Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Internet Troll Charlie Zelenoff (BEFORE & AFTER)

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Please click subscribe for the latest videos. Deontay Wilder beats up internet troll Charlie Zelenoff after being abused on social media and over the phone. Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder taught an internet troll a lesson in respect after meeting him for a fight in a Los Angeles gym.

Curious World
Why does Zelenoff get so much attention? People like Wilder and Mayweather Snr take time out of their day for this guy?
Harvey Grant
If I was Wilder, I would've had to go the emergency room from excessive laughter, after listening to that phone message. 😂😂😂
I like how Everyone is just pretending to hold him back.. If he wanted to he could just Whoop Charlie ass.. Whoop er body else in that gym ass.. Walk out the street and whoop some Pedestrian ass.. Fly back to where ever he came from and whoop some more ass... and not break a sweat.
I don't know much about boxing but is curling up in to a fetal position an offensive or defensive move?
Chade Fallstar
Charlie isn't a troll, he genuinely believes what he's saying, he's mentally ill, schizophrenia, delusions of grandeur.
LeGawd James
He’s talking quietly so his mom doesn’t hear from the other room
dfaaaf ragrgarg
Why call out a 6'8 a heavyweight champion?
Rei sreif
3:03 I wish that uppercut was landed
Eduardo Sawal
Hes got balls for showing up though..guys crazy
Diego Savage
Lmao I bet Charlie still claims he won this fight 😂 🤦‍♂️
Guayabera Media
Did he say "I'm still the best" before he ducked out? What the heck?
Isaiah Edwards
How did he get Deontay's number?
Jaka Novak
He got a flip fone😂😂😂😂
Mara Knows
4:45 - Deontay: "I'm good man, you can't hold nuthin" Trainer: "I KNOW I CAN'T!" loooool
mohammed ali
that uppercut at 3:02 would have killed him if it landed looooool
I would literally pay $99 to watch him go 12 rounds. No stoppage.
Weirdo Williams
It's not running it's cardio you clowns.
Wilder beating up nobodies. wait, isn't this like Deontay Wilder's all the other wins in boxing?
The Redepz
Deontay scared him lmfao
Toby dog
This is what happens when internet trolls/keyboard warriors meet up with REAL gangsters in real life.
Kyle Hughley
If Deontay seriously wanted to go after him, nobody in that room could've stopped him.
There’s something a matter with this guy Charlie. Psychological issues.
George Hilliard
3:10 why he lift that dude like that😂😂
Brett Green
I don't understand why a 'top professional' would even accept the challenge. What's he got to prove against him? Joshua will hammer him.
ferran marcet
I dont get why people call him racist... he said he ko'd a white supremacist, i know its a lie, but still, wtf? you crazy mofos bring racism all along.
Oh man I wish that uppercut at 3:03 had connected clean. Well, maybe not, because then Deontay would be in jail for beheading a guy.
Ronnie Marks
That baby laughing 🤣🤣🤣
chance chance
That was Wilder this whole time ? I didn't even know and I watched that video a while back
Charlie z is still 255 and 0 GOAT
Charlie Z is a joke!! Deontay battered him around as if he was a speed bag. Charlie's so dazed and delusional that he thinks that HE won that fight. He's beyond mentally ill. He's downright sick!!
Stephen Strange
Charlie was doing so well. And then the fight started
Ch33ki DVL
Wow,respect for Deontay,well done man they should've let you beat him to the point he shits his pants,it was close to it.
King Wakanda
huey freeman
Good shit! Fold those racist crackers and make them beg for mercy!
Bill Gates
This man has a flip phone
Vinicius Doe
this dude had a flip phone in 2014
Question Reality
Zelenoff beat Deontay here
Chester Wilson Jr.
don't talk stuff if you can't back it up
cpprice mac
Upper cut ... " DON'T U EVER " 😂
Norman M
Super 👍🏻
casey bakes
Lmao white people be having all this mouth behind computer screen until the day they finally meet justice, aka black man knock out lol! Keep your mouth close if you can’t fight.
paste face
I want to see u fight 50 cent.
Fingaz Mc
Lad really needs committing!
