8 Biggest Bollywood Casting Couch Scandals

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if the #MeToo movement started in bollywood, the majority of the industry would be in jail or out of work
Pravith Shriyan
People commenting on his English accent …there is nothing wrong in it …he sounds really good for being an Indian
Tried&Refused Productions.
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Rupi Gill
There is nothing wrong with accent!!! When are Indians going to stop being judgmental about their own people!!! You think he should have what an American accent then it's all good?! Most Indians speak multiple languages so this guy's accent is not an issue. He speaks very clearly.
Debopriya Mallick
Shakti Kapoor should have thought about his daughter, while doing these deeds
Mayank Srivastava
Rina was right...look at anup jalota today
war monger
Casting couch is morally wrong but not legally.
satyajit behera
If Priyanka Chopra is not in the list then why have you put her on the cover? Chutiya sala
Zaved Raisuz Zaman
subhash ghai and Aishwarya Rai/mahima Chaudhary...Thats an open secret in Bollywood
Suraj Kumar
It is a dirty industry
Rahul Verma
Next list can be........... top 10 actors whose career is fading away with time ...........and please be honest
Psycho Atlas
A payment which can only be made by flesh? The ultimate payment
Ib pr
And now his daughter is an actress🤷🏽‍♀️ that’s what you call karma
imdad ali
Aman verma ... chutiya saala
you know, one thing that was very common was that most of the men got away even after doing whatever shit they did, guilty or not guilty, men somehow were portrayed as the victims than the women. not saying only men are capable of it but if u see the all the cases in this video, it seems that it's easier to blame the women than punish the men.
sa ya
Why does salman always defend people who are guilty like Aman Verma and Sooraj Panchioli. He has a brand calld "Being Human" and yet he defends everyone who shouldn't even be considered humans for the heinous actions they have done.
Richa S
I believe the thing about Anup Jalota now that I’ve seen him in big boss
Arvind Thakore
You can add Saroj Khan to the list of disgrace Bollywood people who appreciate Coach Casting
The Harvey Weinsteins of Bollywood
Tanvee Dadhich
one day your channel is going to be on top..#Tried&Refused Productions
Kumar Mitrabhanu
India tv? Seriously? Dude...its a comedy channel trust me,i have seen aliens in india tv... And u happen to believe them? Bhai likes and views ke liye kisi pe bhi varosa karoge kya
Heroines ko per failana aur Heroes ka gand dena yeh Bollywood ka purana rivaaz hai.
Aneesh Prasobhan
Good video my brother. I'm also planning to start a youtube channel but I'm afraid that people would troll me to death for my Malayalee English accent. :(
Tenzin sonamsan
you have good topic but really need to work on your editing and sound. for a 10 min video it seems very long and gets boring, hard to to watch. good luck for your future.
Young Ujwal
It'on Matter How He Talk In English Mayn Y'all Should Preciate Him Fa What He Doing
Jahidsami VLOGS
Priyanka chopras whole career is made through casting couch
Elish Neline
Bollywood is now in the Illuminati
Xpedia tron
Sajid khan must be included
Omkar Patki
It's not aspirational actress, it's aspiring actress.
Aashish Valmiki
No the style of ur pronunciation is too sexy
aman singh deep singh
This is tip of an ice berg
Shivani Yadav
Another great, you guys. I would love to suggest some video ideas (which I'm sure you have already, by the way). You can do best movies of all-time in different genres (like you did for horror) and can also separate them according to decades, actors, direction and what not. There are so many ideas like these! I have commented something like this before but gonna mention it again, I'm so happy that you created this channel!
Anzan Panta
where are honourable mentions?
Ash M
how do u know all this casting couch secrets?
dipudusmanta sahoo
dirty industry
xplore govt jobs
hi u have focused on female actress, wt about male actor is there only one wt about sharukh khan n many others
IRONGRIP : Network
Shakti kapoor.. Thug life 😂😂😂
Yasmine .B
I love the way that speaks he sounds so clear and confident
Dhruva Sarkari
Subhash ghai and Ashwariya’s link??!!
su sa
isliye aman varma big boss me aya tha hahahaahahaha
Sudipto Chakma
Isliye Bollywood is chutiyawood and the Garbage industry
Subhash Kapoor, not Subhasish Kapoor!
Anima Dark
payal rohatgi damn sexy & hot
Shabba dabba
Crime master gogo, you should go go from the industry. ;)
Can i hit 100 000 subs Without any video challenge
Bhai to hindi me video kyun nhi banata
Heisenberg Bohr
subhash ghai is a veteran c***lover
Waqas Narang
Man your info is good but your Hinglish is too annoying .
Kangna Aditya pancholi ?
Arshiya a
Your background music is so irritating! :/
hanish parmar
ur voice is like gay
Jaideep chugh
shaktii lola ahuuuuuuuuuuu 😂😂😂😂
Shakti kapoor is expected!!
Rohit Agarwal
I stand by Onir.
all these actors are prostitutes. Whats new
Ganesh Dhital
I love your channel .love from nepal
Shakti Kapoor is a mad tharkhi. But he might the most transparent actor in the industry. He is what he is. But also that casting couch thing was disgusting I mean there are bigger actors then him that have done it.
