SIAMÉS "The Wolf" [Official Animated Music Video]

SIAMÉS "The Wolf" 1st single from "Bounce into The Music" Directed by Fer Suniga & RUDO Co. Animated & Produced by RUDO Co. /> Music & Lyrics: SIAMÉS + J.M. Drangosch Song Produced by Guillermo Porro Mastering by Diego Crisálida [Puro Mastering] : : SIAMÉS OFFICIAL MERCH : : · · · · SIAMÉS on Spotify: />SIAMÉS on Apple Music: />SIAMÉS on Amazon: />SIAMÉS on Soundcloud: />SIAMÉS on YOUTUBE: /> Social Networks: /> /> /> "THE WOLF" animated video full credits: Direction · Fer Suniga · RUDO Co. Production · RUDO Co. Story · Fer Suniga Art Direction & Animation · RUDO Co. Lead Animators · Ezequiel Torres · Pablo Rafael Roldán Assistant Animator · Leandro Vargas Clean Up · Ezequiel Torres · Pablo Rafael Roldán · Leandro Vargas · Esteban Bestia Cuenca Color · Leandro Vargas · Esteban Bestia Cuenca · Emi Abot

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The guy on the motorcycle had been helping dozens of people with their problems / addictions. You can tell because he has like dozens and dozens of wolves chasing after him. The business man is addicted to drinking. The girl is addicted to smoking and playing video games. The guy on the motorcycle finds the business guy and the girl and he helps them both. He saves the girl from getting chased and he also kills the business mans wolf /addiction. I also bet the guy on the motorcycle fought off all of the wolves because he was strong enough to get back up on his feet and he was also strong enough to face all the problems he was already facing with head on. No matter how many problems you’re faced with you can always defeat them. He’s the living person we all wish we could be. Someone who saves others no matter how many problems you’re already faced with and no matter how many problems you’re already dealing with. He also taught the business man and the girl that if you try and run and hide from your problems, you’ll always get caught and you’ll get chased down again. He also taught them no matter how much you run you gotta face your problems head on. The moral of the story is you can’t run or hide from your problems. It’s better to face them head on and even if you lose you can keep on getting back up and you can keep on trying until you finally beat it.
Justin Y.
*You can never run away from your problems, they will always catch up to you. You just have to face them head on.*
This music video is sheer perfection... So smooth, so beautiful, so..... perfect. just perfect The only sad thing is... we will never know if he was able to defeat his wolves
Austrian Bish
Please Tik Tok, don't destroy this song... Edit: Great, now the comment section will be: aNyBoDy fRoM tIk tOk??????????
dan howell's bisexuality
epic? indeed. rave? certainly. hotel? trivago.
Justin Y.
Now this. This is an anime opening.
A Supremely Unremarkable Brick
So its obvious that the guy on the motorcycle has been fighting addiction or other peoples addictions for a long time just by the sheer number of wolves chasing him down and him trying to help the other two overcome theirs. There are always people out there willing to help if you are willing to try and help yourself.
Shaphon Minuky
A group of young people running away from their fursonas.
Hollyleaf of ThunderClan
I have a theory after watching quite a few times and reading a few comments. It is obvious that the wolves represent problems. The business man’s problem is he is addicted to alcohol and is lonely (which is why a lot of people get addicted to alcohol in the first place). The girl’s problem is smoking and probably video games. The hero of this story is probably who we are meant to be. He is a true hero. He knows that you can’t run away from your problems but you have to face them head on. He seems to teach this to the other two. He rescues the girl from a chase and destroys the other man’s wolf. Then he runs out to take the others on. He is who we are meant to be. Not addicted to anything in particular, but that’s not the point. Remember this, to everyone who is reading: *“You cannot run away from your problems, they will always catch up to you. You must face them head on.”*
I'm addicted to the hand grab at 2:39
0:00 Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley ...
Huey Freeman
they went OOF because of the woof
guys there are literally six justin y. comments holy frick
sunnihobi jamaa
This song helps me realise that my fears, addictions and problems will continue to catch up if I keep running. It makes sense because you can run from them, but you can't hide they always find a way to you.
