Hachiko - a dog's tale

This is one of the saddest stories I have heard. A tale of a hero. Dont want to say much here as it would ruin the story. Watch the video then go lookup Hachiko. Video parts from the 2007 "Hachi". Wonderful music from Fringe Silence with Julian Jolley on the cello.

Nemo Simon
don't mind me i'm just gonna hold my dog and cry for hours <3
Charisse Takoniatis
This is the best bond that could be ever made they will never stop wating and watching or just to hear the others voice
Kelvin Aleman
My hero hachi I wish that you were still alive when I was born that I can see you
Anthony Neveu
I had already seen the movie, but I just cried my eyes out again. What a testament of true love. 
Brian Moreland
I mean... *sniffles* it's kinda sad but I don't see why anyone would cry... STOP CUTTING THOSE ONIONS
James Halleluyah
I did not cry watching this! I had dust in my eyes!
Kelvin Aleman
Awww it made me cry
Alycia Dimas
So touching :'(
Damn this made me cry ;p
Maliek Smith
i neally cried
amir Burke
My undying respect goes to hachiko, he is the true meaning of love and passion.
Charisse Takoniatis
No matter how long he will never stop wating and watching for him to come back
Kathryn McMorrow
I couldn't help myself..I don't know if I can take the movie without going emotionally overboard. That was amazing! And I can happily relate to such bonds.
Yenny Yulianti
Vivek Kumar Upadhyay
Best Vedio.... It's very emotional
Kelvin Aleman
My hero
Kelvin Aleman
My hero
Vegan Lion
Now I wonder why my parents thought it would be a good idea to show me this while I was young...
icyy bih
i cant stop crying the movie is so sad oml i never cried this much over a movie but what kills me the most is that if was true story😭😭😭😭😭😭
Charisse Takoniatis
He now when he was going to pass away there will be no other place then where he sow him Evey day. He never gave up on him. He would never take a day with out trying to say goodbye for last time because he never got to and now they can spend there hole now lives together.... I would never be able to say goodbye to everyone.🐺
Hachi made me cry so bad. I wish I can have a dog like you, so loyal :(
Claire Tate
This made me cry I watched it at school :((
Mad chicken
that's just sad dogs are truly men's best friend not ugly cats dogs are hearose cats just make a mess and never listens to you dogs rule not cats
Iyana Villavicencio
This made me cry that the song made it more sad.
Shar666 Chaudhry
That is so sad
fahri lutolli
Ashish Tiwari
Oh god... this story was heart wrenching !! I cried a after seeing this movie.
Jimmy Lara
Ya no sigan :(
aime rizalde
i watched the movie and a cried a lot he wait untin9 years he died after that he was a good dog he doesn't deserve to die
Brohdi Stubbs
It it normal for my eyes to leak a salt water? What the hell is this!?
David Jolley
Why Not
What I hate is that like every song reminds me that my mom went insane and I never got any child hood memories like never built a snow man a fort or anything and then she died and ten years later I get adopted and I never met my dad because he hit me as a new born and went to jail so ya...
John Pietropaolo
This movie showed me the true meaning of loyalty between a man and his dog. How hatachi just waited at the train station for 9 years, too see his master. At the I just cryed my eyes out, when hatachi just close d his eyes and then at that moment when he saw his master returned I knew hatachi died too be with his master. It is like hope of all the forces that make a better world none is so powerful as hope, one can think, one can work, one can even dream big as the sky.if you have hope you have everything.