The beast is born (Split) Incredible Scene

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Witness the beast from M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split'. Split belongs to Universal pictures. No copyright infringement intended. Enjoy. Please Subscribe. Thank You.

Hari Ashwath
It's a crime he wasn't nominated for an Oscar
Ex Creed
The broken are the more evolved, but what if The Horde meets someone... UNBREAKABLE.
What makes McAvoy's performance so extraordinary is that not only does he pull off so many characters, but he makes you forget those characters are just extensions of one mentally deranged person. He makes each one feel like actual separate people. That's incredible!
übermensch Nietzsche
Imagine a person with personality disorder watching this this movie and getting inspired by the beast.. 😂
I'm pretty sure the beast symbolizes his father. I mean he even welcomes him with flowers at a train station. His father left with a train as we are told. Maybe he even died during the train crash in Unbreakable
Here is something cool: This entire movie is building up to the arrival of The Beast. Kevin goes to the train station, pays respect to his father, and then becomes the monster he was meant to be. Meanwhile, in Unbreakable, the entire movie leads up to whether or not the protagonist is a superhero. David goes to the train yard, has a flashback of his younger self being a hero, and finally accepts that he has super powers.
This movie inspired me to change myself. Reinvent myself. "We are what we believe we are."
The music is so beautiful, it fits in perfectly with the score of the Unbreakable universe.
It is so horrific that the two girls didn't make it and died a brutally painful death. But awesome movie can't wait for Glass.
Franco Corradi
The broken are more evolved.
Gianni Guy
I think his father was on the same train that derailed on unbreakable, hence why he put the flowers on the platform. Meaning not only did Mr glass find the hero he was looking for, but in the process he also created something far far worse. So excited for Glass!
Jordan Denny
Spoilers for Glass below At first viewing I thought the flowers were put there to welcome the beast, but it was to honor Kevin's father.
Luke M
The Professor really cracked this time. WTF did Hank put in his serum?? The Professor actually tries to become the Beast.
Dr Xavier is out on it again...
Rowland Marshall
David Dunn evolved on a train. Kevin evolved on a train
Ghost James St. Patrick
Can't wait for Glass to come out. I'm willing to bet the beast will the one guy that will damage the guy who always thought he was unbreakable!
Remy Carreiro
Weird how you got this video of me preparing for 2018......
Iván Gallardo
The score is absolutely amazing!!! Seriously. One of my favorite Shyamalan's scenes ever.
Is the train connected to unbreakable ?
D Son
2:33 when you here your mom coming up the stairs with a belt
Aaron Jones
Somebody came here after watching Glass.
this scene gave me chills first time i saw it in theaters.
don't believe the hype
They called me Mr Glass.
sifat shams
It has begun
Supashya Roy Chowdhury
This is masterpiece indeed.
Latema King
Go see glass guys!!!! I just did it definitely did this movie justice being the sequel
Imagine strolling down the street and you here heavy breathing and feet slapping against the sidewalk growing louder by the minute and then whoosh a man in jeans runs past you at the speed of a mini car
Xan A
When she says she’s home alone
Iván Gallardo
The score is absolutely amazing!!! Seriously. One of my favorite Shyamalan's scenes ever.
The Forbidden Fruit
*he is only 5,7*
Baf Lange
Based on a true story
hyuna babe
The girls’ last words and memories. 2:08 they can’t be free after all...
xc5647321 xc5647321
Charles Xavier becomes Sabretooth.
Andrea Biacco
This is probably the ultimate bad guy between humanity and superpowers
Beserk Cheeto
**Caster asks James McAvoy what his character profile is** McAvoy: "Watched Split?"
Edward L.
first few seconds reminds me of a Linkin Park video.. rest well Chester..
Steve Beck
When he lays those flowers down 🤯.
Xavier is just another personality..
Rihanna And Little Mix
Question why does he buy the flowers and go on a train to do that? What was the point of it?
Johnathan Toledo
This scene is terrifyingly beautiful.
rollin thirtys
You cant beat the beast hes like ahhhrg
Adria Borras
Now everything has more sense. Thank you Shyamalan.
Charles Brown
After seening Glass I now know why he puts roses by the train and why the beast is born on the train
Spacebar Hater
First when I watched this scene i was wondering why put the flowers in a train station?? After that some signboard was shown and I noticed that the setting was Philadelphia from there i have a great feeling that split is in the same universe with David Dunn ( Unbreakable ) with the flashback of Kevin Crumb we have seen that his mother treated him malicious... Question is does that flower means that Kevin's mother was in train 177 Elijah tried to cause an accident? Resulting that his mother died on that accident what if we already saw Kevin in Unbreakable?? And what if the reason the beast was unleash is because his mother died so that means Elijah triggered "THE BEAST" within Kevin ( I am mindblown in my own theory )
1:54 that moment when we all knew great bad shit for the protagonists is coming down...
