Alannah Myles - Still Got This Thing For You

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One of the most under-appreciated voices of the late 80s and 90s.
Katalia j
I love Alannah !l love her crak voice!!💞💟who still in this song in 2018!!?
The last REAL rock chick there was.
Betty Smith
the chaps were cute but that mini skirt and those LEGS.. damn.. she was sexy as hell.
My name is Alannah and I'm on my boyfriend's account. In 1996 on November the 1st at 1:18am, my Dad decided that I would be named after Alannah Myles, I feel like she needed to know this.
Kerry Laws
She knew how to rock the leather
When I hear modern chicks saying they need to be empowered I look at Alanna Myles and then back to the wimpy girl and think "girl you're not paying attention". I don't remembers 80s women complaining about being held down and held back just a lot of these new wimps clamoring for something they won't have because they haven't got the slightest clue about what it means to be a real woman.
Mike Jenkins
This woman should have been HUGE!!...blame her obviously lousy manager for not pushing her career further.
Cindy Wedel
I always really liked her voice......I don't understand what happened to her career. She won a grammy for Best Female Rock back in 1990. I saw her in concert, I thought she was fantastic.
Jamie Hellfire
If she got promoted and toured with guns n roses oh man......what a show that would've been
Powerful voice, talented song writer and totally hot. Your the full package Alannah!
Eng. Filipe Morgado
The black velvet butterfly rocks like no one.
Vidle v jidle
awesome song. obviously there was no YouTube in early 90s and we couldn't control as much what we listen to but let me just say I wish I had heard more of Alannah Myles and less of the misunderstood fucked up depressive Nirvana generation artists. all the best for you Alannah :)
Joe Riverdale
Was she singing, as all could hear was LEGGGGSSS...I love you honey :) !!!!
Josep Duran
I love Canadian bands... especially the great Rush!
so sexy then and now ♥
Love her voice. Very talented. Guitar player is fantastic.
Judy Hawkins
I saw her in concert during this tour. What a totally kickass show it was. Later that night, I was the lucky recipient of my BF being totally turned on by her that night....thanks Alannah!
Charles Collins
my first time hearing this song and wow i have to get more of her songs
Dullo Asani
Simpley the gorgeous one👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Drew Dangerfield
Flat out, pedal to the metal, unrelenting, unremitting raunch. I would have loved to see her do this with the Stones and Jagger.
what an amazing electric performance hot
angie aulenback
Awesome talent Canda rules!!!!!!
0.49 Check the badass air time hand swap with the Mike
andrew lowther
dare i say it...alannah myles, i still got this thing for you. strutting around on the stage like a rock star; she's got it, oh baby, she's got it...
Michael Fierro
80's hair attack!!!!!!
Dianne Day
mike acton
Barske Pus
So hard-boiled! :D She should teach a thing or two (or thousands) to these whiny bubblegumpops of today.
Squirrel Attackspidy
Holy moley, this chick is tearing it up on stage!
Janita Lindner
wow this chick is so cool what a voice and what a stunning chicky hey. rock on
Meme M8
"Rockin Out The Rah Rah Skirt" !!
Robert Moffatt
My god this band and this chick can ROCK! I gotta listen to some MORE.
OVI-Wan Kenobi
Kinda reminds me of "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" by T.Rex.
Actually Alannah.. I still got this thing for YOU babe..
Awesome live show ....Excellent sound Live .
Игорь Воронин
Сильнейшая певица супер таких не много
strefa Mora
Should have been more of a star in the US.
Stephen K.
Love the way she throws the taborat 2:44!! She soooooo rocks!!!
She was fabulous, she didn't stop for a second on stage
Ольга Ильичева
I love your style and voice. Greetings from Russia.
justin Isaac
idk how I got here but my the YouTube God's, I am happy! love her voice
Saw the lady in concert.  She's got balls and kicks ass. I miss her. 
Too much, autentic voice, style and woman!!! great song since 1990
OMG Where are all those pretty vocals now a days!!!! Allanah show those modes girls how to ing!!!
Still the Canadian Goddess of rock n roll. Incomparable. What a performer! What a VOICE!!
Sarah Leighton
She is so torchy and lovely....and who is that splendid guitarist and backup vocalist? What a great duet!
Cpt Slow
3:52 jealous girl look from the crowd xD
KoolCat !
Kickass song by the Sexiest singer to ever come out of Canada.  Shania Twain would be my 2nd choice.
Erica Espinosa
I remember having that same type of leather jacket in the late 80's. Lol
kenny P
Over 25 years later (gulp!) i still have a thing for this song. 
Pat Poulin
to bad there wasn't more from Alannah.. she was awesome!!!
