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Hey guys! Most of you may know that I was adopted, but I never really talk about it. I am hoping sharing my story can help someone else that may be struggling with a similar situation. If you have any questions for me, just let me know in the comments below. Subscribe! />Official Site: /> JOIN SNOOKI'S REWARD PROGRAM! /> CONNECT WITH SNOOKI: TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />PINTEREST: /> Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:

Michelle Morera
Do you think your birth parents & siblings watched you on Jersey Shore?!
Gloria Estopinan
Snooki you are so strong. Not a lot of adopted kids are as strong minded as you. And that’s sad. I’m glad your heart is happy 😃
Gianna J
Many newborn babies were stolen and sold in false adoptions by the corrupt Chilean government under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet from the years 1973 to 1990. I highly encourage you to look into finding your birth parents if you are an adopted Chilean born during that time, as there is actually a very real chance that your birth parents NEVER placed you for adoption. Since the end of the dictatorship, many Chilean parents have come forward and said that the hospitals took their babies from them against their will and the babies were never seen again. Watch "Children of Chile" a documentary about Chile's broken adoption system and all of the children stolen from loving families during this era.
Stephanie Galindo
Idk if you’re into history but have you ever thought about how Pinochet was still the dictator in Chile when you were born. At this time they would take the children from the people opposing him (or desaparecidos), and giving them to adoption agencies. Have you ever thought of finding the agency your parents used and figuring out if you were taken from your mom illegally? Maybe she’s been looking for you but has no where to start... idk just a thought.
scott s
Being adopted from Chile as well, maybe you should look up some of our history? I grew up in Long Island, by an Italian family as well... I never wanted to know about my mom and dad as well, until I found out more about the Chilean government was selling babies for adoption... maybe you should read up about OUR CULTURE AND WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PEOPLE! 15,000 people went missing, maybe you should make sure what really happened... I relate to you very much, but to me that story sounds familiar with either ur parents we missing against the dictator Pinochet, please don’t think your in for a rude awakening with what couple of happened with your birth parents... I hope that they are ok and still alive, and if you meet them, I hope it’s everything you dreamed of
Daniela Minervini
Although your Chilean, I see you as Italian! You’re one of us at heart
Imagine snooki with a Spanish accent how funny would that be Lol
Geneva Granados
Never would have guessed. Yes you did not look like your parents, but you can pass for an Italian lol
Alex Gilbert
Nicole Polizzi this is an incredible story! I was adopted from Russia and into New Zealand when I was two years old. I found my birth parents in 2013. I traced them down using Social Media. Different for me is that my birth father didn't know I existed. Your video is inspiring not only for me but for others adoptees around the world. My channel is all about my meeting with my birth parents. My birth father I have a video about and also a video with me meeting my birth mother. Thanks Nicole for sharing this. I am now continuing to help others adopted around the world with my own Facebook Page 'I'm Adopted'. Thank you Nicole!
My friend's sister is chilean born in the 80s and was stolen from her birth parents as a kid. Their parents never new until they researched it. They thought they were saving a kid from a poor family. Turns out she was stolen from a hospital and sold to an adoption agency. They met their birth parents and apparently it was the hardest, most emotional experience especially for the birth parents because they weren't even able to communicate with her as she didn't know Spanish. Please take some time to see if this is the same situation for you as you were born right when it was at its peak. Especially because the story of why your birth parents gave you up literally mirrors the story my friend's family were told.
If you do meet them please film it!!
Carolina Silva
Maybe your adoption was illegal...try to do an investigation, Chile its not a country that you can adopt so easy, many chilean families are waiting for an adoption now and in the past too, in your time perhaps was because the dictatorship, everything was illegal and many babies were stolen✌✌
BwanaLana _
You were probably stolen when you were born....and sold for a cheap price to some rich Italian Americans.....if your adoptive parents aren't open to telling you the truth and you're 30, they're HIDING SOMETHING SNOOK.