Justin Y. really likes this song. But I mean, who doesn’t? This is amazing.
I find myself listening to this song more frequently whenever I am going through a tough time. Recently I got broken off a year long relationship, in that time I let myself get dangerously attached and it shattered my world.. I'm here watching this video to remind me I need to deal with my wolf.. that if I just ignore it this pain will consume me. Thank you SIAMES
Destin The Warrior
0:00 all I hear is "8th grader"
Mintbaku Chan
mmmm yes. thats what i call quality content
HI Everybody! We are enormously grateful for all the love, feedback and tons of support messages that we’d been receiving during this amazing last year. Thanks so much for that! Nowadays, we’re close to release “Mr. Fear” animated video, produced once again by our talented friends of RUDO Co. And after that... a whole new album is almost finished and waiting to be heard!! In the meantime, we’re glad to announce our Official Online Store with apparel and accessories, manufactured in U.S. and with international shipping by TEESPRING. SIAMÉS ONLINE STORE: With all our love, SIAMÉS
Susan Sue
0:00 ... i hear "admit it"
Logan Gagnepain
You know how you beat addiction? **YOU PUNCH IT IN THE FACE**
if this was a web series id watch it just don't have dialouge
CHuBByCaT7 *
Wow... This is the most intense and perfect music video animation I've seen. its like me? (I want to run from my problems but ... so I will not solve them)
*C A N T S T O P B A N G I N G M Y H E A D*
Some one Else here
Dude you’re animations are badass
CraftMyHeart 1500
Hay talento, solo falta apoyarlo :3
This clip gives me goosebumps every time I watch it
Yiming Jiang
I was trying to find this video again for years And I found it by searching Rasputin Remix Internet is a truly wonderful place
Justin Y.
I think this song tries to say this. *You can never run away from your problems, they will always catch up to you. You just have to face them head on.*
Scott Allen
*Animation memes have joined the chat* 0:46 *Animation memes have left the chat* 1:10
I can't believe how popular this song got!
Legit one of the best music videos i've ever seen. Top-notch animation
Nightmare 1000
1:47 pause it and look at the girls sweeter why does she have that dot in her....😬 ik what it is
I like how he grabs the girl midair then jumps off thee bike to hit a wolf WHILE he has the girl who is now hurt its just is kinda funny
Kianna Davis
Its either the music or animation that's got me in love... Either way somethings getting nutted on
alguien de argentina ???
My college english professor put this video as one of the examples for a essay were we example how the song and video relate. I wrote about it for another essay about the lyrics, showed him the video and now its on the list. Best essay ever.
Will C
The morphed wolf crawling at high speeds gives me some massive Studio Ghibli vibes, like the boar god from Mononoke, and I absolutely LOVE how sometimes it takes the monsters perspective
Justin Y.
Just a repost, but I think this song is trying to say this: You can never run away from your problems, they will always catch up to you. You just have to face them head-on.
wesley silva
eu amo essa musica <3
I find it cool that comments on this video are still getting hearts after all this time.
Evan Combs
This song makes me feel like I'm actually there on that motorcycle gives off some pretty weird vibes but like it's chill
Droopycrib 1109
What about the cat? It only showed up two times, but it seems important
«Spring Studios»
*im sorry but I love this song*
The Gamer
this guy goes to the *wolf* bar and pays with a coin that has a _cat_ on it. *_COINCIDENCE?_* I THINK NOT Mat Pat get on this!
David Luna
It's been a year since I discovered this song, it's been a year since I've been listening to this album, and I never get tired of it, it's just so good
Benja- Chan
*I like this song <3*
Listen to the last of the lyrics. It says this, which might represent the Boy's representation of addiction. " 'Cause I can feel you crying out for more. " He might be a Masochist.
Kefka x3
This song helps me everyday getting ready to work and motivating me to give my best and not giving in to my weaknesses. Thank you for this!
