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VJ Titicaca
pff slow motion inserts, random music, annoying vegan girl. Bristol can be beter represented.
Angela Vlogs
This is put together so well! You really showed how nice Bristol is :)
Ali Jardz
Bristol is where I grew up, so this is super surreal to watch.
I moved to Bristol two years ago and it is the best place I have ever lived. I am never bored and there is a great community here. It is very strange seeing it pop up on a travel channel though!
Omg i used to watch Skins and this is where it was shot!
Daja Vihavainen
As a Londoner I've always wanted to visit Bristol! And it's a shame I haven't done sooner as it's not too far on the train. It looks like such a cool, trendy and lively city without the claustrophobia/pretentiousness of London.
Rhiannon Segar
Currently on my Year Abroad for uni, in France and soon Russia. As exciting as this all is, I can't help but miss my beautiful home city!! Thank you for showing so much of the real Bristol - and it still has even more to offer! I'm feeling a tinge of homesickness, but mainly just feeling proud to say that's home <3
J TheAndroidFreak
Great video. Just subbed. Live in London but never been to Bristol. Thanks for the insight and info. Cheers 😜
Letho Kunene
thanks for the vid, ive been considering going to uni of bristol
Elliott Drew
Any1 need grade in the Bristol area pm me n I gotchu bruv
Louis west
God you make the city I come from not look like a shat hole 😂
Jason Biggs
i live in bristol
Hannah Rose
I live in Bath and I LOVE going to Bristol! It's such an interesting, friendly and arty place. I'm so happy you included Spike Island as it's an amazing place. :) It's my birthday on Friday and I'm going to No 1 Harbourside for dinner, I'm so excited!
Monique Gionet
Nadine this makes me so happy. I visit Bristol every year from Canada (NB) and I was really excited to see your take on it. Yay! My home away from home. <3
Cam and Kels
your vlogs are always put together so well! and I'm freaking obsessed with those sunnies 😻
Marnie Johnston
I moved from Australia to Bristol two months ago for love (ah, the things we do for love haha), and like you said, Bristol is so great for vegan options. It's been absolutely amazing for my tastebuds. Not so much for my waistline though! Glad you loved my new home x
Craig Thompson
Oh my god! I can't believe Hey Nadine came to my home town! Thanks so much for exploring Bristol - the windiest and best city in England 😉
Explore With Sophie
I will say the UK is becoming really great for vegan and vegetarian options! :)
On my tree
Thank you for this video Nadine! Bristol was my first solo trip when I was 18 so it's really moved me to see these streets again!
crush travel vlogs
🖤 your channel. One of the best on YouTube👌🏼👍🏻👍🏻
im from bristol n its best city in the uk
Edges Of Earth
- 3:38 - I am not a vegan - but this would excite just about as much as it did you! 😍
Thank you Nadine. Although I am English, I have never been to Bristol, although I have worked with, socialised with, and drank with people from Bristol. I love their accent, which I'm sure you heard although it's not in your video.
Tomas Milner
Bristol is great, and it was a great video, but if you’re in the West Country you should be drinking Cider! Oh and I totally agree that cardiff is better. But Bristol is still well worth checking out :)
I love the street art and the food looks delicious. Now I want to visit Bristol.
Awww you didn't go to Easton, that's the real Brizzle. But at least you went to Bedminster.
TFF Sisters
I live in bristol and im here right as i speak
Apart from cribbs and cabot, theres not really anything special imo..clifton area is nice but i live btween bristol and cardiff and i choose cardiff every time
Cordelia Thomas
Always see a few villages near bristol. Glastonbury is a real hidden gem (all Glastonbury is known for is the festival, but it's a gorgeous town).
Matt Ofstie
I need that Oreo shake in my life again 🤤
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Made in Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Mani Wanders
Yo Nadine! I feel like you don't get nearly as much credit as you deserve for your amazing content. This video is great. Now I want to go to Bristol just to eat the vegan oreo whateverthehell that you guys ate haha thanks for showing all the vegan options because that's the one thing I worry about when I travel somewhere new!
Megan Holly
YOU WENT TO MY HOMETOWN? I wish I knew! 💔 glad you enjoyed my city!
Bruh you showed town and that’s it
Jack Johnson
No... but yah... but no but ya but no because this whole fing happnd wat I don’t even no nuffin about... Little Britain anyone? Vicky? Lol
Anneli Bale
Awe i love this ! I live and work in Bristol and have been to the places you show on the video some on a very regular basis! - thanks for helping me look at it all with fresh eyes. I love living here its a beautiful city with uniquely kind and beautiful residents, i love how artistic, creative and bohemian the city is with definite vibes of class and sophistication ! Thanks for a great video <3 xx
Dylan Vynck
Why drink Belgium beer in Bristol, when you can come taste it in Belgium itself! :O
Did that street art tour so cool!
Sian Hannah Daniel
Bristol is the best I've lived here for 2 years now and it is amazing. You should have checked out gloucester road properly though because the vegan options are so good. Loved this video!
I got a knife shoved in my face there.
Zen Bayno
You have showed off my home-city so well! ❤👐
Bristol Lenz
My name is Bristol
Spencer Stanley
I need to make it to Bristol! Love the UK
Maaaaate this is my hometown!
Moving to Bristol soon ❤️
Madball NY
Nice video, Bristol looks very interesting. PS: As spaniard, the gazpacho didn´t look very good, but the Crema catalana, looks good.
