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"Roshni Se" full song from Asoka features Shah Rukh Khan & Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles. The film is directed by Santosh Sivan. Roshni Se is sung by Alka Yagnik & Abhijeet Bhattacharya. #asoka #kareenakapoor #santoshsivan #roshnise #srksongs Film: Asoka Song: Roshni Se Singers: Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet Bhattacharya Music Director: Anu Malik For more updates on Asoka, click on the links below:

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Liza Mohanty
In the entire movie, she has no to minimal makeup, except the heavy kajal. And she looks like heavenly goddess. Imagine the amount of beauty God bestowed on some people.. can never relate..
bunues arz
Zaid Alam
best movie in wrong time release
This movie has the best songs ever! No matter what Asoka was a masterpiece, in which both actors were mindblowing as this song "Roshni se". Kareena Kapoor and Srk did an amazing job in this one....! As an Iranian-French, I love this song, roshnise will always be me favorite one!
Minimalistic Tani
This song so so mysteriously romantic.... just beautiful
bunues arz
Supreet Shahi
Some directors can make it look so sensual without any lip locks and sex scenes. This is what I call acting,, you don't have to do it real in acting.
Amit Abhishek
This movie is directed by ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan. You can see his brilliance shining through camerawork. Brilliant choreography and camera work. Definitely a song that's still ahead of its time
Nikki Singh
My God what a song. It is such an old movie but is way ahead of time. So heavily romantic, beautiful. Such songs are unmatachable. What a masterpiece cameeawork, effects. Beautiful, marvellous
bunues arz
this song always give me goosebupms
Aakash Saha
Just listen to Alka Yagnik's voice!!! She is heavenly extraordinary... How could she pitch that well at that sort of high notes!!! I seriously wonder how wonderful she is as a singer!!!
Sara Subramaniam
3:30-3:35 Srk is so damn adorably cute.. 😍😍😍 I don't know abt others but honestly for me this song is surely a heroin drug that I am so addicted from my childhood.. Absolutely beautifully composed 💓💓💓💓
Julianne Ogundele
I always sing along even tho i dont understand what they are saying. Still my fav hindi film of all time right before devdas 😩😩
Such an underrated song and underrated visualization in the history of Hindi film. Love it so much!
Kathrine Winget
this song has no lip kiss,no wild love but for me it's still the most sensual song of Bollywood cause it has king of romance and best eyes of Bollywood..just love this song,the tunes,dance everything...
Samir Jhingran
Such a lovely composition, reminds me of my childhood. Feeling nostalgic.
Amazingly beautiful video! And magnificent film!
Swarnali Poddar
Anyone getting Goosebumps
Harshita Sharma
Give the art director of this film an oscar 👏
Shilpi Singh
Lyrics and the music is exceptionally awesome
madhurima mukherjee
Kareena looking sexy n beautiful.
Imranmohamed il
I not understanding the language but its getting me a spcl feel when hear this sng and rathuka sng from asoka film.. I saw this movie in 2008 but I stil remember this two sngs.. its amazing..
both the kapoor sisters are hot. I am a huge fan of both the kapoor sisters . i love karishma and i love kareena I saw this movei three times in theatre for kareena. even though the movie did not do well i loved kareena
Roshini Patel
people think I'm narcissist when I listen to this song.... cause my name is roshni
Hasan Mehide Joy
Way Way ahead of its time 😭
ibrahim saeed
Srk is looking so handsome.
Boy In The Box
I want to see this pair onscreen again
Zaina Khan
Kareena is beyond beautiful 😍 And Srk 🔥
Nishchay Pahwa
It's 2016!! Hey everyone! Isn't this a beautiful song? Listen to a cover of this song done by me this year, on my channel. Thanx for listening. :)
Savan Bhadani
who is watching this in June 2017? I love this song....
Ailin jinx
what a chemistry !
Elyzar A. Aziz
This song makes a great choreography and music too. Fav after Satrangi Re.
Akshay Sabarwal
Soulful songs like this gives peace to my mind whenever i see natural places or historical places i listen this song and raat ka nasha song love the movie asoka....
saraa lee hunny
i love this movie, beautiful story n song , srk look hot
lovely song my favourite song💗💗💗💗💗
Zara Khan
❤choh k bole na choh na mojeh❤SZ 💋
uthpala Pushpakumara
never get tired listening to this f my foreva favourites
Anyone here after watching Ishqbaaz?
Nishu Jaiswal
yayyyyyyyyyyyyy finally i need the movie in HD please release that
Falakika Malautea
1:13 Kareena kapoors hair thooo ❤️❤️
A.S musically
This song is so so beautiful,romantic I love this song & also my bebo
Saumi Basuchanda
It seems the actors were singing by themselves as the musical duo is perfectly matched with them...and the bgm is also a great connector to the thrilling mood...
shivika bring me here 😍😍 ishqbaaaz and Shivika rock 😘
hustle loyalty respect
jab akele ghar pe rehta hoon to ye song jaroor sunta hoon bahut acha mehsoos karta hoon is song ko sunkar ek gajab ka ehsas hai is song me i love this movie main baar baar is movie ko dekhta hoon phir bhi dekhne ko dil karta hai i love you sahrukh till the last breath of my life 💝 💝 💝
Voice of ANPEE
Gr8 song in gr8 and only movie on samrat ashoka.. really memorable for lifetime
Nizam Khan
I still love this song ....really sach a romantic song ever...