This song and the video have become my new favorite thing ever
Cette musique et ce clip me donnent des frissons
a 1.5 year ago only 1m views now 60m GG
Vianney Castro
Amo esta cancion Like si hablas español
God i forgot how good this was
Quentin Barbisch
bonjour mon cher. comme tu peu le voir. oui je suis français, et ce son, et cet animation. je la trouve génial... de la poursuite au son. tous est un régale pour les yeux et les oreilles, j’espère que tu vas avoir une belle cote de popularité après sa car tu le mérite au tant qu'une personne connue. je vais te donner la trad anglais comme sa tu pourra mieux comprendre traduction : Hello my dear. as you can see it. yes I am French, and this sound, and this animation. I find it great ... from the pursuit to sound. all is a feast for the eyes and ears, I hope you'll have a nice popularity after his because you deserve it as a known person. I will give you the english trad as you can better understand
if dem wolves mean addiction then this whole song would my "wolf" for sure 🙌 what a masterpiece. Edit : thanks a lot for the heart you just made my day
Llamame Dronesemon
I discover siames literally a few weeks ago and huh wow beatifull just perfect
Gay Smoothie
This animation blew me away Granted it was professional animators but sTILL-
What an absolute bop. Can't wait to see where you go from here SIAMÉS ;)
Miguel Lucena
2:40 love that part <3
L O L PCkim230
*Im out of my head,of my heart and my mind cause you can run but you can’t hide, im gonna make you mine*
So i kinda stopped listening to this about a month a ago.. *now i'm back and can't stop replaying it*
T3T ‹‹
school : cause you can run but yu cant hide im gonna make you mine
Art work 9999/10
deer m
The fear of problems is bad it hurts to
Anti Spiral
Facing addiction sure as hell isn’t easy.
Melodie Rae
Note: No demonic wolves where harmed in the making
Andrei Montellano
This might be the most inspirational, yet, most awesome animated music I have ever heard. Anyone agree?
this song is so *GOLD*
Irfan Spirtovic
This is pretty good travel music, I must admit
Rafael BATIM
Justin Y.
Nice, new thumbnail!
Samcat Yashi
At 1:38 where did her bag, her phone, and the cigarette go?
es tan adictiva la canción como el vídeo perfecto
jimboy de juan
a fluffy boi
We all have our own wolves addiction,dark secrets,fears exc. They will always find you
Tiffanie Pham
If this gets on the radio I will eat my shirt.
Holy cow I got chills by this animation!!! This is so smooth!!!
Mako Shinkai
I remember when this had barely half a million views. I knew it was special when I first found it
Absolutely phenominal
Can i get a heart please SIAMÉS?
0:45 *When you see Justin Y in the Comment Section!!*
José Manuel Cerrogrande Nina
Hakaso soy el único que habla español, Los que hablan español reportense Y pon like 👍 0
i love the animation soooooooo much, and the song is just absolutely amazing. can't stop watching this! ♥
This is so amazingly animated!!  Wish I watched it sooner!!  =D
Super musique!Je l'écoute à chaque fois :)
Temm Lord
remember kids don't do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol or the wolf demons will get you.
1:20 "Bueno señoras"
Anastasia McMeekin
Your biggest enemy can very well be yourself. Your own thoughts, actions and fears. They'll hunt you down like the wolf they are. That being said. You cannot run from them. Instead, face them head on.
Zarpada la animación y la canción. Terrible combo se hizo. Son unos genios, no me canso de escucharla.
kevin luna
I don't know wtf did i Just cried when i i Watched the video
I can't express how good this song is, but I'll try. Before: Guess I'll see what this song is like During: Pretty good I guess After: I'M OUT OF MY HEAD OF MY HEART AND MY MIND CAUSE YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE, I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MINE!
you will never be able to outrun justin y. no matter how hard you try.
Sou Só Mais Um Gamer
Just... just beautiful
Cass Shin
Primeira vez que vi isso e... algumas vezes eu sonho com algo correndo atrás de min e no final eu vou pra cima dele... arrepiei tudo vendo isso
Erika Fontana
This song is truly one of my favorties of all time, not only are the music and vocals phenomenal but the message it gives is so inspiring. I really appreciate the work put into this masterpiece. Muchas gracias amigos!!!
and Peggy
This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen
toy foxy justice justice
I love thats song cuz you understand then your more strong then you think #powerfull