Kippo SSH Honeypot - Attacker #1

This is the playback from one of my honeypots, deployed during the summer of 2013. The playback makes it pretty certain that this is a real person interacting with the honeypot, this assumption is based upon the fact that there is a lot of typing errors and common mistakes that a skilled attacker never would do. These kind of mistakes would have been mitigated if this was a automated attack. Link to the Kippo project:

Is this guy drunk or something? lol
Philip Wiberg
Hahahaha so first he uses apt-get then tries to see if YUM works....... a LOT of ls to for no reason. Super insecure user.
David Cahill
Oh also to this buddy. The package you want is build essentials on ubuntu :D
Atilla Kiss
lold XD
I lost a few cells from watching this... hahaha. 
Atilla Kiss
Just why is there 2 downvotes?
How long did it take with the honeypot running before you got these attempted attacks?
Ryan Shitgrinner
A common theme I see in these videos is the 'hackers' just end up repeatedly typing the same commands over and over in vain. Not to mention type nonsense commands when things don't go their way. It's like they actually have no idea how to use *nix and are just reading instructions elsewhere with a "list of commands to totally hack people". When the instructions fail, all sanity seems to go flying out the window :D
Splendid Swoosh
I'm having some chinese hackers trying to bf into my pi, I got myself Denyhosts and put up a scary banner lol.  But it seems you welcome them in? What password did u have at that time?
David Cahill
This has to be fake... No one is this bad.