gerardo r
Que Dolor me da al ver este tipo de vídeos donde destrozan y acaban con Los Arboles que para que tengan esa altura y ese grandisimo tronco tuvieron que pasar Miles de años y que unas cuantas personas sin ESCRÚPULOS VALIÉNDOLES MADRES ACABEN con ellos es una TRISTEZA ya que el día que acaben con la NATURALEZA de NADA LES VA A SERVIR su dinero para tener OXIGENO y entonces si se los va a CARGAR LA CHINGADA por MALOS FEOS Y CULEROS creo que no deberían de existir esa clase de persons ya que son una ESCORIA para sociedad, ojala la misma Naturaleza se encargue de ellos y los destruya por ser unos HIJOS DE SU REPUTISIMA MADRE.
Ярослав Коваль
Рубят сук на котором все сидим, сволочи.
Man is the largest predator in the world.
Somehow I knew that this was going to be click bait, but clicked anyway just in case.
Николай Степанов
Душа болит, особенно за секвойи. Жизнь на земле обречена "благодаря" человеку-потребителю.
La miniatura es un asco
Imagine if a human went through one of these machines
Big Texas
2:48 This machine is badass, a logging company could really branch out with one of these machines.
hat made me sick- such a beautiful huge tree and think of how old - such a shame - can't watch any more
My soul cries every time I see a tree that big being cut down. That's why I recycle everything I can and reduce the use of all things. I only agree with the usage of reforested wood. Nature doesn't need us. we need Nature.
Kam Cha
No good! they just destroy environment. Stop!
Gun ner!
TreecuttingFetish?? PERVED!!!
Kot Balun
термиты это вредители,а вот эти человеки кто?
Sardari forever
Why are u cutting trees blindly...
Mohammed Sifan
Mad Dog
Only Destruction Here!
Where is the truck on the conveyor belt as depicted on the thumbnail that prompted me too look at this video? Not there! It's a con!
Voltaire Revolution
Lady’s and gentleman’s And that’s how we are finishing with the planet 🌎 Congratulations 🎊 humans!
Hong Hoa
Best of forest destruction Secondly, he attacked the sea deforestation, sea chisel is a crime
Serralheria & Dicas
Depois a comunidade internacional acusam o Brasil, por desmatamento, veja aí a destruição da floresta.
Bye bye earth😢😢😢😢 number 1 enemy the human..
Deon Dorvil
Man!! Amazing! I would feel so bad cutting down a tree THAT BIG though.
همسات المطر
اكو عرب هنا لو ماكو
Alexander Lennox
What a damnable shame to see such an ancient tree being felled, it's enough to make one cry.
1:28 I feel so sad when I see this. Why would someone do such a horrible thing?
Omondi Moses
I cry for that largest old indigenous tree felled by man just for money
Maisnam Thoithoi
OMG...😂😂😂 save environment🏡⛰🏝 love trees 🌳🌲🌱🌴 but awesome wood machines
Enzo Mauraca
Profit-Monsters !!! Kick them away
Alex Barony
Odio esta jente como destrosan los boskes son unos idiotas
Marcos Junior
Pena que o tempo pra ter uma árvore dessas é enorme
Chagy s
Buen video. Saludos desde México
Wessam Alrubaie
أعمال رائعة ومكائن ومعدات مذهلة اتمنى لكم التوفيق......
Markku Antero
9.36 Like my pulp end. Tree is eroded its last remaining pulp material. Or so,
Cesar Andrade
Daqui a mil anos veremos a derrubada de uma árvore dessa se nós plantarmos uma semente no dia de hoje.
Pankaj Budakoti
Save Trees Save Future Save Environment
Dexiang Wu
It cost one day to cut it off, but cost thousands of years to grow up such a tree.
Alicia Perez
Yo pienso que todos tenemos la culpa el que la corta y el que la consume porque sino consumimos ya no van a vender y así yano cortanlos arbolitos y digan sino tengo razón denme un like si tengo razón ONO gente bonita
Chinese, Go back to yr shitland!!
There are no more descruction than human greeds
Gilson Lourenço
dar fazer bastante palitos. de fósforos ou dentes
Anshul Saprey
Weapons of mass destruction
Leonard Toby
Couldn't help thinking that there was something wrong with the cutting of that tree.Is there a brighter side to this?
Joseph Stokes
Uhmm! Slash, burn and destroy!
Павел Юрьевич
Это восполняемый ресурс не вижу проблемы!
David Johnson
That is nasty, China is a greedy country! Respect the planet, grow trees in a specialised area for cutting and then replant them, don't go around destroy rain forests and jungles like this. For money, man lacks a lot of common sense in the now, and then leaves us with decades worth of issues to clean up later.
mac f
man you're destroying the environment
Sadik Review
leçon de pêche. Système astucieux au niveau épuisette que je ne connaissais pas. BRAVO
Какую только технику человек не придумает для уничтожения своей среды обитания.
welder admin
clickbait always gets you a dislike. Have a great day.