Suraj Salunke
Such surreal and magical feeling this song and music gives .. leaves me spellbound
Double Trouble Queen
Because I really can't find an English sub, I copied and pasted the translation: Filled with light,your eyes are filled Touching me, they say, 'Don't touch me' Filled with dreams your eyes are filled Touching me, they say, 'Don't touch me' I have searched and searched for you above and beneath the heavens Perhaps I shall find you wrapped in some cloud Ah, I have searched and searched for you above and beneath the heavens Perhaps I shall find you floating along some river. Filled with light,your eyes are filled Touching me, they say, 'Don't touch me' Having stopped time,I asked of your whereabouts I met a river, saying I had searched beneath the ocean yes, walking on the waves,water touches me like your hands touch this body of mine Filled with light,your eyes are filled Touching me, they say, 'Don't touch me' Filled with light,your eyes are filled Touching me, they say, 'Don't touch me'
Ankon Sarkar
I was 7 when I saw this movie for the first time in 2008. I fell in love with SRK. He should do films more like Asoka😂😂😂😂
Min Mi
Biutyfull song love 💗 you Shahrukhan 💓 Karina kapoor
Tukai choudhury
*This is my Favorite Song of all time*
The Utopia
It feels Classic and the king of expression SRK😍😍😍
Saumi Basuchanda
SRk and Kareena's stunning chemistry is sometimes adorably cute and sometimes fiery glamorous...such a great job by the director and choreographer...
Pavithra Mani
such a beautiful song but quite unnoticed so sad i jus love this
levi shrestha
Love this song......
Binayak Rath
srk sir as king Ashok , just awesome.....
Dwi Adinda
i like music so good 👌👌
Azad Ali
Thanks to red chilli upload HD
Komal Panwar
I m just in love with song still in 2017
sweet potato
Sub español ;'(
Amrita Talukdar
This is such a beautiful song with brilliant cinematography. Very underrated movie that I absolutely love... Sensuous song without any liplock or sex scene...
Aissatou Dem
2018 😉😮😍
Richa Pathak
Bestest song in the world it has it ,love you SRK.
melani a.k
izledigim en iyi kliplerden farkli bir havası var
Vijay Kadale
Anyone 2018?
Ambesh Upadhyay
Watched this song more than 1000 times still dont know how many more time i will watch it ,just beacause of it's music,visuals and singers.loved it
Tintin Febriyantika
True Love so Romantic and deeply 💗
JPM Vlog
I reaaaaaally adore this movie, the songs, makes my heartbeat faster I just love it
max always
bebo is just the best
Yash Pawar
one of the best romantic song .........!!!!
refaa shakeer
Love this song..n love u both @kareena kapoor n @shahrukh khan
מוניקה טלקר
hevnly song
Sonalika Jadhav
so inosent pure nice words of this song.also voice of k.k.
really kareena is the most pretty actress of bollywood...
Ayath Ulla Ayath Ulla
Misss u lot....i spm
Kushal Kumar
Makes me Feel like drinking venilla shake🙂
Rina Ae
Shahrukhan I LOVE YOU
Ochi Richi
Kareena very beauty
kanchi Khanal
2018 we miss song with such deep lyrics
Bilal Rajpoot
Kareena Is toooo hot In this song I mean What a dressing... Uffff
Poulami Paria
Her beauty breaks hearts
Surya Surya
Kareena love you
Usmanali Ali
Awesome song n came hr fr beautiful kareena
حياوي الزيدي/hayaoy alzidi
احلى فلم شفتة هو اشوكا😚 .. ذكرى من عام 2017/6/15
Zahra S
What happened to Alka Yagnik's voice lol.. They made it too high pitched. Great song though!
Tomtom Hbb
i always thoguth asoka was underrated .____. i loved this movie so much, especially the soundtrack! and of course the dynamic between srk and bebo was great _ i would love to see more movies with them together
She is stunninnnnnngggggggg
Mbianyor Roben
no matter how many times I watch dis movie, it never get old
Alone Girl
2018 anyone??
Kayra Kocak
Türk varmı Türk
Jatindra Nayak
I love this song💞
AAE vidio
اَي فلم هذا
marlene pacumpia
una de las peliculas que me encanta
Asoka 😎 💪💖 <3
Amel Alg
Lali's Velrios
hermosa canciòn.
Mumbai Medical
this song was played in ishqbaaaz in yesterday's epi
Fatima Khan
Who is here cause of ishqbaaz??????