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Siccin 3 is a Turkish horror movie. Production Company: Muhteşem Film Director: Alper Mestçi Cast: Adnan Koç, Büşra Ayaydın, Cem Uslu, Nevin Efe, Yavuz Pekdiker, Elif Baysal, Yavuz Çetin, Ömer Musab Küçükler

Siccin Film
Siccin | English Subtitle Siccin 2 | English Subtitle Siccin 4 | English Subtitle
Danang Mardiyono
Siccin is different than usual horror movie, it's more realistic... Good job
Haina Durena
Turkish horror movie is the best than a hollywood horror movie.
Rida Fatima
I wish I could have a loving husband like him...🤣
Alizza Lovely Samonte
The ending words are true I'm from Philippines and Muslim I heard also some people are married to jinn, there is a story which is the man has a second wife a jinn and the first was human out of jealousy the human wife put salt on the food of jinn which they don't like..after that the Jin has never seen again.... don't be like orhan be like sedat...he trusted Allah swt while orhan did black magic which is big sin as a Muslim...
Ginger Teddy
Orhan captured a female jinn to act as his wife Kader. The jinns mother was angry with Orhan. The jinns mother used Sedat for 2 reasons: (1) to save Kader's corpse (2) to save the jinns daughter from Orhan imprisonment.
its me
gais , siapa orang malaysia yang layan cerita ni?
Manik Ghosh
Siccin 1 & 2 both is awesome.. What a movie.. I scared alot but enjoy it.. Nice finishing everywhere.. Brilliant concept.. 2 much horrible but very nice.. Our bollywood should learn from them how 2 make a horror movie.. In Our bollywood ghost films there r no ghost to b shown.. Jst horrible music.. But really i appreciate the TURKISH horror movie.. Now i'll see prt 3.. Nd waiting for prt 4.. Very good movie i ever see..
ملاك malak
Scary & emotional..Authobillah min Alshaitan Alrageem ..magic is harram for sure & dimin (Shaitan) is weak in present of holy Quran.
Deepti Chauhan
Movie dekhte dekhte comments padhte one kind of relief..😁
sameer khan
Part 1 was about love for the man..part 2 was about love for son..and now part 3 for amazing Turkish dramatic scripts
Lorraine Dayao
im a christian but i love to watch this islam horror movie omg im exited to watch the succin4😊😇
Anis Azeera
Kader is so beautiful
मात्र सत्य
Seriously very romantic, sad, horror lovely...thnx for uploading.
Rohit Sharma
The first horror movie...that touched my heart soul at last... Now ...I became a fan of these siccin series...loved it...
Mohan Kr
Kader's brother looks like tamil actor aravind swamy
f. foxue
Wow... I still cant believe this.. Ive watched this movie alone??😂😂😂 i already got troublesome nightmare from siccin 1 and 2😂.. But it didnt stops me from watching the third 😋 turkey horror movie is my fav so far wooohhhhhh!!!💕💕
J.W. T
the siccin series is so much better and more than what I expected. the previous two films were excellent. im not islamic but the movies created is really of high standards and showed us a different kinds of religious culture and beliefs. So here I am running a Siccin Marathon, drowning myself in a different kind of fears.
Mukassir Humera
Ya allah rahem.subki hifazath farmae .ameen
mohammad Suhail
If once a soul leaves it's human body,its connection doesn't remain to this world, but sometimes jinn pretends to be that person to misguide it's relatives..... Movie is really good
fiza isam bachiri fib
siccin 3:- about a man that really loves his beautiful wife until he dares to leave his parents behind coz his mother did not approved their marriage. he cannot accept the fact that his wife was gone forever as the aftermath of the fatal car accident, causing him practising some evil knowledge by captivating a female genie to replace his wife (as a genie can resemble into any forms including human beings). his bad deeds causing his parents' lives to experience nasty death. 😰 bravo to all siccin crews, great job!!! greetings from malaysia. 💗
Free2BeMe Allday
I..Am... Siccin..Overloading!!! Finally something Worth watching on YouTube Horror Movies😂This is The Best line of Horror Movies! I usually hate watching movies with subtitles, but Man! These are so worth it! If you are searching comments before watching, don't waste your time any further... Hit Play! No disappointments here! BTW..go check out the Siccin movies😬Excellent Horror. Turkish Rock😎 Love from Texas USA!
Nenk Oyenk
Siccin ... ???? Who watch this movie 01_04_2018 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mariani K
am i the only one who thinks the girl looks like Camila Cabello?