I went to Upfest this year and totally enjoyed Bristol but I wish this video had come out prior to my trip! I missed a few of these great areas and there weren't any decent Bristol video's on YouTube prior to this. Thanks for making a quality one!
Noelle B
Just in time - I'm going to be there next week!
Nate Johnson
Notification 🔥🔥🔥
Alam_Alahdaaf عالم الأهداف
do you like challenge? so i ve a huge advanture for u. go to meknes city in morocco and ask for the ancient prison of kara. it is the biggest maze prison in the world built in the middle ages. i dare u to know the way out hhhhhhhhhhhh
Ammar Abdullah
I'm a subscriber but I don't watch most of the ppl I'm subscribing to. I clicked on this video just to say that your thumbnail game is 10/10
I was at first thinking wtf Bristol is a shitehole, then I saw the opening clips said paid promotion
I really liked this video but I don’t think u showed nearly anywhere near as much as Bristol really has to offer, barely showed the centre oh well lmao, still a good vid tho x
Beautiful video! Thank you
Living Walks
Hi there, we've been enjoying watching this. We film 4k natural walks in cities, and have just filmed Bristol, so it's especially good to see someone doing something similar but from a different viewpoint, thank you for taking the time to add your video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more of the same?
Box Mad
Lookin to relocate to Bristol in about 12 months, beautiful city
I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life and I’ve never hated anything about it! (:
Henry Eighth
31 and lived in Bristol all my life and Iv just seen new things 😂 brilliant! But you pronounced Avon wrong it's like ayvun
Mara P.C.
As a spanish person I have the urge to tell you: that ain’t no gazpacho girl
Grew up in Bristol and I LOVE this. Thanks for doing such a great job!
Brett Keepin
Wow, u guys have seen more of Bristol than I have, I'm 54 lived here all my life, great vlog
Lava Yuki
I loved Bristol, I also visited Bath and Cotsworld when I was there. I live in Manchester which is really different
Gamer Lightning
I was born here and love this!!!
joey the orac
I live in Bristol and it's one beautiful place
Michelle Sharpe
I’ve really been enjoying your video, especially the vegan food. Love Bristol! Thanks for sharing! Have great and happy travels xxx
Crzzz ツ
7:17 that’s my house🙀😹
Angelica Rope
its bit of a misconception that everything vegan is really healthy ..but if not eating dairy or meat etc for the animals sake i more than agree,...great vlog!!!
Smantherr B
Me and my boyfriend stayed in caravan 1 in brooks guest house, was an amazing time. Back in two weeks!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Eggleston
Thanks so much for such a excellent video. I can't wait to visit now!!!
robert smith
style over content, Kentucky fried information. nicely packaged banality.
paul Parker
I’ve lived in Bristol for most of my life and I didn’t even know most of these things were here
Yutong Chen
Great video with great energy! You made me wanna visit, and possibly live in this city. Keep up with your good work!
Chessa Is Lit
LOL I live in Bristol and I've lived here my whole life (can't wait to escape haha) and like many other people, I think that it's crap and idk just boring as hell.There's not much here.But your video makes it seem cool, maybe it's good for a few days but to grow up here its bad lol.
Jambo Beez
what's the night life like there house scene etc ??
Master Gaming PS4
I live in Bristol near Cabot. Circus
Brizzle ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carla Brooks
great vlog Nadine
Manu Invisible
Next time you are in the UK, you should do a tour of Lincolnshire and visit the many great towns and cities of the county (state you call it), and there is so many tourist attractions you would enjoy too
tony smithuntstienlockski
Andrew Bristoe
lived their for a year missed so much !strange when u live in a place sometimes don't see it?veganS way to go great vlog Bath and Stonehenge worth a look cotswolds
I went to Bristol last year for 3 days and I loved it ! I went during the Upfest, that was so cool, I also tried to do a street art walking tour but it was raining so much that I stopped… I also made myself a Skins walking tour, because I loved the show and I wanted to see some places where it has been shot. It was pretty cool, I'd love to come back
Nadine, could you do a sit down chatty video about how to deal with potential problems you might run into while travelling with airlines, hotels etc. and what rights you have - like what to do if they lose your bag, delayed flights, being bumped, etc i think a lot of people would find it helpful and might bring more people to discover your channel xx
Ravi Nair
A superb video and with great music - You showed us all the top spots of Bristol in a seamless tour with food happening all the time - G R E A T !!
My step dad is from Bristol! Please come over the water to Cardiff!!
So cool seeing you explore - Bristol is amazing 💛 (rain is part of the experience right?!)
The cathedrals in the UK always seem sooo cool (and huge) haha!
Darvin Ray
Thanks for the video. I did not knoe bristol offer these cool stuff.
Popescu Monica
Hello........ you are my source of inspiration it's a pleasure to see you and I look forward to the new places you explore I adore to travel but somehow do not manage to get out of my country
A Journey of Its Own
Awesome video of Bristol! Well done!
the one with the blue eyes
As someone who's just moved to Bath for Uni, it's so weird seeing you somewhere so close!
Laura Krause
Hey Nadine, could you tell me what the opening song is? Also, great video. It looks incredible!!
These milkshakes looked unreal! 😍 Loved the video!
daily dose of
So obsessed with all the traveling you do! I hope to one day do what you do
Becky Merrick
I love Bristol such a cool city ❤️ but you must visit Wales 😏
Travelino !
I was born in Bath, near Bristol and both cities are beautiful!
Chris Verrall
Great video of my home town. Thank you.
Maya Padmi
Thank you for the video. I used to study there couple years ago. It brings back sweet memories of this city 😊😘