Teaching kids how to Backflip, Frontflip and flairs at All-In Skatepark in Canada. Some of them landed it and some of them had some crazy crashes, but they never gave up and thats the most important thing! JOIN THE RWILLY SQUAD➡️ /> BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM ➡️ /> FACEBOOK ➡️ /> SNAPCHAT ➡️ rwilly1994 TWITTER ➡️ /> BUSINESS ➡️ [email protected]

8:14 that kid is insane!!!
12:20 how the hell is he not paralized???
Elizabeth Beamish
Pause at 12:23 Edit:please help me get too 200!
John sande Nothing
Not click bait if you click this it turned blue :o 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ady Muhr
Caleb Congdon
"I felt no pain" as tears come out of his eyes
The Emerald Dragon
6:52 that dance tho
Blake Swan
Ashton Kobarg
9:35 Jesus watch him land in 0.25x it’s so horrible
Emran Ghazi
Michele Edwards
12:21 yeah pretty sure your body isn’t so posed to do that. 😬
Dazzy Z
The pink pants guy is a true natural. You can tell after the trick at 8:23 when he casually flips as if his mom taught him that when learning to walk.
Deok Sun
3:08 this is why i hate kids
11:58 sorry bro
slitherymoney 61
8:15 I actually thought he bailed and was just going to fly through the sky
Jay Walker
8:16 best clip of 2k18....🤘🤘🤘 AMAZING .... that (FREE WILLIE)
Quinn Dooley
Skateboarding is better
Bag Man
2:00 how to hyperextend your knee
Olav Lie
8:13 The kid did the world second free Willy
Alex Gamer AW
11:36 kid is so cute but i hope hes okay :D
8:14 HOLY F....
gtu iqe justice anime & more
teach me how to do that 8:15
Nicolas Vlogs
The kid on 8:14 is next tfue lol
- j4cube -
it hurts to watch this 9:43 i feel the pain ive had this when i was like him (age ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
Pascal Ciesla
8:16. WTF. Omg i am Proud of you
Mem Da Boom
That kid in the green shirt is a LEGEND
Props to you man, much respect putting in the time and coaching the kids... High class 👍
Money Bros 15
8:14 was the best part
lil skittles
8:15 I thought he failed it, my heart sank vruh
ail a Malik
3:13 is saw a legend flip and back flip
Kyrell Gerrard
Am I the only one that laughed at the intro and kept repeating it, my god I feel bad😂😂
HyperIceBear YT
8:14 That kid is a legend
VR Gameplay
deoxys trainer
I saw you at the nitro circus. And i have a hat that has your autograph on it. Good job
Theo Williamson
stop killing the poor kids
Moon Yeet
Who else noticed X’s songs in the background?
Bossgamer-42 john
Do you not see him hurting the kids try to do flips
These kids have to get off scooters and get on a skateboard 😈
Alvin B0kellz
The kid with the purple scooter he not jump IF he jump he gona landed it
Alicia Baker
It’s nice that u r teaching them how to backflip on a scooter
Watch 8:14 ! Dats sick Bois!
thiccboi _
12:20 my boi folded like a taco shell
Babyjuice Says so
2:30 that face tho
Blake Scheerer
I could not stop laughing😂
ツ DixAyn
8:13 is the best moment
Babyjuice Says so
Who watching 2k19
Gavin Aldaz
That kid with the green shirt pink shorts activated FULL SEND to all his tricks on that ramp
Jake Leach
8:14 😱
Johana Martinez
The dude in the green shirt was the best he did a stunt
Ryan "You All Right" Williams
Bossgamer-42 john
I get your trying to teach them but still that can't do what you do To the kids 👍👍👍👍Good job!!
Luis Piza
8:14 like a boss
O'Dawg Gaming
8:14 that kid is a legend
Tastyy chiken
Im not a hater but im a skater so can u try the skateboard
Darren Bosman
When I try to skooter: thud!!!! Vs when other people scooter: 8:13
Lipson Gomez
Dat green kid and pink pants was soper cool music and nice skills
8:13 kids crazy
Phoebe Devey
The kid at 8:13 got skill
Lucas B
Juice wrld in the back ground
Wilhelm Larewall
I swear, they are using my playlist in that skatepark lol.
Bush Bum
Saw u at nitro circus London o2
Ryan Puntin
8:14 miny ryan
Memes and funny videos
8:14 bro your mental
11:09 WAY to loose helmet...
Jasiah Johnson
Child predator jk
8:16 though!!!!!!
11:27 dude are you alright?
Jyah Hebbard
I can backflip on a bike and scooter
WFifield 20
This video was awesome it inspired me so I went out side found a perfect stone wall with a ledge went of took me 20 trys
Kid in 8:13 is good af
Them kids are animals man, Full send with no fear. Great job.
ail a Malik
9:10 he cry
Getting out of a foam pit is one of the most aids things ever dont @ me
potato_ skins_101
I can't tail whip but I can still back flip
Leo Dickerson
This kid is a legend 8:15
Is it just me listening to xxxtentacion in the background
Phylene Brewer
Canada yeet
Carmrin Poe
Are you playing Kiki do you love me
merin garry
The green shirt kid just was like Ryan Willams
Juan C
minute 8:30 dam!!! kid, that was wicked.
jimmy j
In this video Ryan makes 3+ kids cry
Dam these kids got no fear.respect
Sophie Hunt
Nice job kids
The Free Team. 333 family
Omg 8:15 he amazing
He jinxed it he said “no injuries” and then someone went and got injured
Yentl De Clippeleir
10:23 new fortnite dance
ScOrpiOn555 Mtf! !!! hardcoree
Best moment 8:15 💪
10,000 subs with no video Challenge
Pause at 12:24 his head ain't supposed to be there
Mitch Gamer
Honza Sochor
8:14 omg
Hamish Haszeldine
11:15 how to break your neck
8:13 **I could be wrong** but, when he landed that trick he was saying "yay" a bit weirdly as if he was autistic and I thought to myself that how cool it would be to have an autistic professional scooter rider. I don't want to be mean and rude in assuming he's autistic or mentally challenged in any way but he's showing that anything is possible even if you're different.
jan bovenschen
Were are the Skaters
12:21 big oof
Maks Cieplinski
8:12 OMG
So cool u take the time and show these kids how to do some tricks (they are pretty amazing, dont know if i would even attempt some of the stuff)! The look in his face when u handed him ur shirt was just priceless such a nice move of you. Keep up the great work Ryan!
The big Lol
Come here have a look at this 100% not creepy
Ramnjot Bains
Dang green kid
Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos
I love seeing kids getting hurt