8 Biggest Bollywood Casting Couch Scandals

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Pravith Shriyan
People commenting on his English accent …there is nothing wrong in it …he sounds really good for being an Indian
Waqas Narang
Man your info is good but your Hinglish is too annoying .
imdad ali
Aman verma ... chutiya saala
Chitra Adkar
Casting couch is not rape, Preeti Jain's accusations undermines the real plight of rape victims. if you have been cheated it's wrong on that person's part, but it is not rape.
you know, one thing that was very common was that most of the men got away even after doing whatever shit they did, guilty or not guilty, men somehow were portrayed as the victims than the women. not saying only men are capable of it but if u see the all the cases in this video, it seems that it's easier to blame the women than punish the men.
Tenzin sonamsan
you have good topic but really need to work on your editing and sound. for a 10 min video it seems very long and gets boring, hard to to watch. good luck for your future.
Arshiya Bharti
Your background music is so irritating! :/
Shivani Yadav
Another great, you guys. I would love to suggest some video ideas (which I'm sure you have already, by the way). You can do best movies of all-time in different genres (like you did for horror) and can also separate them according to decades, actors, direction and what not. There are so many ideas like these! I have commented something like this before but gonna mention it again, I'm so happy that you created this channel!
Aust Thakur
shahrukh Khan is always in bed with Ram Gopal. This is nothing new. Shahrukh can always bend over to get a role.
Kumar Mitrabhanu
India tv? Seriously? Dude...its a comedy channel trust me,i have seen aliens in india tv... And u happen to believe them? Bhai likes and views ke liye kisi pe bhi varosa karoge kya
Anil kumar
hi u have focused on female actress, wt about male actor is there only one wt about sharukh khan n many others
T Rex
Heroines ko per failana aur Heroes ka gand dena yeh Bollywood ka purana rivaaz hai.
sahil bajaj
Debopriya Mallick
Shakti Kapoor should have thought about his daughter, while doing these deeds
su sa
isliye aman varma big boss me aya tha hahahaahahaha
Tanvee Dadhich
one day your channel is going to be on top..#Tried&Refused Productions
Rahul Verma
Next list can be........... top 10 actors whose career is fading away with time ...........and please be honest
Nothing new....been happening since the dawn of creation.
Not so Perfect
thumps up
Salman Shaikh
Mahesh jha
no 1 goes to the Shakti Kapoor !
Manish Soni
Content idea : please make one video on underrated directors of Bollywood.
Viral AdDicKtt
haha all indians will be gay one day
Jordan D
Every actress sleep with actors directors and producers. Beginning every girls agrees to do sex to get success, but if they flop then spoke against big names
Scorpio Snake
Some wanna have sex , some want fame , some want money . The way I see it , it's all fair game .
The only positiveness I got from the video was the Batman Begins poster at 6:49. Fvk Bollywood garbage.
dipudusmanta sahoo
dirty industry
cornelius christian
stop sounding like a desi guy trying to speak english... its so annoying.
Ash M
how do u know all this casting couch secrets?
Motion Graphics
vai tumhara total kitna Chanel hai yaar ?
Zaved Raisuz Zaman
subhash ghai and Aishwarya Rai/mahima Chaudhary...Thats an open secret in Bollywood
Aneesh Prasobhan
Good video my brother. I'm also planning to start a youtube channel but I'm afraid that people would troll me to death for my Malayalee English accent. :(
krunal solanki
Every actor/actress have to sleep with the directors. my friend's cousin was trying for movies. my friend accompanied her everywhere. they come to know that to get a movie a girl and boy has to sleep with everybody from the beginning. photographer who will make her good port folio, then casting director, director, producer , actors like salman etc. to get a movie they must sleep with director, producer and actor if big actor is involved. this is basic.
all these actors are prostitutes. Whats new
Psycho Atlas
A payment which can only be made by flesh? The ultimate payment
I like how that last guy is so straight forward. His roles are always so funny In movies. “FUCK”
Aashish Valmiki
No the style of ur pronunciation is too sexy
Jaideep chugh
shaktii lola ahuuuuuuuuuuu 😂😂😂😂
Android Gamer
Look mafos , there's nothing wrong with his accent ,if U're finding him annoying then get the fuck out of here
Amit Rachit
view top secrets of bollywood actresses.. - http://rachitcompany.in/places.html
Amit Rachit
view top secrets of bollywood actresses.. - http://rachitcompany.in/places.html
Amit Rachit
view top secrets of bollywood actresses.. - http://rachitcompany.in/places.html
Amit Rachit
view top secrets of bollywood actresses.. - http://rachitcompany.in/places.html
Suraj Kumar
It is a dirty industry
Amit Chauhan
bhai tu hindi ka b use kiya kar
Wonder Ninja
If film could be dubbed words could be Put in producers statement
satyajit behera
If Priyanka Chopra is not in the list then why have you put her on the cover? Chutiya sala
Omkar Patki
It's not aspirational actress, it's aspiring actress.
Heisenberg Bohr
subhash ghai is a veteran c***lover
Subhash Kapoor, not Subhasish Kapoor!
Ganesh Dhital
I love your channel .love from nepal
Jahidsami VLOGS
Priyanka chopras whole career is made through casting couch
Shailesh Sampat
louder audio please. All your clips have same problem
Born Cynic
First you decide whether it's Subhasish or Subhas 😒
Yea you should live in fear if you are gay , it's nothing to be proud of.
Yasmine .B
I love the way that speaks he sounds so clear and confident
Anzan Panta
where are honourable mentions?
Nawal Waseem
Those shakti kapoor liness 😂😂😂😂😂
You are channel going to one of the best channel in the you tube industry
Shabba dabba
Crime master gogo, you should go go from the industry. ;)
amol palkar
Geetika the carrom board aka flat tv , who will molest her ??????????????
leon jo
you have a clear pronunciation
ehsanul kabir
sick Bollywood people...
Elish Neline
Bollywood is now in the Illuminati
Vic Singh
You make good videos, be sure to watermark them so bits and pieces aren't copied.
jay khuman
really awesome content guys keep on going
Pinah Laua
make me famous
Dot Gyawali