And1 Presents Skip To My Lou

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Clip of Rafer Alston a.k.a Skip To My Lou, the greatest streetball playground legend.

And1 And One Skip To My Lou Rafer Alston Playground Legend Handles Original Streetball Basketball Greatest Crossover

Brandon Heard
music sucks but great highlights
Da Kid Gowie
Lame song for a highlight tape
Greatest handles of all time.
lmao off look at 1:19 man hot sauce and them are way better. ive seen these guys in real life and hot sauce always has something to show to the audience but skip.... yea nothing but speed
I used to have this video on my old laptop and watched it religiously in the days of my youth.
He is a legend of Streetball this song is great for this vid
The song is World's Greatest by R.Kelly
Lewis Ingram
1min 53secs.....quality clip
@Yazzir9 Not really a convincing argument. While all those players you mention were streetball legends they all went to college and played years of organized basketball. You could be an extremely gifted streetball player, if you have no understanding of and teaching in organized basketball you will never succeed in a pro league. It is the exact opposite of one man goofing around one-on-one and 8 other player stand around wand watch.
The only streetballer to make it to the NBA
CJ Senoj
R.Kelly- the world's greatest
This was ruined by R. Kelly. What happened to Flamboyant by L?
Yue Wang
the world's Greatest R.kelly
haven't *
he has alot more fundamentals than hot sauce thats y hot sauce probably wouldnt be able to play in nba
R. kelly- world's greatest
see coach would tell us dribble the ball low no defender wants to really work that hard to get the ball... and see hee it works
you know all those great highlights you just showed....that gay ass song just ruined it. No Homo 09
Pat A
skip is truely a great. how many people can play for and 1 then play in tha nba
whats that song called and whos it by? oh yea skip to my lous handles are crazy!
Andy Szwajkowski
well that cali cush has some angel dust or somthing. You must grabbing that shit off smokey. You should come down to canada and smoke some of that B.C. bud. and hey i said in the comment earlier that alston aint the greatest but he aint the worst. If he is as bad as you say he was how did they make it to the finals, i know it wasnt all howard, Turkalu and lewis. I mean c'mon they had james guarding alston cause no1 else could.
Andy Szwajkowski
You obviously don't watch basketball enough to know that rafer is not the best but he's an above average point guard. Magic arn't gonna win the title but rafer definetly puts in his work. check his stats then tell me he's not consistant enough. I remember when he was on tha raptors, he was one of the best point guards raptors ever had. Im not sayin the raptors had great point guards, but they never had pure passers like rafer.
Andy Szwajkowski
obviosly parkers is better but he still don't that swagga. Skip to my lou would knock the fuck out of parker on the street. lol
all i know is that this guy made it to the NBA everyone can hate but this dude is making millions, an upgrade from And 1.
Andy Szwajkowski
How games of basketball do you watch a year one and a half. You dont know shit buddy. Alston's not the best but he's certainly not the worst. I think your boy just sold you weed with some crack in it or something. Get your shit right, stop hating. I've seen rafer alston play live and the dude is sick, plus like i said in the other comment he has swag whether you like it or on not. Its the same with a lotta players in the legue like louis williams on philly, & jamal tinsley on indiana and more...
song name is worlds greatest by R.kelly
Joseph Yeo
whats the songs name?
@gzup11 stop being so damn ignorant
Andy Szwajkowski
Yo first off don't be calling darling. I dont even know if you a chick or not. second you obviously have not tried northern lights, which originates from canada. third im not a retard you're the retard who probably smokes crack with his weed and then sucks dick for it, by the way fuck the lakers even though they champs. You dont know shit about bball all you know is how to follow the bandwagon
The Worlds Greatest
YH Chang
I love Alston
Phuk Yu
Now Mr. Alston plays for my Houston Rockets and thank God for him.
Skip To My Lou the and1 legend!!!
He is such a great add to the Rockets. I wish he could do some of his moves on the court but then he would get T'd up too much.
sorry to tell you all but 95 percent of the stuff hes doing is traveling an the best ball handler ever was pistol pete he was doing these moves way before this generation but he didnt travel look him up
i like the professor bcuz he's white, jk but he's good though
r kelly worlds greatest...came out when the movie ali came out
rafer is still SKIP TO MY LOU... THA MAN... GO MAGIC...
are you shitting me with this song???!! Maybe understandable if ya woulda mixed some of his nba stuff in later, but this is skip, not a former cancer patient
Cheng Lin
the guy said skip overrated knows abuot shit you idiot skip started it all!
lol at 1:16 he got his shot blocked but still broke everyones ankles
Chuck Barrientos
he was the best pg in rockets cmon maybe after steve franchise but never did rockets had a rafer alston skilled like pg now look at them haha
WAC Films
he skips too much
WAC Films
it fits the video
I'm 6'2
rafer alston is amazing
I'm 6'2
i agree with you but zone defence was made so defenders could contain shaq
