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Srujana Penjarla
Who's here in December 2018??
Can I get 8 likes ? It is my birthday❤️ Édit: omg thank you guys!! I only asked for 8 likes and y’all are showing so much love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Alam
Who is here in November2018 am i the one
Namira Shahriar
Who is here after nick n priyanka's wedding?
Shruti Dutta
I was searching this movie for so many days. Finally got it. Thank u so much for uploading it. Can u pls upload Cheeni Kum , My name is Khan & Raazi ??
Faizan Choudhry
It's been Exact 10 Years this movie released. Anyone Else 2018 ???
Anas Khan
The only movie on youtube Eith #no bad cmnts Love #fashion love u pc a d kangy
Why are people comparing in the comments? Both actresses are great and did such a touching performance in this movie. We shouldn't feel the need to put down one to praise the other. I'm just happy we have both actresss collaborate for such a meaningful and important work.
Jazz Dhau
4.6M views in just 14 days. I bet everyone who is watching it on YouTube has already watched it many times... that's the beauty of this movie. ❤️❤️❤️
Love Tube
Kangana fans hit like
Only an Exol
This film wont be a blockbuster in bollywood cause it shows the reality!!!😊
Jahangir Hussain
i really wish i had a friend like janet. a true friend is the one who will always look out for you no matter how bad you treat them.
Priyanka is a vry talented actress ...wth u all r comparing her to kangna...they both r different nd good actresses in their own way Grow up u all
kim jong un
moral of the only your parents
pr. damor
Two best actresses in one movie....🙂👍👍👍👍
सफर जीत का
Priyanka's fans hit the like
Jazz K.
*Moral of the story* : You have freedom to watch dreams and to fulfil them, but there is a need to identify wrong and right. Be passionate but don't take aid of drugs to get out of the sadness of failures that come in your path.
Anmol Srivastava
People saying Kangana is better than Priyanka in this movie is reason enough for me to understand why people in this country don't understand acting or arts in general and take shrieking,shaking and shouting to be great acting....Priyanka has given performance of a lifetime with this movie.Its natural and so nuanced ,plus she conveys her silences so skilfully...on the other hand Kangana has shown nuances only through Queen and Datto in TWMR..Can she do a Barfi,7khoon maaf ,Aitraaz ,Mary Kom ,her 12 roles in What's your raashee, Bajirao mastani or even Meghna Mathur in Fashion-Noooo Pls note:I love Kangana and a huge admirer of her guts and also her talent but she lacks depth or versatility which Priyanka is a master at !
Sarita Kumari
Kangna's attitude much better then priyanka's attitude
dêsì gïrl karêênã
I was in this glamour world but only for 6 to 7 months as I have seen lot many things there ...I was close to success ... First thing I saw in that world was success desire in all girls and lots of attitude . All girls there smokes and drinks as for weight loss they didn't eat anything whole day bcoz of calorie gaining and most of them were started eating tissue papers which can lead to cancer my friend was well know fashionista died last year RIP .
shibnath Pappu bera
1 like only for kangna
Pratiksha Sharma
Priyanka has done a 100 % justice to this role. I can't imagine any other actress in this role.
Emily Chinzah
44:33 Shonalis walk and the music is everything😍
P Chandana Reddy
No one can replace Kangana😘😘😘..She's the queen of bollywood😎😎
Tarun singh
Here only for Priyanka ...she is unbelievable 😊👌😍😘
Hit like for Kangana...❤❤❤
its_your_girl zZ
Kangana is a really good actor . She really has natural talent . This movie is good because Kangana is there
Dr. Nikhil raj
Priyanka's fan hit a like
Anupama Theeng
1 like for kangana mam😘
Great movie with great lesson for girls who have dream for modelling 👍
Siri R
Moral of the story is that...only your parents will be there for you no matter in what condition
Nida Malik
I watch this movie 15 times. Love from Pakistan
Aliyaa is my name
This is one of the inspiring film... If you re having bad day and need boost .. Watch this movie Trust me.. Its good Have a nice day😊
Syndicate isReal
Once by coincident I met a Bollywood, fashion industry photographer. He was close to Dino Morea & other supermodels but honest. Casually I asked him can I get into modelling, chances. He said "Your world is far better, peaceful. It is equally worst for men too." Now #MeToo has bared most of the truth and lot still remains hidden.
Sonali Biswas
Ya film dekhte dekhte kangna jaisa ramp walk & attitude Kon kon try Kar raha he....she is really awesome yr.....
bollywood musical world
is film se hume ek hi shiksha milti h k koi bina kisi fayde k i mean free m kisi k liye kuch ni krta siway k
Achraf Chahir
55:29 😂😂😂 yiyiyiyiyi Omg kangna queen of acting love her
Heer Kashif
priyanka Chopra's acting is best, one of the finest artist of Bollywood history
Kangana looking so beautiful even more then priyanka
Jeevan Tamang
People have so easily said Kangana is best and discredited Priyanka's amazing acting..if Priyanka wasn't here....K anagana wouldn't have shone like she did! BOTH did amazing jobs!! THEY both won national awards for this!!! Kudos to the ladies
Abena Animawaa
Thank you for the movie and also adding the English Subtitles.
sanam jatav
43:22 priyankya Ki ek hi eye ka mekup huaaa hai..🤣🤣😂
Tarep Longz
Ishu L. E
Who is watching October 2018
Achraf Chahir
1:39:59 Omfg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Same Crying in Queen scene of alcohol 😂😂😂 omg love u kangana
Passion Point
Being someone's wife is much better than to be someone's part time desire
Sweety Saikia
Hats off to Priyanka n Kangana...the two Heroines of Bollywood Industry👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Aisha Khalid
Not only a movie.... But a complete philosophy of life...
ritu rakshit
Priyanka is the princess of Bollywood but kangana is the Queen....just awesome.. kangana you are the champ.
raj veer
kangna so talented actress and also priyanka but kangnas attitude 😍😘 .....when shi ramp walk.
matt 55555
Priyanka and Kangana...Hats off..👏👏👏👏👍👌 superb acting💜
Captain Groot
Being Famous is good.but getting cheap is not good Even bill gets is famous But he is not cheap
Teres a
This film is too great💟💟💟
Rajesh Kumar
What..! Attitude of kangana..Nd what she's ramp walk .. million times better than Priyanka
Rituka Kaishyap ritika
kangana is very beutifull Queen.....
