never catch that.
Roz Hall
Amazing artwork
Turn on captions 1:27
Asdfghjkl Qwertyuiop
the guy knows his devices and apps
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7:11 dat ass
Veronika Vartanova
Hey, Infinite Painter for Android (and IOS) can rotate canvas (and do all kinds of stuff), switched to it from ArtFlow, 's pretty cool. On the video itself and Surface Pro 4 - looks cool, though the delay when painting/sketching actually seemed very noticeable to me. Especially considering what artist said, that he used much smaller canvas size there.
jason waterfalls 2012
so cool that you guys did this
Thanks for posting up this impromptu interview. It's exactly what I wanted to see about the Surface Pro 4, awesome to see it from a younger arts teacher (who seems to know a good amount about the technology too!).
King Beef
This guy is such a dam teacher lol loves to talk
peter stringer
would you be able to do animation on a 4gb ram surface pro 4... 2d animation not necessarily 3d?
Imran VP
Absolutely beautiful review/interview! Perfect questions and an absolutely perfect responses! Sold!
Eric Pellegrini
I was worried the pen was going to lag with that thick brush at 2:20. Very impressed it doesn'tEdit: Quick correction. The galaxy note 3 has a 1920x1080p display. That isn't more pixels than the Surface.
Joe Валенсия
Thinking of getting myself the sp4 core m, but I'm not sure if it will perform the same when it comes to drawing/rendering.
What program is he using?
Rabeel Khan
I feel so great after this video, great info will be getting the surface pro now
Que Fregados
After hours of reading reviews and watching a bunch of videos, this interview really answered a few questions I had. It was just so natural. I still haven't decided on direction in choosing new models but thanks for this interview!
I don't know why but this is one of the most enjoyable interview videos I have ever seen. You two guys should do more videos.
Vilius Valuntonis
what is this program he is using ??
Richard M
He has Steam. Lord Gaben is proud
Tate Sands
i'm buying this!!
Chris Jones
I just bought one. The Surface Pro 4 is such an amazing piece of hardware.
Thanks for the video it helped me to finally decide what i want ^^ have a nice day sir ^^
J Christopher
I've used both and have to say the the iPad Pro is better for me artistically.
Fear Blade
I cant draw too well but i still want this tablet and these are the only good reviews i can see that show it in action.
Edgar Patlan
This is awesome!! Thanks for posting
That Guy
That guy was very informative. thanks
Amrit Srivastava
great interview mam. I can't draw and i still found it interesting.
*draws a circle* that's amaaazingg!!
kratos killsyou69er
It lagged because hes using a note 3, the note 7 now will not lag with this program.... it may explode tho :P
Hamilton Cline
It was great talking to you, and I think I managed to explain my position without rambling. :D
German Almaraz
Nice! sadly this video is better than microsoft ads
Nate W
Being in IT, I’ve been trying find out what artist are looking for in a tablet. This hit the mark. Thank you!
After watching this I bought a Surface Pro AND I am using Sketchable! It's totally changed how I draw! I'm so happy! Thank you both for this video!! My DA is alive again after almost 10 years of no new submissions! <3
matthew glover
Can this man please be my teacher
Zaselim Gaming Videos
which model is he using in the video
Cole Curtis
What was he using for his drawing?
Finally , someone that buy what he need, not what he want. gret vids...
da creativegenius
im a Sketchable Fan ever since first trying it!
Contempl8 Tech
That dude is a boss for being so cool with an interview like that!
Shashi Suman
Creativity can be seen executing at such places most of the time
this is soooo honest! I'm looking into getting my own in a few months to get further into digital art and I'm hooked! I've got just a question, I've already seen most videos on how some programs work on this thing, but does anyone use Krita with their tablet?
Martin Imfeld
Extraordinarily informative ... thanks to you both, Scott and to Hamilton :)
Berk Can
good encounter, admired his job xD
•BFM Productions•
Nice guy. And explains things well.
This is awesome! I was looking into a different drawing tablet because I've tried a wacom one without the screen. I don't like the feel of it at all. So I'm looking into the one's with the screen but they're expensive lol so this is half the price and does a lot more than a wacom tablet. I'd rather invest in one of these.
Carolina Franco
Do you recomend it over the ipad pro for drawing?? I'm looking for one of these
Kafaloto Feao
I can't afford the i7 core processor. I'm getting the i5 instead and am really scared of lag. Welp.
Rodprz P
This was very helpful. Thank you
Kevin W.
Is a pen included when you buy surface pro 4?
Andres Salazar Photography
Art Flow is the name of the app in his Note 3 :). Enjoy it.
Just got the new Surface Pro (2017) and was looking for a good art program that was NOT subscription based.  Hamilton, you sold me on Sketchable!  Love your work btw :)
Donald P.
Great demonstration in this interview!
Nah Brah
I love the guy drawing! He has such a nice attitude and really is informative and gets to the point! Awesome video!
Syed Umair
This man is pretty intelligent!!
famouslastwords fanpage
d prince
what was the application?
Thinh Da Asian
you should fix your captions at 1:26 , when he said "app". The caption said a dirty word
Not so classy Dude
Is there a sd card slot so u can put in like 500 gb memory?
Israel T
lol note 6
joão trindade
que marca é esse casaco
B Neck
question . i might of missed it. but what's the app called he's using. also does the stylist he's using come with the surface pro?
Vector and bitmap stuff
I liked the two guys, both of them know what they are doing, in fact this is better than a lot of tv programs. But I think it is quite hard to find interesting people like this guys in bars all the time.
Duvell Chase
how can I reach this gentlemen
Night Stringers
so what is the app being used on the surface
mathieu white
I know im super late but how is the palm rejection??
Leo Montan
which software is he using
Uwe Mobil
Great demonstration. I need MS SP 4 and that Sketchable-SW, I guess my daughter will love it.
!best !1 day of mine
This guy has the same voice as Steve Jobs, also he talks like him
What are the specs of this particular surace pro?
Chan Xenon Sze Long
try ipad pro with apple pencil, overkill of surface pro 4
Radiant Rose
what phone does the art guy have
Primordial Break
Please. What is the name of the program is using? very thanks
Phil Rey
nice chat/interview :)
Behind You
This guy is very informative. I wish to see this hardware with Mangastudio or Photoshop. I always finish my work on the program. ;)
What was the name of that app he was using on the surface pro 4?
Ozymandias King of Kings
What a nice guy
Syth .Mog
cringe statements coming from the cameraman lol...
Pole Mtn
which app is this?!
Good questions/observations and very informative answers. Good job!
Kylie Finnegan
Michael Romious
Good info
Ilse Steurs
nice thx !
Well, the guy surely has a taste for good beers: Trappistes Rochefort!
Im getting this for Christmas and I'm excited to try this, since I draw myself.
i love those chips
Rochefort 8 though.
My family are artists but I lack the gene! Been meaning to get into drawing but always put off by having to buy paper and pencils etc. Looking forward to getting one of these to replace my old Macbook.
I've been lusting after a Surface Pro for a while now, and even longer so after a Note, all for the sole purpose of drawing. Thanks for the video!