AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill (from Live At Donington)

Music video by AC/DC performing Shoot To Thrill. (c) 2003 J. Albert & Sons (Pty.) Ltd. #ACDC #ShootToThrill #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial #live

zaidan esem
"born in the wrong generation" comments incoming
Dave Kwiatkowski
Brian Johnson's voice is like a drunken alley cat and I absolutely love it
Pi Muncher
i've never seen a happier drummer
When music was actually about instruments
people who say artists such as Justin Bieber are the greatest artists need to watch this am other vids as AC/DC are the greatest artists ever
Blake Meads
Chris Slade is an underrated drummer.
Lee Preston
Chris Slade is a manace on the drums. Great energy
carl smythe
There will never be another band like this awesome
Andrew Stephenson
Malcolm you are the crazy little Australian that has made my life full of bad ass music, so the biggest thanks ever and rest in peace
Probably the greatest rhythm guitar ever recorded live.
Lee Preston
Drummer is a beast
2:28 Angus always awesome
Scott Woods
I'll say this: I've never been an AC/DC fan, but the greatest band I ever saw in concert was AC/DC...
Mark Thomas
Every single aspect of this band is the definition of rock and roll!! they are simply the best!!
Trevor Miller
My personal favorite ACDC song
Liakos Abbott
Is it only me that likes this drummer more than phil rudd? :D
Mike in the drum room
What a drummer!  Chris Slade was great.
2:15 Chris Slade crazy drumming
Chris Slade is a machine!
Ale Majoro
3:04 that epic headbang
Mr. Jay
One of the best songs ever written!!😍
Daniel Hooper
What I love about them, is they feel the music. I mean it’s just flowing out of all of em. They aren’t trying to perform or over performing by jumping and running all around and swinging their guitars and such. The music just pours out of them and you see it.
Angus Young
\m/(>.<)\m/ 3:21 \m/(>.<)\m/
R. I.P Malcolm! Ride easy and thanks for all the great music and memories!!
jennifer hocott
Love the drummer.
Slade was savage at that concert
Not a phone in sight a crowd who know how ro rock what a breath of fresh air
Tony Yay
R.I.P Malcolm Young .
Noah Stephens
Brian was a legend. Can't believe they replaced him with that douchebag Axl Rose.
Chris slade is an absolute beast and very underrated in my opinion as a drummer...nailed this song in the best way 👌
Edwin Gunawan
I always thought Linkin Park is the best "real" rock band, until i fell in love with AC/DC. No offence agianst LP. Still like them. But AC/DC is defenitely one of the greatest rockband that ever exist. This is how Rock supposed to sound
Grzegorz Grzesik
Chris Slade was definitely their best drummer
Armand R
Chris Slade nails it.
Malcolm will be a legend in our hearts. Your riffs will be always in our ears and your memory in our hearts. Rip great legend and thank you for your music.
voss blonde
Chris Slade!!! best drummer for acdc
paige oneill
210 dislikes those people have no taste in music!! Long live rock n roll!! #acdc
Chris Slade is a beast
LOL Chris Slade is one heck of a drummer!!
Isaac Ledesma
I still have the original CD for this.
Simke BL
Greathing from Bosnia,AC/DC is the best band in the world.
Ryan Cope
Usually I favor Phil Rudd over Chris Slade (not because of overall skill as a drummer, but because of how his style & timing fits the band) - but this is probably the performance where that’d be considered an exception.
malcom young has always looked like he is loving the song.
Arthur Aguirre
"Mr. Stark." "Cap'n."
Hyrum Ali Martínez García
Cada like es un vaso de agua para la garganta de Brian 🙂
Henrikas Daktaras
AC DC - Live to rock, boys!
