How to Buy a House Step by Step for First Time Home Buyers - Online Course (Tips and Advice)

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Get Access to the Course ► Are you a first time home buyer under a time crunch ? Do you feel completely lost and confused about the home buying process? Do you constantly consult random website that leaves you even more confused ? Are you unsure about the options available to finance your house ? Do you wish if there is a course that can walk you through the full steps in detail? At the end of this course you should learn how to buy a house through the steps below. I will walk you through the entire process, Step by Step !! Step 1 – The First Steps of buying a house for first time home buyer. The right time to buy a house What is due diligence? The difference between renting and buying Requirements to purchase a home Building up your team Keeping yourself protected Step 2 – Finding the Right Agent & Lender The importance of hiring a real estate agent The fundamentals of negotiating Finding the best real estate agents Selecting the best lenders Step 3 – Getting a Pre-Approval An introduction to the different types of home loans The difference between fixed and adjustable rates The difference between 15-year loans and 30-year loans The importance of the pre-approval process What does a good faith estimate mean? Availability of programs for first time home-buyers Availability of grants for first time home-buyers Availability of loans for first time home-buyers Step 4 – Looking at Homes Tips on narrowing your search for the ideal home What is a fixer-upper? The difference between foreclosure and short sales What are probate properties? Why do you have to preview homes that are for sale? Step 5 – How Do I Choose the Ideal House? What are the different types of properties? The advantages of owning a particular property type What are housing cooperatives? The top 5 mistakes home-buyers need to avoid Step 6 – How to Get the Funds Submission of loan application The fundamentals of loan processing What is loan underwriting? Step 7 – Making the Offer Factors to consider when making an offer for a home The mortgages you qualify for Long-term goals Cash at hand Real estate agents' advice The importance of your opinion What are contingencies? The strategy on how to make a counteroffer Signing contracts The pre-inspection agreement Making a money deposit The title company and the title policy Surveying the properties dimensions The importance of getting home warranty Step 8 – Getting Insurance The importance of having insurance How far can insurance cover for exterior and interior damages? How far can insurance cover for damage and loss of personal belongings? How far can insurance cover for damages caused by you and other family members? How far can insurance cover while your home is being rebuilt? What are Premiums? Step 9 – The Closing Process The fundamentals of the home-inspection process Different issues that can be encountered during inspection How do you re-negotiate? Step 10 – Finally Settling Into Your New Home! Getting keys to your new home Moving in Regular maintenance checklist Discussion on mortgage payment What is the difference between bi-weekly payments and monthly payments? Get Access to the Course ►

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Great video! Pretty much explained everything. If i were to sum it up for those looking to buy a home for first time in one comment, it would be: 1- Get a mortgage approval 2- Hire a top-notch real estate agent 3- do your home work and take your time 4- make a list of your priorities 5- assess the neighborhood If all goes fine, go ahead. lastly, to everyone who sees the comment, if you want more information on buying home for the first time or looking for a catalogue of stunning homes to choose from - this is the place to be at:
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