Harsh tyagi
This industry is just a bunch of filthy people’s
Khan Gulnaaz
Kangana is far more better than Priyanka
Tasnuba Suzan
Kangana's ramp walk,attitude is better than Priyanka
deeba sushi
Two real Queens PC AND KR 💟👍
Vhur Lee
Kangana is an impressive actress! She deserve the main role though..
sandy SAGAR
priyanka is so so good and natural. also other main actors did good jobs.
Mehmal Ibraheem
wtf....sleeping with boss, sleeping with other boys is fair just because of their ''fair'' skin color....only black peeps are not able to sleem with????? hillarious..
Tasnim Belayet
I always watch this movie for kangana! Her acting😍
Bhanu kumar
*Kangna ranout acting better than priyanka chopra*
mahak Kaur
Reality of bollywood
Omkaar Muley
Superb movie yarrr! #love #PriyankaChopra
Jazz K.
*The one thing that get to know from this film is that there is a "show stopper" in fashion shows.* 😂😂😂😂 By the way, really impressive film. 👍👍
Vaibhav Singh
if hollywood have jennifer lawrence n emma stone then bollywood have priyanka n kangana hit like if u agree
Imkong Naga
Dark reality of Modelling Industry.. Iam going through this ,now..
Mr_Gallant_4 official
How many are watching now nd planing to watch again & again..
Suman Barupal
Kangana ramp walk..... Suprbbbbb
Swetaa k
What is the msg of this movie..🤔
Hemanto Das
Priyanka is always fav of mine evn kngna too....n really love this movie
shah shah
Kangna ko nhi marna chy tha😢
rekha pawar
This movie is amazing........ 😢😢
Komal Mehra
Kangna jesi accter puri Bollywood m nhi h
chetan singh
Moral of the story: you are alone when you are sucessful because there are not many people who are sucessful. Learn to be alone if you really want to be sucessful....
Mars Love
Kangana was looking great on the ramp. But acting wise she improved a lot now! Both of them got national awards right! Can't believe this released 10 years before. I feel so old! This film has that haunting and magnetic feel to it. If you dream to be in the showbiz, this film really gets to your heart and head!
Zawadi Dedola
girls be careful on your dreams
Jalwa gaane se pehele sunehere balo Wala jo designer tha woh tha mashur desginer Rohit Baal ke kirdar Ka nakal. Madur sir hi itna realistic hone ki himmat dikha sakte hai
Bhaven May
What Kangana has done with her character is exemplary. She got less screen presence but the moment she used to come in frame, there was nothing my eyes could find but her 💙
Hafsa Nadeem
we learn from this movie that life give us two chance
Solanki Rekha
Kangana acting is all ways superb
Anisha Kodaganti
Whose here after the real wedding of Priyanka Chopra??
Suman Barupal
Plz upload veer zara movie...
Ria Nhalve
Who's watching it now? 😍😍
Sumiyyah Zuha
Kangna's acting as a drug addict was fabulous...
Purnima Mahato
It's very heart touching 😇😢😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💔
itszzz bollywood
Kangana has done the grt job
Meraj Ansari
I love this movie...but Zindagi me dusra maoka milta hai Lekin family dusre maoke me bhi sath na de to sab pass ho kar bhi Hum akele hi rahe jate hai........... I feeling soo Alon because jab mujhe bhi success mila meri life me...lekin hum our success pane ke chakkar me sab kuch kho dete hai..jaise Meghna ne sab wapas pa liya ek baar kho kar. lekin real life me pana itna asaan nai hai...mujhe dusra maoka mila to hai lekin apne to sab hai lekin apna pan nai hai na Koi dost hai na hi koi family members......guys please success ke chakkar me un rishte our dosto ko kabhi na bhol na..warna aaj jaise mai life me akela hu ap bhi akele ho jaoge...kuch nai hoga apke paas. Aaj mai itna akela hu ki koi nai hai jisse mai apni dil ki baat share kar saku our wo mujhe bole. Don't worry sab theek ho jaiga..😢😢
Sangay kardashion Tamang
Whoever is the channel owner I heartly thank you so much from the bottom of my heart 😊 I really wanted to watch this movie again and thanks for giving me a chance to watch 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Shavez Shaikh
Muskan Malik
only the parents in the world who always forgive their child and never left them alone in the pain....even their child not respect them...they are best honest gift of God...
Sushmita Lakra
Kangana is bomb 🤟🏻
lil briwn boy
Priyanka and kangana are two actresses in bollywood who we can call ACTRESSES..........magical performance you two😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Faizah Sultana
Tuh tuh hai ...time waste
Naafrums !
Anyone think shonali killed herself cause Meghna was offered the show stopper role and not her in the end? No one thought of giving her a chance :( that’s sad.
shonali paul
I literally cried in priyankas performance
Richa Yadav
Two legends in one movie.