Alberto S
Esto quita la depresión a cualquiera, aguante AC/DC
movistar gsxr
What a day,,,,,i was there...
zef trap music
Maybe old But always gold
Gabriel Loureiro
i been made a comparative with axel roses singing the same song oh shit, poor axel hahahahahahahaha
Trout' addict
Avengers music
Midshipmen Studio
2 things I love ac dc and you can't have an iron man movie without ac dc 😀
Legend has it that the drum kit filed assault charges later that night. My absolute favourite ACDC song and easily its best live version!
Angus, what a guitar player!
Jesus look at that crowd.
ghost penguin
Here before 1 million views
A Normal Lucario
This is the perfect song to I am out to as you crash your sr-71 blackbird into an aircraft carrier covered in nazi zombies.
Leeoxm4 :3
Que publico mas amargo loco!! Aguante argentina vieja!!!
Matt Harrison
I was there at this gig :D
Greetings from Tamil nadu
Chris Báez
Chris Slade 🤘🏻
Miguel Salas
Classic AC/DC
Daniel Urbina
Bria Johnson is better than Joey Tempest
Eduardo gomez
Quien es codplay?
Toni Forster
This is the greatest live performance ever!!!! AC/DC you rock!
HashTag .CR
Hijos de puta que energía estos levantan hasta a un muerto, tenia que ser AC/DC!!!
Linda Mihalkó
Nagyon jók voltak a zenéid,bár egykoncerteden se voltam ott!!!
Dutch Flats
AC DC at the height of their power!
anna costta
the best 4ever and ever S2
Maximoto Gt
Yes ac⚡dc
Oliver van der Weij
These guys rock so much I'm pretty sure they're tombstones are gonna be in the shape of the AC/DC logo
Grizzly Spear
0:20 when I'm going to school/work
mg dave sweep
even i was born in 1989 i still love these kind songs.
No entiendo porque modificaron la voz de Brian y los instrumentos en algunas partes.
Igor Choiński
They are gods
Roberto De La Llave cid.
Viva los AC^DC. Nunca mueren.....😎😎😲🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Itz Matty
I just got the DVD Spoiler Alert: It’s Awesome!! (Wait nvm u probably already knew that)
bob bobo
Ho Lee Fuk that was amazing. Even Slade was on his game. Miss Malcolm and Brian and Phil man...Malcolm plays like a fucking maniac, just love it!
Roy Resendez
Thank you to my Jr High teacher Miss Castellano, who was 23 years old. I was 15, and she introduced me to AC/DC, I’m forever grateful.
Mr Matko
Angus has the bite but Malcolm had the growl ... Love these guys
Lorna Willock
My headphones aren't loud enough for AC/DC. Stupid headphones 😉
Nueng V-Tec
I LOVE AC/DC 2018.....
Nelida Lobato
llenan como los rolling
Nelida Lobato
cuando vuelve Brian AC DC
Anas Quazbary
3:06 best AC/DC fan ever
stephen white
That’s the way right there. Raw and strong. It’s meant to be rude and kick your teeth in. You made my life so much fun. If any of the band ever see this. Thank you.
estes sim..são os verdadeiros ac/dc.....
Jason Kirby
Carrot Top really loves AC/DC
Kenny Anderson
This video never ceases to amaze me... the strength of AC/DC's power rock, the amazing size of that crowd, and their reaction to the music. THIS is rock & roll!
Fernando Pared
Despues de esto phill rudd penso, como voy a sacar a esta bestia...
David Martinsen
Could you a Imagine what a.c. dc would sound like with bon Scott doing these arena rock shows ... bet you he never saw much more then 20000 people shows .. I know...i was there
Sound quality is fucking amazing for a live performance.
Westrocker 67
Good God in heaven! They were just savage that night! Long live Mal!
3:20 most iconic bridge in a rock song.
dead eye Ramirez
They were on fire for this song that's what I love to see
Dead Guy Birthdays 1
Angus was BAD ASS on the guitar
Best band I never got to see live...
Sammy Lane
Something is not right with the audio, because the instruments and vocal's don't sound balanced. Like why around the guitars and drums made to sound like background and not equally present??