Best of Hot Sauce

The best of Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce.

Mike K
Because of Hot Sauce my scumbag friend started throwing the ball on my forehead.
Anyone still in 2019??
B. jackson
The Allen Iverson of streetball. This dude was the fastest ball player on the court.
k m
Sauce was the reason I started watchin And-1 back in '02
That awkward moment when you discover that Sauce is 39 now.
MrMike Production
he change the game!
D Monkey
Early 00’s best era to grow up in! I miss that shit!
Red Mogly
raise your hand if your still watching this in 2k17
Josh F
Brings back memories
I'm Mikey
His move with the shirt will forever by my favorite
Labiang Jonathan
He dropped the professor
Migel White
8:15-8:18 is the most disrespectful thing i have ever seen in a Basketball game, i would've had to throw dem
HotSauce invented Streetball. He's the best ever.
Edward Ferreiras
he made professor fall o_o
BJHitemup Tg
professor was young af
Mattchild Official
His stiff leg crossover was so beautifully executed
Patryk Kruk
u know what im sayin? :D
Wonder how one even starts training to get handles THIS good
8o8 k!d
This is the era I grew up in.
iKaeh IMD
Who still watching this in 2017? 🔥🙌🏼
Anton Prokopovich
good old and1mixtape days... classic :')
far better than The Professor
2018, still hot sauce is my favourite, not professor not bone collector
Yvonne Molina
Hot Sauce and Professor are the best street baller
Mustang gang 5.0
I’d never forget in 2004 when my brother & I pulled up at the Metro Run & shoot in Atlanta. It was a black escalade on dub crime rims and plate said “Hot 03”. We went inside and I knew it was him by a big crows surrounding 1 goal. He did 1 on 1’s with everyone who stepped up. He crossed me over so bad I couldn’t walk upstairs when I got home
Appetite 4 Chic
Hot Sauce was bae back in the day. He reminded me of a darker Allen Iverson that used to do the dopest tricks. And1 was like the 90’s/early 2000’s Globe Trotters. The dopest ever 🔥☄️
A lot of dudes get butt hurt with these moves, for me, it would be an honor to get psyched out by Hot Sauce or the Professor.
white shadow
Almost 20 years, love And 1
Cooley Cool Official
Hot sauce can play a movie of allen iverson he remind me of him far as basketball that would be awesome....🏀
Douglass Walker
Difference between sauce and professor is professor knew how to brand that shit and make a living off of it.
john james
I love this still man. Every shoe of and 1ns i got a mixtape to it you know. Streetball for life
Power Power
I miss them ol and 1 mixtape days 😎 I use to play the tapes an try the moves 😎
Santina Bravos Other Account. Sanders
When i was in 9th grade I would practice his moves
Arnold Aramburo
If y'all haven't seen the game he played in gun hill, y'all missin out! I think it's on the volume 8 and 1 mixtape
Jayson William
3:45 Legend has it that this poor guy is still running trying to find the ball. He is probably in his early 40s with a gray beard and a really bad limp... If you see him please call 1- (800) where are my ankles?
MinerKartboy03 Computing Gamer.
Even The Professor can't guard him !
Sam Alexander
This was my childhood.. And 1 mix tapes on VHS tapes
Sasuke Uchiha
Sauce is the Real life Uncle Drew, streetball legend.
Mike Mitch
Had he been in this soft ass NBA now he would get a technical every game for embarrassing players
Peter Tosh
I remember Hot Sauce when he a kid perfecting his ball handling skills on the court in Club Candlewood Apartments in East Point,Georgia...
Rahmel Pervez
Dude is doing mad carries, the title should have been (the king of carrying!!) 😂
you know what im sayin
Tory Pitman
Damn I miss these day's! Long live And1 mixtape tour
Arin Lewis
Daaaaaamn it Maaaaan GOAT with the handles💯💪🏿👑🔥🔥🔥
Where is hot sauce? Any social media or something?