Aust Thakur
shahrukh Khan is always in bed with Ram Gopal. This is nothing new. Shahrukh can always bend over to get a role.
Motion Graphics
vai tumhara total kitna Chanel hai yaar ?
Nothing new....been happening since the dawn of creation.
Did he say bhenchord at 10:46?
krunal solanki
Every actor/actress have to sleep with the directors. my friend's cousin was trying for movies. my friend accompanied her everywhere. they come to know that to get a movie a girl and boy has to sleep with everybody from the beginning. photographer who will make her good port folio, then casting director, director, producer , actors like salman etc. to get a movie they must sleep with director, producer and actor if big actor is involved. this is basic.
Jasmine Khoo
Of course, the producer's are dogs.
Shubhangi S
Genuine advice hindi me bolna start karo, 6 mnths me 1M se jyada subs ho jaege Challenge...
Samjeet Roy
Are yaar kya hua chod lene se..waise v movie me jake adha nanga hoke adha to chudwati hi hai !!
bhisade patile
bollywood ke bare me hai to Hindi me bol na sale. isike vajah se India pichhe hai
vivek p
Who gave you the right to test a person's character... In a dimly lit room, why would you meet anybody alone......stop judging people.... You encroach into their comfort zone to test their, adventurous abilities.
Vaibhav Singh
why u put a photo of kangana in starting of the video🤔
sahil bajaj
Urvashi Sinha
not Subhashish Kapoor...its Subhash Kapoor
Harshita Rai
1M now yaaaaaaaaaa👍👍👍👍👍
you have such a thick accent sigh. makes watching this hard on the ears - for someone who isn't so used to indian accent. I like bollywood so I clicked on this video.. and good content too, but maybe a more neutral sounding accent would make the video more open for non-indians too
Salman Shaikh
Viral AdDicKtt
haha all indians will be gay one day
Views are bcoz of thumbnail
Riyansh Biswas
Women accusing Bollywood of #metoo are the most vile types that exist First they open their legs "willingly" for a role and then accuse of sexual harassment. They can always say "no" But they want it both ways.
The Melbournian
How could Shraddha Kapoor even think of coming into limelight knowing her father is characterless to that extent ?? She’s no different than her father in that sense, she’s quite shameless. Any normal girl with self respect would’ve NEVER made a public appearance if she knew her father is a pervert.
Shrey Gupta
Well the main problem is that due to casting couch many deserving actresses does not get the chance and another problem is that even if the actress's audition is excelent she still does not get the role because she refused to have sex
snehal Borkar
Also make a video on top ten #metoo movement
sweetandsour life
Tu halwa hai kya
Shna Faruq
Why is Indian accent laughed upon, but other European accents deemed sexy? I always found this really offensive.
navin kumar Nayak
Absolute pronounciation dear.....too good I watched ur posts halfly due to your voice texture and pronounciation... seriously
Ruturaj Shiralkar
Director of Jolly LLB is Subhash Kapoor.
Ananya Singh
Anup Jalota😂
Nicole Srivastva
Hell with you 😣
Shik Singh
omg ye shakti Kapoor ne Rani n yash Chopra k baare mein ye kya keh dia 😯..Rani toh filmy family se hai. Toh en logo k saath aise kaise ho sakta hai?? kiski itni himmat.. ye toh sabse safe rehte hai es industry mei...n aish b itni famous modal n miss world. ..known faces ko toh bina struggle k hi work mil jaata hai ..please koi clear karo en baato ko..I am confused
Navjot Singh
if you will start making your videos in hindi and english both you cam achieve 1million easily bro. it wss just an advice but i think you must. thank you
Aimen Chaudhary
I really like his accent I just watch movies to listen to him
Black Mimosa
casting couch process in porn movie or bollywood. It does not matter to these people
Urbashi Ghosh
your voice 👌👌
Arpita Pokharel
That boom writer maybe right because of that Bhajana singer anup jalauta lol
kajal kumar
Anup jallota yha bhi aagya bc😑
Sahil Mirshikari
Bro, doing great job!!!;!; keep it up 🌻
Samia Arif
I must say you are a very talented guy and choose the best content and present it in the best possible and gracious way. Hats off to you from Pakistan.
ankit sharma
Anup jalota yha bhi
Shishir Yerramilli
I'm just here for the cleveage
जिसे चूत मारने की कला आती है वह बड़ी मजे से कास्टिंग काउच का मज़ा लेते है। बाकी चूतिये हब्शी होते है जो फस जाते हैं औरतों के जाल में।
That Girl
If it is mutually consenting, it is not immoral but abusing one's power to get sex is just low. Shakti and Bhandarkar were the worst in this video
Priyadarshani Bahaley
Oh my god! So much of info about the casting couch in Hindi film industry. I don't even know half the people and the films mentioned in this video. Good efforts and narration.
some one
Lawde bollywood k aman Verma ko bachane aaye 😂😂😂