Desi Parindey
This is ultimate great horror franchise.. I watched lot of Horror movie but this series is one of the best .. Asian horror also great but Turkish Horror movies have realistic stories and great concept. Now I m going to watch Siccin 4 :)
Ovi Patwary
I am from Bangladesh...! I am watching it 2 times and, always scared when, I watched it.can't sleep alone.
sadaf shaikh
he loved his wife so much... but he did the wrong... may allah give us all such love.. but not such destiny or fate..
All parts of siccin are equally horror and entertaining. I watched most of them with sound muted. Then too I felt goosebumps all around. There's no comparison of siccin anywhere else. A huge thanks for uploading with English sub.
Rosie Kim
Just noticed most Turkish men have some mustache and beard 😂
Lateef Quraishi
Bollywood can never make such movies,,, Fantastic movies by SICCIN series. , Movies are shot so real and logical. I just lost in the different world watching Siccin series. Excellent and Fabulous Movie series
Have watched countless of horror films.. But never amazed by any movies like these series.. This is more realistic and awesome far these are the best horror movies i have ever watched.. Simply mind-blowing
Rose Red
wat a dark heart bloody women if his husband has so much debt need to be more carefull at work not actin idiot n u curse employer just becoz he fired n the guy sucide, wat if becoz of his carelessness at work some incident happens n other many dies so I don't think its the employer fault
rajni mishra
Mathiullah Muneeb
From last 6 Years i have been watching Horror Movies, But "Siccin" is more realistic, more clear script and more interesting stories.
Crazy Quinzel
anybody watching?
Aeyyra Rara
sedat is such a lovely dad and a good brother.
faiza Rashid
The last part made me cry,losing your loved one is hard but doing black magic and bringing a demon to make yourself happy is worst above all your loved one won't be happy nor at peace. It's better to let the dead one be in peace....
MK Mitul
yes my friend... love your parents ... love your partner... love your child... and no one loves you more than lord keep that in mind ... so never compromise Lord's love and care for you for the sake of love of this dunya... if those people would have the understanding of how much love Allah have for them, compare to that all other loves are nothing .... then they would hv never done these things
Purple Ratu
Feeling scared to watch yet still have courage to watch it... Thumb up for me😰
Mahek T
Kader...😍😍 really so beautiful....🙄🙄🙄🙄
Tuhupiya Kar
my god..of the two parts of siccin that i have watched earlier was just all about black magic but this was the best of alll so far..the twist at the end was amazind and to be honest i had tears into my could someone love to such an extent so as to engage himself into the fearful acts which could never be accepted in real life. beautiful story. love from INDIA. <3
Grv Nvm
hmm, nice. keeping the tradition of siccin series, more than horror element, it was the twist and turn in the story that kept one glued to the movie.I don't want to discuss the story and spoil it for others, but writing is really praise worthy. I cant decide now, which one was better between siccin 2 and siccin 3, in terms of story. Thanks for subtitles. Its much appreciated. Regards From India
Anil kumar
Beats the hollywood....Each nd every wood😂 in the world
Sadeem Shahid
The best part about siccin series isn't the horror one,its story is the most amazing part
Jack Krauzers
way better than todays Hollywood boring horror & stupid character
Prasann Patil
Turkish horror movie are much better than Bollywood horror brother referred me to see the siccin 1. now I have saw upto siccin 3.i liked the 1st won more .in one day I saw horror movies love from India
QaDeeJaz QaDeeJaz
it creepin' in my heart babe. 😫 from first till this one made me want more and more.. i will learn turkish language somehow. congratulations for bring horror genre to another level.
vrushali bansode
Ohhhhhhh God ohhh my God .. it's horrible ...
official wasecorner
okay out of all 3 siccin's movie this one starts pretty slow but still, it freaks me out. kudos to me cause i managed to binge watch all of 3 movies in one night its almost 4 a.m now i need to sleep
notafeminist lady
just finished parts 1 and 2 these movies are fecking amazing
Shabina Khan
Today it self I have watched siccin 1,2 n 3. Loved all of them. Amazing movie.....
hanibehnam ghalanshir
I've never thought Turkish horror movie like this scary
Mohd Noor Aziz Aziz
MASHALLAH. Turkey people's are very beautiful.
Christina Houston
I must say that this is the 3rd siccin's I am watching. Fantastic and loved it! Unlike the Malaysian and Indonesian movies...... No wonder I am addicted to this turkeys horrors movies cos they damn good almost as good as Thailand ghost/horror movies. thank you so much for the English Subs!
sandy baby
Beautiful movie.. loving husband and the kader is very very beautiful actress..
