Lazy-Boy - In My Zone (Exclusive Music Video) || Dir. King Looi

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NEW 2017 || />Shout Out Em Dub & youngMONC Purchase single on iTunes: />@lazy5777 x @prodbykoast x @looi3IV drop the video to "In My Zone". San Jose's own Lazy-Boy has been in his zone lately, and he continues with his attack. Hitting us with another dope video directed by King Looi. Off his upcoming "Locked In" project. Track production by Koast. The 408 representative is ready to drop a new project this year with new dope music. - youngMONC iTunes: />Google Play: />CDBaby: />Amazon: Want more Bay Area music? is updated every day with new songs, music videos, albums, interviews & more from Bay Area artists. Watch @TZLRNews every Friday night for all the latest in Bay Area news. You can submit Bay Area music to [email protected] or for guaranteed placement & promotional packages you can go to email [email protected] or text/call (415) 662-3084 for current rates and more information. Twitter: />Soundcloud: />Instagram: />Facebook: />YouTube:

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Young Martyr
Dis sum heat 🔥🔥
this shit str8 fire bro
El Duran
Los Latin Locos X4 is what that L really means. Act like you know
Isabel Garza
love the video 🔥🔥🔥🔥💜
Ton Ton
This slap. i remember we used to be at Ernies liquor in Fairmont Pacifica
Salena Hernandez
Alex Garcia
L😂 take that L
Art Sensitive
Take this L
bj 209
Ruby Ruelas
The intro harder than the song lol
Mac Family1408
str8 trash..
Pinoy power
Taking a straight L to the face. This is trash
fool is wack.garbo.i watched cause all the shit on his face but he aint ever been locked.
Jeremiahii Triguerosii
for the young buck puttin the city on their is a lot of hate... sad.
Anthony Quezada
😂😂😂😂 L
jesse esquivel
The beat is crazy shit goes hard could of done a little better on the actual song but overall I thought It was good I'm a fan now first time hearing of this guy
Victor Hernandez
Shit lit🔥
Uncle Drew
Bro honestly this guy can't even rap! Why can't we have better rappers nowadays here in SJ!
I'm a SouthSider bumping this in my hood in West Los Angeles💯💯💯 Shout out Lazy Boy and LLL's keep bringing that fire carnal 🔥🔥🔥
Yung Cruz
they always hatin off lazyboy cuz he making money
bro broski
Excuse me sir where did you receive your post graduate degree?
Sprinkles209 Baybee
Love u lazy-boy keep up the good work 💯🎶😍❤️💕✔️ much love from Modesto
carlos lepe
c'mon. the last album was in my hood. now a song "in my zone". what's next. "in my car". lol. needless to say, there were some dope tracks on the last album.
Sincere Staxx
lol high school bathroom...hella gobadge on a track!😂
Overdosing on depression
Sur 13
weak asf. cmon. bruh send out real shit not some buster with a vid.
Angel Gonzalez
Produced by Koast
GI Ramon
Lazy Boy keep up the good work homie.  The numbers speakin for themselves.  All these other J Catz tryna get recognition by speakin down on other homiez videos but no one heard of them.  Bitch Status but still increasing the viewer numberz lol.  Go put up your videos and let the viewers speak for how good you are.  And by the way, if you talkin maza on here to any rappers video, you should be reppin your hood at least, while you at if you so real wit it.   Lazy Boy puttin it down and you got a solid fan right here homeboy.  Salud!
Got an L on your this is wack
brian garcia
watsup with nortenos getting tatted up in the face ?? i thought that was a sureno thing. my friend whos a norteno told me nortenos looked down on face tatts and talked shit about surenos having face tatts on a song called crime watch. another thing is why are nortenos rocking aztecs numerals ?? thats a sureno thing.