N .Tilev
When is this madness going to stop?!!
Hamish Holder
nothing to be proud about. Killing our oxygen!!
Zohaib Mughal
This wrong work because that is life of human don't cutting trees please
Can not believe how sad and offended i got to see this destruction of Mother Nature.....Shame on Mankind.
Сергей Гладинов
Деревья из которых сделают нам гробы😨
Romen Myngbm
Destroying the nature
Munir Qurashi
Beautiful video with best technology and skills
:'( those trees are so old - so cruel and not right :'(
Wagner Souto
O que a natureza constrói em décadas, o homem destroi em segundos, depois vamos contemplar a o aquecimento global !!!
moussa Atallah
يعني لازم تلقى جزائري يدور هنا هههه حب الاكتشاف
Samruk Kazyna
Комментариях иностранцы что пишут кто нибудь понял.наверное они тоже про китайцев плохо пишут да .не люди эти ускоглази
Maravilha da Tecnologia moderna! ( MARCOS ) CHAVANTES SP. BRASIL.
Emere Moreno
A N O R M A L E S. Destruir el bosque es destruirnos a todos.
darno jogja
Waduh pohon gede nian.. Sayang jg ya di tebang
consultoria correa
Lil Money
This all wood from Tibet
Said arifin
yah apa boleh buat sudah begitu
Rocky s Mum
I hate to see people cutting down ancient trees!
Sonu sanyal
Hey.... Don't cut down the trees, please . Do something to save trees, save forests, oh my God , u people had almost finished the forests cruelly. Be kind to trees, save trees save life
Walker Volpi
imagine o medo da árvore quando essa máquina chega perto? eu acho que ela ate se arrepia
1 вопрос: Зачем, зачем как термиты себя ведём?
Froylan Olmos
bellos árboles que an pasado tantos años para llegar a esa altura y ustedes con su estupides destrozándolos por esa razón los chinos están quedando sin tierras
Alam Tapia
😠🌴🌱ojala haigan plantado..uno de reposicicion.imbeciles..distructores dela flora y fauna
HEY! I clicked on this video because I saw a rig on a zipline 😑 I saw no rig on a zipline in the video 😡
5:40-5:45, Smart, not macho :)
dora placensia
cuantos siglos tiene este arbol para que unos tontos como estos que no apresian la naturaleza los destruyan malditos humanos cuando sea demasiado tarde lo lamentarar
Ward oo
Once your forests are denuded it can take decades to recover, if they ever do.
siradj makine
اين الفرق بيننا و بينهم ..العرب عندهم ابو منشار.....
Paul Jamesk
Bad karma job and there’s a big price to. pay for ignorance
bum tiger
That is really a big big tree.
qiu fusheng
destruction of forest for greedy needs
確かに凄いなとは思う。 が一方で、なんかやるせない気分になる。
Peter Wilson
Frightening how quickly we can take nature apart. What was a real challenge for humans to conquer we can butcher in seconds. With so much uncontrolled power over nature this whole planet is doomed.
joao gasparino
Kuber Bk
Awo really interesting I'm Carpenter 👍👍
Flannery 360Tours
Just don't forget to give back to the Earth what you take.
Harry Canary
Great Vid !
Márcio João
Muito triste um vídeo desse!
xl_GoDLiiKe_lx Dz
تكنولوجيا عملاقة في استغلال الغابات
Mихаил Табола
Чтоб каждого китайца нашу природу звери задрали!
Andrzej Kurkowski
catastrophic powerful technique in barbarian hands working for global disaster
Dan Snel
Images about how to kill a planet or science of extinction
Посмотрите как долбанное человечество убивает планету, на которой живёт и которая кормит его...
الغريب العراقي
تحياتي الكم من العراق-اينما كنتم في الصين اوفي اي مكان بلعالم-هذه اﻻله تختصر الوقت والجهد-
Marketing Milhonario
Deveria corta as pernas de quem faz isso, que covardia cortar uma arvore desse porte.
José David Marrufo
Un fabuloso video de como se aniquila un bosque. ¿Hasta cuando vamos a entender que el pero enemigo del hombre es el hombre mismo? Homo homini lupus.
Геннадий Стредевский
Так делают спички,- потому-что,на конкурсе среди лучших 3ажигалок,- победили, -СПИЧКИ!!!!!!!!!!!. .
Willian Luiz
Como eu vim parar aqui ? Kkk 2k19
Paul Rice
See China 🇨🇳 your not the only one destroying the world 🌎
alam gaib
Gak cocok sama gambarnya katanya treknya di gantung kok motong pohon goblok yuotuber...