Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Internet Troll Charlie Zelenoff (BEFORE & AFTER)

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Please click subscribe for the latest videos. Deontay Wilder beats up internet troll Charlie Zelenoff after being abused on social media and over the phone. Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder taught an internet troll a lesson in respect after meeting him for a fight in a Los Angeles gym.

Curious World
Why does Zelenoff get so much attention? People like Wilder and Mayweather Snr take time out of their day for this guy?
James Price
Why do they hold this guy back? Let him beat him until he can't remember his name.
Pi G
People forget about this fight when they say wilder is undefeated
Streaming Nerds
And when that glove boy tried to stop wilder he lifted him like a pumpkin LMFAO
Cj Steward
Why he got a flip phone tho but has connections to call deontay
Asim Mohammed
That upper cut could have sent zelenoff into an unknown world where he cant troll....!!!!
Made me get up when he said get up at 2:41
4:46 “I’m the best” **RUNS** 😂😂
Marmota Digitala
It;s amazing he wasn't K.O'ed. I think that his mental illness gives him like some sort of strong jaw or no vibration felt in the brain
Anon Anon
Why would you try to fight Deontay Wilder? What a terrible idea. If you gave me a Glock, I still wouldn't try to fight him.
Scott J. Glenn
Hell. Deontay was just baby slapping him. He could have killed that dude if he wanted.
The Pro364
Believe it or not, this video proves this man has much more balls than alot of these boxers nowadays 😂😂
Glacial Self
This video doesn't show the beginning when Charlie is in the boxing ring and Deontay steps through the ropes and Charlie tries to suckerpunch him when he bends over. Deontay evades it and counters Charlie so hard he runs into the locker room for a few minutes. This video begins after Charlie comes back out and tries to fight Deontay outside the ring.
Sean Kent
Charlie Zelenoff took two punches from arguably the hardest punching heavyweight in history... And didn't get knocked out... G.O.A.T.
LeGawd James
He’s talking quietly so his mom doesn’t hear from the other room
Batman's Estranged Cousin
There is a perfectly good ring there why didn't they use it
Banner Farris
Bro Deontay picked his homie up and threw him like it was nothing
Matt Write
He feeling that shit to this day!! TO THIS DAY
Mikey f
Charlie you were much faster than wilder ..... out that door ....
Harvey Grant
If I was Wilder, I would've had to go the emergency room from excessive laughter, after listening to that phone message. 😂😂😂
Zelenoff 115 - Wilder 111
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
Went from beating trolls to pay per views fights. Lol
If only that right upper cut landed when this clown was on the ground
Legend has it Charlie's jaw hurts TO THIS DAY!!
Guayabera Media
Did he say "I'm still the best" before he ducked out? What the heck?
köriläsjormageiming töpseli
Wilder could have crushed him like a bug
Matthew Chapa
He wasn’t even hitting him it hardest you can tell lol
Denys Kokhan
Legend says that Wilder is still fighting Charlie TILL THIS DAY, TILL THIS DAY!
Ryan Reaves
I love how his voice cracked at the beginning of his msg to establish the "tough" tone and seriousness right off top lol. I had him as a lyft passenger before, quite the character.
The Redepz
Deontay scared him lmfao
84 Tubbs
He knocked that boy fury down like that too.
ManBearPiggableGuy 456
I never thought I would get so much joy out of watching some punk get lit up
justin lee
2:21 how I slide in the dms
I think It was close, but Charlie definitely takes this W
Stephen Strange
Charlie was doing so well. And then the fight started
I don't know anything about boxing, but does your opponent running for the door count as a TKO? If not, Wilder is now 41-0 with 39 knockouts, 1 decision, and 1 whatever this is.
Micah Alston
If I'm Wilder? Anybody on my team that grabbed me to help this dude is FIRED!
3:02 he was finn him em widd the right hand of god😭
Jamie Woods
Wilders just throwin guys all over the place 😂😂
Jesse Crawford
who the hell still uses a flip phone...he needs his ass beat for that alone
Mr. Good bar
I'll beat the white of this Goofy dude
Alfie Hunt
Charlie Zelenoff in the voice message: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Lemme tell you something
Local African
Lmao Deontay just wanted to scare him with that uppercut cause good lord if he hit him that’s straight comatose
Sean C
Couldn't beat Fury though. To be fair too, the last knockdown was great but Fury got up like the boss he is and stole the round..Fury was the true winner...
