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9 World records created by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee World Records. Bruce Lee World Records watch here. world records by bruce lee has not been broken yet. Bruce Lee, formerly known as Lee June Fan, born in 1940 in San Francisco, California, He was a martial arts pioneer and philosopher, UFC Pioneer, the founder of Jeet Kune Do and the super kung fu movie star, he was also the first global promoter of Chinese Kung Fu and the first Chinese actor in Hollywood. Bruce Lee’s 5 movie in Hong Kong had broken multiple records, in these films, ‘The Way of the Dragon’ breaking the box-office records in Asia, and the world's total box office of the film ‘Enter the Dragon’ which cooperating with Hollywood had achieved 230 million dollars. Furthermore, so far, as an outstanding Martial Artist, Bruce Lee’s 9 World Records still no one can beyond. 1. He could kick 45KG a sandbag by a side kicking. 2. Using the nunchaku knocking out 1600 pounds’ force. 3. Bruce Lee could hit a 9-punch in only 1 second and a 150-pound man could be fallen back 5-6 meters to the ground by his One-inch Punch. 4. He could easily insert the fingers into an unopened can of Coca - Cola. 5. Punching a power of 350 pounds, Muhammad Ali was achieved such records, but the weight of Bruce Lee is only 130 pounds and Ali’s weight is 260 pounds, not the same heavyweight. 6. Bruce Lee could kick 6 legs in one second and use his signature move "Step side kick ", kicking away a 200 pounds man about 20 meters, falling into the pool. 7. Bruce Lee could do about 1500 push-ups in a row by two hands and can do 400 push-ups in a row by one hand; he could also do about 200 push-ups by two-finger of one hand and can do up to 100 by the thumb of one hand. 8. He could kick a 135 kg- gunny-bag to the height of one - story house, about 5 meters. 9. He could hold the 34-kilogram barbell straight arm out in front, hold for 20 seconds after stretching out his arm, then take back; He can hold 56 kg barbell flat and stop for a minute. If Bruce Lee was still alive, he should have played the roles such as the mister, decadent man, the middle age uncle and so on, look at the following pictures, he indeed had this potential. Source :

Foxtrot Elite
He was Mentally Stronger than Anyone.. Thats why he could do all these things.
Sam C
Many people compare Bruce Lee to the best fighters of today and say he isnt as good, what you need to remember is that he was at the pinnacle of *mind,body & soul* not just fighting.
ajit singh Manhas
he was great
OutplayShower ;
Ryan Cajigan
I MISS BRUCE LEE and his films because he is a very good kung fu actor
Attila Alan
Bruce Lee could fly.
Stone Foot
he could also jump over Everest and hold his breath while diving to the bottom of Mariana trench
Most if not all of these 'records' aren't records at all. That 'punch 350lbs' thing is codswallop. A pro boxer's punching force in pounds per square inch is several times that, never mind a heavyweight's. As for kicking 200 lb men 20m, I seriously doubt that: even a horse couldn't do that, and they often kill men with a kick.
1°) He's not UFC pioneer, he never did any competition of any kind, he only has 2 official fights : one during an exhibition at Long Beach, and the famous Wong Jack Man fight, that's all, to promote his art, he chose cinema, not competition (it's easier to not be defeated that way). Vale Tudo, which is the ancestor of UFC exists since the 1920's, the Gracie Family competed in the Vale Tudo since the 1950's, Lee was still a child, and it's the Gracie who later founded the UFC. Lee "inventor of MMA" is a urban legend due to misknolwedge of martial arts history, and the fact that he has a MMA-like outfit in Enter The Dragon... MMA exists since Ancient Ages (Pankration), and when he came to USA with only his Wing Chun, he found western people were more open and pluridisciplinal, many western guys were as well into karate as into judo, aikido etc... Lee didn't invent the cross-training, he embrassed it. 2°) Those records are bullshit, he was never validated in anyway by any official organisation, Lee doesn't old any record of any sort regarding the practice of martial arts... and let's be serious "4 he could easily put his fingers in a opened can", you call this a world record ? 6 sounds ridiculously ridiculous... most of this shit are urban legend. 3°) The guy at 5:22 isn't even Bruce Lee, it's a shot from the "Rocky IV" movie, it's Sylvester Stallone... lol 4°) I love Bruce Lee, I respect what he has accomplished, but I can't stand his fanboys who obviously don't even know what they're talking about.
Michael Simonsen
Bruce Lee was like nobody else. Today he`s records would have been better recorded and you non believers would eat your own words. Bruce was truly truly TRULY amazing. One of a kind.