Shitty Glasses
We love a Chitalian shishter
Blue Lion tv
You should try to find your birth family before its too late
Rosario Uribe
Come to Chile Nicole!! I am you Chilean fan dude ❤️❤️🇨🇱 there’s a lot of cool places to visit, also you kids would love the country!!
Ulysse Hwang Fam
Oh wow I had no idea ! So cool cause me and my fiancé are adopted too 😘❤️
N DiMasi
I feel you. I'm adopted from Chile too and grew up Italian. It takes a lot to talk about. Remember our parents choose us and gave us a great life.
Aisha Lewis
Enjoyed your video. Would love to see a vlog of you finding your birth parents.
Donald R. DeChicco
Snooki has come a long ways from her jersey shore days.
Maelyn _
I relate so much! I’ve never really found anyone with a similar experience. I was adopted from China, but America is all I know. I always knew I was adopted bc my family is white. And I wished for so long that I could be white and fit in (I’m literally the only Asian in my entire school). It took me a while but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need to embrace it. I can’t hide my past, me being adopted has shaped the person that I am today. And of course I have thoughts about my birth parents ALL the time. And I have nothing but love for them. They sacrificed their own selfishness for my happiness and I will be forever grateful. The whole situation is a blessing and a curse. Luckily, the good (my supportive, loving family; the roof above my head; my chance at an education; and SO much more) out weighs the bad by a land slide :) It’s just refreshing to hear someone talk about the same thoughts and experiences I’ve been through. Thank you for sharing! If anyone has questions about adoption please don’t be afraid to ask. I’m more than happy to answer your questions!
I thought I was content with my adoptive father (my parents divorced and I never really got to know my adoptive mother) but even though he had good intentions, I was shipped off to boarding school, I missed out on my childhood with him and I too was an only child. Thankfully no one bullied me for being adopted but I missed out on having a mum, siblings and family who just looked like me (I'm asian and my a-dad is white). The rest of my a-fam weren't exactly sensitive to it all either, always going on about how one would grow up looking so much like someone else in the family. I felt neglected. I grew up not being Asian enough for the asian students in school and I wasn't white enough for the white students either... it was a very isolating time for me. I also got separation anxiety because we moved around so much and I would create such tight bonds with mother role figures (nannies etc) this was when I much younger (before boarding) and this shit really affects you (it is cruel to separate a child from their mother - this is trauma!). I don't think my a-dad was fit enough to look after me on his own and I resented him for a long time, I've had depression since I was 17 and when I was 19, my bio sister found me on Facebook... I couldn't even speak their language because I was robbed of my culture. I am still hurting and I thought I would be healed after meeting my bio-fam... it just opened more wounds as so much info was held back from me growing up (a-dad lied about knowing my bio-parents names etc.) I'm completely against adoption now and I support preserving families instead; if you want to help out a child, you gotta help their family stay together to avoid trauma that adoption brings. I know a lot of adoptees feel the same and there are adoptees with happy endings, which is great but the adoption system is really fucked, we are not catalogue babies to satsify a rich white familie's needs.
Kara A
Ok u felt a sibling void because u weren't really an only child. You already had siblings and they probably loved you. They probably wonder about you everyday. Maybe they even remember when your bio parents had to give you up and are still haunted by it. I think it bothers you more than you realize but you've learned to suppress it. As someone who was reconnected with their bio dad at age 39, trust me, it's not going to go away and it's worth it to get closure. I bet you have awesome siblings out there! And as a mom now, wouldn't it be so awesome to meet the woman who carried you for 9 months and have birth to you?
Eliudys Gonzalez
Kate Dubbs
I think if you or MTV funded a series or special about you finding your biological family in Chile, it would be really interesting!
Quick-Sword Ilena
I get why your mom doesnt like you asking about your birth family but i feel like that isnt the right attitude to have about it just cause they are still the reason you were born so to be curious about it is totally normal
A New Love Official
I hope you find your biological parents one day because they are part of who you are today. Even if they didn't raise you as their child but still, you are lucky enough that they think about your bright future. No parents would want to let go of their children but I think they have a very good reason for doing it and that is very heartbreaking .
