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Parvathi K
She is fighting not for herself telgu people must help and one think this a not the way to protest.. media people Ur covering news u don't have any sense if she removes cloths Ur shooting really don't have words to scold news media people... Hatest media can do anything for news TRP .. paid channels
asha ramya
First take her to mental hospital and start treatment... She is really mad!!!!!
Maddi Suman
Telugu film industry is the worst industry
sri's dhanya dharshi
Pls Sri Reddy nuvu oka Telugu amae ani chepaku media mundhu,endukante telugu amaela paruvu pothundhi,oka Telugu amae yeni kastalu aena,kanilina baristhundhi pranam poena manam pogottu kodhu
Manchala Sandeep
Day by day Media is losing its value, why don’t you stop her, will you record the same if your family members do same.
Ramesh M
I am sure she is trying to highlight the plight of many like her. Her allegations must be investigated. Its a shame that she has been forced to take this route. Pity her.
mahesh mahi
Mari endhuku poinav film industry ki
baba khadar
It's a bad culture . There are somany ways to protest but this is not the way.She must be punish.
Giridhar Reddy
హీరోయిన్ గా కాదు కదా కనీసం ఎందుకూ పనికి రాదు గాక రాదు.
Gopi Krishna
eh ammay ki ilanti paristidi rakudadu, Akka sorry mana telugu vallaki siggu ledu antha north mundalani tecchi pettukuntaru industry lo, evaru matram em chestaru. Telugu vallu sariga unte Niku ee Paristiti occhedi Kadu Akka. Telugu people should learn from Tamils and Kannadigas see how united they are how divided we are, Rakul, rashi Khanna, Kajal, tamanna should get out from Tollywood. Only Samantha, shreya, niveda and other south actresses should be given chances.
Amit Jain
Kash bollywood me bhi aesi hi actress hoti...
This is not the way to fight. It looks like publicity stunt. Someone is brainwashing her to act like this or she must be insane. Everyone in the world works in a place where there is politics.
Oka ammayi bariteginchi Nadi rodulo alaaaa chesindi ante tanu entha bada padivunte aaaaa vidamga chesivuntundooo oka sari alooo chinchandi, meeeru suppourt cheyaka poyina parvaledu daya chesi tananu vulgar ga tittakandi, noppi Mana varaku vacheantha varaku teliyadu!!!!!
Priya Ch
Avune ippindhanivi mallendhukesukunnave, ni bathuku adhe kadha FM
Bhanumurali Mutthu54
plz support to her she is fighting against casting couch for Telugu actors in the cinima industry so plz help n support to her
Y Sudheer Naidu
Papam plz support
Wrestling reality 3.0
These all things happen in Bollywood!!!
city online
Why the hell media taking video while one girl removing her cloths ? nd way they can't stop her ??is it the right way??
asampally suresh kumar
ask mass ravi teja who is well known as mass raja and nani about the struggle they faced in film industry without money and family background
pk naidu elisetty
Nuv asala adadanivena
Amrutha Ammu
U fools u r seeing her body and enjoying aa has😡😡
behayai to takreeban har incan me hoti hai chahy uska taluk kisi b mazhab se ho. magr dunia ka begairat incan or mazhab wo hai jo sab k samne khud ko nanga kary. lanat ho aesy desh hindustan rapestan pe lanat ho aesi kamaai or paisy pe lanat ho aesy besharm or begairat hindu logon pe. jin k mazhab me b behayai or begairti ka sabak milta hai.
Sushmitha Royal
ilanti vallu chachipotheyney better.. Telugu culture ni paduchesthunnav ediot
krishna mohan
Siggu sharam ledu...chi...
She should be arrested in view of creating public nuisance...exhibitionism is a mental illness and public nuisance and she should be booked under respective IPC sections and later treated for her Illness...this is not the freedom of right in anyways...disgusting and this ll HV serious impact on the culture of a state and their conserved values..pls don harm...this is never a anybody s right for whoever nuisance...arrest her first
helena sansha
Elaa cheysindhie antey enthaa jarigi untey elaa cheysindho..papam shame on industry ...
Ipedi Edo motham ipalsindi lan* dana...Andari heroes pi negative comments petadam tappa Em telsu!