I might not defend him, but i garaunte i could steal the ball from him. Or at least knock it out his hands, ive never lost that bet
Martin Xayachack
I liked the little rivalry sauce and professor had. 😆
Z a p p i t y Z a p - Z a p
I just cant see how these guys played in those big ass shirts lol. This is def a classic for sure
Dason Rice
No offense to Sauce, but we all know Skip was the original.
Jayson William
9:17 the moment "The Professor" decided Im stealing every Hot Suace move and getting on the tour...
Ray Moore
The original, & the rest are copy cats!!!! ya dig. There can only be ONE 🔥🔥🔥🔥sauce.
Harri v'Jah
Hot sauce can clown me, break my ankles and do all that...but if he bounced the ball off my head...I'm going *Motaw* on him lol
Johnny Martinez
I bought these dvds in the swap meet i watched them over and over again when i was a kid
Rafael Augusto
hot sauce é foda
Joe Jordan #23!
Revolutionized the game in a apocalyptic way
Javier Teel-Dupree
Him, Professor, and Bone Collector are my top 3 for sure.
Sauce got moves........but he doesn't finish like the "Professor".......Professor can actually score points.......But they both are legends so props to both of em of course.
Hot sauce is the reason Biggie Little was made on NBA Street Vol. 2
The Vigilant Lamb
Who agree's that Afro Sauce looks like Undercover Brother? xD
Matt Turley
His moves are all awesome and all but he never played in the nba let alone college ball.
Dilon Lee
Hot sauce makes me smile so much
matias olivera
Hot sauce and Blueface have the same voice.
Prezi da Goat
Bruh nba 2k19 really stole this man whole style
music 4 the soul
He was the best in AND 1.
dija vu
For the many times you said "you know what Im sayin" if you were in college you would definitely fail the speech class!
T Lee
I still say sauce because of him
Marcus Vinicius Santos de Oliveira
tem cadelinha dona adelice filhopilanttra tem ter poutrojumento troicar fraude filhos dela para nora sair ciscar
Yooo 😲 hot sauce crossed somebody in timbs not the timbs😂😂😂. Yo this dude is the G.O.A.T of street ball. I remember having this game on GameCube best game ever next to NBA street and NFL street.
TroubleMan Dblock
Never forget meeting sauce at the united center back when he was in his prime. Memories!
Damn you should've had a list of all the songs playing they old but that shit still lit lol😂
Adam Mwakikoti
The King of the throne. Saw him ball in 2014 and he's still killin dudes
Some maybe quicker. But nobody could do these moves better then sauce.. his control was insane
Once Again
Game changer. Legend
Tony 2KODO
Back when straight back cornrows was on everybody's head...or tried to be
8:40-8:55 I Know Its Double Dribble & All But Damn Them Some Good & Fast Ass Handles & Excellent Damn Ball Control
I love 5:12 The Professor just standin there knowin its a lost cause for him 😂😂😂
I can't believe he's 42 now. It's crazy.
make best of ao, skip, dribbling machine and sik wid it videos please!!
6:36 was the sickest move the smoothest lol
Russell Westbrook
TechDech TrickNewbie
9:17 Is that Professor?
Lucas Garcia
What is the song that appears as soon as the video starts ?
Brady Alters
Main Event the goat 🐐
Lukus Carter
Just when it seemed like basketball could not be better after MJ, Hot Sauce brought da heat and changed the game in a real way.
Samuel Leal
All music please
George Yougha
Most of these highlights were travels
i wish he had as much success as professor has now hes the goat though
Csenge Kozák
Hi there, Is there anybody who know the song at the beginning of the video till 0.06 ? Thank you in advance
Back when you didn't mind to own a pair of and 1
Dominique Weston
Terynce Taylor
And 1 foreva im byrd aka taychi 43 harvey world all well lets get it
andres villavicencio
whats is The naME of the first beAt??
Where was dude going 😂😂🤣
Pawlikowski 915
20% comments about his plays 80% about used music on this video xd
Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises
Maverick Colon
:37 was there a backboard? or just a rim?
Rafat Shareef
People should put a little hot sauce on that ball!
Monica Montgomery
He hott azz hell. ATL baby!!! doin it for sure.
Whats the 00:00 to 00:06 song
randy m
Now the whole world know the recipe 🤦‍♂️