The way he threw the guy with the team wilder jacket
Tony Star
Hahahahahah 😁😁😂
scuk dik6969
Diego Savage
The fact that more than 2k people dislike this video shows that there are Charlie fans out there 🤦‍♂️
Schäfer G.
Deontay's friend was legit scared for the other guy. He knew D was mad and he could have easily killed the other guy...
Clorox Bleach
How did this video get ads? and yes I'm an edgy dude
The Guvnor
AJ should have a go next
The girl in the background in the denim hot pants is hot, great legs!
A Smoke D.
Haha all that shit talking and hasn't learned shit. U ain't Ali! Y'all need to quit stopping the fight. Wtf
You'd have to be crazy to show up to fight Deontay.
Samuel PItchkhadze
So satisfying for Wilder to ko him.
Agent Enemy
Wilder took it easy on his ass. LMAO
Funniest part was the dog eating.
Lmao flip phone
maybe every time he fights and doesn't die he calls it a win so omfg he is 148-0
Mickey Jab Jab
Wilder is the champion of internet troll boi come face some good boxers an put ur self to some good test guys like Dominic-Dillian-Aj-Dereck-Miller ect waiting to fight...
milkman man
This brought me soooo much joy
Daniel Smith
Another coward cracker lol, shows how pathetic they really are when they come from behind the keyboard
Imagine if this was the 90s and he started calling Tyson out when he was fucking crazy 😂😂
Eli Cazares
That Guy
not a troll. a very mentally ill guy who refuses to take his medication.
Frederic McFadden
The little baby though 😂
Charlie Zelenoff uses a flip phone because he can't handle how slick an iPhone is.
Jesse Crawford
who the hell still uses a flip phone...he needs his ass beat for that alone
Frank Ryan
You have to give it to Charlie he must be clean mad just, I couldn't calculate how much laughter he's brought me. This phone call 😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Deontay's friends should beat the shit out from this clown
Luke Boycott
Paul Jimenez
This is how Fury is going to knocked the Wilder out ... Wilders going to know the power of a white and acknowledge he's not the badest on the planet
Serpico's Beard
After getting knocked on his ass twice and cowering on the floor with his hands over his face. "I'm still the best!". OK then.
No1 Nicechick
Leave this man alone before you end up doing life for punching and killing him
Kal Wardien
knocked him 3 times 😂
Yung Duttism
Flip phone?.... C'mon now😐
Ron Dawwg
Did he ever call Kimbo Slice out??!!
Serpent Lordz
Good for that nazi
Asim Mohammed
That upper cut could have sent zelenoff into an unknown world where he cant troll....!!!!
c o
I actually thought this was a wilder title defense. Lmao
I don't understand how this guy is still alive or not in a mental institution. Respect to Deontay.
Jamerson XTHEX
Boy got a flip phone
Joseph Jimenez
3:04 parece una rata escapando😂😂
corey mac
This guy won't even step out his moms house and fight that loser crazy tempo but calls out Deontay Wilder. Smart kid
torturers rage
He's mimicking Tony Montana face
sakar sayami
*Hides behinds the door* "I'm still the best" Wilder rushes in *Runs away* LMAO!
Young._. 801
1,000,000-0 in 9 years🤦🏽‍♂️😂
adrian albacete
3:02 he is very stupid, I do not know if he would have thought that if he would give that to the schizophrenic he would have killed him
Running Nigerian
0:27 nice voice crack
Sean Dugan
People need to know. Yes the Boul Charlie is a clown an fights weaker people but he actually put his hands up even for a few seconds with Wilder. He's a nut an if love to spar with him myself but you gotta give it to him a little bit. Wilder is a Savage.
My only advice for you, Charlie: Don't go to jail. Ever.
A esta tmb la ganaste Carlitos??? Jaja q flor de pelotudo este chabon
Andrew Lydick
If he connected with that upper hook when he was on the ground that would’ve been his life and wilders boxing career lol
Jesse Henderson
Bryan Nam
How did he even get Deontay's number...?
Jordan Mayer
This guy just should stick to smoking meth at the trailer park
This insane loser is best at running from a fight.
SoldierofGod z
Leave Charles only his the goat the only one who didn't get ko 😂 by wilder
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