Bharath Kumar
Picha villakemanna
No nipple waste. Why she strip then 🤣 South indians should give roles to their girls too, instead of giving roles to fair north indians opposite ugly guys
Manchala Sandeep
Really you Media is excellent, instead of stopping her, u people are very much excited to watch her without.....
sandhya bujji
Avnu enduku tisindi enduku veskundi em jarigindi asalu
shekar tendulkar
she is not hot boy
Rakesh Kanneboina12
*ippadam baga alavatu aipoindi*
prathyusha priyatham
This is so sad....
nimmanapalli shrinivasulu
Deenni teesukelli champeyandi...... Idi chedaputtindi
Potnuru Ramana
Plz support That the real hero of the life in women s plz support
Sweety S
Sri reddy don't fight more, they need other language heroines not telugu women u don't need to expose or show some thing to be a heroine,try in other regional films, u have guts to do something so u serve our society or u can get succeed in other professions don't do this things it doesn't help ur career..
yogi vaba
నువ్వు నిజంగా అడా దానివేనా నీకు చూసి నిన్ను జన్మనిచ్చిన తల్లి కూడా నీకు ఎందుకు కన్నా అని భాద పడుతుంది.నీకు అన్యాయం జరిగితే పోరాటం చేయు కానీ ఇలా కాదు మన భారతదేశంలో ఎంతో మంది వీరవనితల పోరాట గడ్డ నువ్వు కూడా ఆ మార్గంలో వేళ్ళు సరేనా
Amrutha Ammu
she is gone mad
k nikhil
It was depressing..
Casting couch is the skeleton in the cupboard of the film Industry. However other actresses may deny we all know how things work in the glamour world I support her cause but I strongly oppose her way of protest. No girl does this for fame (no comments on this statement) ,but this way she is sort of digging her own grave😑😑😑 I hope strict action is taken to curb casting couch.This shouldn't happen with any woman ## I support her cause but not the above way of protesting And to ppl who are judging her and calling her names just ponder over the fact that it takes a lot of courage to stand for what u believe. And rather than judging and rebuking her ,judge those men Condemn those men who use women as an object .Shame on them
Akira Naveen R
Sri reddy boy friend unada poyada
Pullem Sreekanth1520150351
yoyo videos king media every thing shows clearly explain in clearly thank to yoyo teamp
asampally suresh kumar
south Indians are dominated by north indians in every field i support sri reddy
vinutha s
Offers kosam ela chaiyala chee segu ledhu neku , bradaka danake vere margam ledha neku
Jasmine Rhodes
I think that this is important for south india First of all, India isn't an openly sexual place-but that is NOT what this is about Women or Men who go through this shouldn't feel like THEIR reputation or something is gonna go bad from something someone else tried to do I think that it's the bravest thing that she did this all alone in a culture that not used to it but I definitely think as this is just beginning, she could have protested some other way
LOL!! Some are saying that she must be punished? ROFL there are 33,892 cases pending in our supreme Court. Some of them being heinous acts like acid attacks ,rape ,assault ,etc First let's punish the perpetrators who are walking away scot free then we can think about whether this act should be punished or not
suraj raya
bure logo ko saja milani chahiye
Satish papekondalu trip
neku dhamm unta adi kuda tey kkk
Puja Singh
Sri reddy im with you...never give up 👆 👆 👆 👆
m lalitha
We support you sri reddy
Suresh Sirivati
please support
me nani
kojja munda
sanumuri sasikumar
Why tollywood not sypporting telugu heroins.kcr sir pls help .
Mera PM ChorHai
show bobs and vegena
sanumuri sasikumar
O support sri reddy.pls help her.our tolly wood is selfish .
Come on yaar shame on the cameraman ye hai hmara india jai ho ....
yasmeen I like that video
chiiiiiii eam ina siggu unda tanaki
vasu dev
Chetta moham
kwaja nawaz
పనికిరాని సినిమాల కోసం ఎందుకు ఇ తపన. మంచి పేరు రావాలంటే సమాజానికి పనికి వచ్చే వృత్తి లో రావాలి.
aeisyu shira
worst fellow
Ramya R
Y'all she did right.. Because male dominated place
Jeyakumar Jk
sneha rai
Take her to mental hospital Phycho
Muhammad's Muhammad
Irrespective to womens 🚺
Sharma sattaMatka
What u did this many days,u enjoyed all nights and enjoyed with there money now u r over reacting....foolish lady....
pawanism venky reddy
Reason:--- what is she fighting for:-- For example... attharintiki daredi movie lo market kosam Samantha Ni pettuko... Kani Pranitha ki em market undi ....Madhavi Latha or Sri Reddy or Swathi Reddy Ila telugu heroine Ni kuda 50% chance ivvocchu... Reason 2:-- MP Siva Prasad parliament lo ardha nagna pradarsana Cheste tappu kanappudu(pavitramaina parliament...spl status parliament chethilo undi).... Sri Reddy maa association mundu ardha nagna (pavitramaina kalamatalli.... 50%oppurtunity ivvadam MAA chethilo undi...just like Nadigar Sangam TN...) pradarsana Cheste tappu kadhu.