Cody Mana
I would love to spar Deyonte Wilder just to do it, id tell my kids all about it after i woke up from my coma
“I’m still the best” lmaoo
Sean Richards
Wilder could have killed that dude
barock Obama
rusty goldfinch
Lol as sad as charlie is, i would have a hard time lacin up some gloves to fight wildeir, dude has supernatural power and i dont think id have the balls to get slept by him
Kyle Hughley
If Deontay seriously wanted to go after him, nobody in that room could've stopped him.
Finally someones posted the whole Wilder vs Fury fight, those knockdowns were vicious!
Danny Rose
I wish deontay kill him
Jamie Woods
He’s not a troll, he’s mentally unstable
Sometimes friends suck. They totally should of let him wip the shit outa that guy. That's the only way he can truly be humbled.
I would literally pay $99 to watch him go 12 rounds. No stoppage.
Hasan Malik
That uppercut could have made Zelenoff gay for life
Go Dolla Productions
😂😂😂😂 that boy musta been watching too much dragon ball z thinking he was gonna win a fade with Wilder..especially on the fly
Meric Ekinci
OK First i Said man thats Not fair but i didnt know that He Said anything about His daughter. Well deserved.
Mr Solo Dolo VI
I am soo pissed that he missed that swing at 3:02 😂😣
I'm Just Saiyan
Aaand it's been ruled a split decision draw
Hector Nelson-Smith
Has anyone noticed that wilders glove is the wrong way round ?
I feel bad for Charlie he’s obviously mentally ill probAbly doesn’t understand the affect of his actions or maybe is completely clueless about what he says , socially akward whatever you may call it but he obviously on the spectrum , poor fella
Jack Jones
Cant tell if mental or a troll wish i had a fry from futurama meme to go with this comment lol
Chris Rowe
Zelenoff made racist remarks against Wilder and evil comments about his disabled daughter. He got what he deserved. How Wilder didn't kill him I don't know.
Counter Kidnapping
What makes he thinks he can beat Wilder. Wilder is 6'9 experienced and trained in boxing meanwhile Charlie is a skinny mentally ill guy untrained and inexperienced. Wilder could have killed him Charlie if he wanted to
Robert Mellom
lucky wilder wasn't there alone with him  or hed be dead!
Panda Moustash
was i the only person who realised that wilder had a right handed glove on his left hand? like i get that u can make mistakes but like, are u mad
Duna Lokies
Lmao I remember this video. I didn’t know it was deontay. On rogan he said he hates bullies...I seeee 🤔
Oh man I wish that uppercut at 3:03 had connected clean. Well, maybe not, because then Deontay would be in jail for beheading a guy.
Vinnie A
I give this fight to zeneloff he got under his skin with that trash talking
Adam Badali
Whats insane to me is how this guy believes himself
That white boy had no shot in Hell in beating that beast.
Sick Baits
uff 3:02 could break his neck😁
Vinicius Doe
this dude had a flip phone in 2014
I wanted him to connect with one of them uppercuts dang...😡
Jimmy Aherne
2:56 mother trucker dude that hurt like a butstick
lilbill 007
How was he even able to take them hits
Bolvita Scores
This is why no one can hate deontay wilder
You'd have to be crazy to show up to fight Deontay.
Bobbi Floss
I hope when he was leaving a bus ran him over
he's talking like he dont want his mom to hear lmao
MentalRentTV- The Alternative Tv
Oh wow this was him back then WOW I had no muthaduckuin clue
Jonathan Rose
Charlie Z's got an iron chin, though. He's a welterweight taking shots from the hardest-hitting heavyweight who's knocked out almost all of his opponents. He's not a real pro boxer, but he has P4P one of the greatest I've ever seen, seriously.
Ku Ku Klock
If he had a left handed glove that hook would have killed that man
The Gheto 123
I think wilders the last person youd wana piss off haha
Cureton Benares
Ok YouTube I watched it...
0:28 that voicecrack hahahah
How did his head not come off? Wilder could have beat him to death and no one could have stopped him. Man got real lucky.
maybe every time he fights and doesn't die he calls it a win so omfg he is 148-0
Donald Anderson
only way to beat Charlie is in a steelcage match😁
Bunghai Mapuia
he should call Fury.....
Mary Antonio
4:10 "I could have knocked you out"... Charlie Z. One minute earlier 2:54
DMM Productions
That voice crack tho. Whatta meme.
I don't understand how this guy is still alive or not in a mental institution. Respect to Deontay.
Clifton Jean
😁😁😁😁😁😁👌I'm Done
Мастер Спорта
Валдер сделал правильно
😂😂😂"get up, u bout to make me mad"
H Monk
Zelenoff is ill, he lives in a fantasy world, we shouldn’t laugh at him really......
Jordan Mayer
This guy just should stick to smoking meth at the trailer park