Jaznut j
Would love to see a video of you doing an ancestry DNA result, I'm almost positive it would come back that you are 65% or more Native American and the rest is a mixture of European countries (due to colonization etc.) If you made a vlog on you going down to chile and meeting your birth family I think I'd cry hysterically and rewatch it 1,000,000 times. Oh pleasee share with us if you ever do! 💛💛💛
Daniela Palomares
I really hope u get to communicate with ur birth family ❤️
Lexie Wilson
"Would I still be this hot mess? Just in Spanish? Probably." HAHAHA That made me LOL! Loved this chica! Love you! Thanks for being so honest about this! I want to adopt in the next few years so I applaud your parents for spreading love and taking you home. <3
Micki minach
Justin Stewart
I like your hair up ... great look
Jake Rises
Do you plan on also adopt ?
Jordana Lenihan
My grandparents are from Santiago Chile 🇨🇱
Abigail Vasquez
Snook, i love u, ive been watching u on Jersey shore,i love all of u guys, n yes id like to ask how u just how u dealt with being adopted n knowing that u werent kin to ur parents now..... I absolutely adore u, n i would love ur advice..... #snookiforever
breanna hicks
When she said she didn’t have time I feel like that way her saying she wasn’t comfortable with it yet and maybe she was pushed to talk ab meeting them, this could just be me looking too far into things but Nicole just know you don’t have to do anything or publicize it if it makes you uncomfortable or if it’s too personal I love that you’re so open about you’re life and everything with your fans but you can always just have things for yourself girl! ❤️ As I said though I could be wrong here I’m just showing some support and letting you know your fans are happy as long as you are.
Nicki Goldberg
I had pretty much the same situation as you growing up knowing I was adopted, being super content with it, and loving my family. The only difference is my parents know who my biological parents were, turns out they were only 16 when they had me. After growing more in more interested (especially about who I looked like!!!) when I turned 18 I flew to Texas (from NY) to meet them, and it was the greatest experience of my life. I had developed a newfound respect for them for loving me so much and giving me the life that they did with my amazing family. Definitely meet them if you get the chance! It filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know I had ❤️
I need a video where you meet your birth family!
María Ah
Amo Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 ¡súper chido que creciste en una familia con amor!
David Sastre
Is it nurture or nature..?
Who dares wins. Love dares and wins.
Tyler Buttery
If you ever see this Nicole. Do the DNA Kit & Who do you think you are? Show Whatever info you know about your birth parents would help the people find out more about you & your birth mom and dad ect!! I think you find it interesting.
Mary-Anne Delaney
Beware. You may get bombarded by siblings and parents for money.
Sandii LovesU
Yes definitely do a vlog on meeting you're birth parents I can't wait to see it 💕🔥
Leilani Lee
If you're happy with the family you grew up with and believe it was fate, then be careful who you let into your life now simply because of biology and curiosity. More often then not, meeting bio family isn't the happy ending you see in the movies once the excitement settles. Instead it opens wounds that were better off left alone. If I could undo meeting mine I would in a heartbeat. But you can't un-open Pandoras Box after the fact. Be careful what you wish for. There may be consequences you don't see coming. Every situation is unique. Adoption is naturally riddled with difficult questions but with no easy answers. Sometimes it truly is better to let sleeping dogs lie.
Micky Sanchez
U r adopted and there is nothing wrong with that, your Genetic trade is not Italian but it doesn't matter. if your family loves u....
Elise Marie
I loved this. I'm adopted too. I was adopted when I was a newborn because, like you, my birth parents couldn't afford me and they weren't truly in a position to have a child. Fast froward 27 years later and my birth mom contacted me. I did some research and found that my birth father passed away, but I've had email communication with my birth mother. This all happened in California, but because of the communication, I've learned that I am of Peruvian descent.
