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Jimmy Djomo
Give us headgear in cutscenes please? I thought it was cool in Origins when Bayek's voice was muffled when wearing a mask... It's just more immersive, both to the ear and to the eye
Add headgear in the cutscenes. i dont know why they haven't done it yet
Joel Smith
Headgear in cut scenes?
These videos are great and all but I'm always so disappointed when I get to the end and there's still no mention of legacy outfits/gear.
New game plus?
im just waiting for AC3 Remastered news/new details and gameplay
TomerAC PS4
If I didn’t use subtitles i would never understand what the guy on the right says...
Naynay Misteray
Discovery tour! It was so good in origins!!!
Fotin Marius
Fix the damn horse riding animations! It really takes me out of the game.
Jaek v
add shields
Najam wesal
Ac 3 Remastered when will be available.
NawafKo_ D
C'est grave cool cette nouvelle mise à jour j'ai hate😍
Odyssey is literally a downgrade from Origins. Too bad.
Michael Rehman
I love this game and all the ways it is expanding. Thankyou Ubisoft.
Mathew Smart
Would also be good if the game wouldn't spontaneously freeze then crash...!?
Kunal Bhatia
Can't find arges in it's location even after the update, any idea?
Paolo sav
Next Assassin's Creed in Cartaghe/Roman Empire period ?
Sum tak zwany olimpijczyk
Fight with kraken or other water monster
No Name
No mention of the sun hat?
Jefferson França
Thx Ubisoft
Eamon Geard Fearon
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Still no New Game Plus Mode
Sean Chriscole
Well, that was cringy.
Reece Taylor
Can I have that statue in the background?
Reina Watt
Just completed The Daughters Of Lalaia, it was quite good but was over so quickly. Waiting for the next cyclops boss to defeat and the next part of the Hidden Blade story as well as the next Tales Of Greece, I've just got the DLC left to finish since I've completed the base game in all achievements and main story and completed all of the currently available DLC with just one achievement left to get currently in regards of the next cyclops boss. Fairly enjoying the game, having to play older AC games while waiting for the next lot of DLC. It's weird to be playing the very first AC game after completing AC3, Black Flag, Syndicate, Origins and Odyssey, for the most part anyway, over the past almost year since last April. It hasn't aged well to be honest but it's still playable enough if a little clunky compared to later entries.
are they gunna fix the camera controls in photo mode though
Najam wesal
Yeah bring some more Mercenaries i defeat 10 of them at current level i just start the game. And i reached level 16. Defeating Mercenaries is more fun to do in odyssey
utente google
Will other dlc come out beyond the legacy of the first blade and the fate of Atlantis?
Alexander The Not So Great
spartan renegade naval pack please
Devouring Watching Void
Add shields and throwing spears! Why we have throwing spears at the ship, but don't have at combats? And add more good legendary spears (and maybe, something like glaives too), because we have *too* few. And why we can't use Leonid's spear as normal spear??? Why we can't repair it? It's a shame...
Alex Boothe
I am so disappointed in the AC Odyssey team. The DLC content could of been absolutely amazing.
myth la'had
this game could have been done better if it didn't have the name assassins creed
Yo give multiplayer on this game pleasss
paul slade
Is there any of the old computer type things like in origins that talk to you?
I should finish this game
amir raja
Does anyone know how to update manually on pc. I cant access my steam. Is there a file i can download and place it in somewhere?
Cleaver dark
I love this game soooo much
Riley Lye
Looking forward to the new mercs to battle and it better have good reason to do it
hahaha his accent is hilarious
amir raja
I wish they had different camera angles for the game
في الحبيشي
I'm sooooo excited 🔥
Reece Taylor
Add Edward already 😂😂😂
Sarah Jenkins
“We’re adjusting the enemy scaling” 1, so you’re doing the thing you should’ve done in the first place? 2, what’s the bet they’ll still be damage sponges even if they’re 10 levels below?
Yee boiii
KTJ Reflex
Ras_ Al_Him
Alexander Mustermann
Finally no more enemy scaling.
The Warlock
Josh Lab
Can you add the feature to conquer Athens or Sparta
Jay Bristowe
I haven’t even watched this and I know it’s going to be below average low effort shit. Ubisoft stop milking AC and spend more time on making a rich narrative polished experience. Just look at God of War or Red dead redemption 2. Assassins creed used to be special. Now it’s a meaningless cash cow for you to milk. Remember Ezio? You obviously do because you put Ezios family theme everywhere to try and trigger people’s nostalgia because you know what you are currently giving us is crap. Stop with the fake smiles. You know what you are doing!
Love this game and keep up the good work guys
Umer Farooq
Stop milking this franchise!!!!
Dev Bhadauria
How about free item packs unlocked via gameplay? Because through olympian gifts we are never going to get any set unlocked.