Ahmed Ali
I love turkish peopleeee
hayati galbi
Seems like my Orhan is nowhere to be found. 💔
rb r
yeeeyyy i knew it from the start that Kuder is already dead and Orhan is not bad even tho he has that secret chamber. He uses black magic and cast spells just to protect his love ones from the demon who want something in return. The movie almost deluded me that Orhan's the one who cause something strange to mehmet and his father lol It's my first time to predict and anticipate situations in this movie franchise.. this is so good 💯
lil bee
Malaysia bring me here! Byk btol mse ak..dri no 1 smpi ke 3 ak lyn citer ni sorg2..ahahaa terjebakkk
kavyashree Aradhya
1:02:40 to 1:05:30 made me into tears even though I don't understand the language I feel the love in that bit such a pure love
Danielle Chibuye
and i thought japanese horror movies were badass. whaaaaat!!!Turkey takes the medal. had to watch during the day. the ones i watched at night traumatised me
Preeti Bharti Bharti
I am from India . And i love this movie ☺. Orhan so cute husband .
Aniya Rani
Everything bounded by laws of nature. If you surpass sure loss. Allaha make things easy for everyone, protect & guide us... Ameen
that's sad. in greece people get fired every day, but they never go that far.
T Marsanah
I am Indonesia but not muslimah. And I m belief aan God .I am Cristiani.I love this horor film
Mala Malaic
He loves his wife so much but whatever he did is wrong
wawa yuny
Thanks to the film maker of all SICCIN ....i enjoyed all the movie... i even got excited to learn the turkish language. Superb movies ...
ika nurjannah
siccin 1.2.3 is the best horror movie ever made
Iywiji astuti
Siccin 2 was toooo scary for me... i little bit worry siccin 3 will be scarier😔😔😔.. but What's mean of Siccin anyway??
Sapphireblue 1225
This one is actually very sad 😭😭😭
Cinglunvung Suante
best black magic story ever👍👍
good storyline greeting from Malaysia
Mona Shaikh
The movie left me unable to utter a word. Epic. Realistic. Brilliant
Asif Leeon
Thnxx for the English Subtitles✌✌✌
Jill Valentine
Film çok iyi bu sefer biz cinlere musallat oluyoruz :)
Siti12 Siti12
Guys siapa orang Indonesia yg nonton movies ini, , , ???? Aku suka . Aku suka. Aku suka banget 😙👍👍👍👍😎
Syed Zia
What a movie 😱 superb excellence. .I have never watched anything like this before...Siccin all series are out standing...real horror ..far better than Hollywood's shit...salute to the makers..appreciated 👏
kashif Riaz
why girls are watching more horror movies than boys 😊
Who is watching from Bangladesh? 😘 I'm failure in Turkey movies 😘😍 Every night i watching Turkey's movies 😘
sHahin sHahAd
Turkish movie❤💛
Maddy Be
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! 😍😍😍👏👏👏
Zeenat Naaz
Please Hindi ma upload krdo movie
Jessica Jesse
I love Turkish movies. From horror to love story. Nice movie, very entertaining.
Scariest series on youtube!!! Worth watching.
Venkatesan Veda
Very realistic love forever
zakeer zak
Nice concept good movie
Lubna Das
First time ever in my life had seen such film😳😳😛 its so realistic.. Become fan of Turkey ☪ 👍👍👍well done and keep it up!! 💖💖💖 From india 🇮🇳
akash chaudhary
what a loving couple they are , never seen such type of love in my life .. good movie but not good enough then past one .. pat one and two is faar better than this , but the emotions shown in this movie is beyond any imagination .. waiting for the next part
Reyca Lover
Yg pertama lebih seram
Alfida Am
Ma friend suggested me to watch siccin now am a big fan of this series....luv from Kerala
Sofia Angel
I enjoyed it It was sad 😢 and scary movie
Azim Alfateh
sapa kat sini sebab twitter hahahahaha
He shouldn't have fired the man at once. A suspension for 3 days should have been much wiser thing to do rather than fire him from his job. That's too cruel.
Komathy Rajendran
Love this movies... My favorite..
ananya perfume
Love siccin from malaysia
ellen ivy Valeska-Monaghan
The sounds of the insects..
spaice Johnny
Watching from Tanzania.
Michelle Sithole
I'm sorry, but thus was romantic, 💔heartbreaking, way better than twilight, wat would u do for love??
Junee Babyy
Because of love.
ayesha arshad
BTW thanks for the english subtitles watches the whole series without volume!!!!great story super horror different from other horror movies... Usually I don't watch horror movie but the story is awesome!!!