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** CHECK OUT MY NEW BRISTOL FILM** : /> "Travel around Bristol and enjoy a unique perspective on this historical, culturally rich, vibrant British city. You'll see some epic views, journey through the beautiful surroundings, check out some some of the city's cool events, and see the place come alive as day turns to night." -- I've been working on this project in my spare time between March 2013 and March 2014. One of the goals in the edit was to tell little stories using subtle interplays between shots, sometimes spanning over several shots. I love the richness and depth that time-lapse photography filmmaking provides, you always notice different things on subsequent viewings. The project has been a real labour of love and features over 100 location shoots, with around 9000 separate images used for the final edit. I spent countless hours in pre-production, location shooting, and post production. From travelling around locations with lots of motion control equipment -- to fine tuning, finessing, and polishing sequences to arrive at the final edit. Time-lapse filmmaking takes a great deal of patience and determination. If you enjoy the film and appreciate the time and effort, please show some love by giving it a like / social share (you can also find it on Vimeo here: Please share it with your friends and family : ) -- Big thanks to Bristol's own Phaeleh for producing incredible music such as 'Journey' featured on this film. You can buy his latest album 'Tides' over on iTunes -- Time-lapse and video techniques: Motion controlled; pan and tilt, dolly rail, focus-pulls, skater dolly. Day/night transitions processed with 'LR Timelpase'. 14bit RAW video captured using Magic Lantern. Ariel footage captured with a Phantom 2. Hardware: Canon 6D / 60D, Canon L 24-105mm, Canon L 16-35mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Canon 17-85mm, eMotimo TB3, DP Stage One (custom rails), Skater dolly (custom built), Stepper motor focus-pull rig (custom built), DJI Phantom 2, GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Software: Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, LRTimelapse, Magic Lantern. Locations: Ashton Court, Brandon Hill, Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Bristol City Centre, Bristol Harbour, Bristol Marina, Cabot Circus, Cabot Tower, Castle Park, Clifton Down, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Dundry, Harbourside, Park Street, Portishead, Queens Square, River Avon, SS Great Britain, Stokes Croft, St.Pauls Carnival, Vertigo Tower. ©2014 Jamie Brightmore /> -- Licensing: For individual clip licensing, please contact me via my website. Attribution — You must only use the film in its entirety and give appropriate credit, please also provide a link (see below) to the CC license. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes, i.e, monetised YouTube uploads or otherwise. NoDerivatives –– If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. /> --

Jaybee Productions
If enjoyed this, check out my ‘Tiny Bristol’ film: https://youtu.be/wDOFVOq2KIo
You sometimes forget what a beautiful city we live in, Bristolian & proud.
Kayla Ducote
I'm here bc skins😂
Ernesto FR
Bryony Morgan
Love the stars at the end and the amount of green we have in our fair city - a stunning film. You should be very proud!
Jacob White Media
would you consider letting me use 2 of these clips for a documentary i'm doing? maybe one between 3:50 and 4:10? I'll of course put you in the credits.
Jon Jay
Really good - but what about other very interesting key areas like College Green (The Cathedral), The Downs, Bemmy, St Paul's, The Galleries and inside Cabot Circus? Just a little too much emphasis on the Docks and Suspension Bridge maybe. I still thumbed up though.
Moving to Bristol in October. This video made my day. =)
Corvus Et Anguis
Im here because Skins
John Smith
Nice vid bab, bristol born n bred, withywood/hartcliffe
Thanks for the shots of us! Great film
Paul Norcross
Top man JB....I'm a Mancunian who came to visit Bristol 43yrs ago....and stayed.
Brilliant videos and the music complements it so well! I love this beautiful city so much I wish I were there right now-:)-:) amazing place to live and explore! One of the most exciting cities in England for sure. My dream is one day to come and live there for good!
Jamie Meacham
This is incredible!  How anyone can give it a thumbs down just bothers and offends me.  Thanks for creating this, I will definitely be sharing!
Kitty Rocoa
Did you have some kind of equaliser running in the Bristol bridge scene it looked like lines were sprouting out of the clouds. Great video!
Alex Ripley
How have I only just seen this! Amazing!!
Amazing and very special city Bristol. Really love any seconds when I stayed there. Great memories!
The stars at the end; oh my god! a big well done to you! Amazing!
Owen Wong
Great video Jaybee. So many familiar locations so many different perspectives. Well Done.
Faith Morsi
There are bits of Bristol that I saw in there that make me want to get out more. A great watch that.
Liam Barter
This makes me miss Bristol so much!. Absolutely incredible cinematography.
Paulo Novais
Awesome video,i love the timelapse....simply fantastic!!!!!
David Midgley
very nice mate, have shown it to my art director
Rafe Gonzalez
It looks more fast-paced than London! ;-)
Stunning film, fantastic soundtrack. Beautifully shot and edited!
Oskar Preuss
ist eine sehr schöne stadt ich war in den 69tolt70 da es war für mich sehr schön
I was literally crying. Miss this city so much <3
Shkitt FA
I live in Bristol it is beautiful
Michael Edwards
Subbed! I love travelling via the internet, especially with such lovely videos.
Fantastic video, really well put together! I would love to see more city compilations like this
Wye Explorer
Very cool visual video. Appreciate the hours it took to bring into being. ATB Mark...up the road on the Wye.
Amber Frost puzzle and lego reviews
I Have lived in bristol for 13 years (my whole life) i love the city
Lizzie Arkley
Stunning work!
Rosanne Woodcraft
Love this! <3
So is the Bristol nightlife any good? visiting from Denmark.
