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Bruce Lee - Revolutionize Your Mind - Motivational Video - 李小龍 | HD By Forever Motivation Watch Our New Motivational Video Here: /> 🔔 GET NOTIFICATIONS FOR NEW VIDEOS: 1. Click the Icon ✿ Next to the Subscribe button 2. ✓ Tick the box (Send me all notifications for this channel) 3. Click Save ➲ JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: /> ✓ENGLISH SUBTITLES CC IS AVAILABLE 🎵 MUSIC: Sirus Beat - Rebellion 🎧 LISTEN HERE : /> The World knows him as Bruce lee From a young age I have been inspired by Bruce lee. The Purpose of this video is to motivate you for your own Life and for you to Revolutionize Your Mind In a positive way.This video is devoted to him for his life and legacy as well. Bruce lee's Bio ‘Lights, camera, action,’ the operative word being “action,” when it comes to the life of the late, great innovative actor and Legend Bruce Lee. Born in 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco, Lee was raised in Kowloon, within Hong Kong, until his late teens. Lee’s father, the Cantonese film actor and opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen, got his son into films when Bruce was still a child. To the dismay of his parents, Lee got involved in street fights, which was when they decided it was time for him to train in martial arts. The young Lee studied Wing Chun, a Chinese form of martial arts under teacher Yip Man, whose classes consisted of chi sao (sticking hands) drills, wooden dummy techniques and free-sparring. Lee was encouraged to fight in organized competitions by Yip Man, and later moved to the U.S. He arrived with just $100 in his pocket and lived in San Francisco for a few months before settling in Seattle to finish high school, which is also where he where he began teaching martial arts and opened his first studio. He washed dishes at the legendary Ruby Chow Restaurant (Chow served three terms on the King County Council as a councilwoman) on First Hill, living above the restaurant and spending plenty of time in the International District. Lee went on to attend the University of Washington, where he met Linda Lee, an aspiring teacher whom he married in August of 1964. Together, they had two children, the late actor Brandon Lee (1965–93) and Shannon Lee (born 1969). Bruce lee fascination with his life, philosophy and legacy remains, crossing the barriers of age and nationality. Lee's legacy helped pave the way for broader depictions of Asian Americans in cinema and created a whole new breed of action hero--a mold filled with varying degrees of success by actors like Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Jackie Chan. [VIDEO SPEECH] "As a human being how can I express myself? Totally and completely all type of knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge. Listen you see, really. To me okay, to me ultimately martial arts mean honestly expressing yourself. Often time people come up and say, Hey Bruce is you really that good? I say well if I tell you I’m good, probably you will say I'm boasting. But if I tell you I’m not good you know I’m lying Alright going back to being truthful with you Let's just put it this way I have no fear of opponent in front of me That I am very self-sufficient That they do not bother me. And that I should I fight should I do anything I have made up my mind And that's it baby You better kill me before Its very difficult to do I mean it is easy for me to put on a show And be cocky. And be flooded with a cocky feeling and then feel like pretty cool and all that Or I can make all kinds of funny things you see what I mean. Blinded by it or I can show you some really fancy movement. But to express oneself honestly not lying to myself And to express myself honestly That my friend is very hard to do And you have to train You have to keep your reflexes so that when you want it, it’s there. When you want to move you’re moving and when you move you’re determined to move not taking one inch not anything less than that. If I want to punch am going to do it man and am going to do it you see. So I mean, so that is the type of thing you have to train yourself into to become one I say empty your mind be formless. Shapeless, like water when you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. Do you still think of yourself as a Chinese or do you ever think of yourself as North American? You know what I want to think of myself As a human being Because, I mean I don't want to sound like as Confucius say But under the sky, under the Heaven man There is but one family It just so happen man that. People are different."

Too young...he died far too young... But I'm glad he never had to age. Such a creation should never have to age. He will forever be remembered in his absolute prime.
Oly jed
As a soldier, "When you accept the fact u will die, u will not fear it anymore, and then, u can focus".
He was so young but he was so full of wisdom
Zillion Zillions
To me personally, as much as he was an incredible martial artist, what originally drew me to Bruce Lee was his understanding of life and what he had to offer to this world. To me his words mean so much more than his ability to kick and punch. But now i understand that it was his martial arts training that had made him in to the Bruce Lee i have come to respect. He trained himself to be more than just a 'weapon'. Now that i understand his way of being, his words, the way he focused, his personality, his ability to achieve the incredible accomplishments he did in his short amazing life is still untouchable today.