Tommie Scott
fire track, from So Cal
Nice... keep doin that... no fake props here... you got that song doin what it do... STRAIGHT BANGER... BMG
Young JeFe
daniel crispin
quit hating on the internet go say that to him
Paul Is Numero Uno
This dude is gay he wears his mommas jeans. Nortes from san jose are gay too 😂🤣
Delfino Solano
this song slaps 100 love it
moneybags fatsloth
this shit is week
Elijah Tejeda
slappers keep doing your thing and keep rep'n San jo 💯
209 _
San Jo straight up for you suckas 💯💯
Michael Stalls
good angles w a decent camera. play the song in the back so you can dub it over when you make a video bruh. it wont look like you just moving around not singing in the vid lol.
Crystal Herrera
Adina Rodriguez
It Slaps.. some Haters on Here!!
speedy gonzalez
L For Lame Fuck lol 😂 san jose nice come white boy city
Cold Piece
This slap bruh .if you ain't feeling it don't waist ur time to slap it & leave a comment 💯
cali fivefiftysix
nigga pulled up in a civic tho
EastSide SJ
story & White
A& A
ı ɰєňţ ţo єяňıє's ʟıզuoяs ʏєsţєяԀѧʏ
This foo is a buster wtf I didn’t know haahah we be bumpin his song still in my hood
Richard Ramirez
anyone notice how nortenos and everybody wasn't getting face tattoos til they saw ms13 and 18st foos do everybody rock face tats
14 tatted on the face!!!!
No Walls In Hop-Hop! Entertaiment
this dude sucks and his face tats are ridiculous
🔥🔥🔥🔥 831 to the 408
Monster SanJonero
Haha shit too funny though 😆😆 👇 👎👎👎
coo wit it
agustin cortez
Tommy Bocanegra
i like that sounds good
Richard Lopez
Trash lmfao
Albert Johnson
This song on firer G
blue eyed reyna
408 💚 slapping🔥🔥🔥
Aspeks Gomez
Shoe shine killa
alfonso acevedo
San jose lmao realy bru what u guys have 4 murders in one year in a population of what 1mill
I wanna be in your zone boo boo😘
m Ramirez
Marlon Mayo
no no no no this shit need to go go go go not now but rite now
Mario Mendoza
Im not sure what genre Is he r&b or hip hop
South Sacra
Vallejo tunes is what’s bumping up state
Tito Coronel
Bumping this 🔥🔥 in my side of the woods!! North Carolina 💯💯
Gabe Sanchez
good shit homie 💯🔥
Edwin Rocha
510 boy
This does not slap ... At all.
1 Love
In my zone instrumental remake
Alexander Campos
Marco Garcia
Y este pinche mocoso qe pedo..😴😴
Janette Chavolla
ɦɛ ċʊtɛ 😍 ʄɨʀst tɨʍɛ ɦɛaʀɨռɢ ɦɨʍ
Raymond Montoya
Popperz Zee
heavy hitta /Perez
people say they don't fuck with the song but there here listening to it
Rodney Dodson III
Cuhz yo only good song was in my hood where yo vocals sounded good. All his other shit sound off tune & wierd lmao
Valentine Lovins
ayye norwood
Road To Hell
Is the bay 408 all the way you feel me:)
Produced by Koast 🔥
Jc Gonzalez
going hard down south HARLINGEN TEXAS 956 ya sabes
Julian Ramirez
who cares about gang affiliation this dude got some bars 👌
joanna corona
#Gang This Song Slap's !!
ray cisneroz
😂😂the homie putting evergreen on the map yeeeee!!!
Shinay M
Amanda Vaught
quit hating scraps Lazy boy Going to bust 40 at the light pole wen he see you
Sam Timoteo
Lazy boy ma daddy 😘💍🔥
Daniel&Mariah Martinez
Izzy Cooks and Stuff
What's the L on your face for?
Sammy Alvarez831
much love from the 831
GI Ramon
Why only 130,679 views??  How did I go from 900,000 a couple weeks ago to 130,000?  Wtf