Your so much better then you were on jersey shore
kayti palmer
Do it asap ! You could be missing out on some great years with your sibs
Jeannie Guel
I think it’s a void you will always have till you meet them . Good for you and share when you do . 🥰
David Werner
A 13 year old boy and 11 year old girl were playing "house" one day she got preg and Hi im the result. I was put upp for adoption and i was adopted 7 times and returned each time i had Colic really bad and drove people nuts. So my grandad adopted me. My oldest adoptive brother... My real dad. He was worried he would have to "marry a slut like my mother" if people found out who i really was so he left me for dead in mexico, i was 3 years old. I was snatched and sold for dope to a cartel in san juanico Baja Del Sur. I was raped beaten so badly my back was broken. I survived 8-9 months locked in a shed naked with nothing. Until the day i killed my abuser. I am the gringo that wouldnt die.
I wish I was adopted
LeBron James
She finally grew up huh
Raquel Navas
hablas español??????????
Hey Snooks...I'm adopted as well 😊 I did get some information about my birth parents and actually talk to some of my birth family...I know what you mean with all the questions...who do I look like? Who has my laugh, eyes, etc. Sadly, my birth mother had passed away a couple years before I found where she was so I'll never get the chance to meet her. You should definitely consider at least meeting them...I would give anything if my birth mother was still alive and I could meet her. And know, we were chosen and our birth mother's did what they had to to give us a better life. I am so blessed and grateful and I know you are too ☺️
Olivia Sonnhalter
Transracial adoptee pride 💖
Lisa Martinez
Snooki some things and people should just be left in your past there is a reason why God permitted you to not know who your birth family is. You really don't want to open a can of worms you may not know what's hidden in that past and how negative it can impact your life now you don't know what demons and that Pandora's Box your opening some doors are just meant to keep closed do not let your curiosity get the best of you and steal the gift that God has given you. if you go back to that passed and you connect to people that you were never meant to be connected to in the first place then you're going to have a world of problems in your life just leave it alone and leave them alone.
Veronica Wang
Omg please do a video meeting them!!!
Melinda Joy
We just went to court to adopt our third this morning. Love coming across this video today!
Catherine Sofia
Thanks for sharing! We just adopted a baby boy and it’s nice to get some insight into how he may feel later
Holly Auyeung
I always felt like my foster family was my family :)
Nico Luengo
Nicole!! I’m Chilean and I live in Santiago. I would totally help you find them and be your interpreter! I speak english and spanish! Hehe ♥️ Thank you for talking about this! And I can totally the see the inner chilean in your personality 😍 🇨🇱
Jessica Trasvina
I'm so happy that you grew up in a loving household!
M Cognetta
I always said u were my best friend in my head for some reason I never knew why I liked u so much on TV but now I know! It’s crazy we have the same life almost- I was adopted at 5 months to an Italian family and I’m an only child. Especially being raised by Italians and all of the ways they are that are so much of who I am, I hated for so long when ppl wild say “oh you’re not Really Italian” I mean I know more than Anyone that who u are as a person really is shaped more by who raised you rather than genes. And I never wanted to meet my other family either and always got a lot of crazy questions about that, that would really irritate me- like when ppl say “your real mother or father” Fuk that my parents are my real parents and only other adopted ppl really understand this. Thank you for sharing your story!! The one question I had is (I have 4 children) when my kids were born I had a little bit of grieveing, I guess you could say, because I knew that my babies don’t love me just because “I’m mom” u know what I mean I knew that if I were to disappear I wouldn’t really mean much to them, and for some reason that part was hard for me - I felt my friends that were moms took that for granted like they felt their kids loved them just because they had them and they were “mom” and I knew deep down that wasn’t true and it was about the time you put in...I don’t know if that makes sense, but did you ever feel a little sad about that? Like knowing if for whatever reason your kids weren’t with you they would just move on basically (I feel like u though I could have NEVER gave any of mine up) but basically u have to earn your title as a parent and I don’t think a lot of ppl understand this ;) just curious if u felt anything similar to that when your first was born it’s extra emotional for adoptees;)
Andrea Csécsei
I adore you Snooki, really I do! But please stop to use silicone!!! I tell you as a big sister! ;-)
Rudi Gr
This is Snooki?
