Teaching kids how to Backflip, Frontflip and flairs at All-In Skatepark in Canada. Some of them landed it and some of them had some crazy crashes, but they never gave up and thats the most important thing! JOIN THE RWILLY SQUAD➡️ /> BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM ➡️ /> FACEBOOK ➡️ /> SNAPCHAT ➡️ rwilly1994 TWITTER ➡️ /> BUSINESS ➡️ [email protected]

Donut Guy
**breaks neck** You’re all good, brother Edit: thanks for the likes
thiccboi _
12:20 my boi folded like a taco shell
AlexTV _qw
11:36 kid is so cute but i hope hes okay :D
Emran Ghazi
Ashton Kobarg
9:35 Jesus watch him land in 0.25x it’s so horrible
KadenVlogs And all of you
1:45 did anyone else they were playing XXXtentacion F love?
11:27 dude are you alright?
AJ Raps official
3:01 he almost did a double back flip!
Hebby Bebby
3:54 3 centimeters away from punching him in the face😂😂
8:14 better than Ryan tbh
Pascal Ciesla
8:16. WTF. Omg i am Proud of you
Moon Yeet
Who else noticed X’s songs in the background?
GYVvhgft HVbhvgjb
can we talk about how fire their music was
10:05: Who else noticed the fly on his chest?
I went to nitro circus and you sign my shirt and got a photo
8:14 HOLY F....
8:14 that kid is insane!!!
Elijah Holmes
This place loves juice wrld songs
Ento YT
1:51 how did that not snap his leg jesus
Grayson Misson
Holy crud man full send but I can’t do a front flip not even a back flip on a scooter but now I want to
slitherymoney 61
8:15 I actually thought he bailed and was just going to fly through the sky
Stone Beamish
Pause at 12:23 Edit:please help me get too 200! Edit:550 likes
Jake Leach
8:14 😱
Raven 1914
1:17 in the background the music RIP X
ail a Gamer
3:13 is saw a legend flip and back flip
Decent Send
9:25 “I felt no pain in that “ as his eyes are watering 😂
Michele Edwards
12:21 yeah pretty sure your body isn’t so posed to do that. 😬
Dany Blue
,,You hit your chest? ,,Yeah..." ,,Just Breath" LMFAO
Skidoorider 923
Is that kid wearing a diaper 2:19
SGB Productions
8:14 Thats was sick
Sword Animations
Love the kid with the white helmet and blue shirt,he commits and cares for others I like that in the kid. Especially when a kid got hurt he came to them first,and he’s tough to
Nike Ninja
1:54 really hurt him
Money Bros 15
8:14 was the best part
MotoMatt 93
8:15 just what??? 😮😮
ObamadoesJUUL x
8:14 that’s the same trick you done at the nitro circus in Japan! Except you had a bike
The Emerald Dragon
6:52 that dance tho
He seems so chill and charismatic lol. A good ol’ chap he is
Pekka Koski
1 million subs GONGARTS!!
XxXDark MatterXxX
Noah Spronken
The whole vid is ryan asking the kids if they’re allright
Them kids are animals man, Full send with no fear. Great job.
Koray Mate
Little brother: nails back flip Older brother: ow *starts crying*
advanc3 gamjng 1
i always used to scoot but i had a bad fall breaking my arm amnd ankle now u re my insperation to scoot again keep up the good video like u if u agree he is amazing
Bruce Johnson
kid in blue looks like im a bit older *chats to much* Duncan thats his name
i dint want these kids killing themselves without energy🤣😂😂😂
Caleb Congdon
"I felt no pain" as tears come out of his eyes
King_OJ_The_ 1st
4:12 I don’t want theses kids killing themselves with no energy
Alvin b0kellz
The kid with the purple scooter he not jump IF he jump he gona landed it
Gaming With fireshard
1:51 dudeeeee he is brave dang man HE SENT ITTTTTTTTTTTT HE IS TOUGH
Roisin Etac
Dude how many brothers do u have???
Ryan "You All Right" Williams
Faze Tariq
12:25 what is that
Naomi Wolfenden
You call that a 540 double flip u mean a 540 triple flip *
Noz1x Standoff 2
2:14 NOPE!!
Hebby Bebby
Darren Bosman
When I try to skooter: thud!!!! Vs when other people scooter: 8:13
Somehow no one is commenting about the crack at 12:16
TJ Scruff
6:52 bro that dance is LIT 🔥🔥🔥
Blake Scheerer
I could not stop laughing😂
Rhys Gamble
You alright you alright you alright you alright you alright you alright you alright
ava correia
Aye, Ryan I think Dunkin's your fav.. :D
It’sNotTofu 4576
8:14 that kid is a legend
Matthew H
12:20 how the hell is he not paralized???
Jeffy my boy
copyrighted music DE monetised
The Discovery channel
*DIES* youll be alright *in grave* OHHHH full send it brother
BANANAboi 221
Yo I saw this when you were like at 900k but now you’re 1mil congrats man your going places you and your vids are amazing and so inspiring : )
Opinyo bros
I never click on the video for the thumbnail I only click on it because it is a good channel
HyperIceBear YT
8:14 That kid is a legend
Gavin Vaughn
Background music rich and bling by juice wrld
Logan Miller
I heard legends by juice wrld and and X 🙏 rip brother
AzeR Skating
Lmao the poser at 14:18 on the left God these scooter kids
11:58 sorry bro
sub to robohoboproductions
8:15 omg kid i thought this was kids failing but not anymore
Ryan Braden
7:00-7:05 rip scooter
Memes and funny videos
8:14 bro your mental
Is There XXXtentacion music!?
lil skittles
8:15 I thought he failed it, my heart sank vruh
Herman Blom-stokstad
Idk why but i watch this vid like everyday XD
Ryan Puntin
8:14 miny ryan
Sal Madrigal
Dang am I messed up in the head this had me rolling every time they ate it 😂
Codey Tannahill
Duncan should have his own dance in fortnite
Ady Muhr
Jasiah Johnson
Child predator jk
Z Vlogs and Gaming
@Ryan Williams Owow.
rose are red violets are blue ryan williams close at the 1m keep up the good work :D you are insane :D - TheSwagNodi
phoenix Boy
I realize they just played xxxtentacion music f love rip x
Hamish Haszeldine
11:15 how to break your neck
Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
There was a XXXTENTACION fan here
AAlxe LLit
You sound like Lazer beam
Noah Hanson
I just discovered your channel, I love how supportive and how your teaching these young riders, keep up what your doing
Rangimoeke Nolan
Nick did a great job and a lit trick best trick I've seen a kid do that
Monse Jimenez
8:15 wtf he’s so good🤯👌
SyspiriX _
4:30 x in the background rip x
Cathal Daffy
I feel like no pain at all 10 seconds later OWWWWWWW OWW OWW OOWWW MY CHEST
Did any one else see that a bug landed on him at 10:05
Naomi Wolfenden
*squeezes face* That felt really weird Like if u agree
Justin Miller
8:15 that was legendary
Pauline Goodes
i went to your last show in melbourne
Nathan VanKlompenberg
How do you spell boy Boy Or BOI