Jared Leto - How to Make an American Quilt

As an ulra-geeky celebration of having a complete Jared Leto movie collection (I finally got Sunset Strip today), I thought I'd share another clip from one of those movies he only had a blink-and-you'll-miss-him part, so here's his scenes from American Quilt, together with María Celedonio (who co-starred in the Swedish movie 30 November - random fun fact). Jared's scenes in Black & White can be found here: />Last of the High Kings + Switchback: />More movie clips might come later. Requests? HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT 1995

Jenny Kamara
This was the scene that made me start liking white boys lolll
Marcia Pze
Damn why!!! He's so sexy! That stare, those eyes! I melted! Lucky GIRL!!!
Kyle Butler
I swear Zac Efron could be his son
Charmaine N
Jared said this was his first screen kiss!
The pre-sex scene was so hot! When he stares into her eyes, its like she knew he was going to f*%k the soul out of her. He's so intense.
Zoei Grigsby
I'm just pretending that the girl was me
Careful girl. He's the Joker!!!
So I watched the movie, and this is pretty much the scene in the movie. Nothing happens after this lol. I know I was disappointed too.
brittany king
Every girl everywhere dreams that a man would look at her like that 💕
petty crimes
I don't blame her for wanting some of that!
And remember he was invested in lupita 😄😄😂😂😂😂 shipped them so bad!
All that man had to do was look at me with those beautiful eye and I'd be all his, too. He is gorgeous!!!
He's too thin now. He looks much better here with a fuller face.
chantel Bautista
OH GOD!! the way he stared at her. so freaking amazing ( breathing )
Taylor Knight
Why can't guys be like that?
Panic! At The Bastille forever
I love how he asks have u been with a boy before❤
Pam Smith
Laaawwwddd have Mercy! Netflix here I come!
Kehinde Rowland
He seriously looks like zac efron
Gabreya Bradley
This is really sweet and tender. And I love me some Jared Leto.
Ororo D
He reminds me of a young Jim Carrey & Zac Efron mix.
Ashley Davis
I would of been on that too lol
Gucci Grassi
Is it just me or does Jared look and remind me of Zac Efron in this?
Oh, my first memory of Jared and his beautiful blue eyes. I remember waiting for the credits just to discover his name hehe now he's an accomplished actor, rock musician, director, etc. Looking forward to seeing him win the academy award
Djenie Delia
I want to see that movie 😍 Danm he's so HOT !!! 😍
Enilehcodram Ramlised
Omg this dude never age🤔
Amelia Rucker
He is so gorgeous. God.
lo min
why its ending on the right moment?my ovaries protest!!
Tertu Ndokosho
Ended too damn soon lol. Where can I watch the full movie?
The floor Jungkook humped in Blood, Sweat, & Tears
Marina Ullan
This is so sweet!! I LOVE Jared leto he is the best!!!
omgg he's absolutely handsome!! at the end tho, he was gentle, so cute!
Amy Sim
I wanna be that girl!!!
Vonae Alsina
We the black delegation accept Jared 🤤😍
Tough Shit
I wanted to see sweat and hear sounds.....dammmmmnnnnn
He is fine
Louana Rose
I'm sweating!!!! 😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Deer Heart
ooooohhhh god hes so beautiful in everyway
shey morgan
It's all cute or whateva but keep in mind he knocks her up that night and she raised the baby on her own that was the end of it😂😂
ShaynaBayna EST
Why have I never seen this movie lmfaoo this was a little steamy 🤭
Delina Nguyen
He looks like a better version of Zac Efron
Lillian Pandola
Sara Sileoni
nooo i wanted to see more lol
Tamera Mason
He can get it
Marina Ullan
Jared so sweet!!! Please, what is the movie and what is the song of the end??
Margarete Von Jezierski Galeana
I think what I feel is ENVY. By the way did not find the movie in Netflix, but found some others is Youtube.
My goodness he is bold! 😳
Nekosushi Otakus
I would spread my legs for him too.
Jessey Boe
WOOOOOOO daaaammn
Nybol Xx
People are talking about the state in the comments and I'm here like what stare I can't even see his eyes in the dark in this quality. 😐 😂
Amy Sim
2:15 best bit Your welcome 💕☺️
Xxotic Kandii
Marina Ullan
Please what is the film and what the song of the end??? Jared sweet Man!!!
Margarete von Jezierski Galeana
no one is scared, it is just being virgin and being so confident. I was like a deer hard to hunt at that age. 😂 but well, in the time supost to be, people were more inocent. No men, but women were. W-e-r-e
skyeler Cook
I just watched this movie last night
Kristie Guerrero-Taylor
I guess most haven't seen the film. it doesn't go well
Jo mestimo
Goth&Anime 거트 안이메
1 out of 10 ways to kill me.
BoogiesMama Graham
Wished, dat was me!!!!😊😊😊😊
Cloutbizz !!
He fine
has no one uploaded the whole movie on youtube?! i would watch it now...
Itu L
if young Leonardo Dicaprio and young Zac Efron had a child.
W & K Fin
Ok,,, clip could of lasted a BIT longer if you know what I mean!! lol!
This is called the Jared Leto's effect. ;)
Buy it on eBay.
Hey can I watch the movie on YouTube or can canyon ho own this movie post it o here or can post all of his movie
zee blast
Lmao Ikr I did the same thing haha
Yes please!!
Elizabeth O
**crying** so cute
Uh lemme think naa
fuck you
Please just shut the fuck up
searches 'Jared Leto' in Google... shocked on the changes. -__-
lol well that escalated quickly... she went from a scared kiss to sex
Did your doped up mother drop you on the floor one too many times?
Did your doped up mother drop you on the floor one too many times?
Had to exhale. The chemistry was palpable!
he's not racist !!! he spent many years of his early life growing up in haiti
Kendra Jones
I think she's very pretty.
Cerena Leigh
Oh my. Even I can feel the warmth of his body from this!
Charlotte Larson
Fell in love with this character. Had no idea who he was at the time until I saw the video for "The Kill" for the first time. One of my fav movies.
i watched 1:45:52 minutes of film to see 3 minutes of jared. if that isn't love, i have no idea what it is.
0:02 Jared's look reminded me just like Lionardo Dicaprio's in Titanic.. :D
yeah, me too.
I think every generation will think Jared Leto is sexy, because every generation knows of perfection.
thaaaaaaaank u yessssssssss requesting more
you come here after 8 months and lecture me when I said it only once and i didnt even say it,I SAID PEOPLE THOUGHT HE WAS.read dummy before you talk.Have a good day bored head.
Shawn Lewis
I know sigh hes so gorgeous.
Shawn Lewis
I know I've been in love with him since My so called life. so I was about 12 or 13 when that was out. He doesn't look 40 years old at all.
The way he said "Touché" is so extremely sexy.. XD I remember I was 9-10 years old back then and totally felt in love with him ^^
Shawn Lewis
I am a black girl and this scene gives me hope so, in love with Jared Leto *sigh*.
hahahaha..whoa that was fast...hahahaha..
Nadia El-Souri
i hate that girl
can I have that jacket?
Jamie Burns
awwww that was one of them moments where you beg the video not to end >.<
@JRRDPR urgh no, he's definately not a racist. whoever said that is just an attentionseeking bitch full of shit. -_-
funny i read someone stating:you know guys he is racist right??People are dumber than rocks. Too many of them anyway.
@marciaarthur100 Not with Jared. :/
Morgan M
"You scared?" JajajajajajajajajajajajaHOT.
Bros! Bros! Productions.
she had that "i aint gettin' hung because of yo horny ass" look