Lourdes Jack
Chile 🇨🇱 is such a poor country, it’s a wonderful story you got adopted by a good family
Kimberly Martinez
What if you were never adopted but abducted from your parents, maybe that's why they won't talk about it. Your parents may still be looking or wondering where you are. Just a thought 🤔❤️
melissa aedo
Well, im chilean, if someday you want to come to chile, maybe a can help a little bit with the spanglish thing hahah ♡
Lol your adopted
Catalina l
siempre te he amado, saludos desde Chile
Shelby Reitsma
i love this. not enough adopted kids talk about it. not even close to the same situation but my husband adopted my daughter cuz her bio bailed and from day one wen my daughter met him wen she was 11 months old they clicked. he was my high school sweetheart before i met her bio so i trusted him around her and she just meshed with him. to this day 6 years later, this month actually, shes daddys girl through and through. ppl think shes his biologically because they somehow have the same hair color just slightly different shade, same brown eyes its strange. but because of them i get what u mean about fate and them being ment to be ur parents cuz we say the same thing about my husband and daughter.
Everything Star Wars
I think you should find out about your biological parents and siblings. Why not? You may regret that later in life if you don’t. Your on your own so your parents should not be upset by that. You have every right. Very interesting. Your the best Snooki !!
Paz Garrido
No le entendi ni verga :v
Norma Jean
Snooki needs to contact TLC Producers n find her birth family
ζαρα Ιωάννα
Knowing the only reason your birth parents were forced to give you up was financial I'm surprised that alone hasn't made you want to track them down. They made the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee you a secure future & now your in a position where you could change their lives. Have you ever had the desire to find out if you can help them out? The cost of living in Chile is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the states so you're U.S dollar would go far. The money it would cost you to get them on their feet given your circumstances you wouldn't even notice it had left your account. For example $15,000 to an under privileged household in Chile would be like winning the lottery. One of the cars you drive is 6 times that amount. Something to think about Snooks. I think it's safe to say they know nothing about her finding fame & fortune though because someone within the family would have hit her up by now.
Hillary Hoppes
Hi Snooki I have been a fan since the first season of Jersey shore and when I was 23 I got pregnant with my first born I wanted more for my little girl and I knew I couldn't provide for her and it was the hardest decision I ever had to make and I did an open adoption and I'm very grateful to still be apart of my little girls life My family and I send her gifts for every holiday and her birthday I just hope she doesn't grow up too hate me because I wanted her to have a great and successful life but when I see new pictures of her I can see she's happy I guess I'm just over thinking
Marykate Farraher
I'm also adopted I came from Romania at three and at 28 I started looking for my family and found them !! I'm the oldest out of 9 and one older brother then me it's crazy I have nine people that look like me amazing I didn't know that about you, crazy it doesn't seem to affect you that much and it's affected my whole life weird how people deal with things differently
Snookie go snoo snoo other men and make baby boy Gianni cry more
You're amazing i would hate for them to fake love you because you're famous I know it sounds shady sorry I freaking think you're awesome
Halloween Happy
April Lockaby Radford
I did not know she was adopted
Jimmie Owens
I use to bone a gurl that explained to me snooki origin story
Awii Murphy
You should meet them Its a good experience ..I did Also grew up an only child , but had siblings .
