Children Of Bodom - Living Dead + Sixpounder Live in Nosturi Part 1\7

Children Of Bodom live in Nosturi. YLE TV, 2006. Living Dead Beat, Sixpounder performed by COB HC. Children Of Bodom: Guitars - Vocals: Alexi Laiho Guitars: Roope Latvala Keyboards: Janne Wirman Bass: Henkka Seppälä Drums: Jaska Raatikainen Visit Children Of Bodom Hate Crew Oficial Site:

A Adu
LOL The show wrote it as "Sixbounder"
Alexi Laiho, bless his metal god soul, is probably one of the only vocalists who can get away with singing the legitimately wrong lyrics to his own songs. XD
Tomi Hiltunen
2006... kun YLE lähetti vielä jotain kattomisen arvosta
"Living Dead" and "Sixbounder".... Gosh, I hate my country sometimes -.-
3:45 I can't get enough of that riff.
Syn Scramp
i think that first song is called "Living dead beat" not "living dead"
3:30 i swear they stole that melody from last of the mohicans
Carlos Henrique
muito muito bom
Powerelefant McPower
Someone who calls himself "COBHCsnake" should know, that this song is called LIVING DEAD BEAT. Lowbob.
0:01 ---> PERKELE! :D
Andrew Strauss
living dead........wheres the beat?
i am totally amazed at their performances at this concert, the instruments sound fantastic and i was so shocked when i first heard them sing, i didn't expert him to sound so similar to what the studio version sounds like. Just gained a whole new level of respect for this band \m/
Alexi's wearing a very cool T-shirt !
lvl.420 Abruh
i wish people would learn how to turn off they're goddamn cameras and fucking enjoy the show..
Bart Buur
@w0mbatina hahaa awesome xD
im tempted to click the disslike button just so that people will have something to bitch about...
the first song is called living dead beat....... 2 fails
keijomus maximus
you know this band from finland its fuckin great
DeJule Beats
lol yeah:D
man they wrote sixbounder instead of sixpounder
A Adu
@alienslistentoelecro Some of them probably are, just their heads are probably lower &/or in the dark. If none then I'd call that a fail of the crowd.  
A Adu
 @Syn Scramp Yes you're right. It's supposed to be Living Dead Beat lol not "Living dead." Wonder what other song names the show mistyped (aside Sixpounder).