Hey guys, i made a little vlog from my first experience at my new local park, I Didnt have brakes so the session wasnt insane but i just wanted to show you all the park. Around two year's ago i had a bunch of Involvement with the council on this park and its good to see it come to life! Enjoy the vid guys, Ill be uploading more soon.

This is one of the best videos I think Ryan has made
The officer said safe 😂😂 calm down son
140 BeatsPerMinute
JABBMX clip was at plattfields skatepark in manchester before people ask
Kian Patrickkk
Anyone know the music during the skate park clips?🤙🏼 #certifam
nice video bro try a back 180 bar spin out the bowl or over the spine
Jack plays
Ryan how do you get so good at rocker bmx
Lennxn Johnsxn
JABBMX has the same bike as me the cult cc02
Keane Parker
Go hednesford skatepark plz
Horton H
Some kid thinks he's devvo
Jordan Wilkes
1:30 "do you think it's dead" that's what a kid said in the background if you cba to look back
Keep it up bro liking the content + what was all the song names through out the vid if you could let me know that would be sweet
I grew up in The Butts (haa... ha.), 5 mins from this park. 2002ish me and a mate got a petition started and delivered it to Walsall Council, got coverage for it in the local papers (perfect timing after news stories featured complaints about BMXers and skaters damaging the new sculptures in the town centre) and eventually with consultation from a couple of other BMXers from Walsall, WS2 indoor skatepark was built. Great park, rode it loads and put on a comp there, sponsored by Seventies, Federal, Local Clothing, Ride and Dig mags. I miss it a lot. I'm really envious of you getting this new park in Rushall. Looks really well designed - well done. Shame my new local park (Lightwoods skatepark in Bearwood) didn't turn out anywhere near as decent. Can't wait to have a session at Rushall but my crippled old spine has other ideas....
Gratz 100k
Keane Parker
Go hednesford skatepark
EDBM Bsixnine
where you from bro saand propa local lol
josh doughty
love it Ryan keep it up your my bmx idol
what kind of cassette you got ?? that sound is amazing
Gary Foster
will u come back to leamore park so u can sign my scootor or mini rocker
lee halliwell
yes Ryan your amazing
😀Ryan go to the works you can go for free my mate works there biggest skatepark in the world
busterboy 15
I love near that skate park
yes kyle
Sem Westerveld
elite-x-tream ion
it's just a bowl
Paddy Vernon
whats the song at the start of the video ?
Where did you get that helemet from!?!?
Itz Eddie
we're is it
+ryan taylor when can you next cone to wildwood bowl
Lim Jet
Why your bike is making zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise
why would you keep yhe drone noise
Kyle Moseley-Wlodarz
Mitch in the vids and tha 😂
Tristan-Marley Harris
3:51 Song?
KSI: Cant Lose
what bike do you have ?
you look sooo youunnng hahahah
Jude Etheridge
where is that
Faye Marshall
Certi fan for life
baljit pal
Nathan Moore-Mason
What's his back hub??
Gary Foster
were is this skate park ??
ashley cooper
my local skatepark too
Ryan da Silva
Ryan Taylor I ❤️ Ur vids imam 10 and Ido scootering
Joel Ruiz
does anypme know what type of drone he has??
Scarz Blastz
Hi Ryan coming down tomorrow if u are ill be down there with my two cousins
Jonas Hettel
Bike Check of this best?
Ryan Andrews
Do a bike check
Rushall kid Vlogs
U Singed my brothers bike and he rubbed it of with his leg
Chelsea Taylor-wright
My local aswell
Thor van den eynden
Why is it that noisy tho
That cassette noisy as heck
Mr Banitsiotis
What drone do you use
Kyle Moseley-Wlodarz
My local
5:59 I’m sorry I’m a terrible human being but I can’t help but laugh at that
Weres this Park?
Dylan leandro
first one to like
Your bike is so loud