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sai nagendra
Thu ni bathuku
Angel Choudhary
teenagers hub
Telugu ammaila paruvu teyadanike ochava siggu leda ne neku dabbulu kavali ante aduko road paina ila enduku chesi ammaila paru testunav
Cherona Gemini
Why she was not arrested for stripping? According to Section 294 in The Indian Penal Code 267 [294. Obscene(vulgar) acts and songs.—Whoever, to the annoyance of others— (a) does any obscene act in any public place, or (b) sings, recites or utters any obscene song, ballad or words, in or near any public place, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both.]
Saran Kumar
Mundu aa media vaallaki budhi asalu ledu edavalu .aa Sri Reddy kojja mundaki elaga siggu ledu kanisam meemedia vallaku ayina undodha daridrulara
Arey media vedavallara oka adapilla battalu yela vippindi Malli yela vesukundo video thistharara trp rating kosam entha kaina digajare rakalu meru,okokkadu baga enjoy chesinattunaru kada, adey mi amma ,akka ,chelli,battalu vippetappudu video thistharara meru,adadaniki rakshana lekunda poyindi,
Sneha Giri
you better go and die.....Y you left a small piece of dress.....Y can't u remove that also and show everything in public.... u r shame 4 women this the way 2 fight ....cheep...
Ramya Maddali
I support Sri Reddy's form of protest. Maanam and self respect are not to be located in the body. We women ought to be fed up of the rules of "paddathi" that only works against us! You go girl! Just don't body-shame your assailants. How does it matter if Shekhar kammula (whom you allege to be one of your stalkers) is thin or Harvey Weinstein is ugly? It implies that handsome men can get away with sexual harrassment.
Veera Raghavarao Boddani
Thera meedha heroes nijaswaroopaanni bayatapettina evida dhyryanni abhinandhinchavalasindhe, kaani maree ilaa cheyadam correct kaadhu, inkaa chaalaa margaalu vuntaayi.
priya kk
Hey. Just think one thing....Sri reddy Garu anavasaranga email no blame comparing raku and Sri reddy,,we can observe some similarities...iddaru first Chinna movies chesaru...rakul kooda Chinna movie thone entry ichhindi...but directors rakul ni select chesaru Sri reddy ni kadu...they only seen the talent. .ila battalu theesesthe cinema chance ivvaru,mundhu Telugu amnay la behave chesi aa tharvatha udhysmamcheyandi srireddy
devikasabi devikasabi
ayesha Shaik
chaitanya k
This is not publicity stunt. She was hurt. But its not the right way to behave is what i felt. Telugu dhanam kosam poratam ane thanu telugu jaathi buddhi idha kaadhu ga.. they r taking north girls becoz they r okay to expose but telugu girls culture is diff. Ours is indoan culture and they have western culture so directors r choosing north indians. But sri reddy gaaru took the right step to stop casting couch. Dabbi and cinema aasa choopinchi oka vyakathini kaani aadavaallani kaani avamananinchakudadhu. N e wes ots only my opinion as a common citizen. I dont suppprt anyone. He is culprit and she suppprted earier.
Sha Sha
I think she has lost herself
Mr. India
I am sure if she was asked to have sex and given big roles in movies and she became a superstar, she wouldn't be doing all this. Why is that some women are ok with getting laid for work. And if it works they are happy but if they don't get work, they decide to call it rape and molestation. I do not know the story of this lady, but comments here made me think.
Shreeyam Dahal
LMAO that certainly is one way to get men involved in the protest. This #metoo thing is really rubbing off in the Indian cinema industry. While sexual harassment in any form should be condemned, is this the way to do it? In India, this will circulate more as a masturbatory material rather than a protest activity.
