Mother Earth (Overture) & Ice Queen - Sharon den Adel (live)

Sharon den Adel - "Mother Earth" Ouverture & "Ice Queen". Night of the Proms (Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium, 2009).

Marina Dumitru
This woman has the most beautiful smile i've ever seen!
Stuart Walls
Watched this many times .....Love the 620 moment
Im deeply jealous of those who touched her hand :P
Nikolai aka CasSpell
Sharon makes our souls dance! She's is truly an Angel!!
I give her 11 out of 10
patrizio Ganda
OMG what a singer Sharon is and what an arrangement. Wished I was there.
Рабочий класс.
Вообще класс!!! Шерон я тебя люблю !!
Jonas W
This deserve a whole lot more views!!!
Peter B Jordanson
This is the kind of live shows I love. Metal fused with classical orchestra. Another great one is Scorpions live with orchestra (which they've done a lot).
Patchouli von Darnassus
sharon is soo sexy damn but she is married
Daniel Rios
She is a Goddess. What a show I wish I was there.
Camila Minuzzi Zanchetta
Perfect performance!!! Sharon is the best female metal singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Powerfull Voice!!   Good jobs Sharon Den Adel as always!!
Armin brought me here. Sharon kept me here. 😍
paul gibson
don't think you could get a better performance !!
Eduardo Benito
Micheal Dent
Your voice an music makes me cry it is so true to heart love U always from mike d from new zealand
Wa Ss
first time hearing this. fuck yes! i gotta hear this live one of these days. looks insane
Alina Nimigean
Sharon is great! Always a pleasure to see her perform!
I love this mix of Mother Earth and Ice Queen. The best. I wish they had more concerts like this.
Анжела Ферзалиева
Богиня! какая же она шикарная!
Jodie Yu
Two of my favourite songs of theirs...the best of both worlds!!
massimo tammaro
bravissima!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Extraordinario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saludos desde Chile!
Tamanna Lahon
she's better than taylor, sia, katy, miley blah blah blah...she should be famous
laura aviles
Diosa Sharon den adel
juan carlos moreno fernandez
one of the best i have ever heard, and one of the best singer.
Jonas Winstedt
The combination of Sharons voice and the Orchestra is brilliant! And the overture, omg. What´s not to like.
Awesome!  I love this track and her voice.
Александр Б
Wanda Mccloud
AWESOME Performance....
John Newbound
Simply amazing!
Nashka Nashka
one word from me and one vocal from her:AWESOME
MAGNIFIC You are adorable Sharon
Pauline de Rooij
Oh love you when you sing so much ♥ It makes my heart sing too.
I would love to hear her do a collab one day with Hansi Kürsch :(
blackmetal buell
Metal Lady
ingomar vill
Sharon faz nossas almas dançar! Ela é verdadeiramente um anjo! Por Nikolai Aka Casspell, Parabéns; Brasil-Fev2018!
heinz mustermann
god damn what a show. wish ive had seen that live
Kateřina Černoušková
And I still can't believe this incredible band was in our little Havířov! :) :) :)
Joanna Pirie Hill
I would love to have been there.
Gert-Jan Boot
Our Dutch Pride and Glory !!!!!!!
ЕГИ Самое интересное видео
Just found out about this band .... I have lost so much...
JayJay Wong
Wow. I'm a bit behind on this bandwargon but it's better late than never! *new fan*
Amazing! Sharon Den Adel is the ultimate woman! Talent and absolutely perfect beauty.
Betty Van Helden
To listen to this track perfectly you really need a good stero to hear the music. Sharon is perfect in her pitch, the orcastra is amazing. Great perormance of a 2 great songs from Sharon!!!
Luc Moussiegt
Nightwish = excellent musicians but bad voice, WT = incredible voice but less skilled musicians. Why doesn't Sharon make a duet with Nightwish?
Dokuro Fille
Genial *-*
Sharon always manages to make me smile! Especially when she smiles herself!!! 😊
Sharon you must live forever!
Yes.  There is an angel in this world, and she is belongs to us.  Greatings from the Netherlands
Zam R
Power Orchestra
I Think this is one of her best performance.. She's got an amazing voice, and I also think she is looks really sexy on that dress.. haha Greetings from Peru..
Simplemente majestuosa 💞
Believe me, she IS that amazing live.
What a hell of a performance, totally awesome with that whole orchestra, everything is perfect here.
Merli Tiilen
WT should do much more cooperation with Anneke - way better looking and singer than Tarja.
Elien Vrijders
it was on a channel from belgium
Данил Дудич
Jacob Bruinsma
Before Tarja, Nightwish was a weak acoustic band. She bailed them out. With all respect to Anette, they didn't really survive kicking out Tarja in the worst possible way. Sharon en Tarja proved in "Paradise" that they can work well together, their voices blend, they don't care who's better - Within Temptation is a unit. Nightwish is dominated by a guy who has a huge ego - what does he compensate?
After Tarja left they are equal
u need to see her videos xD
Eric Staeger
Love this, but she seems like she has no idea what to do with her hands lol
If there's no playback here, she's more amazing than I thought;D
Gonna see her in Poznań, Poland in March ^^
Tim Jacobson
You're so terribly full of crap, you need your hearing checked!
Tomo R
there are so many pretty women in the world but there are only few so beautiful as Sharon
eric martens
so was this on a european tv station or something?
Filipe Fonte
WoW. Just awesome. Gonna see her alongside within temptation in january in Lyon... cant wait till there... Delain is going to open the night. Really cant wait.
Jurgen Mailly
i was there :)
Hercules mac
Wow! Just wow!!
Hercules mac
Actually she doesn't.
omg.... She sings so terribly off-key >.<
her voice makes me wanna cry
Lithium Sapphire
bass is too high. it sounds more than whole orchestra lol. but amazing performance as always.
Jacob Bruinsma
And it wouldn't even win
lanto nugroho
Amazing voice....Love u sharon....Wellcome to performance in my country - INDONESIA - Jakarta City
Alejandro Senosiain
No me canso de escucharla una gran voz y que decir de ella preciosa, linda, hermosa, etc etc etc y mas etc
Freeloader 420
Rynne Rawrsome
orkun uçak
WAW! Sharon met my other favourite band Roxette there!! I'd like to be there! my two favourite bands playing... And the the both made an incredible work! Sharon with Ice Queen would rock eurovision if the wanted to go to the festival. Why not?
Виктор Шупер
she's perfect! ♥
roman passon
nr 1 nightwish nr2 within tempation
Rynne Rawrsome
Sabine G.
2:00 and the KKK appears?
iqbal medan
Türkiye'de bizden selamlar, Sharon please rape me..
Kurniawan Sri
apik i
Grant Stoutenburg
Goth queen+mesmerizing voice fueled by emotion=Sharon den Adel
Iulian Lalu
she's the queen of metal
At times in this she sounds like Kate Bush (eg 4 - 4.30). Not sure about the power dressed doom metal shoulder pads though ..... What the hell are they - raven's feathers ?
Dominique Chaulet
Hammer Song !
There is just something about her voice that brings all the elements of the music together.
Super Boux
Holly shit, she's incredible, best voice on earth, she's totaly amazing, I can't to see WT in january !!
Shuvodeep De
Aurel De Alvaro
best song sharon.... since 2000 i think best rockestra performance
Grzegorz Rocki
She is dark angel
Aitor Divasson
2:27 Ghostface mask?
it gave a cold chilling effect on my back, just pure awesomness! :)