Angel Correa
What is the name of the song??
skip is a good streetballer but he aint doin that good in the nba hes just a average player in the nba but he is a streetball legend
Edward Bell
great song
Speaking as someone who grew up in Queens and although I don't know him some in my famly do, I am proud of him for how far he has come. I look at this vid and see someone enjoying the purity of the game. Those who do'n't know about And One and have never seen this side of him and only see the NBA side will not really get a true glimpse of his talent and more importantly love of the game. He is a humble dude and it couldn't have happened to a better guy.
i'd say the song is bad, but i ripped my ears off so i wouldn't have to listen to it. so now i hold no opinion of it.
haha you dudes arguing are fucking hilarious the insults you use are retarded and by the way just to clarify B.C. Bud Canadian Shit is by FARRRRRRRR the best weed in the world. EVER. Cali shit doesn't hold a candle to it. Cali shit is NOTHING man. You just think it is because you have smoked TRUE B.C. Bud, once you do then you will see whats up.
gay music
He struggled early in Milwaukee and he was hopeless. I am happy dat he rejuvenated himself and built a nice 10 year sumthing nba career. He was an average back up pg at best, but had his moments. Gud luck in China than come back coachin to Fresno or da Cage. Peace your brotha
holy crap - that is the words gd song. i can't even watch the whole video bc that song is such crap. ruined what looked like a good video.
Jay Casino
in 1:19 he got packed lol
Jay Casino
da man who started all!
Braj Pop
EuJin Chong
omg this song is the same as the other hot sauce video
Nate Walters
@Temall Monta Ellis actually was on And 1 and if you watch Carmelo Anthony you can not say his game is not grown from street ball
skip to my lou travels and dubble dribblles in and1 before but not in nba
At least I've grown up to be somebody. You on the other hand sound like your still stuck on some old 1980"s bullshit. Its 2009 so protect your spine fool. Fuck peace!
Actually, he could be a Harlem globetrotter :)
EuJin Chong
the world greatest ~ R.kelly
Joe Ball
Invented travelling. He should have heard lots of whistles. I see some talent, but palming the ball while running isn't impressive.
Yeh defs one of the greatest player's of all time , inspiration to all (:
Daniel Toole
@Yazzir9 damnnnn..... thats one of da best comments i heard on youtbe inna hot minute smh
First of all, only the finest Cali cush blows through my alley. Second of all, was it just me or did "skip to my poo" have a miserable game 4 and have to be benched during crunch time. You go on and talk that street ball shit all you want. Any moron knows that streetball skills mean nothing in the pro's. Yeah you may be able to flash here and there, but that will never amount to the win, which is all that matters. So you get YOUR shit straight. Lakers 3-1 baby!!
Calvin Charles
Skip...1:52....LOL...Handles ALL Day....
Oskars Miljons
dis song makes me cry, but tha vid -> aight
shadrack dorleans
1:13 to 1:19 he did all that just to get stuffed lol.
Matt B
love it
Kaye Flores
hes back to miami.......
Edi Baqaie
whats the name of the song
Benjamin Crook
All I got to say about all this skip to my lou wack ass shit is... Lakers: 2009 NBA Champions. Play like a pro or go back to street ball bitch!!!!
And if it wasnt for streetball. There would be no zone defense in the nba right now. Do you even know why the nba instituted zone defenses? No you dont. So if you were a true fan of basketball you would just write streetball off like its nothing. The type of basketball that you watch today.....came from streetball.
I agree with everything that ryanmp50 has stated. He knows his shit and has done his homework. th3cootinator you should get your head out of your ass and learn something from this man. Rafer is a fucking toy and needs to go back to street ball. That dancing shit that he does has no business in the pro's. The bottom line is that he is not consistent enough so fuck him!
Edi Baqaie
whats the name of the song pls?
Streeball skills mean nothing in the pros huh? lol ever heard of connie hawkins? The iceman? AI? DR J. The list goes on and on. They are all streetball legends. So no, Streeball does teach you alot of things. Not everyone has a rich dad who can pay for lessons and take them to summer camps, buy em new shoes every week. So what youre saying is lame ass fuck. Yeah keep your ignorance in the suburbs man.
You are one ignorant fool. I don't care where you are from or how crazy you think you are. You are a perfect example of how the school system in America has failed to produce a generation of educated men and women. Here's a bit of advice: have some class, grow up and stop living in the past, stop sucking skip to my Lou's balls and GO LAKERS you player hater.
Skip to my lou my darling. Read my comment above for more and stop hating on the Cali green because there is none greater. I can't even believe that you are going to compare canadian shit to our Northern Cali kind. You are a serious fucking retard. Its pretty obvious that you have your head deeply embed in your ass for you to even make comments like that. Ask any true respectable smoker if they'd prefer Cali or canadian and then get back to me on that one. By the way GO LAKERS, 2009 Champs
what a fucking faggot, clearly you're completely clueless when it comes to B-Ball.