"You are a leaf driven by the wind..." | Robin of Sherwood

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I had to upload my favourite scene from 2x07 "The Greatest Enemy". After the death of Robin, Herne the Hunter calls his new son. Richard Carpenter's writing at its finest Sorry about the poor quality - for best sound play at 1.25 speed.

Robin of Sherwood The Greatest Enemy Herne the Hunter Clannad Michael Praed

Mongo Boogie
This series was rubbish after Michael Praed left.. Jason Connery was no substitute at all.
Andy Thorpey
The real reason it ended was because the production company went bust so sad
So that's where Joss Whedon got the quote from.
Mongo Boogie
I felt for all the rest of the cast who pretty much stayed until the end of the run of the show.
ayala the first
I'm sorry for what I said can you just say it was a mistake please
I dont know what you people are talking about. Jason and Praed were both amazing. This is by far one of the best tv shows I have ever seen in my life. (Other being X-Files). It takes me back 23 years and makes tear up every f****** time. Clannad and Enya did a hell of a job with the medieval music. It is still magical. The enchantment of the Forest still lives within me.