Megadeth - Holy Wars (full band cover)

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Megadeth - Holy Wars from the epic release "Rust in peace" (1990) is the copyrighted property of ti's owner(s) Covered by MecaniX - Russian tribute to Megadeth Morozzy - vocal />Sergey Isaenko - guitar />Alex Evzrezov - guitar Vlad Piskunov - bass guitar />Vadim Abakumov - drums /> Visit our web page /> Mixing and mastering by Drygva studio ( /> />Video by Oleg Rychkov (

Mecanix Drummer
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King Mel
I don't understand why there are dislikes on this video? From a musical standpoint they did the song justice. It wasn't sloppy, it was neat and every member of the band had skill to match one another.  It's a cover band, so why are people complaining that he's not got Dave's voice. If you want to hear Dave, go listen to Dave..?
Nameless Maggot
Drummer seems to be the happiest man in the whole world)
James Hetfield
Jeremiah Sanchez
There is no power in the vocals. Decent cover though
Christian Olivera
great cover...anyone who has something to say should try to cover it with their band...losers...
vocal sucks drumms best
Paul Melo
Cuando Axl Rose estuvo en Megadeth
Shit! It was indistinguishable from the original studio version!
Rafael Mota
that bass line. great job
Phil Avon
hahahaha omg the drummer looks like the kid from tenacious d! bahahaha jb? is that you?
Gorbadoc Oldbuck
I thought this was a very good cover version and having been a fan of Megadeth since the late 80's, I see nothing wrong with it. Very well done guys! Mega-thumbs up!
Mark Rosko's Guitar Creations
I took one look at you all and thought this is gonna be shit! ... I stand corrected!
Credano Santinic
la energia ._. ... la voz .... suenan bien ... pero les falta lo que todo icono del thrash metal tuvo ... un garaje, una bateria (la mayoria de veces prestada), dos guitarras ... Y UNA VOZ SIN MODIFICACIONES ELECTRONICAS! -_- ... vuelvan a las raices muchachos ...
Well the singer sings better than Dave Mustaine
Good cover, aside from the heavy accent, I think Dave would be impressed. Rock on boys.!
Martin Nikolov / MARTO
the vocalist reminds me of Chris Broderick lol
Dejan Djosic
I love the solo , one of the best full band covers I've ever seen, and not of an easy song. Very good job guys :)
Nice attempt, but next time please without a music video. This is just embarassing. Trying way too hard! The recordings sound good
Austin Zanzabar
"Video by Oleg Rychkov" Yep, they're from Dallas.
Not bad at all boys, very good indeed ! i was going to ]V[ E G A D E T ]-[  shows back in "90"  either before they were born or they were still having their diapers changed lol and i must say as a musician myself i am very impressed ! way to go guys keep it up >;]
Michael Kenny
what's wrong with 782 people heads? this is a flawless cover
Yoda Sensei
le batteur il gère ! 
Interesting spin on the vocals, but nice camerawork and good cover
Keith Gunshot
I feel like if Megadeth never existed, this band would take their place but in the setting of today. The singer has a better and worse voice than Dave. What I mean by that is that if you compare the two, his is better singing in general, but how Dave sang was like a screeching possessed monster, y'know? Anywho, amazing cover, basically spot on!
Felipe Morales
Sorry but I didn't like the singer's voice... great cover anyways!
Headless Man
6:40 "NAZI you know, they'll take my thought away" Kind of accurate.
Julián Silva
Good cover, good drums good bass perfect guitars but your singer dont be good :l
You sound like a truck from hell guys, well done keep on it
Ryan O'Toole
la cago el cantante sinceramente la banda estuvo bien
meriç kutlu bayram
Götlek basçınız yüzünden acımadım bastıl disslike ı. Degişin müdür o basçıyı
one of the better videos and full band covers i have seen
but!!!!! there is like 4 Mecanix bands,,,one from Russia, one from Bangladesh, one from porte monte,,,and one from dallas.....I think this video vid is from dallas.
Thomas Armour
That actually sounded really good!!!
Mathematics First
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!
Come on, how can anyone diss that cover? Technically very tight on the instrumentation. As for the vocalist, he could toughen it up some. But what the hell is with that chain link fence business? That's just annoying.
Zach Ritchie
Pretty damn good cover. Obviously, these guys idolize Megadeth since their band name is based off one of Megadeth's songs(Mechanix is an awesome song for the record). So, it's pretty clear that these guys were putting there all into it. There's a fair amount of talent that goes about this group which is astonishing for an amateur band. The biggest and most apparent problem with this cover are the vocals. However, that can be forgiven since these guys are Russian. Even so, if there going to continue to make covers of English songs, then really try to learn the lyrics. At the end, I give these guys an 8.6/10; They're really talented, they put a lot of effort into their playing, and it was better than what I expected.
Денис Григорьев
Очень круто,успехов вам в дальнейшем
Gitar Hobim
MegadiX :D
Никита Беспалини
Клип напоминает Trust. Помню было много воды по поводу этого клипа в VK. Первый раз мне не понравилось. А потом огонь! Парни, если будет возможность, снимите кавер еще раз, но уже под сам клип, где они по пояс раздеты, постамент для ударных. Больше брутальности и четкости в движении. Почитал коменты анголо говорящих, да чем то забавно бывает. Но убрать многоголосье и сделать слова реще и злее в голосе. и добавить обрывистости, а где то рычания и протяжения. тогда кавер будет на все 146 % крутым и лично я бы пересматривал его миллион раз! Ну а так парни все было круто) ооочень хочу от Вас кавер в старом стиле меги!