Victor Ferreira
I've watched this 20 times and I can keep watching it.. This is my role model.. thank you for this video.. please tell me the soundtrack??
anselmi apina
Twenty years after, i finally understand who this guy was and what he ment when he said that there is no ultimate style.. Dont fall on trap of thinking that this or that art is better than the other. It`s in your mind..  ;)
Dlowdy Telah
2:35 "I say empty your mind..", sends chills to my spine
Sue Williams
This is just OUTSTANDING man. I'm full of emotions right now and I have to thank you, for this beautiful job, and this absolutely amazing man for what he has done for the world. I consider this video a Masterpiece. 
Antonin Havelka
I have no fear of an opponent in front of me
niraj tak
he was a legend and he will always be..
John Tek
Under the sky,under the heavens, we are one family. . Humans
You need to have something special in you to understand this video to the fullest .This is pure gold !
Really Cool video ..... Bruce lee's voice and the music totally captures you and takes you into his world and his mind.
Energetic™ Cuunt™
best shit ever made in tribute to the master
Dylvel Motivation
A great well structured video - keep it up buddy
Savoir Faire
"Be water my friend."
He was so ahead is his time. Thanks for posting such a great video. X
John Keys
I heard Bruce Lee did a lot of teaching of military personnel. He taught the art of remote viewing to Defense Intelligence Agency and SRI International personnel (a California contractor). The military use Bruce's remote viewing for years up to present day......Also an advantage of Bruce's mental capabilities were so great that he taught soldiers how to use telekinetic attacks against enemies. His handywork is featured in the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats. there isn't enough good things ha can be said about the great Bruce lee.
Retro Workshop
'You better kill me before...' The single greatest unfinished line of all time.
James S
how the hell can there b any dislikes. ..there will never b another ....
Yong Bang Yang
Hey! I'm so impress man! I didn't even know that it is possible for a motivational video to reach this kind of level. This is literally the best motivational video I've ever seen! Keep it up with your good work!
Marlon Roberts
Brilliant. it doesnt bother me when a opponent is in front of me, I've made up my mind, so you better kill me before!! ... I love it 👊👊
Ted LeMoine
Looking st some of the greatest perfectionists in athletic competition in my generation Jordan, Woods and Tyson. Jordan hung on too long at the end. Woods cheating scandal rocked his invincibility. Tyson once he was beaten by Buster Douglas was never the same. Things crumble when you're defeated or you start to doubt yourself. Either Bruce hadn't lived long enough to have his insecurities exposed or he had a way of hiding them unlike anyone else before him. Either way all 4 of these guys had mental toughness which made them great in the first place. Bruce had a major back injury as well. I wonder what ran through his mind or if he doubted he'd return to top form. He was 32 at the time of his death and look at the list of his accomplishments.
This video is a piece of art. By far the best motivation video starring Bruce Lee. Do not stop and keep uploading good content. Many thanks. Support from Paris, France.
If you're going to move. MOVE
Austin Mason
do a Muhammad Ali and Tupac shakur motivational video and Arnold Schwarzenegger I love this Bruce Lee motivation video the best I've ever seen
sid 97
I always wonder how could a master like brucelee became an actor it seems he knows everything about himself and the way life works I felt like He is a great monk
Gaz hira
This is probably by far one of the best Bruce lee motivation videos I've seen. You done a really good job!
Clint Malagon
From beginning to the very END i had goosebumps especially at 3:52 wow. this is the kind of video that needs to featured on the front page of youtube. Bruce Lee would be very proud thanks Leonardo for making this.
Sean Tonthat
This makes me respect him more than I already do!!!
how does one simply dislike this video?
miyamoto musashi
This video touches deep in my soul and ignites something in me the one thing I've been missing all this time,I thank you dearly for this video and I hope it inspires other ppl the way it did me peace and blessings to you
Nathaniel Rowlett
Bruce Lee he is a true legend
Serious Skillz
He was such an inspiration..
Mateos Lopez
Thank you for making this video!
The Canadian
I didnt understand his msg for year after hearing this. Letting go i believe i understand the water
Kong Phothisane
This video is just like steroids to me it Hyde I can squad 750 lbs. Max I only weight 180lbs. I'm 5'8" I do powerlifting also mma on the side
Fighter Forever
Right now I'm very much stressed and feeling so depressed and loosing my inner self... And as like always I am here to get to know my self be myself and to live my life by following his words. ❤ Love you master Lee you always help me to be myself when I have no-one by my side to support my inner self
Tarius Shinobi
Jim Kelley Bruce Lee Chuck Norris Those 3- Influenced me to learn the Martial Arts since I was 12 Yrs. Young!
Will D
Brilliant video. Thank you. For the original Bruce Lee interview search for "bruce lee lost interview"
Alain Chouinard
a hero
Tyler Dimes
Mario Jr Celedon
Bittu Prabhas
I love these words when he was asked about his nationality........