Car 3
I wish he was still alive rest in peace Bruce Lee
Harry Michael
Bruce lee is real great his power is amazing. Truth
so God was trapped in Bruce Lee?
zaimir asraf
Finally was defeated by Indonesia...
50k inspirers and 4.6k jealous
Vikartan Sood
Do you even know what 20 meters are actually? Looks like you are talking about his movies 😂😂😂lol
Ryan Cajigan
He is the real master of KUNG FU and the best actor of Karate and martial arts,no one can do or accomplish a record like these
Shoaib Shah Bukhari
Undoubtedly, he was the greatest martial artist. Still is and probably always will be. Great respect for him. I wish i would be his student.
Casandra Proano
Created records total B/S ! Little skinny guy with speed that's it! Muscle mass he didn't have ! All hype! Movie crap! It's like watching Steven Segal beat the crap out of 30 guys at once!
Hari Krishna
He is the God of Martial Arts 🙏🙏🙏
P Noel
What happened if he go to the UFC i think no one can make him down 6 kicking in 1 second LoL
John Jay
He could do all of those incredible things, yet he caught a cold and the sniffles killed him. Bruce Lee CREATED records? I didn't realize you could just make up records to break. I'm going to start doing that. This morning I became the record holder for the most Swedish fish eaten while watching"Golden Girls" reruns at 4 in the morning.
Louis Cajes
Bruce lee is a Natural Born figther.
Bestov Bestov
Bruce Lee is dead God never dead
bruce lee龍
Mighty Villain
Well I can do a 105 push ups with my hands not touching the ground...legends are legends....
Hamit Fusha
What yo-yo put this BS together. I’m sure these facts were recorded on the Guinness world records, lol , what a JOKE
number1 stunner187
Why you got rocky scene at 5:23???
Francisco Javier Tema Gay
En la mma lo hubieran destrozao
Titou Messenageu
200 pounds man... 20 meters... i'm out of here
Michael Kiley Kratzer
He could kick someone 60' feet! Really...Hhhhhh
Did he find salvation in Jesus?
Bill Diaz
And with all these "world records" he never tested his skills where it mattered. In fact according to his wife Linda the one fight he did have against another Kung Fu man lasted 14 minutes and deteriorated into a sloppy wrestling match both claiming victory. Bruce had dozens of open challenges by America's best. And to his credit he avoided them. He would have gotten his ass kicked. He himself said he was an "actor". And a good one at that.
Lee could absolutely NOT NOT NOT do remotely close to “200 push-ups on 2 fingers or 100 push ups on one thumb”! Absolutely false thing to say. EVERY video of Lee doing 2 finger pushups shows him doing 2-3 only. Video is off the wall
King Slayer
fake news
joe k
he also ran a mile in under 2mins. backwards!
Moys Free
For all you idiots out there there are no world records in the Guinness Book of World Records of Bruce Lee thumbs down
Sandy Combs
Many people consider Bruce Lee the greatest fighter ever, and yet there is not a single video or account of him having ever fought anyone in a real fight. All of his fights are scenes from a movie that were choreographed. Was he really a great fighter, no one will ever know since he never fought anyone for real.
Ayatollah Khomeini
Mr Invincible
Legends are legends
barbarino qintana
Long Nguyen
Where did you get all those information?
Anwit Paul
This is insanely exaggerated 😑
Lashell Maivia Lee
and he forever and always will hold that record. what a beautiful soul
Prathmesh Londhe
Bruce Lee was great
Born Just
1500 push ups in one shot that's ridiculous
Michaelov Jacksonski
Please do Michael J White and Chuck Norris world records.
Golf 2
You missed the fact that he created a big bang. He's masters aka the greatest martial artests of the entire universe said it. No any videos or evidence but when layers say something it must be true.
Rene Hebing
41k admirers and 3k jealous
waditha gamage
any proven elaborations of these records pls?
xiaobo huang
Brian Koch
At 5:15, the picture of the elevated leg lifts is actually Sylvester Stallone from Rocky 4, not Bruce Lee.
Antonio Mele
100 push ups with just his thumb!?!?! Lol come on
Ulysses Gutierrez
At 5:14 of the video... That's Stallone...
