Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Internet Troll Charlie Zelenoff (BEFORE & AFTER)

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Please click subscribe for the latest videos. Deontay Wilder beats up internet troll Charlie Zelenoff after being abused on social media and over the phone. Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder taught an internet troll a lesson in respect after meeting him for a fight in a Los Angeles gym.

LeGawd James
He’s talking quietly so his mom doesn’t hear from the other room
James Price
Why do they hold this guy back? Let him beat him until he can't remember his name.
Cj Steward
Why he got a flip phone tho but has connections to call deontay
Marmota Digitala
It;s amazing he wasn't K.O'ed. I think that his mental illness gives him like some sort of strong jaw or no vibration felt in the brain
Matt Write
He feeling that shit to this day!! TO THIS DAY
Chris Rowe
Zelenoff made racist remarks against Wilder and evil comments about his disabled daughter. He got what he deserved. How Wilder didn't kill him I don't know.
Glacial Self
This video doesn't show the beginning when Charlie is in the boxing ring and Deontay steps through the ropes and Charlie tries to suckerpunch him when he bends over. Deontay evades it and counters Charlie so hard he runs into the locker room for a few minutes. This video begins after Charlie comes back out and tries to fight Deontay outside the ring.
Anon Anon
Why would you try to fight Deontay Wilder? What a terrible idea. If you gave me a Glock, I still wouldn't try to fight him.
Jared Martin
“I’m the best, I’m still the best” *Wilder fake runs at him* **Dude bolts like he’s late for work** 😂
Batman's Estranged Cousin
There is a perfectly good ring there why didn't they use it
I would literally pay $99 to watch him go 12 rounds. No stoppage.
Josh Deandre
Does Deontay have two right hand gloves on?
Peter Pettigrew
Charlie is a punk and preys on the weak, but let’s be real...this dork showed up to fight Dontay Wilder.
Legend has it Charlie's jaw hurts TO THIS DAY!!
Zelenoff 115 - Wilder 111
Cody Mana
I would love to spar Deyonte Wilder just to do it, id tell my kids all about it after i woke up from my coma
Richard Hanssen
@ 4:05. Is it me or does Deontay Wilder has a right hand glove on he's left?
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
Went from beating trolls to pay per views fights. Lol
If only that right upper cut landed when this clown was on the ground
Mr Solo Dolo VI
I am soo pissed that he missed that swing at 3:02 😂😣
Stephen Strange
Charlie was doing so well. And then the fight started
he's talking like he dont want his mom to hear lmao
GGLEllıot G
Legends says he s still running ...
Anfernee Clarke
0:50 Cmon that was actually pretty funny 😂
80's Sex Scene
Charlie’s voice sounds like Christian Bale pillow talking to Alfred.
LottoGOD 13
We dont see enough of that. Total opposite of what media portray lmao.
"I hit you in the body, I'm still the best!" wtf really
Alfie Hunt
Charlie Zelenoff in the voice message: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Lemme tell you something
Ocean T
I don't know what he was thinking?! Charlie thinks he can best a 6ft 7 knockout champion. Idiot. He got banged
Kyle Hughley
If Deontay seriously wanted to go after him, nobody in that room could've stopped him.
Meric Ekinci
OK First i Said man thats Not fair but i didnt know that He Said anything about His daughter. Well deserved.
john vincent iv curimao
Charlie Zelenoff the bravest internet troll i know
Charlie Ison
He said when he was locked up in the county jail lmao
It's so good to see a fighter's corner do great work like this. Wilder's life was saved by his team, good job pulling him out of there. Wilder had heart and wanted to keep going, but Zelenoff is a beast and won that fight on all fronts. Z Number 1 P4P
I'm Just Saiyan
Aaand it's been ruled a split decision draw
Ryne Agheilim
Charlie Z: 440 - 0 LET'S GO!! NOW MMA!! Khabib: .... Location.
John Walker Lee
He lost but vs Wilder, Zelenoff is still the A side.
David Mckeown
Such a close fight,could of gone either way 😀
I wanted him to connect with one of them uppercuts dang...😡
Jesse Crawford
who the hell still uses a flip phone...he needs his ass beat for that alone
Saint Alonzo-Martinez
And jimel barnes can knock this guy out??? Lol yeah, sure.
This is awesome. I wish more bullies got shit handed to them like this. I love how Wilder insists on telling Charlie not to ever mess with anybody again. Classy. Wilder could have killed Charlie but let him live with the fear of that experience.
Ethan Runde
Bruh you know wilder was mad when zen was racist and talked bad about his daughter
Kieran Wilson
That baby laugh at the end had me in stitches lol
Vinicius Doe
this dude had a flip phone in 2014
Justus Williams
He gets beat up then when people hold him back he talks more.