Sai Kiran Kambala
Property Options
Shocking. I dont Know How people can support her. IS she a Child ? Was not knowing what she was doing while compromising ? Anybody forced her to compromise? Then a rape case stands. DId she asked anybody before compromising ? then why she is coming in public now ? If compromise is mandatory in the film industry, and girl like her dont like this, then why not they change mind for some other profession which are safer. I am not saying the men whoever have done this with her are right.No, Not at all, But they may have used her once. But she herself made her available to be used multiple times. She is multiple times guilty than the men. I dont understand Is it compulsory for every actresses in the industry ? If yes then why not successful actresses are crying foul ? If its not compulsory,she should have denied to compromise and sound alarm immediately. Otherwise could silently leave the project. Would she do all these if she would have got good role ? In that case how all these would be right ? If she is right then how Bribing are Wrong ? How Dowry is wrong ? She was just bribing her director or producer in the physical way, other than monetary way. She is more guilty. Should not be supported at all. Its not necessary men are always guilty, Being a women she could have protested it by denying on the first instance itself, Then this stage show would not happen, Neither she would be harrashed nor the media would be shameful. After accepting or offering BRIBE i cant say bribing is wrong. Please stop all this non sense
vamsi kumar
అబ్బో...... GST 2 కి వర్మ ఛాన్స్ ఇస్తాను అని ఉంటాడు అందుకే ఈ షో
Ramaraju Jyothirmai
I m not giving any character certificate for anybody but the behaviour and believes of YouTube channels and TV channels on such social issues is too bad. You people are objectify women alot. A lady is comming out and doing such things for justice only Bcos of concentration of power amonst few tollywood families.
Ravi Kantipudi
neeku dammu..dharyam vunte...evaritho padukunnavo...evaru ninnu vadukunnaro...cheppu...nannu vadukunnaru ani cheppav ga..cheppu...nuvvu battalu vippukovadam kadu..janalu appudu valla battalu voodateestaru...nee paruvu already poindi...inka pogottukunna...neeku dharyam leka valla perlu ippativaraku cheppaledu...thu...needi oka bathukena..nee amma nanna...entha badapadutunnaro..penta dana...
Gourav Khatiwal
Prem kumar suramalla
తు....ధీనమ్మ.....మీడియా....ఒక అమ్మాయి అలా బట్టలు విప్పుతుంటే ఆపకుండా లైవ్ లో చూపిస్తార్ర... ఎం మనుషులు రా మీరు....చి
nesh nall chanal
ఫిలిమ్ ఇండస్ట్రీ వాలు మన తెలుగు వారిని టిసుకొ వొటఁళే ధన్ టి అని నువు అడిగితె మన తెలుగు అమ్మాయిలు పద్దతి కలవారు
mahipal biroriya
Bc tum sab ko maze aaye aur logo ko ne roka ni use wo majbur thi kya use bina kapde utaare hak nahi dila sakte the to suno tumhaari ma ya bahan ko aisa karna pade na to tum sab usamay defend karne lag jaoge bhaio soch badlo ye message unk liye ha jo ladki ko galat bata rahe hai aur apni bhaddi soch ya raay dere hai
Manga Vijay
అమ్మా శ్రీ రెడ్డెమ్మా... ఇన్ని రోజుల నుండి నువ్వు ఇంతలా గొప్పగా నటిస్తూ మరింత గొప్పగా జీవిస్తూ ఉంటే.. నిన్ను గుర్తించని పరిశ్రమ.. నీకెందుకమ్మా.. చూపించాల్సిన వన్నీ ఫ్రీగా చూపించేసావ్! నీకోసం ఇక నువ్వు ఉండే సినిమా కి ఎవడూ రాడు! నాకు తెలిసి.. ఇక కంటికి కనబడకమ్మా..శ్రీ రెడ్డెమ్మ!
cudheer kumar
ఆల వాటో .... పోలా
I don't know why u people telecast unnessacary thing.Ashamed of media.Inspite of this why can't you telecast something like debate to resolve farmers problems what did she do for country more than a soldier.And Did she face anything like 8 year old girl in Uttar Pradesh and where did her brain go before making relationship with someone else and why didn't she approach any police station when she was cheated and now she is wasting the valuable time of many people. Atleast from now u stop telecasting this shit and do some useful things
Saikumar Reddy
If you were ready to strip right on road, I wonder why you hesitated to do in-front of Producers and Directors. I believe you were denied an honorable role in movies although you seduced and hooked up with most of affluent people. This is the reason you are protesting. Not just because someone asked you to do so. Instead of uncovering yourself, unleash the truth about who 'used' you
Srinivas Seenu
Oh my god
telugu ammayelni matram kadu telugu abbayelni kuda tesukovali ani fight cheyandi allu shirish kanna better acters unnaru .avakasham okaru ichenthavaraku wait cheyakudadhu mana talent manam chupistam