Jessica Florez
I’m adopted and trying to share my story ! Too mine is way to sad but I’m blessed to have my parents
JJ Squirdle Supastar
Snooks your awesome, continued success and blessings
Jera Flores
Im sure she would've wanted her real parents had her adoptive parents not have the money they had
Tosha Scott
I am adopted I got adopted when I was 15 months old by my dad’s parents my birth mother was a drug attic alcoholic and did it the whole time she was pregnant with me and my dad just did not know how to take care of me so his parents adopted me.. I believe I am the miracle baby considering what my birth mother did while pregnant with me, I have two other siblings there are my half brothers we have the same mom but different dad’s she lost them too
Allie Hartwell
she looks like the mouse that was saved in Zootopia
aisha sanchez
Hi Nicole A.k.a 'Snooki' first of all I want to say I'm a fan of you and I love you because you are like this type of b**** who cares for everybody and you are a sweetheart not like "Sam" I'm sorry but that's a real b****, and when you have to say something you do it. I like your personality and I feel I am just like you because I'm a b**** like you haha. Anyways I think in the show you are the best one because you always make me laugh and think about me when I was while like you & + you are a Latina and Italian, love love both combinations. I'm Puerto Rican even though I was born here United State Springfield Mass, so I look at you like a person that I can trust and be friends with. Well my English it's not that good but I try my best you now. I just really want to meet you and talk to you because I have a problem right now and it's not easy what I'm going through. It's a weight problem. I can't stand my self, 4 real *I need help* I just feel like you are going to give me the best advice, I see how you are with your friends in the show n believe me u are the best. *Anyway I wish from the bottom of my heart that I can meet you n I don't now how but I want to tell you my story I really need this advice desperately is something like I'm not myself. That me slowly is disappearing I don't have self esteem, and for worse I'm killing my relationship with my husband and my two kids. I need a motivation and you are my motivation that's why I wrote to you because you are like unique and I want to go back how I was before. Thanks if you read this, *My love and God bless you and your family. Sincerely me Aisha Sanchez...
Valerie Apodaca
MTV, should make an episode of Snooki & the crew & her family visiting her home town.
Nancy Deis
My dad and his twin were adopted and so was their older sister (not blood) My dad's sister did not fit in family and later in life she looked for her birth mom. She found her and she wanted to meet my dad. He was reluctant because of how much he loved his mom and dad. He did meet her..I got to meet her as well. She was nice. After she passed my dad met his aunts and uncles and siblings etc. And they still talk and visit regularly. It turned out really nice. have a really awesome grasp on what really matters in life. It can mess people up because they think they were not wanted.
shant attarian
“ hot mess just in spanish “ i can just imagine 😂😂😂
Toni Alves
Im biologically Hispanic but grew up only knowing Portuguese. I consider myself more Portuguese then anything.
My Birth Mom was adopted when she was 5 years old. I was raised by my grandfather from the age of 3 years old in tell the age of 25 years old, When I was 12 years old he told me that my birth mom was adopted and when he told me that it took me a min but after that I told him I don't care that she was adopted and no matter what he will all way be my parent and he is my grandfather. sadly 2 years ago when I was 25 years old my grandfather passed away at 82 and when I found out that he died it was one of the most hardest days of my life because he raised me so to me he was my dad and grandfather and when he passed away I felt like I lost 2 people at one time, My grandfather was my only family.... I will say to everyone out there your mom and dad or who ever raised you does not have to have the same blood at you to be your parents, Parents are the ones that are there for you throw the good and the bad and the ones who care for you and love you. Because my birth mom was adopted did not make me change the way that I felt about my grandfather and to my my grandfather was grandfather/dad.
taylor cousar
hi i love a lot i want to be adopted by this woman in my program name is verna cousar she is the nice and pritty and some time she not so i look just like her and we both have a same attiude i want to know more about adoption i want too adopt to i want to have 3 bio first and then adopt 6 orthers i live with mmy mom she is a single mom i am lonley i do not have no body it not fun my mom she calling me names and push me away she do not want me to huge her or kiss her i feel like i do not have no body i do not have no friends only at my day program please help me out my mom she nice some times but you would not know what you would get behind close doors
Moji Oladimeji
Snooki you are so awesome and so strong! You sound like the perfect adopted childe ever so humble. I am looking to adopt a baby with my partner because we can’t naturally have kids. I always thought that an adopted child wouldn’t be the best because of the fear of them growing up and being like you aren’t really my mom but my current circumstances don’t allow me to have a baby natural. I guess my questions did you ever not want your parents?
Kylie Roth
“I got my dad drunk” sorry that was funny
Ya, you for sure seem content - I can tell by the way you live your life