Many thanks and many blessings. Thank you for making this video. It helps a lot. Greatness is a habit. And you're showing yours by creating these videos. Keep up the GREATNESS work(habit) -;)\m/
Dominick Izzo
Same clips of Lee, over and over and over in every video.  No one will ever progress past him for one reason...he died and no one is confident enough to be an individual without him.  
Rob Fletcher
"Empty your mind." One of the most powerful statements ever said.
Junior Ramos
great video always been a huge fanatic of Bruce Lee and his way of life He was truly an Artist of Life Legendary Icon
ROBERT VALENTINE FILMS remembers watching LEE when he was young. Brilliant. I didn't need school. I just needed Action films. My education! Thank you xx
Renato Farias
The most epic motivational video about bruce lee...thank you. Pls do a video about lazar novovic :)
Powerful Bruce Lee
Robert Pham
The ending (when it pitched black ) gave me goosebumps
Bq Ba
conor McGregor took his advice when Bruce Lee said "to be like water"😂
nice video to talk about almost idaes of bruss lee
Joshua Carvajal
🌊🔱🌟🔱🌊 R.i.p. brotha 😔 U were truly a Master of Self-knowledge ✨🌎✨
BrendogBrendan BrendanO Reilly
Great video luv it Bren64
سليمان الشمري
Leonardo De Angelis you a legend , love your work , :))))))))))))))))
Scherl Kurt
he is the one and only! watch also my clip on youtube: bruce lee inspiration/fatal encounter
dnex sagar
Your mind is powerful. " use your powers wisely "
Burak Cek
hey Leo your vids are awesome! Can you make more vids from Muhammad Ali, Rocky, Micheal Jordan for example. Maybe a new challenge for you! :D Keep goin ;)
Ske Fee
Our great teacher <3  R.I.P king <3
A Solo
I’ll be the legend as Bruce Lee before I have to train like hard martial arts 🥋
Brad Johnson
Hmoob Crypto
"As Confucius say"..not confusing Confucius is a Chinese philosopher back in ancient times. Very good video :)
Thank you so much for making this. I love finding Bruce Lee motivational/philosophy videos to add to my meditation.
Kyle Patel
Greatest Man Alive!!!!!! Do Another Motivational Video On Bruce Lee and make it Longer! Keep Up The Good Work! 👌
this sends goosebumps through my spine.
I wish we had the possibility to film in 60fps back in those days, that would have lookd amazing.
KP Legendz
That last line is accurate! “Under the heaven we are but one family .. it just so happens that people are different. “
omran abandeh
I knew Bruce Lee when I was 4 years old and he was the first man who inspired me to sport generally Now I'm 18 years old athlete and I'm still watching Bruce Lee's video I wish he still a life 💔💔 rest in peace my greatest inspiration ❤️
Terry Upham
Formless shapeless be like water my friend. Bruce Lee is spiritual warrior
Elisabetepereirapereira Pereira pereira
Beautiful video Bruce is my hero! rest in peace great master! 🙏
Enjam Hari
make a video on effort
Atasta Rh
Greetings from HOES English Center monterrey
Caleb Edwards
I think im going to touch myself now...
Indeed Studio
this video always inspired me :-D
sempo Po
Lol.. those people who disliked this video.. . leme just say "lol"... lol very good video, thanks a lot!!!
Big Stud Muffin
Im Still keeping his memory alive 😎
Christopher Lauren Graham
Not only martial arts but life is about honestly expressing oneself.
daniel roper
He's the greatest of all time
Conscious Mindstate
Ali Alghazali
a wonderful video keep up with this dude
En z
you know when you play a game and the main character was inspired by Bruce lee and you fight BOSS BATTLES but honestly Bruce lee is the boss battle from intense strength
Raghav Saptarsh
You know what I like to think about myself? A human being Best
sgt tinkerbell
my guide my teacher, a legend among men, a god of gods, respect bruce lee
This is only 0.5 % of his greatness and talent of BRUCE LEE cant be covered in 4 minutes
smol snek
the music takes the message away and turns into artificial emotional bull poop
Clifton McDaniel
Fantastic motivating video! I'm making a new series of vids on my channel of 1 minute motivational vids and this absolutely inspires me. I'll keep it in mind for future topics. Thank you for sharing!
What does he say at 01:19??? I just can undestand "I have no fear..." and then?
Tudo é Nostalgia 7
Te admiro desde meus 7 anos Bruce Lee ,vc o cara
Antonio Gatell Contreras
Fue el mas grande de todos los tiempos
antar shakti
Bruce Lee Was Great and The Greatest !
watching this while taking a shit and on the clock getting ready to go all out at work then get home and train like my life depends on it
Pedro Corona
My Knowledge one man is the highest of them all
Love this video! Great stuff! Would love to hear your feedback on the motivational videos on my channel! Keep inspiring!
O jogo é pra valer
One the greatest human beings that ever liver !!