Nadia Karim
So good! I love Bristol was born here and plan to live here until i die and have my grave here beautiful city
Christina Pearce
Thanks for warming the heart of this Bristolian now living permanently in Sweden.  A piece of art and a beautiful reflection of my home town!
Seriously considering going to university in Bristol, this video really has made it intriguing
Jay Williamson
Great video. Proud to be Bristolian.
Nat Berz
very beautiful!!!
Carlo Mastroianni
A good film director!
more lemons
Moving to Bristol from Ireland next year cant wait :')
Koyaanisqatsi comes to the West Country! Loved it.
Phil Hammond
This is very impressive, but as a Bristolian, as opposed to a 'Cliftonite' I think that the bridge features too much and I would like to have felt the more urban nature, places likes of Stokes Croft and some shots across the big estates which are as much landmarks of the City and are the reality of the place. As such its a little too much like a tourists'or prospective students' view of the City - but perhaps that's the point?
Mates Rates
one of the best places to live in the uk in my opinion i've lived here since birth i wouldn't leave it :)
good video but far too much suspension bridge (most of us forget it's there most of the time) plus nearly all the footage is from central/ clifton area Bristol . Bristol is a huge city and this all looks a bit too picture postcard nicey nice.
Danielle Britton
Great video! Thank you for sharing. What is the location at 2:51 with the large number of books please?
moonage daydream
I'm bristolian. Bristol used to be a nice place, now its over run and over populated with shit bags!!!! Bristol is now smaller than ever, soon us bristolians will no longer be able to breath in our home town!
damn i thought my city was lame ;)
lord lhus
love bristol..glad I moved here 8 years ago.
Noo Hall
Congratulations, Excellent photography , really captures my home city. It’s only when I have been away from brizle I realise how lucky we are to live here............. shame that Bristol airport are robbing and ripping family’s off at the car park, shame on you! 40 to 60 mins £20 if you breach 60 mins they charge you £50 even if your seconds over. It’s about time we unite and stop this what do you think mr Marvin Johnathan Rees?? (Mayor of Bristol)
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
alistair lee
Very good :)  A few shots of gloucester road/Stokes Croft would have made it better though.
Living Walks
Hi there, we've been enjoying watching this. We film 4k walks in cities too, and have just filmed Bristol, so it's especially lovely to see someone doing something similar but from a different viewpoint, thank you for taking the time to add your video. As we do a similar thing, perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more? we'd like that.
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Mikel Arregi
stunning video portraying an awesome city, thanks a lot regards from the basque country
love the golden gromit shot
Great ,, and i never considered going up Cabot tower b4 ... odd as ive lived here all my life :)
im in Texas
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Florentine 193
I would move to Bristol if I could afford it. It's right next to Bath aswell, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Somerset is the sunshine county of the UK. It's always sunny there.
Mia Pitman
Wow This is sick 👌 so talented bro
tony smithuntstienlockski
proudly presents nonce shit
Coming to study at University of Bristol in September. This video has made me wanna move in tomorrow 😹. Thank you for this awesome video👍🏻
If you want to see something amazing in Bristol then go to the memorial stadium
ChaCha Amy x
moving here in september, beautiful city and video
Mvids osman
Hi Iam a YouTuber from Bristol, can I kindly as if I can use some of your film. It so beautiful
Paul Tripp
Bristol born n red
Jon W
simply mesmerising my friend. well done👍👏
Good friggin work dude. Man, i'm impressed!
Ben Wherlock
Born there (Southmead Hospital) but only lived there for 2 1/2 years unfortunately. Lovely place great vibe whenever I'm back there :)
Łukasz Czekała
Great work with the movie, but the music is a bit disturbing. Sth more "friendly/welcoming" would be better.
Amelia Dunford
Very nice but far too much emphasis on Docks and Clifton Suspension Bridge. City  known for these 2 lovely places but what about shopping?    I don't know anyone visiting a city that doesn't want to SHOP!    Did I miss a shot of The Downs?  
Hector Planam
Vídeo smart
Sid Hatter
Robyn Elizabeth
U ppl whatever u do don’t move to Aylesbury
Surr World
Fantastic professional video!
Lauren Key
Stunning! Bristol is home to me, and this was just magical to watch :)
Justina Marina
I like the bridge and the night sky looking from below.
Andy Sturt
nice job!
Vinca Callista
Thank you for making this beautiful video, Jamie! I wish I could continue my study at Bristol! :)
Bristol is a very nice place to live in :) for a city that is exelent video
Anna Kohut
My Bristol.....😆😘
Gabi Sousa
Skins ❤❤❤
Chat Hall
Impressive video!
What a gem - slightly edgy music complements the luscious images, just beautiful.
Erik Karlsson
Excellent video. Great work! Such time and devotion put into this. Bristol is my home away from home, and this video made me homesick :)
Lived in Bristol my whole life! I love it . It's stunning! The weather can be a pain though!!
Soulo Project
Amazing! Love the timelapses. Im taking up my hobby of filming and editing more seriously and looking to purchase a better camera and equipment. Can I ask what you used to pan the camera on the TL's in this vid?
Hugo Fernández
Astonishing video!. I lived there for a year and this video couldn't sum it up better. Incredible images! Congrats!
Great shots of the city, really lovely video.
Jackie Starkie
thanks, brilliant, slo-mo view of Bristol.  Liked it very much.
Jess T
Where's the university?
Pete Duffield
My birth place, man I miss going there ;( xxx
Spencer White
A stunning piece of work.
Pablo páez pérez
Wow amazimg work across the city
Tom Boyle
I love my home city!
Chris Homer
great video! love the red arrows shots, awesome!
cyril anand
A great video makes us realise what a great city we live in - me, I do stills photography of the nightlife - keep up the good work.
Tomas Visentin
Im here for Skins