Vladimir should be proud LOL ! >:]
totally awesome! I really liked the voice....the voice has the same pitch as The lead singer Anthony from "Tora Tora" the" song walking shoes"...check it out...they're a Memphis Tn. blues influenced Rock band...My stomping ground too...
The sound feels somewhat naked or simplefied in my ears.also just a tiny bit slow.nevertheless good job
Great cover guys!!!.come on people remember English isnt the singers native tongue.The drummers really into it,good on him,keep on smiling!!!
HOLY SHIT!I'm a big fan on Megadeth and this song is my favorite and you guys NAILED IT!!!Congrats and cheers from Thailand! Keep rocking, Merry Xmas! ;)
gonzalo rebatta
wow another bad imitation of mustaine although the band play awesome another guy thinks can sing like those singers the same case i see everyday on axl -_-
I love your sound, it's so tight and articulate. Excellent job! In fact I kinda tried getting close to a tone like yours for the intro riff. Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due (Megadeth Cover)
pretty cool cover.. ok singing.. but that eastern sounding guitar part at 2:26 to this day NO ONE can play it like marty did.. even megadeths own guitarists after marty couldnt play it.. not sure why.. but marty was the man!!
Todd Omicioli
no bad,, to much tom foolery electronica to try and make him sound like dave mustaine
nick givent
badass! the vocalist sounds more like death angel, but good cover
Sergei Nizhalov
Все прекрасно, максимально схоже с оригиналом, однако, мне очень не хватало Мастейновского "рычания", особенно там , где "upon my podium..."
Clifton Isaacs
The vocal is too slick and sweet for this tune. Not enough grit.
Christian Correa
Very nice cover, pretty close to the original one. Keep doing what you are doing. Cheers.
Woah man. That was awesome. You guys almost nailed it. And the singer's voice is great too. So are the rest of you all. Keep up the good work. Best of luck. \m/
We Are Animals
This is awesome. Great cover of a classic band. Rock on
METALLICAS BETTER!! Any ways great job guys
Ken Gaska
Sounded great until Sebastian Bach started singing on it.  Megadeth may not be the heaviest kid on the block any more but there's got to be some edge to the vocals.  There is no edge here whatsoever.
Silent Wolf
"Next thing you know they'll take my thoughts away."
Big Johnny
Sounds a lot like Diamond Head.
Strider Hiryu
All going good until 1:38 unfortunately.
Seth Ferrin
You guys need a new singer...
would like it more if it were a live recording video
Ruben Pablo Nieves
WOW !!! Muy bien logrado el Cover! Exelent!
angel mario
lml Wow Is My Favorite!!!!!!!! <3 lml
poor bassist, got no hair for headbang
Christopher Hargreaves
That was pretty fucking rad, dudes! Keep on rockin' \m/
le falta velocidad!!!pero sueña bien!!!
Yahs 3002
All good but the voice is a shit
Marios Skarvellis
nice cover!!!!!!!!!!' \
very nice, but the bass could really be a bit loader, just sayin.
Deivid Martins
You rock guys! Cheers from Brazil \m/
I don't care who this is, this is tight! Nailed it!
Axe İçöz
vocal need rhythm guitar...
Smokes Majazzby
This is awesome. Everyone here has great talent. Now don't get me wrong, the singers voice is amazing...and reminds me a lot of Myles Kennedy in a way...but i feel like the vocals on megadeth covers should kinda be shitty...but with as much angst and aggression as possible. That being said, this is a great cover guys, kudos
All good but the vocals
Johnny English
That is the happiest remember I have ever seen lol.
change the vocalist
Mr Happyface 04:56
Ed Oliver
...and comes the vocalist and through away all the music in the trash...
Mathematics First
Guys VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't mean to piss in your pocket but what is the purpose of guys are good enough to carve your own niche in music not do this
Steve Dunch
Musically, really damn good. Vocally, missed the mark.. by a good bit.
Max Vidov
Кавер шикарнейший, мужики! \m/ Респект вам! Надеюсь, когда-нибудь я тоже запишу кавер на Holy Wars)
Joann Tortolero
Koнстантин Константинов
exelent !
Keep doing what you're doing And eat more
Shafiq Imran
cool vocalist
If you guys cover the whole album, I'll buy it. Decent production, fuller sound, decent vocalist. Megadeth still takes the credit for the kickass music writing tough.
Conrad Nilsson
Great cover!
Drum looks like jack black
Ajay Stephen
William Robert Massoli
Nice. The tone of Warwick Corvette is gracefull in megadeth songs...
great work guys
Roman Roman
Супер съиграли.молодцы
Daniel Simon
this is very good! it's a hard song, I know cuz I've learned it.. people are complaining about the vocals, but it's supposed to sound like Dave.. his voice is odd + this sounds close
Darrell Day
Great cover! Awesome!
Max Skills
A happy version of Shawn Drover on drums.Awesome ,guys!!!
Thomas Shredster
WOW did u guys make more covers?? sounds like the original!
John Archangel7
Great cover