Beach Spike (2011)

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Sharon and Rachel have a pretty idyllic life, spending their days mostly on the beach playing volleyball, with occasional bouts of clubbing and very occasional work. But this relaxed approach to things is threatened by the Brewer family, who have plans to turn the entire seafront into a megaresort, displacing all the happy local beach-bums. Leading the charge is family Natalie, who has a hatred for the "little people" and, along with her sister, kicks the arse of Sharon and Rachel in an early contest. Through a series of frankly implausible events, and clouded by the blossoming relationship between Sharon and Brewer scion Tim, the future of the resort project hangs on a rematch, the two teams making their way through a tournament to face each other in the final. However, anyone familiar with kung-fu movies will not be surprised to hear the good girls have been getting training from relatives well-versed in martial arts, and they won't be such a pushover in the second battle. Full review:

hari presad Presad
nice movie.