Dan Ddan
Deontay Wilder was lucky to win he aint that strong. I CHALANGE Deontay Wilder RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW LETS MEET N-word
Them: You STILL think this video is funny? Me: TIL THIS DAY!!!
Conker S.S.D.D
Aw man that was so silly.... I dont follow boxing but I fix with that Wilder dude he a real dude
Jordan Mayer
This guy just should stick to smoking meth at the trailer park
Gustavo Alvarez
Interviewer: Do you think you can beat Deontay Wilder ? Zelenoff: Yes I can! Even to this day! To this day!
Wilder needs bigger dudes to hold him back the way he swinging these mfs
Yo Preo
Deontay: “you can’t hold me “ Coach:” I know I can’t ..”
Jokes aside, that was a pretty good callout. Good acting skills
Serpico's Beard
After getting knocked on his ass twice and cowering on the floor with his hands over his face. "I'm still the best!". OK then.
Leonard Ellerbe’s Nose
Charlie was speaking the truth on Beyoncé tho. The ramblings of a mad man turns out to be true! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dushaun Grant
Ever been scared of a grown man before? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Frosty Wasp
Zelenoff is still the greatest TA DIS DAY! TA DIS DAY!!! TITTIES DAYEM!!!
Bruce Cain
2:14 Charlie gonna be telling all his future grandchild about the punch that literally blew him away 😂
Oh man I wish that uppercut at 3:03 had connected clean. Well, maybe not, because then Deontay would be in jail for beheading a guy.
Cromen's World
Unlike Joshua, Zelenoff had the guts to fight against Wilder...
Christopher Lee
Deontay took Charlie's belt lol.
Rzk Zkr
Im surprised hes not knocked out after that 2:54 hit.
Curious World
Why does Zelenoff get so much attention? People like Wilder and Mayweather Snr take time out of their day for this guy?
Ian Ritchie
Charlie clearly won that fight
Bloom Monkman
Hahah Charlie is so rad, he’s totally trolling everyone hah
Adam Novik
Wilder wanted 70/30 for the rematch. It’s all bout legacy
Sami Khattab
Wilder is actually a real one, and a GREAT dude GREAT heart 💯
Pi G
People forget about this fight when they say wilder is undefeated
rusty goldfinch
Lol as sad as charlie is, i would have a hard time lacin up some gloves to fight wildeir, dude has supernatural power and i dont think id have the balls to get slept by him
Mykel Hernandez
LOL trolls always tough behind a keyboard 😂
😂😂3:12 look at the way wilder dragged that dude
Wally Welder
Good Lad Charlie. Well Done, you've got balls fighting above your weight class.
Accepting a fight from a dude with a flip-phone smh...
Robert Bragg
He’s got more balls than Wilder... he steps up & fights a champion.
I know a few internet trolls I’d love to get in the ring. Gets his ass blasted and he’s still talking smack.
MusiKinG 101
Charlie z gotta chin tho
Tyler Durden
Wilder just has crazy power cause he punches like he just learned to box a month ago
You'd have to be crazy to show up to fight Deontay.
Dex Jr
Man wilder beat this man with 2 right hand 🥊 gloves on 😂😂😂
ramon williams
Baby girl at the end though LMAO I love her laugh
I forgot this dudes name, so i put ''pro boxer vs bum'' and it was the first result 😭
marquis de queensbury
wilder was throiwing about 20% yet knocked down....the champ every time he connected even a glancing blow;;;;not looking good chuckles
sakar sayami
*Hides behinds the door* "I'm still the best" Wilder rushes in *Runs away* LMAO!
Pinche Cabron
Only talent this dude has is opening doors with gloves, now thats impressive
blackflag 321
Deontey reminds me of Franklin from gta 5 LOL 😂😂
Mah e
You forgot to upload the second part where Charlie comes back and drops wilder.
Vinnie A
I give this fight to zeneloff he got under his skin with that trash talking
The best part about having a flip phone is slamming it like that to emphasize your point
Nick Pitts
Wilder had his glove on the wrong hand.
Joel Sims
Wilder put a whoopin’ on that azz!
Now that we saw that amazing fight, who wants to see fury beat up charlie lmao
maybe every time he fights and doesn't die he calls it a win so omfg he is 148-0
Id like to watch it bare knuckle
Chicken Biryani
Professional actor 😂😂😂 that was really funny though
For some reason, I got the names Adrien Broner and Deontay Wilder mixed in my head.. So I was thinking, damn, Pacquiao gonna fight this guy?
Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren?
I'll give that Charlie fella credit where credit's due. He's got some nice technique on that turtle. Musta got hella practice at it.
At least he had more balls than Anthony jousha lol
deontay was scared charlie wasn't
Zee W
Wilder has his gloves on the opposite hand. What a character.