Rodrigorodrigo Clare
I love martial arts and I LOVE BRUCE LEE
xgamer 0123
This is why Bruce Lee is immortal however he died in real life but he is a legend and is IMMORTAL in his fans heart
the one thing that alot of ppl seem to glaze over about bruce was how incredibly fit he was. he exercised every single day, and at almost ever chance he had downtime, and developed a VERY extensive, strict workout regime, not only for body conditioning but performance as well. you could say that he was a modern pioneer for martial arts fitness. this is the reason why his fast twitch muscle fibers were so developed, making him extremely quick and explosive, or why he was so strong. he somehow figured out how to balance having muscle (lean muscle) without sacrificing performance. this is what impresses me the most about bruce -- he basically mastered his body, and his potential completely through this holistic conditioning... body, and mind. :) i remember my buddy had a book about his workouts and his thought processes behind them. very interesting read.
xiaobo huang
Kicking someone 20 meters away? That's completely impossible. That's literally like getting hit by a car at 20 mph speed... So no, this is bs
That moment of dissapoint.. when the narator said "he could kick bla.. bla.. bla.." and the picture shown is Bruce Lee punching a sandbag. Great.
Ykuntah Srinivas
9 punches in 1 sec!! Is it true ?? Oh god unbelievable!! If he done!! He is not human being, he is "BRUCE LEE"
Ashura Scar
His muscles show his hard work , WTF with that push-ups
Young Bane
Whoever made this video BOI
Ron Hillier
Why the pic from Rocky 4 ?
steven young
Punch as hard as a 260lbs Olympic gold boxer at the 1/3 the wight and have speeds that go unrivaled, this is no man. This is a legend. This is Bruce Lee!!
Cold Blood Creations
Bruce Lee could: stand on his head for 9 days straight with no sleep. snap his fingers and kittens would die from the sound. jump over 25 feet in the air and stay there for up to an hour before gravity asked his permission to pull him back down to the ground. Bruce Lee also didn't have lungs. He didn't need to breathe. Breathing is for sissies. And he had no testicles. That's how he made the high pitch HAYAAAA!!! when he was about to kick some ass,,,
Vasu Jackson
We miss you for a great legend,,,,, I am crying ,,,, love you,, love you so much,,, my real hero,,,, my inspiration ,,,
Jason Pettit
Wow,he was totally something else,,,he had a great power within
Ryan Cajigan
im a nice fan of you man
I am a lifelong fan of Mr. Bruce Lee. Not a one of these things is true as stated here. There are no Guiness Book of World Records for any of these categories/claims. The man was the greatest single martial arts practitioner that there has ever been but, these claims more resemble Chuck Norris jokes than actual facts. Though a few have some semblance in truth even those are exaggerated.
NineOne Dunk
this song just makes me feel sad
1500 push up? Wtf! He is not human😂 i only do 60 and that's it😂😂
Sarbananda Borah
But unfortunately he died
diablo 1970
The reason why theres no real footage of all bruce lee greatnest is becouse the people around knows him will than i think they did not show to the public his greatnest its becouse for them thats enough...bruce lee is not a show man...he is the kind of a humble guy and good...may u rest in peace brother...
Deepak Magar
We always remember him
Haryo Ryo
He is saitama's (one punch man) master!!
Meyakumla Imchen
He's ..awesome words man..
Insane Legend God
I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan and the man was an amazing person on many levels but world records shouldn't have words like "about" and "probably".
SOURAV Rajput t
i miss u bruce lee and movies
Ryan Cajigan
His mental ability is veryvery strong
mat kangkung
tapi kalah dengan guru silat dari malaysia
Jonathan Wang
Super human.
prog egypt
My respect to the legend
Nanke Khan
Bruce Lee is Best
Randall Raines
I looked up to him since I was small. Took him as my mentor. Until now. My Shifu.
Sd.Shamim Hasan
Sd49 your fan
Sol Hurvey
I can eat 7 chewing gums in 1 second. I can cook minute rice in 45 seconds. I can count 2 dozen eggs without breaking them. I can count my snores when I sleep too. Heck I can even see my future which is none.
Filmon Tesfay
❤️👑Bruce Lee!
Ganesh Ganney
Brock vs Bruce Lee it would have been great match
yoshimitsu god
He is a legend
suresh david David
Hats off to legend
Raidaz4u Gaming
Bruce Lee could carry 10 men weighing 120 pounds about 60 meters while balancing a glass of water on his nose. REAL FACTS 😂😂
Zain TECHno
Point👉 7 😱😱😱
jamil jimmy
ah no 6: kicking away a 200 pound man upto 20 meters away.. tamil heros have broken that record for your info dude... rofl
subham mahato
every pic show the proof that he could do those things but at the end of this video (5:I7) the dragon flag is not done but Bruce lee it was done in the move of ROCKY 3 so here is little bit mistake in the video .
JaiJai Reactions
That's what I call a living legend that has the name of THE RED DRAGON!!!😆🥇🏅🥋😇
Okay, starting at no. 4 I just died laughing. So Bruce Lee apparently holds the world record in "inserting your fingers into a can of Coca Cola"..? *rolfmao*