Spirit Angelfish
The video editing on this is amazingly well done! Precision.
Willard Miller
Too bad she really took a screwing from her record deal. Got virtually nothing, . Read the fine print.
Shane Giguere
works for me !
Annette Pitre
You go girl
attended this video taping in'90 @ the Masonic Temple  at Yonge & Davenport inToronto; this song still rocks 25 yrs on...
CJ Sparks
shit I would put pegs on my hog for her thanks keep up the great work
Amazing. I saw Alannah back in the days. Always a great show.
Timmy Bridges
Wow! what a beautiful woman! I love that black hair and light eyes...not to mention the AWESOME voice! Alannah I am single. ;)
Roystone Szweda
Great rock, but who has the best hairdo?
Gina Stipanic
Go lady,go,where are you?
James Clark
Alannah was a dynamic singer. Sexy as Hell too.
Igor Herič
always, wery good,.
Andrew Berridge
Milan Sotak
excellent song Alannah big singer my bavorite
Зоро Овсепян
perfekt Alannah real music real people real life❤❤❤❤
Angelina Luchia
She is AMAZING oh my god
Hans Wurst
super music A A A ware TOP GUN
Jen Sutton
That guitarist with the long blond hair is hot!!!! Love Alannah too, she also hot!!!!
Probably the best song I heard from Alannah Myles so far!
The Shawn Murphy Journal
Another Canadian artist I saw once on the Canadian nightclub circuit which was a big scene in the eighties and to the mid nineties , but one artist that did receive American chart sucess unlike numerous ones that did not
bonnie bianco
i have a thing for sexy allanya.
Jascha Bull
Whoa. I knew Alannah was cool, but I didn't know she could rock this hard! Nice!
Jimmy Hoyt
how she never got huge, I dont get. she sounds alot like Sandi Saraya...another underappreciated band...
That's one good looking woman.
skip win
1:31 "i get kind of nervous...Owww"
1987 ronin
best rock chick, and super sexy , bad today there aren't womans like she was
Jenny Pedersen
Good , so goooooood!
Dany Ramírez
No puedo dejar de oír este tema.Great.
monica vanhall
i got a thing for this song
Hakan Dursun
Wonderful !
Andrew Lopresti
Thirty yrs ago saw hear in montreal spectrum ..great show...really 30th years?,??. Man those years fly
Xiao Chris
great rock song and great rock stage performance. cool and awesome!
cottin barbara
c 'est du rock comme ça qu'il faut aujourd'hui et pas rock en seine .
Dawna Mallow
I love her voice!
underrated singer, saw her live. seems like a very cool lady. had a crush on her in my teens this takes me back:)
adalzimiro rascunho
~je ne connais pas la chanteuse mais je vois qu'elle est excéptionnelle!en plus chante le génere de music que j'adore
mike holton
vastly underrated vocalist!!!!!!! oh my god! a whole decade literally missed the bus on this one!!!!!
Jeff Mohapp
I still have this thing for YOU Alannah!!  <3 you baby!!
Kathy Scott
Damn, she sure has a rockin band backing her up, with her unmistakable voice.💓
Derek O'Brian
Alannah Myles - 100 % CANADIAN !
Simon James Young
Can't believe this has only got 4K Should be 90 K
Branislav Zlatic
Why is it so hard to say what's on my mind And why am I so proud Still got this thing for you Hm-m I know you understand but you still need a sign Read each shot out loud Still got this thing for you Hey baby, can I carry your flame I wanna take you somewhere or thing Don't you know you're drivin' me insane Still got this thing for you When you walk that way I can feel the heat And just below the surface I'd do anything to you Aha-yeah When you're out all alone I hear things from street I get kinda nervous Still got this thing for you, oh-yeah Hey baby, can I carry your flame I wanna take you somewhere or thing Don't you know you're drivin' me insane Still got this thing for you Let me see you smile, come on, look me in the eye Too many times I let the chances go by Hold on the chain, turn out the lights Help me make up for all the nights tonight Real love, prove it's true Still got this thing for you Real love, know it's true Still got this thing for you Hey baby, can I carry your flame I wanna take you somewhere unchained Don't you know you're drivin' me insane We can't commit call that it be a shame Well, hey baby, can I carry your flame I wanna take you somewhere unchained Don't you know you're drivin' me insane Still got this thing for you
I was 9 when this came out. Blasting it at age 38. Stands test of time.
Matt Vollmer
Music requires natural vocalists to exhibit true healing powers. Allanah, you go girl! :D
roadking99 jokerst
Got some of her on VHS, no less. Dang that player best not quit on me.