McAvoy and MNight. great combination. I love Night's powerful scenes(all movies) coupled with dramatic scores. Always memorable.
Mạnh Bùi Duy
When ur gf says her parents are out and you got a train delayed
Rorschach Daws
Beast will out
Micah Rabalais
I like the train setting connection between this and Unbreakable.
Note to self: Never leave "the Beast" caged within for long.
Anyone know what the OST is called?
He-Man !
I now know why the trans movement has evolved into pure madness
kingof bz
I'm I the only one or did this movie just made me feel disturbed/changed
Russell Holly
What is the name of the music for the scene??
babu dxb
Proff X became Hank a.k.a The beast ❤
Erik Cardero
If the beast meets unbreakable .....
Nick Mattio
“Yewww Wiilll...Be In Tha Presence Of Sumthin Greta.<8•|”
Oh Yeah Yeah
Don’t take steroids kids!
I feel bad for everyone of them, they are so different trapped in a body and unable to do anything but fight for control.
Who will win Dunn or the beast
abhishek sk
This is my favourite scene my dad and I am great friends and losing him is very painful I felt what Kevin felt like
Russell Holly
What's the music for the scene??
louie Houston
Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho.
No Name
Who the beast?
Josiah Aranda
Song please?
Tom Hibbert
Who were the flowers to at the beginning of the scene?
This is getting way too much praise.
Simba Fam
The beast is Satan open your eyes people it’s called mk ultra mind control
rainbow dash fan white
David already knows about you
This was hands down one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. Let me break down the movie for everyone: 1) A guy kidnaps and attacks people 2) It's revealed that he'll spare someone if they've been hurt before 3) It's revealed one of the girls has been hurt before 4) He spares her Like, how do you write that script and think to yourself, "Dear god this is brilliant. I'm like the MIchael Jordan of screenwriting." P.S. Oh I almost forgot: the victims are all attractive young women, and the guy has OCD which requires these women to take their dirty clothes off. (Rolls eyes as hard as possible). Straight up marketing ploy, because who doesn't like attractive women. But this smokescreen didn't hide what a terrible movie Split was.
javier jaime
Like si aun lo ves en 2019-*)/
Psyduck O Psicopato
tá saindo da jaula o monstro
Random TV
So the flowers with her Kevin's father you completely Sixth Sense'd upon second observation you can see all the clues to it sharing the same universe with Unbreakable right in front of you. And it becomes even more obvious in Glass.
James mcavoy INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE I have to say so were is his OSCAR? Because after watching this Trully amazing acting and having me completely drawn in by each of his characters I say again we're is his OSCAR
Jalyn James
When I'm mad or sad I listen to this and try to turn to the beast
Some of you guys are prophets, wow! Good predictions!
marko 2001
Beast is too sexy for his shirt. Also,during sex he can break the floor.
Astral Fire
stigma... stigma... stigma... tsk... tsk... tsk...
Beth black
Sadly this is not the first actor to not win or be nominated for an award despite a great performance. The academy gives awards and nominations to who they ''think'' should get it, not necessarily based upon merit.
I like how some of the scenes with The Beast is framed to make him actually look taller than the others. Little touches like that is what makes me want to see The Beast in action in Glass.
Jalyn James
The masterpiece is a masterpiece
Washington Mothapo
I really should have studied psychiatry
Professor Xavier before starting the school
Prince Vibranium
The same soundtrack was in Glass.
Cursed Lobster
The flowers were for his father... amazing
The beast is born....meh, that was ok I guess scene
Warky life
the train that changed everything!
Ricky Hunt
Really feel for the Beast but always bothered me that he can do all of these things yet can't tell who has suffered from those who haven't.
Alberto Pimienta
Watched Glass, just realized who the flowers are for...
Gaby Gibson
Where in the hell is James Macavoy's Oscar?
The girl's shirt though
The Articulating Anoraks Podcast
It’s wonderful how the ending of Glass strengthens this part of this film
Neil Martinez
So prof x can climb walls now?
mykeem Myers
Shouldn't you be in your wheel chair Charles Xavier 😂
6dig-S 61
Imagine if their were people on that train.
When your bro says you don’t lift 😂
Dave Studdaman
Be funny if he stubbed his toe