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The best of Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce.

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MrMike Production
he change the game!
That awkward moment when you discover that Sauce is 39 now.
B. jackson
The Allen Iverson of streetball. This dude was the fastest ball player on the court.
Wonder how one even starts training to get handles THIS good
I'm Mikey
His move with the shirt will forever by my favorite
Patryk Kruk
u know what im sayin? :D
HotSauce invented Streetball. He's the best ever.
far better than The Professor
Migel White
8:15-8:18 is the most disrespectful thing i have ever seen in a Basketball game, i would've had to throw dem
Red Mogly
raise your hand if your still watching this in 2k17
Josh F
Brings back memories
k m
Sauce was the reason I started watchin And-1 back in '02
BJHitemup Tg
professor was young af
Edward Ferreiras
he made professor fall o_o
A lot of dudes get butt hurt with these moves, for me, it would be an honor to get psyched out by Hot Sauce or the Professor.
Labiang Jonathan
He dropped the professor
Sam Alexander
This was my childhood.. And 1 mix tapes on VHS tapes
Mattchild Official
His stiff leg crossover was so beautifully executed
Yvonne Molina
Hot Sauce and Professor are the best street baller
iKaeh IMD
Who still watching this in 2017? 🔥🙌🏼
Anton Prokopovich
good old and1mixtape days... classic :')
money makin'
This is the era I grew up in.
Sauce got moves........but he doesn't finish like the "Professor".......Professor can actually score points.......But they both are legends so props to both of em of course.
TechDech TrickNewbie
9:17 Is that Professor?
Power Power
I miss them ol and 1 mixtape days 😎 I use to play the tapes an try the moves 😎
Dason Rice
No offense to Sauce, but we all know Skip was the original.
D Monkey
Early 00’s best era to grow up in! I miss that shit!
you know what im sayin
Rafael Augusto
hot sauce é foda
2018, still hot sauce is my favourite, not professor not bone collector
Donny The Dealer
Hot sauce> Proffesor
TroubleMan Dblock
Never forget meeting sauce at the united center back when he was in his prime. Memories!
What's that stuff on the professor's face....uh....HOT SAUCE!!!!!!! BAM!!
Luke Janosy
I know hot sauce from NBA Ballers Phenom... who know him from that?
Ratpack 74
And1 Legend right there
Brady Alters
Main Event the goat 🐐
Wvxy Hooper
This thumbnail keeps on reminding me of nick cannon
8:40-8:55 I Know Its Double Dribble & All But Damn Them Some Good & Fast Ass Handles & Excellent Damn Ball Control
Mustang gang 5.0
I’d never forget in 2004 when my brother & I pulled up at the Metro Run & shoot in Atlanta. It was a black escalade on dub crime rims and plate said “Hot 03”. We went inside and I knew it was him by a big crows surrounding 1 goal. He did 1 on 1’s with everyone who stepped up. He crossed me over so bad I couldn’t walk upstairs when I got home
Russell Westbrook
John Distefano
The professor might have took some of his moves but he perfected a Them much better and much faster and is a better passer & shooter you people are stupid dope
Harri v'Jah
Hot sauce can clown me, break my ankles and do all that...but if he bounced the ball off my head...I'm going *Motaw* on him lol
Drizzy Driz
at 6:22 I had to use a fire extinguisher on my laptop
Dilon Lee
Hot sauce makes me smile so much
Savage Uchiha
yo this guy is out of this world man has skill is crazy
Did anyone noticed that they cut the start of the video? i think it was copyrighted cause of the song and i think it was gangsta by nate dogg :D
What is the song that appears as soon as the video starts ?
K Coburn
Nostalgic af❤❤❤
AZ// InZaYnE
5:21 what's that song called?
Whats the 00:00 to 00:06 song
Dat Boi
hot sizzle sauce is getting old that's why he doesn't post videos anymore he came through AND1 like few years ago
marcus hills
whats the intro beat called?
Giannis Kontos
Whats the 00:00 to 00:06 song?
Anthony Hutchison
if you not black you may not KNOW who this is
dija vu
For the many times you said "you know what Im sayin" if you were in college you would definitely fail the speech class!
Samuel Leal
All music please
andres villavicencio
whats is The naME of the first beAt??
Ejiro Agoba
DId anybody recognize jamal crawford at 4:23. They covered his face
Tarragona Hip Hop
Song of 4:50 please?
Jay Rome
I Swear He Favors Allen Iverson !
Игорь Sarcasm
Sauce is very good street player, but The professor is better anyway !!!
dk 21
i used to hit the courts and try to emulate the great hotsauce
Whats the first song? and the rest :S And now i see why people say that SixCombo copy HotSause moves :D xD
song 4:50 min????
Anonimato 13
Intro sound please!!!!
Daygo Sunny
Fancy dribbling is cool and crossing people is cool, but there is a point when too much traveling and double dribbling is just too much lol.
Hulk Smash 24/7
Hot Sauce is the single greatest ball handler on earth.
Chris Choi
The Legand
6:36 was the sickest move the smoothest lol
Bronze Comrade
they say " you know im saying " all the time :)
Solomon Kaiser
7:00 what the music?
-Drav3n CS:GO
Best ever! 😍👏😱
Damn you should've had a list of all the songs playing they old but that shit still lit lol😂
Tony 2KODO
Back when straight back cornrows was on everybody's head...or tried to be
Charles Rob
What instrumental is used in the beginning?!?!? Someone tell me, it can be 10 years from now i don't care.
Evan Gilmore
this guy was on a workaholics episode haha pretty cool seeing him again
Song at 6:00?
Meghalet Nesreddine
the music of snoop dogg ? what the title ?
This has Full of Violations!
Konner Hemann
6:19 song?
Jayveon Wright
that shot at 7:15
Malakhi Matthews
this is so awesome
Red Mogly
a beautifull pass to professor 👊 7:00
Valentine Faith
wtf I thought it was hot sauce! (real)
Maku Kampengele
instrumental playing at the beginnig????????
joe pg Pom
is dis guy ddead ?
Tavion Humphery
Hot sauce is the best
Classic Pelinsquito
Ya know what am sayin
Hot Sauce vs. AND 1 AKA Professor
Julio Pacheco
Why most of basketball player wants to look like rapers?
J DeGrijze
what's that outkast song playing
6:28 song?
Classic Pelinsquito
Ya know what am sayin
Firstno way
While white people praise professor lmao
Scam Scammer
Literally 90% of what he does is a carry lol
jay rod
The greatest to ever do this... let's be honest, everyone for those mixtapes for sizzle...